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  • Indica
  • THC 25.4%
  • TERPS 1.7%

Pemberton Pink

Ultra-Premium Organic Pemberton Pink, also known as Organic Pink Kush, 100% organic and grown in living soil, slow cold cured, hand trimmed, and packed in glass jars. Contains 3.5 grams.

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About Pemberton Pink

BC Organic Pemberton Pink, also known as Organic Pink Kush, has the lineage of King and Afghan Kush. Known for its beautiful looks and great taste, this ancient and elusive strain has the three dominant terpenes of beta- caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene resulting in its sweet taste and aroma of vanilla, earth, and pine.
Grown indoors in organic living soil without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilizers.
  • 100% Certified Organic by PACS
  • Ultra-Premium BC bud
  • Slow cold cure
  • Hand trimmed
  • Packed in glass jars

Terpene Analysis

  • Myrcene
    • 0.4%
    • 0.32%
    • 0.3%
  • Caryophyllene
    • 0.4%
    • 0.32%
    • 0.3%
  • Limonene
    • 0.4%
    • 0.32%
    • 0.3%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
l. (Eastern Passage, NS)
BC Organic Pemperton Pink

BC Organic Pemperton Pink by Coast Mountain
Total THC: 25%
Total Terps: 1.35%
Lineage: Island Pink x Afghan Kush
Indica Dominant

Apon opening the jar, I was pleasantly surprised how loud it was considering the age. Strong gas kush smell with hints of chocolate and vanilla  fill the room.

Trim is was good, nugs have nice amount of density to them. Grinding was well, however the humidity was dry as the herb was not sticky to the touch, unlike other Coast Mountain products I've had.

First impressions prior to smoking are positive! Glass jars and proper seals can really help maintain flower over time.

Grind (●|●|●|○|○)

Here what to expect when vaping this strain:

170-180°: Chocolate  type of note 🍫

190-200°: Gas herbal type of taste ⛽️ 🌿

Vape production was smooth, easy to pull and produce some dense big clouds of the mighty.

Taste was good all things considered.  It was a lot more muted than normal however given it's age still was enjoyable.

Smoke (●|●|●|●|●)

Taste  (●|●|●|○|○)

Effects are indica leaning. Expect a full body type of feeling, spacy, cerebral experience.  People with lower tolerances might have difficulty,  as it can feel racy at times.

Potency was great, nice balance of an indica dominant effects while feeling relaxed at the same time.

😊 😮 😴

The ideal settings for this strain include:

Campfire 🏕
Movie 🎬
Camping ⛺️
Sleep 😴

Effect (●|●|●|●|●)

Experience level: Higher tolerance

Overall, this is a solid strain. Despite the age, the bud still was loud and looked well to. I do wish for me it had more profile as the age might of reduce its terp profile.

Effects for me hit that fine balance of indicas that I like. Ones that couchlock you and makes whatever you're watching, 5x better.

Taste was muted but I still would say it was solid considering the age.

For the discounted price, I feel it is a solid buy if you want to treat yourself. I personally would wait for newer batches to get the best Coast Mountain experience.

Would I buying in a bigger format? Yes 👍

Recommend: 👍 (in newer batches)

Effect (●|●|●|●|●)

Smoke (●|●|●|●|●)

Taste  (●|●|●|○|○)
Grind (●|●|●|○|○)

Rating (●|●|●|●|○)

Delaney Pucci (Victoria, BC)

Pemberton Pink

D.P. (Victoria, BC)
Surprised and disappointed

It smells quite good. I have a low tolerance so I was surprised this one was not very potent. I barely noticed any effect. I also didn’t find it sedating enough. I did get it on sale but I doubt I would give this one another chance. But the CMC dancehall is awesome and much more potent even though it’s CBD:THC.

M.m. (Portugal Cove, NL)
Organic is the way to grow

Can tell it’s organic that is for sure and in the best ways so nice tasting white ash n smooth smoke wel worth the money.

M.r. (Gatineau, QC)
Classic Pink Kush + Organic

Relaxing and uplifting! Good analgesic can be use at night or during the day if you are an extrovert or someone that has an hyperactive brain. Not too sedative for someone who needs it ! Add this to Anna Lee womac and enjoy being pain free and have a good night 😴 !

S.C. (Pickering, ON)
4.5 stars

Incredible taste and smell. Uplifting and relaxing. Packed with crystals very sticky buds. Will order again

Cameron Brennen (Calgary, AB)

Excellent quality, it has a lovely earthy smell with notes of chocolate. The effects are very pleasant and uplifting. Would definitely order again!

Ryan Lusty (Toronto, ON)
Nice taste

It was decent and tasted good just didn’t hit as hard as I was hoping.

Greg Collett (Lindsay, ON)

I smoke a lot, all day, every day. I like something strong and, this does it for me. Great weed. I hope they don't run out any time soon!

S.B. (Kelowna, BC)
super sticky beauty

Very sticky, dense and beautiful. Looks well cared for and packs a punch of smoke with a smaller amount. It was helpful for sleep and relaxing,but not quite enough for my back pain. Lovely non the less. 3.5-4/5 for me.

About Coast Mountain Cannabis

In the shadow of Mt. Currie stands Coast Mountain Cannabis' state of the art facility where they grow the best strains of certified organic cannabis available in Canada.