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  • Sativa
  • THC 31.0%
  • TERPS 2.3%

Price Drop

Price Drop

Dirty Taxi

Dirty Taxi is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain 70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the powerful GMO X Chem I95 strains. If you’re looking for super-powered sativa to help get you up and moving on a lazy day, Dirty Taxi is perfect for you.

Pack Date: 2024-07-05

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About Dirty Taxi

Dirty Taxi is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa / 30% indica) created through crossing the powerful GMO X Chem I95 strains. If you’re looking for super-powered sativa to help get you up and moving on a lazy day, Dirty Taxi is perfect for you. The high comes on fast and hard, lasting for hours and hours on end. It will keep you uplifted, focused and happy.

Terpene Analysis

  • Myrcene
    • 0.65%
    • 0.51%
    • 0.23%
  • Limonene
    • 0.65%
    • 0.51%
    • 0.23%
  • Selina-3
    • 0.65%
    • 0.51%
    • 0.23%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
K. (Toronto, ON)
Very Good

Excellent Strain, would buy again, 5/5

M. (Keswick, ON)


S.K. (Edmonton, AB)
Dirty taxi

Pretty tasty sativa dom, nice tight smelly buds!

Dan Rivet (Brampton, ON)

Nice firm buds and nice high. Flavour is on the stronger side, kinda diesely

A. (Ottawa, ON)
Ostara Medical Dirty Taxi 31.73% thc 3.88% terpenes

Ostara Medical Dirty Taxi 31.73% thc 3.88% terpenes


Today, I'm doing a review of Ostara Medical Dirty Taxi strain . Ostara Medical is craft grower based in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield,Québec. Dirty Taxi strain is a mix of GMO X Chem I95 strains . The breeder for the strain is Top Dawg Seeds. I received this strain on February 2nd, 2024. The package date is 2023-12-08. The 3.5s I purchased each cost, 34.95 $ before tax from Herbal Dispatch. This batch is coming in at 31.73% thc and 3.88% terpenes. The dominant terpenes listed on Herbal Dispatch are as the following Myrcene 1.53%,Limonene 0.71%,Caryophyllene 0.3%. The Ostara site also mentions Valencene as a terpene as well this terpene I've encountered a few times and have noticed it to have a sweet ,woodsy ,orange,citrus,fruity aromas.

I grabbed 2 glass containers nice upgrade from their old packaging .One glass container I received had one big bud and a small bud beside it . In the other glass container, I received some small/medium buds . The buds are coated heavily in tricomes' nice glimmer to them in the light. The buds are coated with orange pistils and mix of mostly light green hues with some dark ones . They had nice spongyness and humidity to them .

Opening the glass jars and transfering it over to mason jar. I left them for two days, and then I opened it. The first aromas I get are a mix of citrusy/diesel smell that mixes with musky/skunk in the background. Continuing smelling, I get subtle earthy hash aroma with some notes of spice mixed in. Overall, it is a pleasant aroma and a nice mix of terpenes .


The first inhale I get is similar and also different to the aroma . Firstly, I get strong notes of sweet woodsy/herbal notes .As well on the same inhale, I also get a taste of earthy hash that really balances it out nicely for smoothness. Afterward, I get chemical taste with citrus/diesel mixed in. On the exhale, I noticed nice peppery spice notes that tickle the throat a little with spiced terpenes, most likely the Caryophyllene. Overall, it was really smooth taste and giving off both great aspects of lineage of GMO and Chem I95. In the bong and vape, it was pleasant taste . In a joint was smooth smoke as well with nice aftertaste on exhale of subtle earthy hash with spice/diesel.


After 3 mins of inhaling, I'm immediately hit with medium/moderate potency . I'm blanketed with strong feelings of happy/uplifting vibes . Not too long after, I'm getting vibes of euphoria. About 5 mins pass the potency goes up to moderate level hitting me . A strong focus head high with calmness comes into play as well to add the great mix of effects. It's a very interesting mix of effects cause I feel strong sedating lineage from GMO and ChemI95 . It's interesting cause I do know both of these strains to be strong and sedating but not quite that much in the alertness department from personal experience. This mix of strains that make the Dirty Taxi strain adds those sedating properties, but also adds nice twist of strong uplifting but also a focus of alertness that I didn't expect. I wouldn't personally consider it energizing the alerting effect because I don't get the feel of racing heart or any anxiety from it. Overall, it's potent for effects while long lasting for a great daytime/evening smoke.


Overall, I'm impressed again with Ostara Medical first with their Bazookas strain and now their Dirty Taxi . It also gives some appreciation for the change in their packaging to glass jars in 3.5s and mylar bags, I believe, with humidity packs in 14 grams. Dirty Taxi is an excellent strain for low tolerance and high tolerance users. Low tolerance users, I would say, start small dosages and be prepared for quick onset of effects . This strain is great daytime/evening strain is has some great relaxing sedating properties ,but where it shines is its great focus head high and uplifting/happiness that overwhelms you and is the prominent effects. This strain leaves you in a state to work or function throughout the day while being potent and nicely medicated as well. This is definitely what I would consider 60/40 with alertness to sedating personally. From my personal experience, this would help with anxiety and be a great mood lifter, but also great for chronic pain and also head injuries related problems/headaches .
I would recommend you give Ostara and their Dirty Taxi strain and personally add it to my list of strains I've would repurchase and restock in my monthly medication.

Hope this helps, and happy tokes ahead 🙏🙏🔥🔥💨💨

T.S. (Cambridge, ON)
Lacking terps

So I'm not to sure if it's due to the 7 days of shipping (free shipping sucks) but I was expecting a lot more in terms of terps. If this is anything near 4%~ terpenes than I must be putting out 5%~ terpenes every single run with only 2 years grow experience.

Mv (Keswick, ON)


B.P. (Toronto, ON)

This honestly is up there w Hippie Headbanger except it’s more Sativa

Zero anxiety!

D. (Brampton, ON)
The real Chem

Yes , finally, something worthy of 5 stars !!! No more plastic containers , at least for the 14g ! Came in a proper resealable bag. Packing was one of the key lacking issues with Ostras previous drops and now it has been corrected. This bud is overall perfect. Amazing smell and bag appeal. Love the trichomes, caked . Great, potent ,energizing sativa ! What a pleasure to have this in time for holiday celebrations ! Oh ya and it burns super clear , it’s super smooth. They hit it right on with this one! Much better than the chem de la chem which seems to be from similar linage. Top quality stuff , back to being super impressed with Ostara!

About Ostara

Symbolic of the rebirth of life and the earth, Ostara is a celebration during the spring equinox. According to mythology, Ostara is the goddess who can awaken nature’s energy and spring’s joy after winter’s lethargy. The goddess envelopes the earth with an aura of fertility and abundance, joys and compassion; a period of renewal.

Ostara Medical's mission is to become a revolutionary international business with a unanimously positive impact on the community and within the medical cannabis industry.