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Federal Government Unwittingly Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer


  1. Anonymous

    I believe cannabis can shrink tumors and kill cancer, but your source is bogus. It’s just the government’s marijuana page and says nothing about the federal government admitting cannabis cures cancer. Fake news is damaging our country. Provide an actual link supporting your statement that the government admits cannabis can fight cancer.

  2. Anonymous

    I am having MRI, every 4 months. If this can cure and make my brain healthy then let me do this. Chemo has hurt my body I refuse to take anymore. I am a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I don’t need it to get high I need it to cure me, this is what God gave us it is not for recreational use.

  3. Anonymous

    Cannabis is a miracle plant and is to be used naturally. However, there is NOT ONE SINGLE SOURCE or WORK CITED on this page. COMPLETE FAILURE.

  4. Anonymous

    I need to know how to get it. I am being watched to be sure no more tumors come back in my brain. I had a Glioma grade 3 tumor removed. So, how do I get the cannabis?

  5. Anonymous

    I have had deadly Glioma tumor removed from my brain. How do I get the cannabis

  6. Anonymous

    Hi all,
    In case nobody noticed, BEFORE 1970, when our illustrious legislators (in whatever “agency”) decided to outlaw cannabis and even hemp for any and every application, cancer deaths, debilitating diseases of many types and even anger amongst all people were NOT as rampant as they are today. It’s inevitable that de criminalization will become reality sooner than later. All the lobbyists for Big Pharma on Capitol Hill could easily be unemployed and were I one of them, I’d already have taken steps to change the horse I want to ride…….

  7. Anonymous

    Jared……..Ive seen two people cure their cancer with cannabis oil here in Ontario! 🙂 Never doubt the power of cannabis bro! Doubt your government! Peace.

  8. Anonymous

    Use natural for health. Synthetic meds have proven to be so dangerous.

  9. Anonymous

    The link to “A recent study” does not link to any research. Furthermore, the page that opens explicitly states that marijuana may or may not cause cancer.

  10. Anonymous

    You need to use more substantial evidence to these claims. I hate all these fake claims made by such “prestigious” websites. Follow the link for this so called survey that the federal government underwent and you are led to a definition based government website containing nothing specific to this “survey”. I want facts. I want links to prove what you and your affiliating websites are claiming. Your sources are weak and this is borderline misinformation. I’m with you on this fight for legalization, but essentially advertising misinformation isn’t helping your or our case. If you really want to build support, you need to have honest and provable sources. If I cant find the proof of these claims I’m sure others can’t as well, stop making false claims on these subjects and provide facts.

  11. Anonymous

    I say YES use as much NATURAL Product in the fight against Cancer.

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