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The Man Behind the Movement: An Interview with Urban Remo

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The Man Behind the Movement: An Interview with Urban Remo

The Man Behind the Movement: An Interview with Urban Remo

Before it became legal to grow cannabis in Canada, growers would operate in the shadows of the law and risk facing criminal penalties for their activities. In 2001, Canada created the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) program, the first national framework that provided medical patients with the legal right to grow, possess and consume cannabis. The program kickstarted the medical cannabis industry in Canada and laid the groundwork for growers, patients, compassion clubs, and dispensaries.

One of the pioneers of that movement was Remo Colasanti AKA Urban Remo, who was involved in the early days of MMAR. A car accident and broken back led to Remo’s search for alternative medicine, which eventually led him to cannabis. After being granted a medical license to cultivate and use his own medication, Remo began growing and soon after started teaching other patients how to grow their own medicine.

In 2010, Remo decided to take his passion for cannabis cultivation to a more public level. YouTube was the medium of choice, and it wasn’t long before the Urban Remo channel became the defacto source of information for growing cannabis at home. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of video views later, Urban Remo remains the number one source for at-home cannabis cultivation.

In 2014, Remo launched Remo Nutrients, a line of premium vegan fertilizers specifically designed for cannabis growing. Simple and easy-to-use, the Remo Nutrients line has helped beginner and professional growers alike achieve maximum yields with their plants. Today, Remo Nutrients is available in over 30 countries and has won 34 awards worldwide for its innovative products and high-quality results.

The story of Urban Remo isn’t just about cannabis cultivation and nutrients, however. It’s about a man who has dedicated his life to helping others access the natural healing powers of cannabis, while also working to break down the stigma and misperceptions that have long been associated with the plant. He continues to be a tireless advocate for the power of cannabis and the positive impact that it can have on people’s lives.

We had a chance to ask Remo a few questions about his journey to becoming one of Canada's most influential cannabis advocates, his new line of Remo Farms products, and his thoughts on the future of cannabis in Canada. Watch this video to hear what he had to say:


Read the transcription:

After your car accident and broken back, what inspired you to turn to cannabis as a form of alternative medicine?

It was my doctor. See, after my accident, I was on a lot of pills. And I was taking a bunch of muscle relaxers and various painkillers and it wasn't giving me the best feeling. So I remember going to see him. And he gave me the small pills. He gave me the strip of small pills. And I said, What are these? Well they're Ativan or an antidepressant, and they're to help you feel less depressed when all the pills are taken. And I'm like, I don't think this is a great idea went home with them. And I just really felt it was an outer space and didn't make me feel good.

So I went back and I said, Hey, is there anything else? And he says, well, in California, they're saying cannabis or marijuana is now medicine. So maybe try some of this medical marijuana usage. You smoked cannabis when you were younger, didn't you? I said definitely goes. Well try smoking some of that. It might help you relax and feel better about your accident.

Going public with Urban Remo in 2010 was a bold move. What motivated you to share your cannabis knowledge with the world?

Actually, way back on the internet, it seemed that there was a big lack of cannabis information. So I decided that I took upon myself to help fill the void and share some of the information and get it out there so people can actually grow for themselves and heal themselves. Because the best thing in the world is to be self sufficient, you know, I'm saying?

Your YouTube channel has become one of the most popular sources for cannabis cultivation information. What advice do you have for beginner growers?

The advice that I have for a beginner grower is, what you put in is what you're gonna get out of it. So be consistent care for your plants every day, check in on them, they may not need water every day, if they do give them water, but give the plants what they need, and the plants will reward you back and you'll find it especially if you're patient growing is kind of a very therapeutic. And I think actually everybody's grow it ever designed to grow four plants, you should do it and you'll enjoy doing it too.

What inspired you to launch your own line of vegan fertilizers specifically designed for cannabis cultivation and what makes Remo Nutrients so special?

We made the nutrients to fill a need out there for people that want to grow cannabis that needed clean inputs. And what makes our nutrients so special is that we have one of the lowest heavy metal tests in the entire industry, which means we have the cleanest input and it really makes a difference at the end. You got a nice clean, nice consistent ash nice, white, beautiful just like what you're seeing right there.

Congratulations on your new cannabis brand, Remo Farms. What can you tell us about the new line of products?

While we're coming out with two new cultivars, we got the Wedding Cake, which is super clean killer weed birds with grey ash has a fantastic flavor, and it is actually known all the way around the world. This one came from America we also have Rainbow Driver, another killer strain high in THC, beautiful, it looks amazing, has great bag appeal, and these will be both available in 3.5 grams by Herbal Dispatch.

What can Canadian consumers expect in the near future from Remo Farms?

Coming soon, we have two new sizes coming to Supercharge like we're gonna have a one gram Supercharged joint and the two half gram multipacks. So there'll be three ways to Supercharge, more choices for the people so Supercharged the world.

What do you think about the current state of cannabis regulations in Canada and what changes would you like to see in the future?

I think we have a good starting point here. It's not perfect, but we got to mold this thing into something that we all like and that works for everybody.

Finally, what message would you like to share with cannabis users and advocates around the world?

Definitely fight for your rights, fight for the cannabis. Do what you love. And if what you love is to grow and smoke cannabis. That's what you should do. Honestly, there should be no prison for pot. It's a victimless crime. And everybody should be able to grow and consume cannabis in their own home. This is my vision for the future. There should be cannabis tourism, you should be able to go to a beautiful place on a beautiful beach and freely smoke cannabis may one day in the future we'll all be able to do this. Thanks for the interview. Thanks for supporting our products. And thank you Herbal Dispatch. 


Wedding Cake

Epilogue: The latest from Remo Farms

The launch of Remo Farms cannabis is the latest chapter in Urban Remo's story, one that has been years in the making. Herbal Dispatch is proud to be a part of the journey and wishes Remo all the best in his continued advocacy for cannabis.

Working closely with Black Kettle Farms, Remo Farms dried flower debut features Wedding Cake and Rainbow Driver, with more strains to come in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates from Urban Remo on Herbal Dispatch!

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