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About Us

BC's cannabis movement started small, with a tight-knit community of growers and activists coming together to fight for the decriminalization of the plant. Dispensaries were born out of this movement, and soon became safe spaces for people to learn about and access cannabis.

In 2015, Herbal Dispatch was founded with the goal of bringing this community online. As one of the first mail order dispensaries in Canada, Herbal Dispatch quickly became known for its commitment to quality and service.

We believe that cannabis should be celebrated for its rich history, diverse strains, and myriad of uses.

Our Mission

Today, we're building on that legacy with the Herbal Dispatch Cannabis Club. This members-only club offers exclusive access to the best small-batch, craft cannabis in Canada. We're on a mission to make craft cannabis more accessible, and to support the growers and producers that are keeping this movement alive.

We welcome you to join us on this journey, and discover the best that cannabis has to offer.