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Jack Herer

(279 customer reviews)


2008 Highlife Cup (Winner)
2004 Highlife Cup (Winner)
1994 Cannabis Cup (Winner)

Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

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14 grams for $110
28 grams for $220

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

“Makes me happy, focused, energetic and also capable of conversing.”

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that has gained as much renown as its namesake, the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Combining a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross, Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer hoping to capture both the cerebral elevation associated with sativas and the heavy resin production of indicas. Its rich genetic background gives rise to several different variations of Jack Herer, each phenotype bearing its own unique features and effects. However, consumers typically describe this 55% sativa hybrid as blissful, clear-headed, and creative.

Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Since then, the spicy, pine-scented sativa has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency.

As with most clear (as opposed to heavy) Sativa strains, patients can expect an upbeat, energetic high that is predominately a head buzz. Used by patients to treat and help cope with anxiety, nausea, depression, migraines, headaches, stress, and more.

Parents: Haze, Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5
Similar to: White Widow, Northern Lights, Blue Cheese, G13, Durban Poison

Flavors: Earthy, sweet, pine
Effects: Euphoric, uplifted, creative, energetic, happy
Medical: Stress, anxiety, pain, depression, lack of appetite


by Matthew Price

Jack Herer: Consistently A Patient Favorite

Although the genetics are kept secret, it is believed Jack Herer stems from the lineage of Northern Lights mixed with the offspring of Shiva Skunk and Haze. It’s a world renowned Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain that is known mostly for its ability to create a clear-headed buzz coupled with a boost of focused energy. Jack Herer has quickly became one of my go-to strains to bring an instant smile to my face and relieve any stress I can feel building up inside of me.

Jack Herer, Legendary Activist, Will Always Be Remembered

“Winner of at least 14 High Life Cannabis Cups; this Sativa-dominant Hybrid is one for the record books.”

Jack Herer is a very popular day-time strain promoted by Jack Herer himself — a legendary, life-long activist and author of ‘The Hemperor Wears No Clothes,” which has sold over 600,000 copies. Now, the book is available to download for free for everyone to read and enjoy via the internet.

In 2010, after years of battling heart troubles, Jack Herer passed away. His spirit lives on however, as one of the most prominent strains in the world today was named in his honor.

Throughout his lifetime, Jack fought for decriminalization of the cannabis plant, because it has been shown to be a renewable source of fuel, food, and medicine that can be grown in virtually any part of the world. He ran for President of the United States of America twice, under the nomination of the Grassroots Party.
Jack Herer Marijuana Strain

Jack Herer’s Signature Taste And Aroma

Jack Herer contains a stench that truly makes it a spicy sativa. Give the buds a little squeeze and pull and Jack will surely release a tropical frost smell so strong it will have you wanting to give it a few good sniffs. Its ability to cool your throat with its cold and icy vapor makes me wish this batch of Jack Herer was lab-tested for terpenoids.

By knowing what terpenes Jack Herer has high levels of, one can determine which terpenoid is responsible for the chilling effect so attractive to those suffering from asthma or other lung-related illnesses. After all, the smoke seems to coats your throat with a protective shield (from the heat) and leaves an amazing after-taste of sweet grapefruit that seems to linger for minutes.

As with most clear (as opposed to heavy) Sativa strains, patients can expect an upbeat, energetic high that is predominately a head buzz. Used by patients to treat and help cope with anxiety, nausea, depression, migraines, headaches, stress, and more.

I have found Jack Herer to have absolutely no ‘come-down’ or crash, even after 2-3 hours when I would typically get spacey and start yawning. This, and the fact that Jack Herer tastes so good, makes it an awesome Sativa to start the day in a good mood. It really is no wonder why Jack Herer is a patient favorite; just one puff and you’re sold.

Source: MedicalJane

279 reviews for Jack Herer

  1. A staple BC strain that never fails to impress. Although I prefer Jack H shatter I occasiaonkky smoking jack for some creative and energetic high. A Sativa like no other that has a distinct earthy and piney smell that’s slaps you right in the face. Nice uplifting high, bud structure is my biggest complaint, however for the price I could see this being the perfect wake and bake strain. Solid choice!

  2. Anonymous

    As conflicting as it may,my Jack herer batch was unlike others, I purchased a half o and all the buds have burnt leaf tips,zero aroma and was dry despite the boveda pack.Upon smoking I noticed alot of difficulty keeping the spliff lit up and the smoke tastes like the plant may have needed extra flushing.I am a very fond of the taste of jack but was this one tasted like the bottom of a ziplock baggie.I have never had a bad product before from herbaldispatch so maybe this is an omission on their behalf. BTW the girl scout cookies is absolutely on point!

  3. This a great strain for daytime use. It greatly helps my anxiety, and helps me focus. It doesn’t weigh me down, and it just quiets all the excess noise.

  4. Listen under sativa but this seems like the definition of hybrid to me. This strain has my brain relaxed yet flows with ideas.

  5. Anonymous

    The smell and taste alone make it worth smoking. The decent buzz is an added bonus. Well worth the price

  6. 5 stars because it makes me feel great in the morning

  7. aromatic, tasty, EXCELLENT!!! bud!!

  8. Anonymous

    Favourite so far from my Sativa sample pack. First strain that I’ve NOTICED a different high than all the rest. Definite morning and day time use, kept me wide awake at night. Euphoric, not stoned. Great for social use. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

  9. Very nice budds big and fluffy nice smell .

  10. In my top 5 of ever smoked. Delicious taste, euphoric high, able to concentrate and converse, definitely would order again. Keep up the good work!

  11. Wowzers! This is some good stuff. Really nice buds so I have no complaints.

  12. Not bad . Not as good as some other HD strains

  13. This flower smells of walks through deep woods- the definition of dank. Just recently got some of the best Jack since sparrow actually. Easily 5 stars.

  14. GREAT batch of Jack Herer! It might not be the heaviest hitting sativa HD has to offer but it is perfect for early morning or daytime use. I am really enjoying this batch and will definitely be ordering more soon.

  15. Boo ya!! Gotta keep this strain in heavy rotation. Tastes , looks and smells on point. Hot fire

  16. This is a great batch at first impression i thought it looked leafy and kinda dissapointing but once i looked and smoked the buds wow no dissapointment here

  17. Great batch of jack, keep it up HD !??

  18. For AAA it looks beautiful. It does not have a earthy piney taste as advertised. ?. High don’t last very long .

  19. great sativa overall, very good looking buds. 5/5

  20. Hey there I really enjoy the taste of the jack herer it is my first time knowingly trying it and it’s very enjoyable. The buds aren’t the denses buds but that was expected from a sativa that being said omg do the buds ever just explode crystals in my hand grinder omg love it!!!! Thanks again HD for the incredible service!!!!

  21. for 9 bucks, its better than the $11 gorilla glue. This batch is amazing, big puffy buds with crazy crystals, amazing smell, great uplifting high. Top notch for the price, wish i had more

  22. Nice light green bud. Grinds easily in your hands. Burns nice. Taste is on point. Great head high but good pain relief also.

  23. Very satisfied with this cannabis, has a very nice happy uplifting feeling with a great cerebral buzz! Definitely recommend trying this strain out! 5/5!

  24. For whatever reason, my body chemistry syncs up nicely with this strand. Always experience happy go, fun loving buzz and didn’t have reduced energy.

  25. Anonymous

    bud’s reminded me of hemp star which I truly miss, great upper buzz.

  26. Heavy THC% trichomes on this beautiful bud

  27. good high, long lasting but very clear throughout

  28. This is fairly powerful stuff for the price, It gets me higher then some of the Quad “A” grade. will be getting again.

  29. high was fine, color nice but this batch was leafy, not good!

  30. really good strain! i liked the smoke! wasnt harsh at all and hit me really nice and calmly. I wasnt hit by a train and quiet for half hour lol. Great strain did produce alot of resin when smoked in a joint but it was great!

  31. Clean, clear high, very cerebral but not anxious at all. Great combination of relaxation and receptiveness to stimuli. Highly recommended.

  32. Don’t let the lower rating on this bud fool you! It was top three out of the sample pack in my books!

  33. Very heady-high, with a light floral taste. Smooth smoke, appetite stimulating and clean burning ash. Good sativa for a long day.

  34. One of the better value strands out there. A treat for a nature walk.

  35. One of the best examples of jack herer I’ve had the pleasure of having definite good day time smoke thanks HD

  36. This has to be one of my top 3 strains of all time and for 9 bucks a gram it’s like stealing it! Please everyone order this.

  37. Instantly recognizable taste, while being smooth and giving a distinct buzz unlike any other. Great deal!

  38. Wonderful strain With huge buds a lot of hairs and beautiful trichomes very potent smoke with long lasting effect very smooth pine or earth taste and I actually thought this was a bit of an indica becuade it made me tired probably could be good for day or night time very crystally buds very hard hitting strain I give it a 5/5 hands down.

  39. Great strain, good effects and taste.

  40. Very tasty to smoke! Has a pine/earthy taste. Reminds me of Christmas. This is my absolute favorite from HD! Excellent sativa choice!

  41. Anonymous

    Wonderful sativa with a somewhat light taste and aroma, very pleasant to smoke and a wonderful high.

  42. This is the best example of B.C. #1 Skunk around. This is awesome for daytime or nighttime. A little during the day and all is well. A bit more and its party time. A bit drier than last time but I think it is stronger than the last batch. I will always try to have some Herer on hand. Still the best. Keep it coming H.D. I am very pleased with this and will continue to purchase Jack Herer. John

  43. I had a bad batch this time.. bad trim. packed up buds. It does get me high but its not only about that..

  44. Anonymous

    Tried this for the first time based on the reviews and I quite enjoyed it. Clean burn, decent flavour, & easy going buzz. Feel very relaxed but able to focus. Not helping chronic pain any but does help move past it, ie: aware of but bothered less by it. Feeling quite tired prior as well and feeling a wee bit perkier. Glad it didn’t magnify the fatigue. Good solid sativa. Would buy again.

  45. Honestly I wasn’t too impressed to be honest. Yes it got me high, but it wasn’t enjoyable like some other strains I’ve smoked. Reminded me of good out door. Smell and taste wasn’t to my liking and the half ounce I bought didn’t look anything like the pictures. Scraggly leafy buds with a lot of steams. It’s probably the last time I purchase jack herer

  46. Really great sativa! Great value! great if you want a hybrid that is pretty even between indica and sativa

  47. Anonymous

    My fourth order of this wonderful strain and its energetic, creative, clear-headed effects. Ordered a half-ounce and, this time, it came packaged with its own mini Bodeva bag! HD continues to up their game and impress.

  48. Definitely one of my favorites, great smell and flavor!

  49. Not gonna lie, some buds look like crap…big leaf pieces untrimmed, looks like it’s not totally dry yet either. I like the addition of the boveda packs with my Oz but can’t help but think they are there to hide the bad quality as I got it with the GSC on sale that is subpar also. Smokes good, stays lit and has a taste of pine and wood. Buzz average Sativaish.

  50. great flavor, always love the jack

  51. Some buds were as depicted, however 2.2/7 of the quarter which i received had full leafs, alot of stems and not much bud at all.

  52. Definitely a great sativa! Its got a nice taste and look too.

  53. This batch of Jack herer was absolutely terrible, it was dry improperly trimmed and just not very good over all, I’ve had herer from other dispensarys and absolutely loved it. I ordered one ounce and got almost a quarter of shake leafs and stems. Not even close to AAAA it’s maybe AA if I’m being generous. Don’t waste your money!!!!

  54. One of the best

  55. Another great bag of Jack Herer. This is my go to daytime stuff.

  56. Anonymous

    Always my go to strain, this is the real deal when it comes to cannabis strains, it hits you right between the eyes and puts a smile on your face. A well balanced high with the strength to last. Unlike some of the more pure sativa’s, Jack Herer will give you that full body relaxation and droopy eyelids like a indica but enough energy to get things done. I just hope that HD keeps this in stock as one of their staples. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go and judge for yourself.

  57. I do not usually write reviews, but when I do it’s because it was either exceptional or well below standards. Unfortunately for me this one dissapointed, it’s one of the few HD products I’ve been dissatisfied with, the nugs were much looser then I expected and the taste is rough. The potency is average , I don’t really think I would order this agian or recommend ordering it to someone else. I would choose another product.

  58. Anonymous

    This one took me on a trip and a half! Strong cerebral effects and total Indica relaxation mixed together. For me, this is not a high to rush around and do chores and get yard work done. This is a couch lock and contemplation of the universe strain. If you need to feel happy and relax an aching body, I recommend this unique and powerful medicine.

  59. A solid Sativa. Recommended by a friend, and I remember reading it was one of the most popular strains from HD. Very good high, lots of energy, fun time.

  60. I usually enjoy this strain, not my first time gettiing from HD, but for some reason this batch was not that great, very dry and full of shake from the buds falling apart in shipping, wasnt too bad for smoke did the trick but very harsh

  61. Nice Euphoric uplifting sativa with subtle hints of a light, well-rounded indica buzz. Very good daytime strain, good for depression, stress, creativity.

  62. not strong but mild i would say.

  63. Nice nugs. Great flavour and buzz

  64. One of my favorites for many years. Always consistently heady, and Eurphiric. Senses of relaxation and couch lock.

  65. Perfect

  66. One of my faves. Really uplifting, and energetic. Good for day time smoking. Smells and tastes good, almost like a lemony scent to it.

  67. Great value. Got it at the same time as the Atomic Love potion and enjoy it much more, the price makes it even better. Great, classic Javk flavour reminds me of lunch break in high school. Thanks HD.

  68. Perfect day time smoke .

  69. Jack herer is always a classic strain to score, this stuff is nice and fluffy and smells fantastic. Great price!

  70. I have CPTSD and this helped lift my mood to make me want to go out and talk to people and get stuff done. Anxiety was not a concern it controlled my heart palps and made me aware of anxiety but not reactive towards it. Could concentrate very easily and also made me sleepy when 3 or more bowls were smoked.

  71. I wasn’t sure what to expect since there are mixed reviews, but happy with it. Nice buzz

  72. Nice sativa with a good clean head-stone.Great stuff.Thanx again

  73. First time I had this it hit me like a ton of bricks. Mind you I packed a big bowl, but I had to take a time out. I curled up for about 15 minutes. But once that initial rush wore off, it was great. Lasted for a long time and came down nice and slowly

  74. Good strain, but i got sick of it pretty fast.

  75. Anonymous

    I’m not a huge fan of this. But saying that, got a very nice high. Just the buds are very airy and not very sticky. Still caught a nice buzz though

  76. Not a knock you on your arse kinda bud but it’s a nice clean buzz for daytime smoke and the price is right.

  77. Has a nice lemon scent, clean burning and nice flavor. Classic sativa bud structure. Good daytime smoke.

  78. I love this strain. It’s always on hd and the price is right! Covers in crystals and well trimmed… a regular for me.

  79. Finally! !!! A good batch of jack here best batch yet if your a huge fan of the jack now is the time to order!!!! 7 gram bud in my bag!

  80. For AAA grade this is pretty good however if you’re expecting to get slapped in the face this isn’t for you. Pretty calm and relaxing for a sativa but good for day time use.

  81. always love this sativa perfect if I feel stress or just for day use

  82. Have had Jack Herer many times over the years (before HD) and was a favorite for quite a while amongst close friends. Was not disappointed by the batch from HD! Just love this strain.

  83. Anonymous

    nice fluffy buds burns clean and taste good nice for the daytime

  84. Man, the $9 buds here always impress, this is no different, hits the throat hard but very buzzy effects.

  85. I absolutely love this strain, Very dense, fat buds. Smooth burning, very tasty. Gives you a euphoric happy feeling and it helps boost your creativity. Great for a morning pick up, afternoon chill out or an evening hoot. A++

  86. Anonymous

    Very fluffy buds but not very strong. Good for daytime use.

  87. Anonymous

    First time I ordered jack and I’m really disappointed Smelled weak .. Buds were very fluffy … Very weak high
    Most reviews I read before were positive.. Hoping for a better batch next time ..

  88. Recently tried this for anxiety and pain. Nice creative high, uplifting with mild sedative as it tapers out. I wouldn’t recommend this for serious bouts of anxiety though, the uplift and energy is a bit too prevalent and would likely lead to increased anxiety. Nice that a small toke yields good results, easy to medicate with.

  89. Yep this batch is a bit too dried out and smoke is a little harsh. So dry in fact, that when I was done taking my nugs outta the bag, there was ~1g of what looked like shake in the bottom of the bag and some of the nugs were a little fluffy. I was thinking that I’d be leaving a rare bad HD product review. Then I rolled some of the “shake” into a J, sparked ‘er on up, and remembered why I consume cannabis in the first place . . . and that it’s not supposed to be fine wine!
    5/5 on potency and that inimitable, clear-headed, energetic Jack Herer high. 4/5 on . . . is it really important?

  90. I am a big fan of Jack…This batch that I received is not very great…Not much smell or taste it and not very strong…Wish I picked something else.

  91. This last batch was sub-par. IMO, it was not AAA. Swaggy and not the representation of Jack that we are accustomed to from Herbal Dispatch. I proly just got the bottom of the bag.

  92. I’ve had jack herer before, and even tho I hate the name, gotta love the bud. This is the softest batch of jack herer I ever tried, wish I had more. A good quality product, once more.

  93. Love this for the day. Nice buds, great smell. Nice to have to mix it up once and while with Blue dream.

  94. 5 stars as well. good day time smoke

  95. Love Jack Herer! One of the strongest sativa strains I’ve tried. Very nice dense buds absolutely COATED in trichomes, with a very pungent citrus odor and flavor. This bud is incredibly smooth and flavorful!

  96. Not a bad smoke. i didnt find it harsh as all. Really enjoyed mixing this with grape god!

  97. Anonymous

    Excellent way to start the day!

  98. I had a migraine and tried some of this and it instantly cured me! Ill probably purchase more of this

  99. My favourite out of this purchase , looks great smells great , no burn out . Great for joints anytime of the day .

  100. This has to be one of the best strains out there. Amazing high good anytime of the day. Probably the best high ever.??

  101. Loved this one, good sativa high, great laughs, no burn out effects, great for daytime or nighttime 🙂

  102. Nice and fluffy buds breaks up nice for joints, good smoke potency and isnt harsh to smoke! Really enjoyed this strain

  103. One of my favourite sativas. The aroma reminds me so much of Amsterdam cafes!
    I suffer from ADD and Jack is a great help with focusing on one task at a time. Im a chef, so I multi task a lot. I can use Jack at work and manage to multitask, remember shit! and not panic when things get crazy!
    Its uplifting, makes you forget about all the negatives and ready to deal with anything totally care free.

  104. Anonymous

    Every time I try something different I kick myself in the butt for not getting this again. It’s perfect. It gets me perfectly messed up. It makes me wonder about the rating thing cuzz it seems so much better than everything else

  105. This, along with Green Crack, are a couple of the best strains for daytime use.

  106. Perfect vape to start your day! Helps ease away the anxiety and gives you some energy to start on the good foot 🙂

  107. One of my favorite sativas

  108. Great day time smoke, especially for the price.

  109. Anonymous

    Ordered 14gs, some of the best bud I’ve ordered and I order a lot. For the price hands down the best bud on here.

  110. Good jack. can’t go wrong , Buds look identical to the pics , lots of crystals , smooth smoke,,clean uplifting high.

  111. Got this in my sample pack. Wasn’t my favorite, but still good quality.

  112. Classic Jack. I smoke Indica all the time mainly heavy kush strains. I decided to get a sativa this time as I find I haven’t been to productive much lately lol. I ordered on Tuesday, this morning (Thursday) I left to get coffee at 8:30am and when I returned at 8:45 the package was in my mailbox. I’m in Ontario, that’s pretty quick and this is why I love HD!

    I rolled a joint up right away and wow this is the classic jack herer. Taste appearance and high. This is bang on and I’m loving it so far.

  113. What a nice strain! Bought an Oz (recieved 27g, so 1g short),and it’s one of the best smelling strains I’ve ever tried. Very pungent citrus odor, and flavor on the exhale. Super smooth hits as well. Sometimes I couldn’t even feel the smoke! Left me very energetic and social. Pretty happy with the strain!

  114. So good. Potent and nice to look at. Nice and fresh. If this is AAA Jack, I’d love to try some AAAA Herer as rated by this site. Really smooth and tasty with an uplifting and motivating effect.

    I had previously tried JH and others from the sampler here and landed on it as one of the favorites. Bought a larger amount this time and couldn’t be happier. I have great confidence ordering from here.

  115. Anonymous

    Ordered the sativa sample pack, and this is one of the best strains I’ve tried. A very nice and smooth smoke, and has hints of an earthy taste. Took a few moments to feel a buzz, but the best part about it is – the clear-headedness. It helped me unwind and relax, while at the same time keeping me focused enough to get things done. Could be used as a daytime high, and something you would smoke either in the morning, or mid-day. For medical usage, I would recommend this to anyone who is currently suffering from: social anxiety, depression, and stress. As far as quality goes, very nice buds and looks exactly like it does in the pictures. Packaged very nicely and discreetly. Thanks to Herbal Dispatch for the incredible service!

  116. Classic!

  117. Super Fire. Always delivers. Last batch very impressive, best deal on site.

  118. Anonymous

    Jack is the bomb..

  119. This one is pretty decent

  120. Welcome to the PROgressive era jack here’s is an incredible saliva. Gives you a cerebral buzz. Nice wake and bake bud for a sunny day

  121. Actually potent I liked it. Great value for the price as well. Recommend!!! Especially before a meal.

  122. love this fore any part of the day!

  123. Had jack herer before but it wasn’t as good as this, amazing! Classic strain.

  124. Anonymous

    Awesome classic strain, I really enjoy this stuff. I find some of the AAAA strains just to overpowering for daytime use sometimes, so this is a nice change of pace. Its definitely some of my favourite morning smoke!

  125. Nice sticky buds

  126. Loved it.

  127. Good high.. earthy taser. . Would 100% order again..

  128. The Chronic Hippy Chick Patient
    Jack Herer
    This is an Old School Strain.
    Pine,and Earthy.
    Nice buds,firm&crystals,from the
    Northern Lights,
    The Pine Strains have Always brought on Migraines for me,generally Left sided,
    So I can Not Enjoy This Strain as those who are fans of The pine strains can.
    I found mixing her with other strains,
    Love potion,Uk Cheese,Lemon Haze,Lemon Skunk,Burmese,
    Or some friendly Berry Strains,like Blue Dream,Mk Ultra,or what have you,can bi-pass the Migraine trip for me,
    So this Strain is Not A Favorite.
    But is a Classic,and can be Appreciated just for that.

  129. This current batch of Jack is very nice, but not as good as what I got about a month ago. What I received first was identical to the photo, super potent, long lasting, clear, functional and had a stronger taste and smell. The bud structure was much more pod-like. stacked calyxes, and just beautiful. This batch is very similar, again doesnn’t smell as strong and isn’t as expansive in the vaporizer. This is still a very good batch, and the effect are pretty much the same, probably a different pheno, a bit pissier in bouquet. I wish the photos would be updated when the batches change, that way you can really see what you are paying for, but still no complaints, this is great herb for the price and service is top notch!

  130. This strain is great for pain relief during the day. However, one of the batches I received had some seeds in it. QC may need to stepped up with this product.

  131. Always wanted to try this strain and so happy I did!

  132. Great day time high!

  133. Really enjoyed this strain. Found it a very uplifting feeling and still focused enough to work productively. Will keep this strain around.

  134. Wrong strain review before… Jack herer had some of the frostier buds in the sativa pack. Great taste and smell was amazing as well. alittle spicy piney, earthy and a little sweet there is a lot going on with jack herer. The hight hit me in face and had me going for an hour and a bit. very potent

  135. Extremely frosty looking, great daily smoke

  136. Jack Herer is a classic and the stuff I got last week is a good example of it. Not the densest buds ever but nice looking, nicely cured and manicured. Typical JH buzz, uplifting with little burnout. My favorite daytime strain ever.

  137. First time I got this I loved it. maybe it was a bad batch but the second time (this time) was bad. Tastes like cheap dank stuff and no real buzz.

  138. Anonymous

    Great day time smoke with uplifting effects. Not my favourite but great regardless

  139. Beautiful flowers .. vibrant and bright. A light yet sweet scent. Buds break up chunky (by hand) and rolled naturally into fat joints which burn well with a bit of care. Very cerebral buzz. Creative, uplifted, very conversational. Strong enough high to produce a small burnout in me. Hands down my favourite sativa! Well grown, excellent buzz, good price point. All thats left to say is thanks HD!

  140. Jack was a good daytime smoke. Very good uplifter and felt happy. Could of smell a bit better IMO but the buds was coated and enjoyed to smoke it. Definitely one of my best strain to smoke.

  141. Anonymous

    Jack is a good daytime smoke! Always a good strain to have. Makes me happy and uplifted. Coated buds but could of smell better IMO. Still definitely one of my best strain

  142. Another awesome strain, got me flyin.

  143. Beautiful buds loaded with pretty crystals…but a terrible burn. Smelled and tasted like a bad homegrown strain and left me without any buzz…just sore fingers from having to relight it so darn much. Not sure if I got some of a bad batch maybe.

  144. Picture does zero justice to how trichome coated thhis bud actually is. It’s more sugar than plant. Not a super stoney hight but it does help with muscle pain that’s forsure. Would reccomend to any patient seeking good medication without an intergalactic high

  145. By far the best daytime smoke. if you’re looking for something that won’t make you tired this is it.

  146. I found these nugs to be not as dense as some of the others I’ve received but nevertheless this is a great strain with a unique scent.

  147. I think this may be my favourite bud so far, it doesn’t make me tired or give me the munchies!

  148. Anonymous

    Better than others sold by licensed producers

  149. I was recommended to try this strain by a friend and I am loving it, Smells amazing and tastes great with a clear minded high

  150. Perfect for price; vivid high no lethargic feeling involved with this buzz.
    Jack Herer living up to the name.

  151. Great price for this strain, found the high to be ideal for throughout the day

  152. Anonymous

    I tried this for the first time with friends at a bbq. Not long after we were all laughing our asses off, some laughing so hard they cried. Great daytime buzz and perfect for social outings! Great price too!

  153. Anonymous

    Loved the taste, great high!

  154. Anonymous

    Excellent example of a classic strain. Doesn’t have a strong smell, until you break it up. Floral earthiness, with a bit of citrus in there as well, smells a bit like kitchen pantry herbs. Really distinct and satisfying flavour, similar to the smell and the cirus chines through in the exhale. I prefer this herb in the vapourizer, it has a snappy, long lasting high that is function-able, great for daytime, a bit of a creeper though and it’s easy to overindulge. A benchmark for cannabis genetics, nicest herb I have seen all year.

  155. Very nice and smooth although the late reaction time to kick in very good experince over all

  156. Very tasty! Loved it, worth the buy

  157. 5/5 basically perfect

  158. Always one of my all time favorites, great price too.

  159. Great quality stuff for the $$, super frosty and lights up real nice. Give this a shot of you haven’t already.

  160. Stimulant et savoureux, très bon pour la création.

  161. Very good energetic high, clear minded and very good taste.

  162. Excellent! I would rate it as AAAA, very high quality sativa, very good cut as well, great for early in the day, great also for focusing on a task or enjoying entertainment, will be ordering this again many times as long as she’s around

  163. Pretty decent example of this strain I’ve smoked tons of this strain and this strain was pretty good example but was hoping for more from this strain but I ain’t complaining or disappointed.

  164. Great high, euphoric, uplifting and focused

  165. Probably the best value for your dollar, this stuff smells and tastes nice, very satisfying. Save some for rainy days

  166. I love this strain. It has staying power, with an effect that lasted for me quite a while longer than many other strains I’ve tried. Extremely relaxing as well.

  167. Jack Herer is a great clear minded sativa strain, reminds me a lot of white haze, easy smoking, nice fuzzy looking bud.
    Its still in my top 10 for daytime sativa strains. Jack seemed to have the most crystal on it compared to 5 other strains i had also gotten. This ones worth the toke for some daytime adventures!

  168. I really enjoyed this classic sativa strain! Felt great for a daytime high, smelt amazing as well! I’m impressed, will definitely order again!

  169. Classic Jack Herer. I always have to have some JH in the medicine cabinet, the stuff I got from herbaldispatch was legit. The smell is very modest, it smells organic, and it may be… but it’s good smoke. Very spacey buds, and at a glance, doesn’t look like much… however, when you break some off, you notice the amazing amount of trichomes.

    Great smoke, amazing price! Legit Jack Herer!

  170. the moment you take a smell, you know this is Jack. 🙂

  171. I vaporize exclusively, no smoking. Jack Herer was a good strain. It gave me some energy and provided a nice feeling of overall happiness. Not the strongest strain but not the weakest either. Good daytime bud because it didn’t leave me couch-locked at all.

  172. Best bud I’ve ever smoked!

  173. This is the best strain you can buy at herbal dispatch. There’s a reason why it won so many award

  174. Great smoke for day and night. Real nice smell and great for price.

  175. I was impressed with this Jack herer and for the price it’s definitely a solid choice the buds were pretty sugary to I wish I would’ve gotten more of this.

  176. It s à GOOD sativa strain but not the best

  177. bag appeal was nice ,great day time smoke

  178. trusted compatriot. old strain, potent and classic.

  179. should have a higher rating…this stuff rocks

  180. Great daytime smoke, great price as well. 2nd time with this strain and it never dissapoints.

  181. don’t miss out on this! amazing to smoke outdoors 🙂

  182. what a great daytime painkiller. I felt focused and relaxed not tired and able to get things done would definitely recommend.

  183. Anonymous

    Good smell, good flavour. Awesome, daytime effects. As always, cured very well.

  184. High quality buds as usual. Only reason I gave a 4 out of 5 was because the smell and taste weren’t amazing. Overall a great buy. Would get again.

  185. Excellent strain. Relaxed high. Great price

  186. I tried this with a low expectation based on the price. Boy, was I wrong. It hits really hard for a sativa. The only complaint I have is that it’s a bit harsh.
    Great bang for your buck!

  187. Very nice relaxed high. My body was loose and I did feel less anxious. Maybe I needed more but I didn’t get any of the energetic effects that it’s apparently known for. Would definitely recommend if you’re going for a walk or if you’re stretching/doing yoga. Relaxed my body a ton without making me sleepy. Overall I would buy it again, and I’d recommend it for anybody.

  188. Anonymous

    Great daytime bud! Nice buzz enough to keep you inspired, not strong enough for the disorientated sativa buzz.

  189. A nice flower aroma, light taste, fast burn, ok buzz.

  190. if you want a nice calm up-lifting happy high this is the perfect stuff, stays for about 90 mins after till you fade out, great stuff!

  191. Anonymous

    Frosty popcorn sized nugs. Nicely trimmed. Smooth ,decent tasting vape. Clear buzz. Not as potent as expected, but still good for the price. Count was slightly over, pleasantly surprised

  192. This is one really tasty strain.i had only vaped this bud and flavor from it was unreal. and the buzz was nice and not oo overwhelming. i recommend 100%.

  193. Awesome price and quality!
    Good sized buds

  194. Buds were a decent size and were trimmed nicely. Personally, the high came on slow and was short lived, although it was a very clear and focused buzz that still provided me with enough energy to get on with my day. I thought this was great for a high CBD sativa!

  195. Top quality Jack right here. Smell is what you dreamt it would be. Amazing HD __

  196. Great buzz and great price. Very clean smoke, and great for the morning and afternoon. Leaves you feeling happy and cheerful to go about your day.

  197. Received this in the sample pack, one of the weaker ones, still a good smoke, but Id recommend almost any of the other sativas over this one

  198. I like this one nice slow burner.

  199. bought 7g, kinda dissapointed with the smell but the high is really what I was looking for, kinda smells like outgrown weed or something i cant quite put my finger on

  200. It wasn’T the usual JH I used to get. Looks and taste was different. Effect was ok. Alright for the price.

  201. I got a gram in a sample pack and enjoyed it. But another eighth later and wasn’t as impressed. Just not my favourite on hd but overall a pretty good smoke.

  202. Greate taste and buzz for the price!

  203. Best band for the buck in the Sativas in my opinion! Smokes clean, great conversational high and long lasting buzz. Thank you for the quality and for being rad overall!

  204. Ordered a half zip of this bad boy a while back. Amazing for the price and for only being AAA… 9/10

  205. I did not like it very much, the high is not what I expected but I’m an indica guy.

  206. First things first, the service from HD has been outstanding. Very reliable, and overall good customer service. With that being said, this Jack here is hands down the worst bud I have gotten from this site. The taste is awful compared to good ones like the Space cookies, Silver Haze etc. Tbh some street buds smoke better then this. Not a great experience at all. I got a q left of this jack from a h/o and im not looking foward to smoking this at all. The only thing stopping me from giving it a 1 star is HD’s outstanding service.

  207. Anonymous

    this strain was a let down. it almost wasn’t even in bud form – more of a bag of chunky shake, no buds weighing more than 0.5 g. Bag appeal aside, this strain still didn’t hit the spot one bit. no taste other than harsh , effects were very mild and just didn’t have that signature euphoric sativa high. Will for sure will pay the extra couple dollars a G for some of the other stuff, the Jack just isn’t up to par with other strains these guys offer . Nonetheless – thanks HD for the herbs.

  208. Jack Herer is like a beacon of light whenever I get so tangled up as to not know which way is up. The cerebral is very present yet held gently back by it’s Indica lineage. No doubt, still amongst my all time favourites.

  209. Potent high, good smell and taste

  210. I have always been a huge fan of jack herer. Not sure if I got a bad batch but was no good. It tasted like soap. Every other strain and been amazing quality and tasting.

  211. I have had almost every sativa on this page at the moment and this is my absolute favorite! I have purchased a quarter of everyone but this is the one I continue to go back too and crave the smell and clear functional high from this bud amazing 5 out of 5

  212. Excellent strain at a great price. Very functional high, had no problem smoking and then going out and doing stuff without issue. Will see this again in another order 🙂

  213. Pretty alright, the price is definitely alright. There seems to be a lot of hype around this strain lately but I’m not quite sure why. While Jack does the trick, it’s still pretty average if you ask me!

  214. Good price, great Sativa high, can’t go wrong with this strain!

  215. In my opinion the best overall strain on the site. Lower price for a quality, award winning bud. A clean sativa high which is great for the mornings and during the day when you’d still like to be functional. The best bud for your buck on HD.

  216. Anonymous

    Awesome weed got the wildest muchies attack . Thank again HD for such great service .

  217. Purchaced an ounce of Jack Herer about 2 weeks ago or more, didnt wanna review until I got to know Jack on a personal level! Upon meeting, this Sativa strain had a very woodsy-herby smell upon removing the second vaccuum-sealed packet. Bud sizes varied from 2 inch by 1 inch to little one-hit buds. Nice long orange hairs indicating mature buds, they were the standard “sativa-shaped” buds, mostly long and skinny with a few little exceptions in my bag of goodness. Buds were nice and dry, with a nice amount of sticky icky that made my grinder pretty clogged after a few busts.

    The high in these buds was very functional. Whether I was needing a large or small dose during the day, i didn’t feel sluggish or tired. No crazy cerebral effects. Lots of energy, creativity, and talkivity. I use Cannabis to help treat Autism-related social issues and this cannabis helped greatly. I must say the only cons I found in this wonderful strain wold be if I took large doses around new friends, before an outing, or during a time of stress it would increase paranoia and anxiety. Overall a beautiful strain I would try again!

  218. this is the bomb. looks exactly like the picture. smells wonderful. this is truly a 420 treat.
    better buy this before i buy up the rest!!! lol

  219. Nothing special, pretty good Sativa. Not sure if it’s just this batch but didn’t really get many nice nuts. I would really recommend opting for one of the more expensive Sativas! Blue memory loss organic was my favourite but all the $10 are really great too!

  220. Anonymous

    Had some and it hit me almost instantly. Had to take a seat for about 15 minutes as it came on strong. Lasted for a good amount of time and kept me nice and mellow the whole time. Definitely getting again

  221. After initially buying the sativa sample pack I feel in love with this strain and decided to order it again. Highly recommend!

  222. Finally got it and it rocks . Got so high am boiling hot dogs. Thanks again HD

  223. Good strain. A bit harsh but buzz is great. Minimal burn out. Would get this again

  224. Great bud for the price, good daytime high will buy again. 5/5

  225. At first I thought I wasn’t too fond of this strain, but after a few tries wow, I absolutely love it! Great effects, price and smooth taste. Another 5 star from me and will be adding this one as well, to my ‘to get again’ list.

    I love having selections and this is for sure one of them now.

  226. Anonymous

    Ordered the sample pack and it was one of them really nice taste and it did the job great strain!

  227. This came in my sativa sample pack. All head, NO anxiety. It disappeared my headache instantly! Top marks.

  228. Nice sized nugs, not as smooth as dome of the other stuff I’ve gotten but still smooth. Give a nice euphoric high, keeps me awake but still let’s me crash at the end of the night. Def. Great bud for $9 a gram though.

  229. very nice Jack,well grown ,great price point

  230. Good head high but lacking creativity in the buzz which I was looking forward to. But still good and good value @ $9/g

  231. Sweet, hash-like taste with an uplifting buzz, may be reordering only this strain

  232. Classic strain. Not the most potent strain on HD but still great.

  233. Will for sure order again

  234. If You Spin vinyls or DJ, this is your strain. Great companion in a set.

  235. Sour, grassy smell but tastes good and packs a decent punch.

  236. My next order will have this included… All around great buzz… One of my favourites for all day enjoyment

  237. A nice strain, not one of the best but definitely worth buying.

  238. Nice wake-n-bake strain with the energetic buzz! Would definitely buy again , wish I had more than the 1 g sampler 🙁 lol .

  239. One of the top batches of Jack i ever had, had a unreal fox tail bud 8.9 and she was a beaut. Calyx to leaf ratio must of been 6 ta 1 lol bc it was allllll calyxes . Pure sativa, and i was shocked at how medicated it got me.

  240. I like this strain alot A+

  241. Nice slow burn on these buds. More of a hybrid stone for me, definitely feel the Indica side. A nice active high. Great bud for the money. Only HD offers this quality for such a low price. Lovin the Sativa Sampler…..

  242. Big boulder nugs, nice smell. Very nice smoke, the nugs are big and airy good bag appeal

  243. Great taste on the vape, nice and potent as well. gorgeous trichrome formations.

  244. Love this!! Very nice energetic high. Was burnt out on the couch from smoking an Kush and this even picked me up from that. Will order this one again for sure. Herer and Blueberry Dream are my new must haves. Just joined up with HD and got my first order in 2 days. Cant believe I waited 35 years for this to finally happen. Where have u been all my life lol THANKS!!!!!!

  245. Strain description is spot on, loved this one thanks HD

  246. This bud is not in my top but the price is right. I found the buds a bit leafy and not to much crystal. I love a strong sativa and this just wasn’t really doing it for me.

  247. LOVE the taste of this strain, it has a spicy peppery sort of flavour and gives a smooth typical sativa buzz. Not bad at all, especially for the price.

  248. I love the green but i would’ve given it a 5 if it wasn’t a bunch of popcorn buds. I had about 15 little buds for 1 Gram in a sample pack so it was kind of disappointing. i was really looking forward to this strain and getting a nice tight nugget.

  249. Pretty much how it’s described in the above reveiws great weed for day time activities

  250. great head high, excellent for daytime smoke

  251. This is a a great sativa dominant hybrid with a strong pine / spice smell and taste. The buds look beautiful and the high is perfect for a productive day. classic jack herer. For the price you can’t go wrong!

  252. Anonymous

    Definitely classic Jack. That classic spongey sativa. Great citrus hint in the vape. Perfect for daytime use. Great work HD. Thanks you.

  253. Pretty great strain, didn’t really get any nice nugs though. pretty chill high not too energetic.

  254. At 9$ a gram it is some very good stuff for the price! Jack Herer is one of my favorites and this one is no exception. Original smell, nice potency, good burn.

  255. Order this for a second time, and I will continue to order this , it’s a great day bake with no burn out !

  256. Doesn’t look like lots in the bag but once grinded you get what you want;) awesome smell, nice shiny crystals. Good head high. Thanks guys. This is great stuff ✌?️

  257. Great for bedtime and pain relief !

  258. Amazing pain relief. Amazing smell. Amazing buds thanks herbal dispatch

  259. Just receive my jack herer today. Wow. For 9$, its a real deal. One of my favorite strain. A nice happy and uplifting high.

  260. Great pungent bud, with a fairly standard sativa high. I was very impressed with the quality of the buds. Great for consuming during outdoor activities such as hiking, as it doesn’t slow you down much.

  261. Was expecting this to be a moderate strain, but after the first toke it hit like a truck and was PERFECT. Great head high and great earthy smell. Keep it up HD!

  262. Meh! It’s jack herer! Yayy! No real sarcasm here I am a fan of sativas of course and here is my number 1 or 2 main sativa strain to have laying around the house at any ambiguous moment ;):)

  263. Had to order more…simply amazing strain..get your hands on some 5/5

  264. Great smoke great price

  265. JH is a classic and I’m so happy that HD has it! This strain is amazing even better because of the prices!

  266. My fav so far wow smell unbelievable!!

  267. Jack Herer: For a sativa it has a great taste and aroma, great high for a regular AAA sativa, great for a work day. Keep up the good work HD (=

  268. great strain for relaxtion especially after work, clears your head perfectly

  269. This JH i the real deal, priced amazingly!! Classic smell and taste.

  270. This is my first order from HD and it’s was pretty good nice tasting can’t wait to try others
    Customer for life if the good speedy service continues 🙂

  271. classic Jack Herrer will always be one of my favourites. Good price

  272. Classic strain! Old Jack Herer! Taste amazing so smooth will buy again! 🙂

  273. In 1995 I got my hands on some Northern Lights and was told that I would never get the opportunity again.
    Until now…. wow.
    The effects of this sativa hit me strong and stuck around. Very very nice and is one of my favs here.

  274. I remember the first years i started toking this was the mythical strain we were always looking for but never could find, glad i get to try sone again. The effects are very sativa, uplifting, creative kind of high. Doesnt get me as high as i remember but that can easily be understood 😉

  275. Very happy with this purchase, nice fluffy buds a very smooth smoke, great job as always HD!

  276. really smooth and nice potent uplifting high, found this stuff to be as good as some of the more expensive strains. well worth the price

  277. good strain for pain relief. I wish I ordred more!!

  278. Jack will treat ya good 🙂 Nice buds and smoke. Classic oldie, can’t go wrong.

  279. This was one if the first strains I ordered here at HD. Not my favorite but good for the price

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