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THC-A Isolate (HDC)

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1 gram for $99

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Sold By: Horatio Delbert Concentrates
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Product Description

THC-A (THCA) is unactivated THC, while the molecule still holds the acidic structure of THC, it’s not activated yet so consuming this on it’s own without activating it would null the effects. However if you dab it (heat it to 315* f – Skunk Pharm Research) it will activate providing a powerful euphoric effect.

It’s different than a normal dab, it’s flavorless since it’s just the pure THC stripped of all other cannabinoids and terpenes, yet it still has a strong effect that clears your mind and uplifts your spirits.

Contains: 1 gram

Q and A: The Innovations of Horatio Delbert

68 reviews for THC-A Isolate (HDC)

  1. super clean an potent fluffy like snow , this mixed with his live resin so good

  2. Wow, here I thought distillate was potent… This is not for beginner dabbers be warned.

  3. Very NICE! Well worth the $ 🙂

  4. Grate product, I especially like it first thing in the morning, It’s such a nice clear high. I can’t say enough praise about HDC’s products. 5 stars for sure. Almost like having a coffee.

  5. Great product, added it to shatter dabs and it was a pretty great high.

  6. usually dip the hash oils into this for extra effectivness. ITS AWESOME.

  7. To the person saying the THCA didn’t work for them, you either: A)have an insanely high tolerance and didn’t use enough or B)somehow managed to screw up smoking weed (which is pretty hard to do).

    This stuff is mainly meant for dabbing and it’s a world of difference dabbing this stuff versus smoking it in a bowl.

    If you sprinkle a pinch on a bowl of weed then cover it with more weed, not enough of the THCA is going to vaporize fast enough for you to feel anything. It’s just going to melt and get absorbed or drip down into your pipe.

    Sprinkle a little weed into your bowl(DO NOT pack it down super tight), scoop a decent sized amount of THCA onto the weed, spread it out A LITTLE and take a big, long toke. Doing this will instantly vaporize the majority of the THCA, with the leftover (now decaboxed) THCA being absorbed by the weed. After the first toke mix in a little fresh weed to help absorb the remaining THCA/THC, otherwise most of it will just drip down into the pipe and be lost.

    Best of luck to you. Oh, and get a dabbing rig. It’s a difference of night and day.

  8. I ordered this stuff but I don’t have a dab rig so I just sprinkled it in a bowl and covered it up with flower so it wouldn’t burn, I felt nothing.
    I baked it in a spoonful of cookie dough like someone said on here, and I felt nothing. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’m not seeing what the big deal is about at all. ?

  9. THC-A isolate, just the name alone can cook the person. This stuff is unlike anything else and a real game changer. Pro tip is to use smalls amounts mixed with other concentrates, this way you don’t shoot up your tolerance and it will last much longer. Ive gotten three of these things, and I can personally say Horatio does not mess around, with everyone of them being consistently pow.

  10. Great stuff definitely will buy again.

  11. Yes Sir! Don’t know about putting this in a joint but a little in the tank and your on to something special. Pricey but not over priced. A real treat!

  12. Absolutely wonderful product so versatile you can literally do anything with it except eat it how is cause you need to activate it before consuming but if you cook with it no need to it’ll activate while it’s cooking I find it’s best when I mix a little in the his LHO or actually with any of his products and wow what a punch it adds to any extract absolute amazing stuff and the price is great I’ve been using this stuff since it was priced at $135 half gram soooo happy that it’s down to $55 now can’t wait till his LHO comes down in price cause I would honestly be buying at least 7 grams a month but anyways try this stuff out for yourself I guarantee you’ll love it

  13. This stuff is just beyond amazing.
    You can dab it or add it to other concentrates, sprinkle a little on a bowl or in a joint or, my personal favorite, add a little to a spoonful of cookie dough, bake it and have a one-shot, no-mess and no-stink THC cookie.

    Still my top favorite of all herbal dispatch’s products.

  14. Thca isolate is really something strong that you will want to mix with other concentrates because theres no terpenes in that product. Its nice when you dont want to modulate your high yet in the morning for example, but you will quickly need Terpenes to mix with this strong buzz that kicks in immediately. Cean meds from horatio again thanks !

  15. Mixed with another concentrate this is THE best thing going. I’d love to spend a day dabbing with Horatio. Can wait for my next order to arrive!!

  16. WoW,WoWI buy again!!!

  17. Exactly what you would expect from the great mind of Horatio Delbert. Definitely worth trying as an add-on to other concentrates. Comes in a nice quality jar, the powder is fine and bleach white in colour.

  18. Not what I was expecting at all. Thought I would get way better therapeutic effects from this product than I actually did. I had to mix it in with my joint that is how I got some effects from the product. Not sure what happened but was expecting more.

  19. Very potent and great to add to shatter or even flower that you’re vaporizing. It has no flavours or terpenes so it won’t really be your typical medicine like “sativa” or “indica” but more of a potentiator so whatever else you’re doing, although it will work in a pinch but most likely won’t have everything you’re looking for alone.

    Adding blue river terpenes or to shatter or flower is key with this stuff. Honestly though I would recommend horatio’s 50$ LHO in syringes! It’s also very potent, and more enjoyable by itself. Though if you want a perfect base for terpenes this THC-A is SUPERB!

  20. Nice clean stuff, is a great base for the blue river terps. I don’t understand why people would smoke this by itself, thc is so boring with no modulation. I can see it if smell is an issue. To each their own but seems like a waste to me.

  21. Anonymous

    Great product for dab and vaping with virtually no smell i can medicate anywhere i am, mixing this product with cbd isolate is a great combination

  22. 5 stars because it is the purest concentrate I have ever smoked. Now that it’s down to 55$, it really is worth it. Just a tiny dab and you can feel a good, strong high. No taste, softer than most shatters I have tried. Love it.

  23. No taste really. Just a really good clean high. I like to dip my Lho in this for added effect.

  24. I must say, it’s about darn time the price dropped on this. I absolutely LOVE this product, and I understand quality demands a certain price, but the fact that it used to be $135 for a half gram and has gradually dropped to $55/half gram gives me questions. Did Horatio Delbert’s production methods change and the THCA is now easier to isolate? Did he or Herbal Dispatch charge an exorbitant amount of money to begin with in order to maximize their profits? Did he get a bigger lab and can now increase production? I don’t know . . . frankly I don’t really care 😀 All that being said, absolutely amazing products and I will forever be endowed with the memory and respect for the man known as Horatio Delbert.

  25. Most amazing product I have ever tried. Dabbed it with some grapefruit LHO by Horatio and was absolutely amazing!!! I have a pretty high tolerance but dabbed this together a few times and it helped me instantly with my medical conditions. 5 stars.

  26. Very interesting product . i think the price is too high but hey what do i know ?

  27. this is like a $1000 bottle of Scotch….you dont drink it every day, but DAMN what a nice treat.

  28. man idk what is in this stuff but it is LIT ASF. 10/10, putting an order in for a full gram. seriously the best marijuana product on the market that I’ve tried.

  29. Love it, really smooth

  30. One time try kinda thing but is def a different high, kinds the same as d-limonin

  31. Amazing product along with all of Horatio’s stuff. Nice clear and clean high great for morning dabs or for giving an little extra kick to any other dab

  32. Hands down the best thing you will ever smoke. If ya got the bucks just order this for sure. Thank you HD!

  33. Still loving this stuff. I’d say the hands-down best aspect of it is being able to add it to other concentrates or just a lil sprinkle on a bowl of weed/in a joint. Truly deserving of a 5/5 rating now.

  34. After seeing the price drop I decided to give this isolate a try. Its very high quality and works best in my experience when added to other concentrates. Very smooth but expansive as it should be, cleans my lungs out legit. Very heavy heady buzz, sedative and strong.

  35. Of course it goes down to 75$/hg from 100 after i payed top doller. Wouldnt not reccomened to people who smoke often i smoked big bowls dabs and mix of this stuff and it barley fazed me seems like a good product for someone who has low tolerance or else you waste 100$ like m3.

  36. absolutely love this till the day I die! this is my new face product I use every day! I would just die again if the price went down and the product quality stayed the same! it feels like the end of the world for me when this goes out of stock!

  37. a bit overrated as a huge hit of beard bros shatter will get you just as dusted. But overall really nice high, when you sprinkle it on a bowl it makes the high last a lot longer. If you have never tried it before and have an extra bill to spend, might as well pick it up and try it.

  38. Still my face product. I love this stuff. A+
    Well done Heratio Delbert. Well done.

  39. Didn’t mind paying top dollar.. for a top dollar product
    Definitely kicks anything you add it to up a few notches

  40. A little goes a long way. That being said, i still think its over-priced. Excellent product, exteamly clean burn, smooth exhale and very heavy high.

  41. Anonymous

    Nice shitttt

  42. Way too overrated. A nice dab of any of hd’s shatter will get you higher than this. Not worth the money at all. Not buying again.

  43. Honestly. . . this stuff is just beyond amazing. You can dab it. You can sprinkle a little on a bowl or in a joint. You can sprinkle a little in a spoonful of cookie dough, bake it and have a one-shot, no-mess and no-stink THC cookie. Your only limit is your imagination.
    My top favorite of all herbal dispatch’s products.

  44. So i ve been staring at this product since it came out on this website. I was always trying to justify the price of getting approximateley 3.67mg per dollar spent. So i finally decided to get it. I tried it on its own, on its own with cbd isolate , some cbn isolate and some blue river terps ;with some live resin;with distillate;with shater;rosin;dry sift. And i must say that every time i find if there were terpenes present that it kinda ruined the flavor because it isnt very transparent tasting so it could act as a terp base. It is also too dominant/chemical tasting for stuff like live resin and anything terpy . I must say that on its own it seems the best , and with a sufficient size hit it does make me “not talk for 10 minutes” which brings me to the next point: if an user needs for example 20mg per dab , i find that 20 mg of thc a or 20 mg in another form still get me “there” in a same way. What i am trying to say that this high doesnt seem too special to justofy paying 135$ per HALF gram instead of paying 50$ for a GRAM of distillate and get the same processed taste , same isolate/mono-phyto-pharm type of taste/experience.
    In a year or two when the proce of a miligram becames more standardized across the board and when manufacturers dont use their customers as test subjects for perfecting their technique (ex.lho 7.0). Giving us the best product they can make as a result of some time spent on research in a lab ;and NOT making a product and seeing what the public says; seems like the right thing to do to ME.
    To conclude, i tried it and while smoking my thought was “now what, will you order this again at this price? Is medicine at this price sustainable for sick patients to finance while being struck with whatever ailments we are struck with? At this price i am not sure what ones income has to be for this to be justofiable?”……

  45. Anonymous

    Best shit ever !!!!!

  46. What can I say other than spectacular one of the best, cleanest, purist tasting I’ve ever tasted and the high incredible just make sure you do it properly or you most definitely will null the effects at first the price seems crazy but once you get it and see how much powder you get and how far it goes takes the smallest amount to get twisted absolute must try

  47. Absolutely amazing. Incredibly clean high, tastes good with dabs. Personally I found it was more effective coated on a dab than by itself, as well tasted better and felt more fulfilling. A little goes a long way, definitely a great buy if you want a next-level high. 5/5 easily.

  48. A very interesting product with a with the most cleanest high i had so far, My props as always to Horatio and his amazing products.

  49. Another amazing product by Horatio Delbert Concentrates. This product is so great with lab test reading up to 99% THC you cant get any better then this THC-A, would recommend to anyone looking to medicate heavy. 🙂

  50. This should be called THE wake and bake. So potent. I dabbed 2 huge dabbed the first time I got it. Yeah I should have started slower but that’s me hehe It woke me up to the point I was almost like out of breath. Well not out of breath but like if I just ran a little. Wow man I felt like cleaning or getting up. Wake and bake with this is just amazing. Yes 0.5G but it last and it’s worth every dime! Will buy more for sure

  51. Great head high very clean to smoke you feel great after the first dab mix this with terpenes and you get that dank smell back which is awesome and holds the thc-a together great combination if youre willing to spend the money for the experience

  52. Very cool looking and very awesome science behind how it is made.. but I’m not sure it got me any higher than shatter or rosin especially at the cost. It didn’t cause me to cough or want to exhale the dab same as a good rosin. I went through a gram on a sublimator and can say I wasn’t that super impressed at the cost of 5 grams of shatter to 1 gram of THC-A.

  53. What a treat at the end of your favorite session. Just a little Itty bitty piece and your buzz doubles. So very awesome, this will be a steady in my medicinal cabinet.

  54. WOW! After eyeing Horatio’s thc a on the site for many weeks I finally had to give it a go! I find his work to be amazing. All his products are super fire but this takes the cake. It comes already in a jar packed very well. Even though I it’s only .5 it looks like a lot! And it’s beautiful. No cough from dabbing this at all. Am so thankful that this is available to me.

  55. Ok, this is probably the coolest thing ever. totally worth it and would HIGHLY recommend this … I mean come on, Isolate? can you even argue with that?!?

  56. Not for the beginner nor the poor man. It packs a solid punch but it comes at a price. Very smokeable on a nail as long as its hotter than for shatter.

  57. Anonymous

    If you are new to dabbing and dont know thw works dont bother jk great stuff not for shaky hands

  58. The fact alone that this is available to me deserves a 5/5. I have been waiting all year for them to restock and for Horatio to make it again, and for me to have the spending money to try out such a connoisseur product, with potential unforeseen medical benefits as this. After watching them coat dabs with the stuff on youtube I had to try it. Looked amazing, definitely watch the attached video it’s great!

    I am trying out some of Horatio’s other products than live resin now because I don’t like the new glass packaging of the live resin but I still really support what he’s doing. I’m coating dabs of platinum high THC lho with this THC-A, since I am looking for the highest THC content. Somebody mentioned not liking to dab a powder, but if you dab your dab into the powder first it is more fun

    After I’ve taken a whole bunch of THC-A coated platinum thc LHO dabs (lol) I will write a review for the platinum I ordered. I won’t be using any other cannabis products and one of my goals is to really extensively get to know high THC, low terpene concentrates.

  59. Anonymous

    best shit ever

  60. Only for the true connoisseur (as the price suggests) It was an experience I’ve highly anticipated and prepared for, and I was not disappointed. If you put snoop dogg to shame with how much you smoke this is something you *must* try. A tiny scoop maybe 5-10mg will leave you in a whole new level of euphoria (maybe significantly higher) reminiscent of a strong sativa and without the cough of dabs. Easily twice as good as the majority of shatter on the market, this is not something to hit hard..

  61. Wow…….. very good probably the best concentrate I have ever had. Great job HP.

  62. Excellent product, will def rebuy. I think it should be mixed with some terpenes to be even more awesome

  63. excellent high. Not an everyday product cause of the price. The thing I hate the most is that it is white powder which makes me feel like I’m smoking crack. only down fall

  64. This is a must buy!! Hands down, up with the top ive had!!! Thanks HD! Cant get better price anywhere else!! Keep up the good work!! Super clear and potent

  65. super clear and potent

  66. Really clear, uplifting, energetic high and felt no pain. not the kind of head high I was expecting, but good stuff to dab when your couchlocked and gotta get things done or just gotta get things done.

  67. Anonymous

    bit pricey but where else can you get a product like this? incredible never thought I’d dab something like this

    lmao at chris’ cake

  68. That fuckking worth every penny !!! Omfg so much pure shit … I ave order that and some live terp and made a cake and …. Omg ahahahaha

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