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  • THC 15 MG
  • CBD 1 MG

Advanced Nano THC BevDrops

This is the most advanced formulation of Nano on the market. The product is formulated to be added to a beverage for rapid onset within 8-12 minutes. Contains: 30 ml

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Pack Date: 2023-12-01

About Advanced Nano THC BevDrops

Emprise's Advanced Nano THC BevDrops deliver a 15 mg/g THC-dominant product in a water-soluble format. The product is formulated with Full Spectrum THC Cannabis Extract that is Water-soluble for rapid onset within 8-12 minutes.

Each bottle contains 30 g of emulsion (450 mg THC). A syringe with 0.3 ml capacity is also included. One syringe dose delivers 4.5 mg THC. This is the most advanced formulation of Nano on the market, perfected over 5 years of R&D to dissolve instantly. The future of THC consumption is here.

Contains: 30 ml

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Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jacqueline Coles (Hubbards, NS)

Advanced Nano THC BevDrops

D. (Toronto, ON)
Next level

This really does hit a lot faster and harder than traditional drops.

S.H. (Lower Sackville, NS)

Thanks for nanotechnology which make these THC nano Bev drops the most effective “ edible”That I have consumed .The problem with other non-nano oral products is that they have vary poor and unpredictable bioavailability whereas these drops have a significantly higher bioavailability and work within minutes rather than hours and the” high”is quite pleasurable and sustained and this is with a fraction of the dose that it would take with other non nano products. Again the above I realize is subjective but I have been consumer of THC products since 1967 and this product is for real

G. (Brossard, QC)

I was having fun with these bottle until one day i felt like i poisoned myself with them . I dont think that nano work with Everybody unfortunely . Plus it gives huge withdrawal when you stop using them even if you dont stoo cannabis entirely . I guess its because its pretty strong . After 3 month of using them i finally stop and feel better now .

S. (Mount Uniacke, NS)

These nano THC and CBD Bev drops and other nano products are the real thing. I would estimate the bioavailability to be quite high perhaps 60% -70% vs 5 to 10% for other edibles that do not use the nano technology and the effect is felt within 20 minutes or so .

D.P. (Toronto, ON)
Literally amazing

This does hit much faster than edibles do.

About Emprise Canada

Emprise is an innovative product manufacturing company with a passion for revealing the true potential of cannabis for the betterment of the people. Emprise specializes in the development of cannabis infused softgels, oils, nano technology and sciences, topicals, beverages, and nutraceuticals.