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Black Rose Reserve: Redefining Craft Cannabis in Kitchener, Ontario

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Black Rose Reserve: Redefining Craft Cannabis in Kitchener, Ontario

Black Rose Reserve: Redefining Craft Cannabis in Kitchener, Ontario

The City of Kitchener, Ontario may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about premium craft cannabis, but one company is looking to change that. Black Rose Reserve, a licensed micro-processor, is on a mission to support small-scale cannabis operations and bring unique and high-quality products to the Canadian market.

Inspired by a passion for cannabis and community, Black Rose Reserve not only offers top-notch cannabis products but also collaborates with small-scale producers and brands to help them succeed in the industry.

At Herbal Dispatch, we're excited to introduce you to this innovative micro-processor and the exceptional products they offer. This is not just your average cannabis company – Black Rose Reserve is a brand that stands for quality, creativity, and support for the craft cannabis community.


Quality over quantity: The philosophy behind Black Rose Reserve's products

Grape Tickle

Small-batch cannabis is at the heart of Black Rose Reserve's philosophy. They believe in the importance of careful and manual processing methods to produce premium products that stand out in the market.

Some notable drops from Black Rose Reserve include their Grape Tickle and 33 Splitter flower, two rare and unique strains that showcase the company's commitment to offering something special to consumers.

But Black Rose Reserve's commitment goes beyond just producing high-quality cannabis. Their collaboration with small-scale producers and brands is a key aspect of their mission. This not only supports small businesses but also allows for a diverse range of products to reach the market.



Collaborating for success: Black Rose Reserve's partnerships

Here are some of the notable brands that Black Rose Reserve has partnered with so far:

19Paths - Most topical products rely on CBD alone, but 19Paths takes a different approach by including 18 active Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredients for broad-spectrum relief.

Buckin Rntz

CannJah Pharm - From seed to sale, this patient-centric brand focuses on growing and producing the highest quality medical cannabis products in the industry.

Casa Di Fiore - Blending Italian heritage with a deep understanding of cannabis cultivation, Casa Di Fiore offers unique and potent strains that are sure to impress. Their Gustova Uva (translated from Italian to 'Tasty Grapes') strain is as delicious and fruity as it sounds.

Lake of the Woods Bud Co. (LOTW) - Handcrafted with love in Kenora, Ontario, LOTW produces unique strains that offer a truly boutique experience. Its 1892 flower is a must-try for any connoisseur.

Ripe Flower - The name speaks for itself – this brand is all about delivering the ripest, best-tasting flower on the market. Check out their Buckin Rntz and Red Bullz strains for some seriously delicious options.

Roxton Air - Straight out of Haute-Yamaska, Quebec, this vertical farm produces premium indoor-grown cannabis with a focus on sustainability. Its Frosted GSC and Strawberry Ice Cream are just some of the delicious strains they offer.

Lune Rise Farms - Bringing traditional and time-honoured farming techniques to modern cannabis cultivation, Lune Rise Farms produces some of the most unique and flavourful strains on the market.


Paving the way for small-scale producers

Small-scale cannabis producers and brands are the backbone of the industry, and Black Rose Reserve recognizes this. That's why we're proud to support their mission and introduce our members to their exceptional products and partnerships. Keep an eye out for new drops from Black Rose Reserve and their partner brands, and join us in supporting the growth and success of small-scale craft cannabis in Canada.

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