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Hash – Afghani

(139 customer reviews)


1 gram for $20
3.5 grams for $60

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Product Description

Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best kinds of Hash originate from the Northern provinces between Hindu Kush and the Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif).

The plants which are used for Hash production are very small and bushy Indicas. In Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand after the addition of a small quantity of tea or water. The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong aromatic smell. In Afghanistan the product is stored in the form of Hash-Balls (because a round ball has the least contact with air), however, before being shipped, the Hash is pressed in 100g slabs. Good qualities of Afghani are signed with the stem of the producing family.

139 reviews for Hash – Afghani

  1. First hash I’ve ever tried. Very nice addition to a bowl or a joint. Quite easy to work with and extremely mellow high

  2. Best hash for pricing, can make long snakes just enough to fit in blunts.

  3. Nice smooth taste!! Prefer this over the Moroccan hash. Better texture!!

  4. I have tried most of the hash available here and this one is by far my favourite. Very smooth smoking and good taste, also has a very good malleable texture. High quality hash!

  5. Exactly what I was looking for. Very high quality!!!!!

  6. Really nice aroma and the strength is strong and lasting.

  7. Can never go wrong

  8. This takes me back!! So good.

  9. great soft hash, easy to work with and smells and tastes great, and gives a great body buzz. easy to use for BTs, knives or just to add to a bowl

  10. Can’t get enough of this, great stuff

  11. This thing smells and taste excellent realy like it ! Good old afgani you cant go wrong with that

  12. Really nice stuff. Perfect consistency, smells amazing, smokes better.

  13. Good hash, semi-soft so easy to do what you want with. Nice smell and taste, not very potent, more of a mellow high. Reminds me of the hash from my teen years. Will buy again because I love hash

  14. Good taste. Like the buzz will order again

  15. I have to say that I am so disappointed with this. It doesn’t smell or taste like hash. I will not order this again!!

  16. Excellent taste, as good as moroccan but don’t buy this for potency.

  17. Very smooth smoke, with that classic hash taste. Very mellow high with a bit of a body stone. Not quite as potent as the lebanese, but still very nice. Only one complaint, it didn’t want to crumble after heating, so i had to bust it in my electric grinder to smoke in a bowl.

  18. One of my favourite. Smokes like classic hash for back in the day

  19. Nice soft hash. Brings me back to my youth with that smell and taste. I prefer the buzz from the Lebanese hash, but my buddy prefers this stuff, so try both and figure it out.

  20. I love hash! I use this for so many things, cotton candy making is my fave!!

  21. Being a long time lover of Afghani hash I find this to not to be the Best quality. It is like it has not been fully processed and still has too much of a plant fiber taste to it. The process used to make Afghani hash should break down the plant fiber and leave you with a pure hash taste.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good hash, just a bit short of what is should be.
    Those that have commented that it is too gummy…. A good Afghani should be like stiff plastercine and when heated a bit will become crumbly, so those that don’t like gummy, I’d suggest you should possibly be looking at the Moroccan hash which is hard as a rock.

  22. As you would expect. Nice consistency and so easy to break up. Smeĺls amazing and pretty smooth. If hash is your thing you won’t be disappointed.

  23. Exactly what I was looking for. High quality

  24. Don’t know where you got this one but I’ll tell you this, almost exactly like the “Old School Gold Seal” from my teenage years. Phenomenal!!!!!? Same smell and texture from back then. Been looking for this stuff for couple decades now, hahaha thankkk you sir!

  25. Very tasty and definitely would purchase again.

  26. Isnt as solid in taste and smell like the moroccan but still love it

  27. Very good, great to burn on pin for bottle , great buzz , take pain right away, thank you HD

  28. great tasting hash HD keep it up not one product has disapointed me . quality all the way.

  29. Was disappointed with my gram, I normally really like black hash. It didn’t taste vert good and it didn’t crumble good, too sticky.

  30. Ordered as a flashback purchase… high school daze. Nice smell but really a lot more gummy than I remember..

  31. The gram i got was not a good batch

  32. I’ve had better. This batch is very dark…not as potent as I’d hoped.

  33. The texture and smell reminds me old days hash. The taste, well, my favorite is the lebanese and moroccan in second … Give a good and smooth buzz tho…

  34. This brings me right back to the late 80’s. As a lot of the comments below state…..this is the old school. Exceptional smell and taste, great work HD, keep it up!

  35. Smooth second time ordering

  36. Really liked this hash , reminds
    Me of high school

  37. Nice and soft , burn on pin for bottles , awesome buzz , wish would come by the oz ?

  38. For 20$ a gram I was expecting really nice stuff, but its very average, it doesn’t have that strong smell, or taste. The effects were average, I probably would order again, because its hard to find around here, but its almost as hard paying 20$ a gram for this stuff

  39. Great old school hash

  40. Tasty, great service!

  41. One of the best overall taste and high from a hash I’ve ever had. I will add this to every order!!

  42. Excellent hash

  43. Was really pleased with this ,nice taste and smell

  44. Roll into a snake and add it to joint! It’s a great enhancement

  45. Delicious ! Love this one in a bong

  46. Smooth hash and easy to handle.

  47. Not bad ????

  48. Smooth

  49. I just love this product. Smoked alone or in a joint it is my pm go to for night time medication. A good sleep is sure to follow. Nice and pliable easy to work with and clean burning. Smell and taste bring back great memories. Another high quality product from HD. Thanks TSB

  50. second time i order it…..always as great….had 3.7 XP

  51. Great service as always HD… This batch was better than the last Afghan which was way too oily. This is quite hard but still good flavour and buzz

  52. Excellent! First time hash user – and very much enjoyed the experience.
    Good taste and definitely does the trick.
    Also a very good price for top grade hash.

  53. For the old school hash lovers !!!! I loved it its perfect for bottle tokes or hot knives !!! The taste is real earthy not spicy at all i really enjoy this hash !!! And herbal dispatch is amazing they had no problem answering my questions and in a timely manner!!! I put my first order in on tuesday it was processed and shipped to me by friday i live in northern ontario so that was really fast !!! They also give you a tracking number which is awesome as my other site never did that !!! So if youre thinking of ordering this is the site for you !!!

  54. Anonymous

    when my father smelled it….he smoked with me…
    last time he smoked something he said i wasn’t borned yet XD

  55. Smell and tastes amazing
    Just old school days
    Love it

  56. Great stuff, just like the old days hash. Smells and taste awesome. Has a sweet taste when smoked in a pipe or bong. This product is very easy to do what you want with it. Softer texture unlike Morrocan which is very hard.

  57. Not as strong as dabs but tastes amazing! Very retro. Awesome in a bong by itself or use it as a topper on your bowl.

  58. Anonymous

    Very nice smell and taste any way you smoke it

  59. Love this stuff, you can tell from the smell that its high quality and potent. Compared it to some other stuff I got for cheaper locally and this stuff was way better.

  60. old school hash, can’t complain .
    the bubble is my fav

  61. Anonymous

    I ordered 3.5g and thought it was okay. On top of a bowl or in a joint it gave a light relazed/chilled out kind of buzz. After about an hour the hash wasnt noticable. It burns nicely, but only after you get it warmed up with your hands, as it comes hard as a rock. Mid grade hash, but not worth the $ 60/3.5g.

  62. idk about this hash…..only smoked abit of my 3.5 so far and im really thinking i should have went with the bubble. got some afghani from a different batch awhile back that was much nicer. this is the first hash ive got from hd that leaves falling hot rocks. the stone is there with this, but it doesn’t deliver that old school experience if that makes any sense. but everybody is different, some folks may prefer this over the bubble, but not me, not with this batch.

  63. Always good quality stuff, Very relaxing.

  64. Anonymous

    Gotta love Afghani hash, definitely never a disappointment. Always pleased with this product on HD, tastes so delicious and always soothes the soul. Nothin better then good old hash to spice you your medicinal stash. 🙂

  65. .. well I thought I made a pretty good purchase here! All around smoked well! Real strong afghani hash smell & taste, nice high ., will definitely buy again to see what’s up 🙂

  66. To all that thinks this is awesome you never smoked back in the 80s nothing like then it’s the shit that took the place of real hashish this stuff tastes like rubber dissent powder up like old school hash back in the 80s if you got this shit you got ripped off nowadays the kids have no clue stick to your concentrates .

  67. Vary clean buzz
    Vary soft great for bottle tokes
    Highly recommended to hash smokers

  68. Easy to work with, great taste, excellent effects.

  69. Perfect texture. It softens nicely if you’re making a snake to put into a joint. Smokes wonderfully with that great hashish taste. Mellow high compared to flowers, but very enjoyable. I loved it!

  70. I was waiting for this stuff to come back, perfect hash, this is the second time I have ordered it and would for sure order again, if hash is a favourite of yours, you will not be disappointed with this stuff, it smells lovely!

  71. very nice product 5stars really help for my pain and sleep

  72. Ok.
    Not really up to par with the other concentrates I’ve had from Herbal. Doesn’t touch the bubble.

  73. Good ol’ days… like this better then the Rocan

  74. Best hash I’ve tasted… the hash on the street is not this good….

  75. some delicious goldseal could be a little cheaper with more options but good bang for your buck

  76. My favourite hash on this site. just wish I could get single g’s but no biggie!

  77. Over priced worth about $10-$12 a gram max

  78. It’s was the fist time I taste afghani hash, Wow, nnice taste burn well in joint or pipe but not in bottle, because it’s get soft when it’s burning!!!

  79. Great stuff, smokes just like old time shish. About an 8/10 on the 80’s hash scale.

  80. Anonymous

    Some of the best quality hash i have had the pleasure of smoking. Very sticky stuff that burns nice and clean and is very smooth to smoke. Great alone in a pie or peppered in a joint. Classic hash aroma. I think this is some of the best hash ever offered by HD. Again thank you for providing a quality top notch product at a reasonable price. A small piece of this black goodness goes a long way when used judiciously. Hard to do with this quality black. Willbe sure to order more and hopefully get same batch!

  81. Very tasty, 5 stars!

  82. Definitely nostalgic for sure, but reminds me of the second rate afghani hash from back then. Gummy, and doesn’t break up well. Tastes good with a quick, heady buzz but it’s not the first choice when I smoke.

  83. Very juicy. Lots of oil. Would not heat and crumble had to tear up by hand. Sticky sweet a nice addition to any pipe
    or joint. Liked it so much i’m ordering more!

  84. Pretty good, but i much prefer the bubble OG hash.

  85. WOW. I wasn’t expecting much but wanted a taste of nostalgia. I have been smoking for decades and I have a fairly high tolerance but I was nicely surprised. This stuff tastes fantastic and the high is wonderful.

  86. I give this a 3.5 texture was off and so was the quality of the high. Tastes smooth doesn’t pack the punch I was expecting compared to the morrocan but not a total waste

  87. Very tasty, nice buzz.

  88. very nice hash i will order this tonight or tmr manged to try this off a buddy

  89. Very nice, but a bit on the oily side.

  90. This is a low grade Hash that is a little to soft and moist. It crumbles very easy to the touch and It’s not that tastey, It’s smokeable but in my opinion it’s not worth the price.

  91. Anonymous

    I’m with you Dennis definitely not the old school I remember mabey there to young to know what true old school hash was like no rubber taste powdered up nice

  92. Maybe it’s me but this hash reminds me of the Pakistani Hash from the 70’s. Was never a big fan of it because of the sticky oily shiny black texture and lack of punch. The Afghani Hash I remember always came in thicker slabs ( 1.5-2 inches thick vs. Paki hash at 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick) and was softer, not shiny, lighter in colour inside vs outside and was pungent smelling like a dank sticky Indica, but never oily. Also , a couple of knife tokes would really put you in a coma for a while! With a real quality afgani hash, you could break off a piece and warm it in foil with a match, then crumble it in a hash pipe, bong or joint and it would burn with red coals and yield a ton of thick delicious smoke. So this so-called afgani today is more like the super sticky old paki hash. When you try to break off a piece it IS like a stretchy totsie roll. If you warm it up in foil, it just gets softer and stickier and stretches instead of crumbling. It burns faster than the high quality old school afgani that I remember and the taste and buzz is just so-so. A gram of any reasonable quality budder or shatter of today will go a lot further than an eight ounce of this black paki hash. So for me, too expensive and not enough taste potency or value.

  93. Good stuff! Love the taste.

  94. rich, spicy flavour and smell, something different to smoke once in a while.
    Nice flavour and strong high.

  95. Anonymous

    Nostalgia! This took me back to the 90s.

  96. Very happy with what I got. Made for perfect “tops” on bong hits. Nice and smooth.
    Not recommended for first person shooter gaming. I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn after smoking this. 😉

  97. loved the look, taste, smell and well, everything about this hash. this was the best hash I have gotten from hd yet. will be grabbing this when I can afford to next. better then the bubble pressed or Moroccan. most people who don’t have a lot of money to spend might puss out for the cheaper bubble pressed or Moroccan. but then again its all a personal choice too. cheers and thx again hd for another quality product! 5/5

  98. Anonymous

    Better suited for adding to spliff’s than on its own,still waiting for that gold seal or red wrap from early 90’s to make a return,if anyone knows where it is please tell!Till then I’ll stick with the morrocan ☺

  99. Just got this in today and me likey… This is very stick hash and smelly to 🙂 I haven’t smell this smell since mid 90’s in Fort Mac when all that 4 tons of has was seized on the ship. Never had good hash since then. This was a nice treat and looking forward to testing out those other two hashes. And always nice when they give you a little more in weight. 3.64…Thanks herbal you guys are great to deal with. So long to my other sites to order from. This is now my to go to site for great meds…. Awww life is good 🙂 Cheers everyone….

  100. Not a major fan of this batch, this time around. Smell was great, consistency OK; taste was a bit bland and high was very mild. Probably go back to to the Moroccan next time 🙂

  101. Great product. Will order again

  102. re:Adam and the blonde Lebanese
    I really loved the black but I too would like to see the blonde make a return. For me I recall my black being of a grade that when heated ever so slightly it powdered fluffy like and rolled sweetly. This black is just the opposite, sticky and gummy. something just not to my liking but when broken up with care(in tiny pieces)and added to the mix in a spliff it burns quite well

  103. Mint chocolate 🙂 mmm

  104. By the way, for those of you complaining, a quarter of Afghani Black ran $60 CDN in 1997 in the GTA, home to the best prices I have encountered anywhere in my travels and years. That is 20 years ago. At normal inflation rates, prices roughly double every 10 years, which would put the current value of those 1997 dollars at $240. That would be $120/eighth.

    $60 for an eighth of hash of this quality is a *steal*!

  105. Ok, here’s the thing. I used to smoke a lot of Afghani Black with gold seals back in the late ’80s-late ’90s. I have very definite expectations when it comes to anything that calls itself “Afghani.” And this stuff checks all the boxes with flying colours! Texture/stickiness/gummy. Aroma/Spice/Floral/”Classic Hash”. Flavour:musky/rich/thick


  106. very tasty and potent will order some more , price is too expensive tho in my modest opinion . good job still HD !

  107. Very good hash!! Potency can be much better though!!

  108. I’m 63yrs old & started my smoking experience in 1967 Canadas 100 birthday with red Lebanese hash & blond Lebanese to black hash so this hash reminds me of my early smoking.The potency could be better but it’s a 4 1/2 any day of the week ✌️

  109. I really wanted to like love this hash but I preferred the Moroccan over the Afghani. The Moroccan tastes way better and has a stronger buzz. The Afghani tastes like its made with crappy weed. 9 The gold stamp was really cool though

  110. A little difficult to work with at first since it had been years since I was able to find this type of hash, once I worked out the kinks it was delicious.. the nostalgia alone is worth a buy.
    Price a bit steep, but If people are willing to pay it then who am I to judge.

  111. This stuff is right on! Exactly what I’ve been looking for, for a while now! I will definitely be getting more soon.

  112. Really happy with what I received. It’s a very sticky and good looking piece. Unlike Afghani hash I’ve picked up in local dispensaries, this one has smoother and more piney taste. I wish it came wrapped in wax paper though

  113. Very good guality, sticky, tasty, smooth. She just fine, happy camper over here!

  114. Anonymous

    Just got my 1st order of this hash and i can say i am very happy with it, Was not sure how it was gonig to be so i only ordered 3,5 g , now i wish i had gotten more, I will be getting more very soon,

  115. Oh wow

  116. Really nice taste ,I would buy again and again

  117. nothing funny here….its real hash Pakistani/Afghani . dense and tasty…. after shopping at a few dispensaries for this product…here is the winner! merci HD
    ps again the packing was phenomenal too!

  118. Great. Exactly what I look for in hash.

  119. Really good taste and am very happy with the product.

  120. This was my first time trying hash, and it wasn’t what I was expecting. Its essentially the texture and color of a tootsie roll but smells like pot! Vapes very citrusy and earthy tasting. Not as potent as I was expecting. Enjoyed it, but not sure if its something I would buy again!

  121. Very easy to work with and great for adding to spliffs or a bowl. Smells and tastes great!

  122. this is solid hash, nice taste, nice high, would buy again should be $50 reason for 3 stars imo but still good for a treat!

  123. Very close to old school, still after 30 years of searching not the same as I remember, but after 30 years what do I remember ha ha not to bad though.

  124. Anonymous

    I hope this is back in stock soon. Probably the tastiest hash I’ve ever smoked. About the same potency as the Moroccan, but very pliable with a simply delicious smoke. Thanks HD!

  125. Huge fan of this hash. I will grab some every chance I get. Old school hash

  126. ive been calling this the tootsie roll hash because of the consistency and smell.
    def a nice hash!

  127. Nicest Afghani I’ve ever had, melty. HD has been killing it lately.

  128. Anonymous

    Great old school black!!!

  129. This is’s best hash. It gets the job done. It might be second in taste to the Moroccan (the Afghani hash can taste tarry at times) but it is easier to work with. The Moroccan hash is just too hard and brittle. They really need to get some blonde Lebanese hash, because as we all know: It is king!

  130. Big fan of this hash. It’s a great old school hash taste, smokes well. I like to alternate between this and the Moroccan. Glad to see it back in stock.

  131. Very beautiful hash, however I am slightly disappointed in the potency. Still a great product would buy again

  132. Anonymous

    awesome quality old school hash that brings me back to the younger years

  133. Born in 1975…first smoke in 1988 and it was this! Good job HD! Old school forsure!

  134. not as nice as the full melt pink but still pretty good old school hash.

  135. Very Satisfied good high for sure!
    Old school taste!!

  136. Anonymous

    simply..AMAZING. i hope it stays on forever. will definitely order again. five stars

  137. A true classic, old school hash. Legit, heavy smoke, clean hash taste and smell. Just like it used to be 20+ years ago…

  138. Pleasantly surprised by how it bubbles. Good quality. ??

  139. This is the real deal, folks. Oldschool classic afghani hash. Tastes wonderful, burns real nice, and despite being sticky its quite easy to work with. A little on the expensive side, but the quality is there, no doubt about it. I’m quite satisfied to say the least. If HD keeps this in stock, I’ll get some with every order!

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