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  • Hybrid
  • THC 26.0%
  • TERPS 3.0%


A stunning backcross of Jealousy boasts large, dense buds that showcase a beautiful range of frosty natural hues, including purples, oranges, and light greens.

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Pack Date: 2024-03-25

About Envy

A stunning backcross of Jealousy boasts large, dense buds that showcase a beautiful range of frosty natural hues, including purples, oranges, and light greens.

The flavour is more robust than the original Jealousy, with resinous grapefruit, funky citrus, and pine notes. Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Germacrene with Linalool are the top terpenes in the cut.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

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R.T. (Edmonton, AB)
Great smoke

I enjoyed this one

A. (Ottawa, ON)
BC Weed Co (Purefire Co) Envy 26% thc 3.5% terpenes

BC Weed Co (Purefire Co) Envy 26% thc 3.5% terpenes


Today, I will be trying BC Weed Co Envy grown by Purefire Co .This will be my third time trying BC Weed Co and product grown by Pure Fire Co.BC Weed Co based in BC Canada packages and distributes for craft growers. Purefire Co is family owned and operating craft cannabis out of Penticton, BC.Today strain is Envy , it is a backcross of Jealousy the strain mix essentially Jealousy crossed with Jealousy. I purchased this 7 gram tin from Herbal Dispatch for around 64 before tax. Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Germacrene with Linalool are listed as dominate terpenes on both HD and BC Weed Co sites. This was packaged February 8th, 2024.

Opening up my tins, I found one nice large bud with a mix of small-medium sized buds around them . Littered in tricomes and had nice spongyness like Cocobamba by BC Weed Co, but maybe just a little less slightly. Nice dryness on the outside got the majority of green hues light and dark with some purple ones thrown in nicely .


Opening up the tin get nice pine aroma . I proceeded to grind up the buds and the smell of pine, but some citrus now as well comes up. As I continued smelling, I got combinations of aromas. First, I get some earthyness mixed with funk simliar gmo but less intense but still quite present at that. In the background of these notes, I get what I can describe as woodsyness different from the earlier piney aroma but more herbal wood smell instead. As I finished up, the citrus does come back but with subtle sweet notes with more earthyness. Overall, Envy is really interesting Jealousy backcross. That I think takes on its Gelato lineage a lot more cause the more promient terpenes involved.


Packing my dried herb vape up and starting it, the first taste I get from vape is funky/pine combination in the flavor . Not long after, an earthyness comes along the melds with other notes. As I continued my inhale, I got that citrus notes coming through. Finishing on the inhale, I get notes of herbal/woody in the background more subtle with citrus notes .
Overall, this flavor profile is quite nice and pleased it is similar to aroma really showing the dominant terpenes well and piney terpene coming through first in both the aroma as well as the flavour profile. This strain was smooth smoke via any method and in the joint what I originally thought to be harsh taste was more just funky/earthy/pine terpenes coming as aftertaste from the joint to say the least quite pleased .


The effects I get within 5 mins are nice, happy vibes and euphoria at once. Starting off with a nice medium-moderate potency level. As more time passes by, the happy vibes actually become somewhat promient effect. The potency has gone up to moderate level with uplifting effects soon mixed in as well, giving you almost nice boost to move around while still having nice slight sedating euphoria high . Body high suddenly comes in afterward to kind conclude the high leaving you feeling medicated but also functional. Overall, with hybrid, you want the best of both worlds, and this Envy strain is very similar to Jealousy strains I've tried by Frost Cannabis and Blkmkt. Their is a difference I find is that this Jealousy backcross called Envy I find to have more promient uplifting effects. Envy is a well grown strain by PureFire Co and is very versatile .


Overall, BC Weed Co has yet to disappoint again other than be slightly little less spongy than the Cocobamba and a little more dry. I was pleased with this strain. Also want to acknowledge the grower Purefire Co, another great grower coming out of BC . This strain checks off so many boxes, and being potent hybrid, it's great for good daytime smoke and even for the evening. It is quite versatile strain again like their previous offering I mentioned Cocobamba the only difference between the two is Cocobamba gets you moving around with energizing effects while Envy has great overwhelming uplifting effects that gets you moving around. This strain I would recommend to both low and high tolerance users but start small for low tolerance users. It is quite potent and packs a punch for hybrid. It personally helps me with stomach issues ,chronic fatigue/pain,as well as mentally too, especially for aniexty .
As I mentioned before in the previous review, if you have BC Weed Co or Purefire Co in your area, it is definitely worth a grab.

As always, I hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead 🙏🙏🔥🔥💨💨

About BC Weed Co

Established in 2016, BC Weed Co. was created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts who love B.C. Weed. BC Weed Co. focuses on the safe preservation of the terpene profile, structure, and cannabinoids of excellent genetics.

Award-winning cultivars were hunted from Kootenay to the Gulf Islands, like Strawberry Cream, Jager OG, Humboldt Black Gold, Charlottes Web, Sour Tsunami, SJ, Island Pink, D Bubba, Lindsay OG, Tuna, and Rockstar. They are dedicated to preserving the cannabis legacy and history found in B.C. while bringing back some of your favourite genetics.