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Love Potion Organic

(374 customer reviews)


2004 High Times Sativa Cup (Winner)

Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $10
3.5 grams for $35
7 grams for $65
14 grams for $125
28 grams for $240

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Product Description

“This strain is the pinnacle strain for evening, morning, afternoon or whenever you fancy.”

Love Potion is a sativa-dominant strain bred by Reeferman Seeds. G13 was crossed with a Santa Marta Colombian Gold, and crossed with the Colombian Gold again to achieve this skunky, lemon-flavored sativa hybrid. This is a very ‎exotic‬ sativa‬ strain that is accompanied by a very cerebral feel and is a great daytime smoke.

Parents: G13, Colombian Gold
Similar to: Banana Candy, Frankenstein, Blue Moonshine, Buddha’s Sister, Confidential Cheese

Flavours: Lemon, skunk, spicy/herbal
Effects: Aroused, creative, euphoric, happy, uplifted
Medical: Depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, pain, stress
Used to help with: Anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraines, PTSD, anorexia

374 reviews for Love Potion Organic

  1. Anonymous

    Spicey in a pipe and doesnt drag you down! Thought I was going to cum everywhere for a second, but ended up nope, no cum! Great strain for daytime use and anti paranoia though! XD

  2. This bag smelt like berries to me, and tasted even better! The smoke was super smooth, probably has to do with it being organic. Although I did not feel the aphrodisiac effects, this strain did help me with my depression, and relieved me of stress. Does not make you tired or lazy (unless you already are lazy), recommended in the morning or afternoon. A very tasty strain that is a must try!

  3. Tasty vibes. Mellow sativa. Kick off your afternoon with love <3

  4. Anonymous

    Such a great daytime high! This strain alleviates my depression and leaves me feeling energized and happy

  5. I’m giving it 5 stars because the Potion works and you’ll fall in love. Amazing smell and taste, the price suits it. There’s stronger buds worth the full 5 stars, like blue dream, but this is not far behind.

  6. I feel bad for any one who sleeps on this strain , it just gets better and better tasting , the smoke is so strong leaves you coughing like good smoke should .

  7. Anonymous

    Nice genetics, well grown. Packed nugs with exotic terpes.

  8. Was trying to find this for awhile, this is honestly in my top 10 list of favourite strains all time tasty, medicates you just right, nice nugs all round good stuff

  9. I always order way too little amounts of Love Potion #1 so I can purchase other small amounts of other strains. I am at a point where I know that I just need to a get a large amount of Love Potion #1 to get guaranteed satisfaction for my order. Such a great summer-time strain! Pair it with a day in the sunshine for best results.

  10. I’m not usually a fan of sativa but this is some really nice stuff and it has been on this site for a long time and the quality has not changed a bit!

  11. i try 1 gr of this and it so perfect so day time use !
    the tast it hard to discribe, but a little bit spyce and citrus

  12. Amazing bud. Nugs were tight and smelled delicious, they had a smooth smoke to them too. Felt energetic like I could conquer the world.

  13. Anonymous

    Great strain! Personally enjoy this better than the other atomic love potion strain offered. Nice buds, smells and tastes amazing. Will definitely order again!

  14. This stuff is great!

  15. An aphrodisiac and a great high all wrapped in a beautiful, green nug.

  16. Love the Love Potion. If you like a get busy kind of smoke this is it, keeps you going for a log time. My favourite smoke here.

  17. no complaints here. quality buds for sure

  18. Wow! The consistency in the batches of Love Potion #1 is amazing! Shout out to the grower. I’ve ordered Love Potion #1 many times from HD, and I’ve never been let down. It’s so lemony! As well as energizing and uplifting, it’s perfect. Please always have this in stock HD, this strain has become 1 of my top 5. Thank you.

  19. It’s ok, kept me awake pondering the world tho, not good for sleepy time seeing how it’s a sativa, has a citrusy pine smell and flavour to it, i would have to say Pink Kush is the best out of 20 i have tried so far

  20. Nice popcorn buds similar to actomic love potion . Great high keeps me up lifted all day . Lemony /fruity flavoured

  21. Fell in love..

  22. I find that this strain keeps me happy (not as randy as some people let on). Still a good strain, I would recommend it.

  23. Nice strain. Little popcorn buds, pretty dense. Smell and taste a bit of lemon and pine. Pretty good potency, feels mostly in my head and eyes like a good sativa. I pressed it into rosin and didn’t get a great yield (14.6%) but it’s pretty terpy. Good stuff.

  24. This is an anytime of the day buzz. I had heard that it was named because it got you in the mood and I suppose that’s true, but for me I found it gave me a big grin, I couldn’t stop smiling, even friends kept asking me what I was smiling about. I think maybe we should make all our politicians smoke this and peace would break out. Most likely what’s in Justin Trudeau’s stash.

  25. Definitely one of my favorites. It is a must try.

  26. I’ll give it a 5 because the price is great. But to me it kind of reminded me of blue dream with darker green buds and same kind of mellow high.

  27. If you’re a casual user go easy with this stuff, super powerful! Good head high with lots of interesting body effects.

  28. The more I indulge, the more impressed I am with this strain. Super Lemony smell that translates into the taste very well. The high: a magnificent face melter, but still very focused. Great to start my day, was a bit hung-over and this strain relieved all symptoms and put me in a great mood, put me in a great mindset to go about my day. After work, I vaped a bowl and it fucked me up, I was very floaty, happy, smiley, and relaxed. These are incredible genetics, and a fine example of excellent cannabis. As Lemony as any herb I have ever tried, I put this up there with the Jack, The White Haze, NL #5 x White Widow in terms of lemonyness, this is more of a fresh lemony scent, incredible taste, again, top notch herb and great value at $240/oz. Haven’t really F’ed after indulging in this strain, but can imagine that this would make me horny as well. Fantastic!

  29. Ive ordered this 4 times and there will def be a 5th!!!

  30. Anonymous

    Great uplifting effect and maintain focus … very nice!

  31. just caked best sativa besides cotton candy id say

  32. one of the best sativa i have had in a while, nice smooth lemony smell!!

  33. A favorite ‘go to’ daytime bud. Vibrant green color and fresh citrus smell make it a joy to break out. Comes on with a strength to be noticed yet energizes throughout, makes me super talkative and fades away clean. Recommended.

  34. Got it with the sample pack and I was very pleased, it definitely has it’s advertised effects.

  35. Very nice bud, very energizing, breaks out nicely.

  36. Nice nugs and nice count, love having this strain around

  37. My favourite sativa so far! Really gave me a boost of energy.

  38. The Chronic Hippy Chick Patient
    Love Potion
    Great For Beginners.
    This strain I compare with it to,
    Mr.Nice,Jack Herer,Lemon Skunk,and a few similars,I am missing.
    This is a boring,strain for my needs,However The Buds are always Large,and this one mixes well with almost any other strain,
    This is a nice Old School Sweet Heart,that doesn’t do Ya No Harm.!~

  39. Anonymous

    I always make sure I keep stocked up on this strain. While it does not have a “blue pill” effect on me, it does give me lots of energy and a strong desire to do chores. And my wife LOVES that… So it does live up to its name ???

  40. Such an awesome burn – totally recommend it

  41. Loved the love potion. Super smooth fruity and a nice high. Would recommend to anyone

  42. Second best sativa IMO.

  43. similar to the atomic. love potion is good sativa more of that fuity smell then spicy and very nice uplifting high, The taste was mild now that over powering but it was very pleasant 4/5 overall . thanks HD you guys are awesome.

  44. Got this in a sample pack, super lemony smell and flavour, high mostly felt in the face, kept me engaged while watching netflix, turns into a relaxing high about an hour, this would be 5 star herb if the high lasted a bit longer, will revisit this strain and have a better idea of effects. The smell is very earthy, lemony, even more lemony than the Super Lemon Haze, but probably not as potent. Overall great experience, and great to be able to try a strain that has been elusive untill now!!

  45. Hardly smoke sativas, but this stuff kicks my ass to the point if I smoke to much I start getting bad headaches. And for a sativa, this stuff really burns me out. Very citrus lemony smell to it def recommend

  46. Floral in smell, seems to have a spicy note that hits in the back of the throat and causes me to cough. The woman and I tried this and we hit the giggling, awesome happy smoke, seemed to loosen my muscles up nicely they’re always knotting up on me. good all around smoke. this is a all day any time of day smoke, love it.

  47. Classic sativa smell, taste, and high. very potent, without much burnout. genuinely seems to have some aphrodisiac qualities xD

  48. Anonymous

    Great buds that do give some extra arousal effects.

  49. One of my favorites for sure! I’ve got it a few times and will most likely keep getting it!

  50. Nice little buds that looks just like the picture. Totally strong musty earthy scent. Good strong effects. Good for fun activities day or night. No major fatigue or desire to eat when it wears off.

  51. Anonymous

    Nice big dense buds with a very flowery smell. Very potent smoke with floral taste, a lil harsher but still quite impressed. Thanks HD!

  52. Good sativa smokes well not harsh made me feel euphoric and uplifted.

  53. Sweet aroma, very good taste. Beautifull looking. One of their good sativa! Felt uplifted and still mellow and the same time. Was great!

  54. Excellently grown, awesome smell, Great taste but not as strong as id anticipated but still great overall ?

  55. Very relaxing high and great smell and tastes but a bit too “light” of a high for me.

  56. Extraordinary!
    I feel it’s just as good as the Atomic Love Potion!

  57. Spicey/peppery aroma with a heavy thick smoke. Nice bud, i would buy again.

  58. Really enjoyed this strain, can feel the stimulating effects in both body and head, strong and unique citrus flavor, might not be for everyone but definitely worth trying.

  59. Smells great and a good count. I really enjoy HD Sativas, that’s is some good stuff!!

  60. Anonymous

    Great strain, just not as tasty as the last batch I tried. Still felt just as potent though. A very spacey type of high that encompasses the whole body like a wave, leaving you relaxed and happy. A very awesome 4 stars!!

  61. awesome uplifting, long lasting, and stimulating (mentally and physically) high. has a nice old school sativa taste and smell

  62. Definitely a good product if you are needing to be uplifted. Gives you a loving feeling all around, so if you need more self-love in your life I would try this strain.

  63. I enjoyed it for the most part. The smell/taste is unique, kinda sweet, so I don’t know how I feel about it. Try it yourself to see what I mean!

  64. strong/long lasting head high, lots of creativity with energy

  65. This stuff could replace viagra?

  66. Ordered a few times.. this strain is perfect every for every morning!

  67. Perfect after a hard day… definitely a mood enhancer. Big buds lots of crystals

  68. Très bon, plus fort que je m’y attendais

  69. Very good, stronger than i expected !

  70. Nice strong high, made me feel happy and lose. Looks beautiful, with relatively dense little buds. Would recommend this strain for users and the price is wonderful as always!

  71. I really liked this strain. It was relaxing and like love potion I was on a happy high. Nice smell and taste, good burn, nice buds. A great 5 star sativa. And as always…slightly over weight (it all adds up!)

  72. Incredible smoke, nice flavour, burns great

  73. Very NIce strain, Great colour and scent

  74. Excellent strain with a flavor like none I’ve ever experienced. It has an effervescence that is really refreshing.

  75. Anonymous

    Very nice clean smoke no complaints on this one.

  76. I do love the high for this strain and its effects but the one thing I can’t get over is the taste. This is just one of those sativas I can’t enjoy. It’s to earthy and lemony for my flavour. But the high is beautiful, makes you relaxed, anxieties disappear, you become more loving, happy. Great strain but taste for me is a no.

  77. This is an amazing strain. It does hold true to the name, as it does enhance sexual activity(personally, I think the reason it’s good for sex is because it makes you feel good, and there is no paranoia). Sex aside, it is very uplifting. There isn’t a lot of paranoia that goes with this strain, and it is an all around “feel good” strain… and very social! I find this strain to be a relief from anxiety, depression, and stress. I LOVE it!!! 🙂

  78. Anonymous

    There’s a reason this is a popular strain. Of all the Sativas I have tried, THIS is the go to. Love Potion provides one of the cleanest highs I have ever been on. The smooth taste you get from this strain makes smoking it all that much more enjoyable. It’s a perfect strain for any activity on a beautiful day. It really is perfect for any time of day, but again, super enjoyable on a warm sunny day. If I had the power to endorse this strain on a global level, I would.

  79. Really enjoyed the after effects of these grades, one of my favourite sativas for sure Great taste, nice smoke. Already ordered the next set

  80. Love it! My favourite sativa yet!

  81. Love potion has a nice mellow/functioning high! Awesome bud with a great taste

  82. I’m an Indica guy but this is my favourite sativa now I love everything about this bud!!!

  83. Best out of sample pack… very nice high

  84. I got this with a sample pack and it was a perfectly trimmed 1 gram nug. It was so beautiful and also smokes like a dream.

  85. I ordered love potion not my favourite

  86. I vaporize exclusively, no smoking. I was pleasantly surprised by this strain! It has a subtle citrus / pine smell and is very smooth, not harsh. This an Girl Scout Cookies have been my favs from the sample pack so far. This one has gives me a very mellow energy. Like I have energy and am sharp but also has a dullness to it. Feels more hybrid to me. Not great for pain in my opinion but that’s not a bad thing, depending on what you’re using it for. Would definitely order this strain.

  87. This is an ok sativa only because I am an Indica guy. Bright high that has a sweet and lemony taste.
    I vaped a small piece and instead of it tasting like every vaped strains thc taste, this was citrus lemony.
    I was happy with that. 🙂

  88. This strain is 5 out of 5 hands down, sativa sample pack is def the way to go. Ordering this and the uk cheese every time!!

  89. Relaxing feeling, great taste in vaporizer , high is short but great for day time. Enjoy summer.

  90. Great day smoke with a nice cerebral nice , got me going in many ways lol

  91. First one I tried from sample pack. Started off on a great note. Great tasting smoke.

  92. great for ntflix and chill 🙂

  93. Anonymous

    good clean high, very strong earthy taste. Smoked well, good clean high. Great Sativa. Must try for you and your special someone. Great for your love life lol

  94. Great handsome buds, great smooth taste but found it cashed in the vape fairly quickly.

  95. Really good product, smooth smoke and perfect for day toking. Keep you mellow but doesn’t tire you out, will order again for sure!

  96. Great strain to share with someone special

  97. Anonymous

    Nice sized buds, that smelled pretty dank. Smooth, clear headbuzz that got me thinking about many things. No tiring burnout. Good for daytime use. Would get again

  98. To be honest. I was not a fan of it. I didn’t enjoy the taste, and I found the buzz a little weaker than what I expected.

  99. Great strain, a little harsh definitely one for the vape, would order again

  100. Not my favorite. Especially for the price. It looks beautiful… The high is very euphoric and uplifting. It’s top notch cannabis, but it’s nothing to write home about.

  101. Bag quality was high. Was not as impressed with the high as other reviewers. Smell and taste were not as good as expected. High was short lasted. Just not a good match for me. No problem in weight or whatnot. HD guys are great for that

  102. Got a half O of beautiful popcorn nugs.

  103. Anonymous

    1st- HD guys are fantastic, great service. This LP is uplifting and euphoric with a touch of indica body effect. It’s very, very potent, heavy hitter and you’ll get most of it after few days of “getting used to it” There is a burnout the day after but if you take it easy and your day statts slowly with a smile, you’ll enjoy it, and it will wear off.

  104. This is my favourite sativa out of the bunch that i ordered to try. The smell was VERY pungent, I loved the smell of this bud. The high is also equally amazing, it is a strong head high, motivating, euphoric and strong. LOVE THIS BUD. Will be ordering every time!

  105. This sativa really got me motivated and ready to go. I ended up cleaned my entire house. Really great smoke and flavour. The high was even better, had a huge pain relief. Very accurate name, puts you in the mood…

  106. Tried this out with my GF just for fun. It tastes really nice and I don’t know if the arousal side effect is actually a thing but the buzz was great. Would order again and I’m not a huge sativa person, I’m more about the indicas.

  107. My biddy had this strain at his place about a month ago – I tried it and liked it – once I received my own stock though it was not potent at all…like someone scammed all the goodness from the bud.

  108. This is one of my personal favourite strains. Nice, comfortable high that is work appropriate. Smells great too!! Very relaxing and great for chill days.

  109. Great looking bright green nugs with blonde hairs, good feel, powerful lemon and pine scent and taste, wonderful energy and mood enhancement (in more ways than one)

  110. Will keep grabbing this one randomly if it continues to stay on menu just as good as every other time I had it!

  111. The recent batch is just as good as the last, thanks again!

  112. Not all that impressed. Had this strain numerous time before from other sources and this was not comparable. Looks are ok, smell is good, taste is smooth but I found there was a big lack on the effect side.

  113. A nice strong earthy aroma, nice buds, good burn, nice taste, and a happy relaxing buzz.

  114. Very good , the nugs look beautifull and smell delicious! Good high just perfect kind of addictif. 4/5 cause the taste could have been better

  115. Probably my favorite strain, along with Grape God, that I’ve ever had and that’s saying something

  116. Some of the best sativa I’ve had so far. Awesome burn, great flavour, and super amazing buzz. Really looking forward to ordering this again

  117. A definite 5/5
    I feel it has a nice distinct buzz

  118. Very unique smell and pungeunt aswell, great bag apeal, light green nugs with nice yellow hairs , very nice head high aswell as a active and a great taste aswell
    4.4 imo

  119. Anonymous

    Very nice nugs with a nice smell. Smokes real nice and very good one for daytime use. Would like to see a little bit stronger of a taste but overall a great choice.

  120. A must try!
    Great for any time of day.
    I agree with brewster04 a different taste in a good way!
    Will be ordering again at some point

  121. Different taste in a good way, very nice as it doesn’t knock me out. Lots of energy to get up and stay focused at the task at hand. Will re-order

  122. Super good stuff, can’t live without it!

  123. I really love the love potion I reordered

  124. It’s a great strain but within my preference I am more of an indica lover so love potion being a sativa isn’t really my choice of herb. Although if you like sativas then this is a very potent strain for any sativa lover out there!

  125. Only tried one gram of this one, Energy through the roof nice smell

  126. Wooooooow this stuff. Let’s just start at the smell after busting it up. That makes me fall in LOVE lol. And covered in crystals nice lookin buds. One of the top smokes on the site. As stated below a bunch very clean and tasty smoke.

  127. Phenomenal Sativa! Citrus lemony nose with a very nice taste that transfers over. Covered in trichomes, and very clean burning. Top 5 sativa strains in my book. Thanks HD

  128. Oh man that’s really works magic, and it’s great for your love life if you know what I mean. For sure it’ll be part of my next order.

  129. Great taste and smell. Great high. Second best in Sativa sample pack.

  130. Another good Sativa. Sparkling clean buzz. 5/5

  131. Beautiful! Great for listening to music to. Thanks HD for this wonderful strain!

  132. This bud is in my top 3 from HD. Such a wonderful strain that provides great flavour, amazing highs and loads of kief for collecting. Lovely

  133. my second time the smell is different then the first time still very good in all department very good sativa high overall i will reorder

  134. One of my favs 5/5

  135. I’m just ok with this one. Made me a bit snoozy, instead of loosey. A bit bland on the palate as well , for what that’s worth.

  136. Anonymous

    Good taste, high kicked in after a few minutes. As for arousal I’m not sure if it was from the love potion, the girl in the room or the placebo effect, but I’d say it somewhat worked. I felt mildly creative as well

  137. The love potion works wonders!

  138. Smooth but not my favorite, its more a ”mental” high,really smooth like a little bit Indica for me ..

  139. Very nice strain. In the bag it smells of fresh cut grass, a sweet taste on the exhale, a tid harsh (in a good way). It’s a good early morning smoker, it doesn’t carry any paranoia effects, burns slow and clean (was well flushed). The buzz is great, very mellow but not weak.

  140. Good stuff, makes you creative if you like to chat and make jokes and stuff with friends it’s a good call. Haven’t got the chance to see the ‘aroused’ effects it’s claimed to cause. I give 4 out of 5 because I find in the aftermath I’m a bit too spacey/vegetable but yet can’t fall asleep easily.

  141. A+++, very relaxing, very tastey and yes it does get you a little more aroused than normal.

  142. Got my half quad today. This is my 3rd time getting Love potion and each time it gets better. This is probably my favorite sativa right now and I have tried 50 different ones on here. What I like about it is that it smells fruity and sweet, it looks very amazing covered in crystals and huge nugs. The high is actually pretty strong and very clear, energetic and fun with no couch lock. Basically its just amazing with no side effects. And my count was pretty nice, always respect that. Keep this one a household name HD

  143. Smells good and gets you baked enough but too much. You can still function. Tastes really nice in the vape.

  144. Lovely long lasting high with this bud, a very unique buzz. Had this couple times, always enjoyable,

  145. By far my favourite strain… Its hits on every level possible for me… Delicious!

  146. This was harsh but the buzz was good and lasted for some time.
    I am not saying it was too harsh. I happen to like that in my stash.

  147. Anonymous

    This bud is just fantastic me n the wife were very happy with this stone. Lots of laughs n left us with lots of energy. Fun feeling

  148. Definitely more of a mild sativa high. But smokes nice and tastes nice.

  149. I continue to love this strain! HD keeps a consistent supply of it, it seems, and I am happy they do! It’s so extremely uplifting and mood enhancing. Lemons on lemons, it’s so tasty! Always keep this strain in rotation HD.

  150. another amazing cannabis that had allot of passion put into it! Thanks to the grower and HD! nice start to day and perfect end to day 🙂 very happy with strain.

  151. Great taste, great smell , great high! Would buy again !

  152. my girlfriend really love this. amazing sex

  153. Very potent, one of the better sativas on HD. I’m ordering a lot more of this!!!

  154. Awesome strain here glad to see it still kicking around on HD. Found it to be a hard hitter but in the best way possible. No couch lock with this one but definitely feel a strong buzz. Holds a very positive mindset. Not a worry in the world when smoking love potion!

  155. This is a very unique strain, in terms of it’s pungent aroma, appearance, and the surprisingly strong, almost psychedelic effects. Perfect for being productive, anything you do will feel like an adventure. I don’t particularly enjoy sativa dominant strains, but this one really hits home.

  156. This one was surprisingly strong. Now I see the rave about Love Potion. I had the Sativa Pack and this one smelled the nicest. It has this Orangy smell sprinkled with some spice. And a very strong uplifting cerebral high. I will get more of this next time !

  157. Good smell. Looks pretty. I found that the buzz didn’t last as long as other though

  158. Great sativa ! Nice crisp high. Perfect for focusing or concentrating. Energizing almost. Does not make you lazy.

  159. Loved this right in the morning kept me uplifted can’t wait to order again

  160. Lots of purple colouring. Very frosty and smells like heaven. Thanks HD!

  161. Really enjoyed the buzz! Great smell and properly cured! Always a good product from here. No complaints out of 20+ strains sampled!

  162. Love Potion: I’ve looked at this product for a little while and never tried the product, had gotten a small amount and very impressed, looks great, great taste and aroma (=

  163. I give this a 4, because I’m comparing it to my prefered daytime Girl Scout Cookies strain, it’s great to get you going, and by going I mean it makes you horny so if you’ve got a girlfriend that smokes, roll her one up of Love Potion. Works great for my pain and gives you a nice uplifting feeling. Would get again just for the effects!

  164. Anonymous

    Great sativa. Great day time use if planning on going out and getting things done. Happy uplifting. Smells, looks and tastes great.

  165. great buds very uplifting. It has an awesome taste to it and smells very fresh and piney almost citrus like when ground up.
    this is a re order for me and i am an indica guy.

  166. Taste wasn’t what I expected but I love this strain gonna have to give it 5 stars

  167. Delicious & nutritious. Love potion is a tonic for the soul.

  168. Extremely potent. Cool name. Will definatly buy again

  169. I found this strain really effective while I was outdoors. I could see this being a great strain to use during a physical activity. I didn’t notice any strong come-down effects.

  170. The smell of this bud is off the charts man. Unreal. The taste is remarkable, will be ordering this again.

  171. unique smell clean taste.

  172. one of the most unique smells of weed i have ever smelt. super strong smell. over powered everything else in the package!
    great smoke will buy again

  173. This is one of my favourites. The smell and taste is amazing, a little sweet even. It starts off strong with a complete body buzz, and follows with a very relaxed and mellow high. Great for joint pains.

  174. Yummy.

  175. This is definitely Top Shelf bud love it thanks HD I look forward to ordering more soon..

  176. Great strain, very accurate description!

  177. Gotta love the Love Potion! Full flavor its an all day every day”er Flavor terpenes 5/5 Thanks HD

  178. Nice smell, taste great, will buy again! Love this sativa!

  179. The smell is unbelievable when you open the bag. Super positive high, it gives me lots of energy and motivation. It does not give me the munchies at all either. My personal favorite so far!

  180. Nice exotic spicy flavor with hints of d-limonene. Good and vibrant daytime smoke but not my cup of tree at this price.

  181. name says it all. will be buying again. highly recommend

  182. Nice Special taste and smells very good

  183. By far I think my top strain I LOVE love potion 😉

  184. Very nice great smell and good taste nice high for daytime not overly strong but very nice

  185. Really great looking buds, smells really nice and has a great smooth taste. Great for a wake n bake.

  186. Amazing stuff, this is great for when you are out to socialize in the right doses , I also love it for creativity and listening to music, a must try!

  187. My wife and I enjoyed the high. The buzz didn’t last as long as some of the other high thc sativas we have vaped in the past but overall considering the superior service and great price it is a winner. Love potion is a perfect day time elixir that will not over power you if you have things to accomplish around the house.

  188. A distinctive sweet, lemony smell. The exact scent found here and from another supplier I’ve tried before. Very pretty and very sugary buds. Hit me hard and fast, also made me cough a lot. I found myself constantly relighting to keep the euphoric feelings going, as it did fade relatively quick for me. Great strain with music.

  189. I liked Love Potion a lot. It worked great for morning medicating before work. Eases arthritis pain so that I can function comfortably without getting too ripped. It is also great to help me focus. This probably isn’t the bud for you if you’re looking to get super-stoned. It has a mild high and definitely makes you feel mellow but not spaced out. Good bag appeal with an awesome amount of crystal. Loved the taste. Burns to a nice fine ash and tastes easy going in. So far, I think this is my go-to daytime medication.

  190. Does what the name says, lemme tell ya! Great, uplifting lemon flavoured buzz, really got the mood cranked up. Wonderful strain, would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants a clean buzz and a hot night ! Thanks so much HD ! 5/5

  191. I really liked the love potion! It really got me in the mood;):) I’m gonna give some to my newest crush!:);)I’ll let u know how it goes if it goes well;):):P

  192. Pretty good. In my top 10

  193. Very smooth but wasnt that strong of a buzz. Very relaxing

  194. I love the taste, the smell, the high is amazing at anytime (including wake n bake) and doesn’t drag you out, it also doesn’t give me the munchies at all.

  195. this had a nice upbeat and melodic feel to it. clean smoke and nice flush. keep it up HD!

  196. Anonymous

    Very pleasing and uplifting and somewhat noticeable arousing feeling down south, horny and a bit giggly. The taste has hints of lemon with a strong but easy after taste of pine with slight grape. Will surely acquire again.

  197. one of my top 3 now…loved it!

  198. one of my favorites, the high way very uplifting and I found that the high lasted for a long while, I definitely recommend trying it!

  199. Nice high. Didn’t find it to potent. Good taste to it. Personally like the uk cheese better, but would order this again.

  200. Gotta love Love Potion!!

  201. great strain. wife thought she tasted some grapefruit or lemon hints which I agreed(not fruity, but rather sour). much more chatty and euphoric(very touchy, and pure laughs) vs the purple chemdog

  202. Very smooth smoke, but what really wow’d me was the delicious smell of this stuff! 5 Stars

  203. Nice, not too heavy. I found it a bit like menthol.

  204. A really nice tasting, smooth smoke. Uplifting and mood enhancing with no anxiety. I think this is my second favourite next to the Pineberry.

  205. Great buy always gonna be a favorite and has been since day 1!

  206. This is honestly my favourite bud, got the sativa sample pack and this is the best out of all of them in my opinion. Smooth and excellent taste and even better high. Well done here.

  207. One of my all-time favourites. I hope HD never runs out of this, I have re-ordered several times. Mostly sativa, perfect for afternoon. Great energy boost and perspective change.

  208. Anonymous

    This grower knows a thing or 2… Very high quality citrus buds and the smoke is clean as a whistle.. Hats off to ya


  210. I loved the smell and the high was ok too!

  211. Very decent, nice and calming. Perfect for after work or early in the day when you want a little boost.

  212. Outstanding high. Clean, potent, almost lemony , great taste. Rivals Green Crack

  213. Amazing strain grown and cured with amazing care. Definitely arousing, energetic and kills anxiety. Another 5 out of 5 HD great job.

  214. This strain is one of the best for smell looks and taste everyone must try !!

  215. Everything about this weed is amazing. The smell the taste the bud structure. 5 star bud for sure!! This and Blue Dream are my top choices on HD.

  216. LOVE it 😛

  217. Great strain if you have hunger problems

  218. This is one of my favorites I absolutely love this strain definitely want more. The bud looks awesome lots of hairs and the colors are beautiful smells. Sooooooooo good love the smell the taste is even better the buzz is also really good.

    This is definitely Top Shelf bud love it thanks HD I look forward to ordering more soon..

  219. wow one of my top fav of all time i love it!!!

  220. One of the first strains I tried off of the site, and still one of my favourites. Love Potion will knock those blues away, and keep those anxieties at bay. Perfect for sharing with your partner during a night in. This cerebral high is what i’ve grown to love, which was all made possible by this strain. Will always keep a bag of this in the rolodex.

  221. Great strain defiantly would get again !

  222. nice dense buds for a good day time strain that wont get you couchlocked

  223. honestly hope that this strain never leaves HD’s menu!!!
    I’ve already ordered it twice!!

  224. I’ve been looking for a Colombian Gold-type strain. This one didn’t have that flavour but still did the trick. Great consistency to the bud too.

  225. Great smell! Smooth. Great during the daytime. 5/5 Will be getting again.

  226. I’ve smoked several times and other than making me cough and put me to sleep this really hasn’t done much for me at all. I’m disappointed.


  227. Could smell this one the minute I opened the box.. Amazing smooth smoke while a mouth full of flavor. Good job on this strain!

  228. good smell and taste great looking buds

  229. One of my new favorite strains. Great for daytime. 5 stars.

  230. It’s always nice to test a strain for the first time and enjoy it !, love potion , nice name , nice strain , nice smell !

  231. Anonymous

    Great stuff! I will be ordering again.

  232. It’s funny they call it love potion because this got me right in “the mood” haha. Beautiful looking buds! Super smooth high and taste!

  233. Another top notch strain from HD… A smokers dream… Every one that i have tryed from HD has been excellent…I get a variety pack of both sativa and indica once a month… Can’t go wrong the best of both worlds…

  234. Perfect name. Very strong aphrodisiac. Smooth

  235. another great strain…hd have yet to disappoint

  236. i had high expectations upon this strain’s popularity with reviewers and general reception. it’s got nice big nugs, fluffy but so dense! comes up much bigger than i expected once bid up, nice trichomes and orange hairs, a dark green colored bud. the odour is skunky and lemoney, very nice. the effects aren’t very potent imo, a good strain for morning smokers or general daytime users. personally i’m underwhelmed by its’ effects, but i like it mixed up with the amnesia strain. looking forward on trying other stuff, ive been doing the online thing for a while now and this was the fastest delivery, and most secure packaging i’ve come across yet. add to that the general prices, wide variety of products and new strains, and what seems like top notch customer service, i’m in for the long haul. thanks HD

  237. Nice clean hits & high. Typical sativa taste. Very nice.

  238. Old school weed taste! Made me bark after big hits with a good stone.

  239. this is a real nice strain here,i liked the taste of it and found it was a great buzz.KeepUpp The GreatWork HD,Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  240. Very smooth and positive high, washes away anxiety and is a fantastic relief after a bad day at work. Keeps the good vibes going and lifts you up while knocking the bad down, and will keep you motivated. I saw Star Wars on this and had a fantastic time. One of the best on the HD menu!

  241. Anonymous

    Doesn’t have a strong smell, but it does have a citrus smell. Gives me a nice buzz and doesnt take any productivity away from my day. It’s only my second sativa from HD, but it keeps me looking forward to other strains. 🙂

  242. This is some BEYOND GREAT SMELLING cannabis. This is a great daytime smoke with a nice head pressing head high, very great smoke. I absolutely love it!

  243. Anonymous

    First impression: smallish to medium sized buds. Felt dry and crumbly (but was mailed). Chopped up a popcorn bud for this review.

    Smell was nice, not overwhelming. Sweet candy sweet. Lemon cleaner/berry carwash soap smell. Pine and other citrus notes.

    Smoked with a pipe. Burned clean to a white ash. Excellent flush. Taste and smell underwhelming but was very smooth and enjoyable.

    Clean and clear high. Very light. Good for daytime. Gentle creative thoughts. Have energy but not in an OCD type way. Just go with the flow and see what it brings. Chill.

    Medicinal value excellent. Perfect for coming off shift and transitioning to home life. Positive vibes. No anxiety.

    *excellent with music

    I love strains like this. Would give 4.5/5 but not available so 4/5. If buds were sticky cured, not dry, larger and had taste this would be a 5/5. Being a popcorn bud I was happy with the potency. Would be exstatic with grade A buds.

  244. Nice energetic daytime strain, works well for nausea for me, and long lasting too! I like it.

  245. not one of my favourites, but it did make me feel good, and very nice nugs

  246. smooth to smoke. daytime type of high.. budget friendly decent sativa bud 🙂

  247. Reeeeealy great odor! One hell of a strain! Hits really fast! I love it! great service hd!

  248. Anonymous

    Award winning strain, grown with care. Nice fuzzy mugs with a diesel nose. Five star!!!

  249. Girlfriend an I had the best sex in a while ?Great stuff! Great service!

  250. Incredible buds,long lasting effects,and great taste.Best Sativa I have tried from this site.

  251. 5 stars hands down, my fav sativa. Simply amazing!

  252. The high is wicked

  253. Smooth smoke with soft hint of lemon on exhale..heady high with no anxiety

  254. Giving a mild euphoric and uplifted high , I’ve really enjoyed this strain’s subtile effects despite being more of an Indica oriented person .

  255. My high with this badass strain seems pretty intense. Has a very smooth, nice lemon taste. Always great products from herbal dispatc!. Solid 5 star rating but isnt the best ive had. Overall its worth every cent! This head high is not overwhelming, but is pretty strong.

  256. Nice daytime buzz. Smooth

  257. Very nice looking, tasting, and heady high! One of my favourites in the sample pack,

  258. Mellow. Enjoyable

  259. My high with this one seems pretty mild. Has a very smooth nice taste though. Always good products from here. Can count on good service!! Solid 4.5 star rating but you can’t do halfs, so half to go with 4 because I don’t find it a five star WOW amazing.

  260. Very nice smooth smoke, very nice taste as well

  261. good day time stuff!

  262. This is the first time trying this strain and all I can say is WOW!!!
    Amazing thank you HD!!!!

  263. Fantastic example of what sativas should be…beautiful buds, clear headed energizing high, incredible citrus smell. Can totally taste the Colombian Gold in this! a++++

  264. Great strain, although would recommend white haze for a sativa strain but that’s just me, everyone has preferences!

  265. Anonymous

    hands down my fav,,great taste great for cronic pain and anxiety,,love it!

  266. hands down one of my fav strains from HD. real nice smoke. if you have tried it yet, don’t even think about it. just order it, you’ll be in love.

  267. This bud is very good for the price. Everything about it is high end. Looks crystally, nice fruity smell, nice taste, clean burn, good high, great price. It’s not going to leave you on another planet, but this bud will never disappoint in any way.

  268. Not going to get into detail because this a review, not penthouse forums but this stuff is fantastic!! Great taste & effect 😉

  269. nice buds

  270. One of my new favorite strains. Great for daytime. 5 stars.

  271. Dark in appearance with reddish blonde hair and lots of trichomes. Very pleasing aroma that is sweet with hints of skunk and lemon. Equally sweet taste with herbal citrus overtones and smooth spicy finish. Quality bud throughout. I’m in love.

  272. Another 5 stars. Love the love potion. Love the high, love the buds, love the smell of it, all great! Highly recommend it as a top sativa.

  273. Really amazing strain 5 stars !

  274. Great daytime strain, and is advertised 100% in its effects. Like inhaling a sense of pure well being into your body when you try this out. Citrus-y and cheerful. HD does it once again

  275. Really nice, uplifting aroma straight away. Tasty, clean and I found it quite helpful for anxiety, which is unusual for my sativa experience. Motivating, very creative and clear headed, productive. Just a really nice overall stress release, and it’s nice to find a strain that actually helps my anxiety, without being a couch lock indica. Will definitely be back for more of this one.

  276. Beautiful buds and very very smooth, one of my favourites

  277. Smooth clean taste

  278. Def to date my favorite sativa. In fact, one of my favorite buds offered on HD period. I found I had a great head high but also a noticeable great body buzz as well. Everyone should have a stash of this at all times.

  279. Great for deep thoughts + reflection, anxiety relief and overall just getting shit done.
    really enjoyed this so if you’re a sativa lover don’t hesitate.

  280. Great for deep thoughts + reflection, anxiety relief and overall just getting shit done.
    I’m only slightly a sativa fan and really enjoyed this so if you’re a sativa lover don’t hesitate.

  281. Amazing taste, clean high and very relaxing. I can smoke this and comfortably watch any show my girlfriend puts on.

  282. Great strain of weed, with a smooth taste. Buds are very compact, bit sticky and full of crystal. LOVE the smell of it, makes me want to take a bong toke right away. Packaged nicely with a label and weight of the product. Very professional :). Life time customer.

  283. Clean and citrusy when blazed, and bright and lemony when vaped.
    The strain is as advertised, with the added bonus of a smooth smoke.
    Also helped with severe migraines.

  284. Amazing Sativa strain. Massive head high, but body feels so energetic still. Definitely one of my go-to Sativas

  285. Another great looking and tasting bud from HD. Smell and flavour are kinda spicy, with a very smooth taste. Leaves the body AND mind at ease.

  286. Got a sample of this and got a mellow buzz for about 1 1/2 hrs. Helped me relax and unwind. Excellent for daytime. I get shit done. I will be getting more of this in future.

  287. Another awsome strain/kind of pot here,everything about it was great.Never Disappointed with the products.GreatWork HD,Keep it upp guys.Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  288. My current favourite sativa. Love it.

  289. Anonymous

    Very nice uplifting smoke has a nice spicy flavor

  290. To me this is an average, well-rounded strain. It doesn’t stand out from other flowers, yet is not disappointing in appearance, smell, flavour, burn, or effect. I’m sure it would appeal to many, I just prefer other strains. Will probably try it again in a future mix pack.

  291. One of my favourites in the sativa pack

  292. Great tasting bud and phenomenal service from Herbal Dispatch. I will be a lifetime patient.

  293. Amazing and one of my wife’s favorites. And lives up to it’s name.

  294. My fav daytime smoke. Makes me very energetic and social. I would recommend.

  295. Im an indica type guy but I enjoyed this one so much ! Taste/smell was insane ,something new to me. This is really a strain you can smoke any time of the day . Def in my top 3 sativas , nug were beautiful not the typical bud structure for a sativa and was covered in trichome . 5 stars 🙂

  296. Big dense developed buds, rich citrus-pine smell, smooth tasty smoke, more of a head-feeling than a body-feeling, very energetic.
    Very nice bag, will def order again, A+

  297. Second time around for this one, found the newest batch to be more psychedelic, I can’t get anything constructive done when I smoke it. Smells better than the last batch, very fruity.

  298. nice strain, definitely love it. Has an earthy taste. Good head high, uplifting feel motivated while smoking it 🙂

  299. this stuff is my fav,,great for cronic pain and gives u a nice smooth buzz love it!!

  300. Awesome stuff should buy this one third time I’ve had and definitely won’t be the last.

  301. Received a free gram of this very nice bud it’s a creeper forsure very dense nice smell very good in my books !

  302. good smoke but not as strong of a sativa as i thought it would be. Good nugs, always great on weight and smelled awesome.

  303. I’m in love with Maryjane!
    one of my favorite in this website. thank you hd

  304. Great looking nuggs for a sativa, dusted in trichomes. Nice and dense and dried to perfection. Love the smell of this strain! Citrusy…… spicy….. florally …..goodness.

  305. One of my Fav’s can’t wait to reorder it

  306. Anonymous

    Probably one of the best strains HD has to offer! The quality for the price is amazing and the buds are full and dense. Great strain for someone who wants to relax after a stressful day.
    Keep up the great work herbal dispatch!!! The customer service is absolutely fantastic!

  307. Nice Sativa. Great to have around, good taste and smell. Energetic high that lasts pretty long

  308. Would rate 4.5. Beautiful medium size buds well coated with crystal. Lovely aromatic buds with a pinesol, citrus odor, Really great creeper Sativa, high lasts for a long time. I usually lean towards Indica strains but am pleasantly surprised with intensity of this bud. Great price for oz. Thanx HD, You rock!!!

  309. This was the first bud I tried from my latest order. It looked awesome from the moment I opened the package and smoked even better. I was able to smoke then hit the town for a few pints. Overall a great aroma blended with a strong uplifting high.

  310. Different aroma. Nice buds. Great sativa for winding down after a night-shift.

  311. Smooth tokes. amazing for the price!

  312. One of the best strains on here !

  313. So good. I’ve ordered multiple times. Exceptionally smooth and an uplifting high.

  314. Great stuff. Smooth, but very potent. Only gripe is it burns a little fast. Great looking and tasting though.

  315. I had some love potion and fell in love! I’m not normally a Sativa guy but tried some of this for “busy day” relief and am very impressed with it. Nice citrus smell and taste and very energetic, up-beat glow with it. Love the Potion!

  316. Very good nugs and nice relaxing high

  317. One of the best strains in my opinion. Huge beautiful buds, the smell will box a room…absolutely amazing.

  318. Large buds and very compact. High potency hitter and long lasting buzz. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)?

  319. Very nice, very smooth

  320. Excellent for focus and function. It’s definitely as good as Ritalin for a focused mind, but none of the pharmaceutical weirdness that comes with that. Just a clean, calm, happy high. My house is much cleaner with this in my pipe.

  321. Amazing batch

  322. Nice pine/lemon aroma when ground. Burns and vapes very well.

  323. Just tried Love Potion Have to Agree Great Daytime Smoke!!!And very Smooth Definitely!!!Hard Dense Crystal Nuggets Just Love Potion!!!No pun intended Lol!!!

  324. Anonymous

    amazing strain, great effects. smells f**king great too, attractive name is always a bonus. value for price: 5/5.

  325. Just what the doctor ordered. Clean, positive, high energy, no anxiety.

  326. Good Smell Good taste Good Price…Perfect for daytime

  327. I was unimpressed by the smell and taste but the high! Wow. The most euphoric I’ve ever experienced and it seems to have a lasting positive effect on mood long after the high has worn off.

  328. This is perfect it is nicely cured, smells so sweet and lemony, burns clean and taste amazing. Very potent sativa . Great price on this too you can’t go wrong with this one.

  329. Not a big fan of lemon flavor but great for the vape for first thing in the morning. Have ordered this a few times will try the burning love soon.

  330. looks amazing. Smells amazing, Tastes Amazing. Great afternoon high

  331. Once again Sam and herbal dispatch do not disappoint. Love potion is Top shelf !

  332. Very nice crystal texture cured amazing couch locking stuff been smoking it the last few days

  333. Great bud nice nugs an really great smoke !!

  334. Lots of love potion going around in the last year, i seen well over 12 different batches . This batch is good, not as good as the last. I find some of the buds too be a little loose , great smell and taste thou. Love this strain, its hard for me too get really medicated, but for some reason this mostly Sativa gets me blitzed lol gotta love it

  335. Flushed and trimmed well. Overall bag appeal and consistency within the batch I received is on POINT. Everything from the musky lemon citrus smell to the smooth smoke that packs quite a sativa punch makes this a winner in my books. Thank you!

  336. Love Potion tastes BEAUTIFUL when vaped with the Volcano; we’re enjoying this strain very very much. 🙂

  337. Amazing daytime high

  338. Anonymous

    Great strain.

  339. Anonymous

    Great bud. The description is accurate

  340. Has that classic grassy/woody/barn yard sativa smell. Reminds me a lot of Lambsbread. The taste isnt my cup of tea but the high is nice and uplifting, good wake and bake strain.

  341. Excellent sativa. Smell reminds me of Maui wowie almost. Very lemon/lime/sweet/sour/tropical. Buds are nice sized and very frosted. The taste in vape is tropical candy. By far the most expertly grown sativa I have had from HD. Highly recommended

  342. Anonymous

    Nice lemoney taste. Buds are so full of tricombs and such a nice aroma. Recommended !

  343. Strong, bright lemon smell, I found it very clean, smooth and mild tasting in my vape. An almost instant high, a little buzzy and very pleasant – it’s happy stuff. Very more-ish, in fact, just writing this I had to have a few more hits 🙂

  344. I couldnt help myself after seeing all those reviews, and videos on YouTube, I had to try it. It smells so good! Citrusy, strong cerebral effect. Will make you happy, and focused! Definitely a daytime strain.

  345. As great as my first purchase. Nice acidic-turpentine like smell but taste great. Potent strain and for sure a “task” strain. I vacuumed for over an hour and a half last Sat!!

  346. Favourite sativa, the smell is insane, like candied lemon! And well priced for the potency

  347. Had to grab a Q of this strain due to the Columbian Santa Marta genes.Smells really wild in the bag.Exotic pot….awesome tropical sativa. Nice clean,clear functioning buzz not a couchlocker. Great daytime smoke. Overall happy with this strain.

  348. one of my favourites, the bud itself looked very nice and smoked really smooth. Great for a wake and bake, cant wait to try atomic love potion.

  349. as soon as I opened my package this stuff just filled the room with a lemon/citrus smell, some amazing stuff.

  350. I got a sample 1g and i regret not ordering more ! 5star

  351. Love, love, love the Love Potion. It has a nice aroma out of the bag and the burn is wonderful! Nothing but clean white ash left behind. I highly recommend.

  352. Got this in my last package and it was great, made me nice and sleepy and relaxed and pain right down to nothing.

  353. Anonymous

    Upon opening, my nose was overwhelmed by a severe pungent lemon smell. It was like that of tide laundry detergent, but with the smell of pinesol and sprite all mixed into one. It’s really quite pleasant and I’m extremely fond of it.

    As for the taste, to me it’s just like it smells. It’s sweet but not a candy sweet, mixed with a pine after taste that makes for a smooth draw.

    The esthetics of the flower are quite pleasing. I received a nice bag of buds, none all too big or too small. Typical sativa structure, a light lime green in colour with a extreme layer of resin and frost. It jumps put at you from the jar.

    The high is something I love. It helps with my anxiety and calms my brain down enough to where I can devoutly describe the effects of this strain. I feel energetic, happy, calm and over all well being.

    I’d have no hesitations about recommending this to anyone who is a sativa fan. Though if you’re on the lighter side of tolerance, maybe just a few puffs will do. Other than that, medicate away and enjoy.

  354. This was in my 2nd order from here and this love potion is great in my smart vap and is good for night time pain and sleep, I give it a 5.

  355. Anonymous

    The moment I saw this strain on here, I was soo excited. I had smoked Love Potion before and after having smoked quite a few other sativa dominants like: Jack Herer, Amnesia Haze, TrainWreck, Casey Jones, AK-47, Green Crack, Cannalope Haze – I can tell ya Love Potion has been my most favorite in terms of effects and potency! Long soaring cerebral high! If I do too much, it reaches to level of psychedelic and/or psychotic kinda high. Damn! Gotta be careful with this bud lol The buds were big and intact and were not crushed /pressed or anything.

    I personally prefer to vape most of the time due to the health benefits. Love Potion does have a nice taste, slight lemon flavored and smell is pretty pungent and fresh (soughta) and 1 bowl in my Arizer Solo got me high for 2-3 hrs or at least the high persisted and lingered until that time. The initial soaring high does persist for a nice period of time and doesn’t go down quickly. I think it’s the recrossing with Santa Marta Colombian Gold that gives this strain a notoriety for being a potent sativa – bad ass!

    Wish to thank Sam for his professional and courteous service in communication and packaging.

  356. really great wake n bake strain!

  357. Anonymous

    Uplifting high great smell and taste. Bought this a long while back. Will be getting more soon.

  358. absolutely love the smell and taste of this strain, it burns nice and the high lasts for a long time. one of my favorites out of the sativa sample pack

  359. So far tried a few out of the saliva sampler and I have to say this is my gf’s and my own personal favourite thus far!
    Great high with an nice uplifting, anti-anxiety type of feeling.

  360. Lsrge buds the size of ping pong balls. Lots of trichomes outside and especially inside when you peel open a bud. Smell is almost like pine tree sap and taste is grassy and some pine flavour… Soaring, uplifting, potent head rush. Daytime smoke and no couch lock.

  361. This one surprised me. Got a very strong high and it tasted great. Definitely recommend this.

  362. Anonymous

    I really like this strain. No anxiety from this heady sativa. Tastes fruity and sweet in the vape. This gives a very balanced feeling, great for yoga or reflective practices. If you like Island sweet skunk then try this one. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a strong high for a sativa, one to entice any indica lover. Cloud nine high with little burnout.

    I would and am recommending this.

  363. One of my new favorite day time strains. Nice big round, full nugs for a sativa, with an intoxicating lemon/skunky spice smell. The flavor matches, and the high is purely heady and energizing. Sativas don’t get much better than this!!

  364. Great daytime smoke. Got a really happy high. And my back pain faded away. Would definitely buy this again.

  365. The smell is So strong!, it alone gave me a buzz. I wanted to bathe in it. really like this one. 10/5 for smell

  366. #1 is One of my fav strains , great smoke . Always gives me a buzz!

  367. Really nice smoke great for anytime of day very relaxing

  368. smooth way to start your day, very relaxing yet energizing.

  369. One of my favourites in the sativa pack. high is very uplifting.

  370. Anonymous

    What a great way to start off my day – with ‘Love Potion’. Really smooth – my eyelids get heavy, like each eyelash has a tiny weight attached. hehe.
    My body gets that overall relaxation and I think the brain is good to go, as well.
    A new favorite for me. And it was FREE. Thanks so much.

  371. Very nice looking buds,smells good and taste good

  372. Agree with Ariel. Highly recommended. Hard dense crystal shiny nugs.

  373. One of my favourites out of the bunch so far. Love the high it gives and has a smooth taste. Wonderful for uplifting your spirits and in the medical sense this helped minimize pain. Will definitely be getting this strain again, very pleased!

  374. Smooth with clean taste. Exceptional.

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