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Black Clear Sphere (Mota) – THC Distillate

(108 customer reviews)


1 25 gram “Black Clear Sphere” for $32

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Approximately 300 mg THC per whole jelly, 60 mg per 1/5th

NOT FOR BEGINNERS. This tasty jelly, made with THC distillate really packs a punch. It can easily be cut into 5 equal 60 mg pieces for accurate dosing. Or if you think you are up for it eat it all at once.

Ingredients: THC Distillate, corn syrup, sugar , gelatin, citric acid, sorbitol, natural and artificial flavours and colours, coconut oil and carnauba wax.

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

* The Black Clear Sphere may lose form or melt a little during the summer heat.

108 reviews for Black Clear Sphere (Mota) – THC Distillate

  1. For the price it’s worth the purchase. I ate one piece and I was feeling good and the taste reminded me of doctor pepper. I’d buy again.

  2. Wow….took a fifth….maybe half of that next time. Very enjoyable gummy. Just wish it was bigger in size so I would have more to chew on. Keep the same levels jist make it bigger.

  3. This was fire. I need more of these in my life! Good feeling and long lasting buzz. Chewy and very yummy

  4. I smoke a lot, tried half of the sphere separate times and felt nothing both times…

  5. Best edible I’ve ever had. My girlfriend uses this for sleep issues. She has a very low tolerance as she’s not a frequent user, so she uses about 1/10 at a time and that will promise her an amazing sleep. Not ideal if you have to get up early the next day though.

  6. By far the best edible on here. Taste great feels great

  7. These things pack a serious punch! I take half of 1 section for sleep at night and it has helped when pharmaceutical drugs have not. Would highly recommend to anyone with sleep issues.

  8. Loved this product! Great long lasting high but unfortunately way over priced so I will order this on rare occasions because of that. 25$ would be what it’s worth in my opinion, way to expensive. Great taste and texture.

  9. I thought i had a high tolerance, routinely do about 150 mg for a dosage, so i decided to eat this whole thing while camping a couple weeks ago with friends. I was so high i literally had to leave the beach and go back to my tent to essentially pass out. As i drifted in and out of consciousness i apparently proposed to my girlfriend and than passed right back out, no recollection of that event.

    9/10, would be 10/10 but product almost caused me to become engaged.

  10. Great taste n super strong. Take at home

  11. 1/5 is enough to start to see how it you’ll feel. Don’t make and plans, you’ll likely be messed up. Super strong, tastes delicious by far my fav product so far.

  12. Great product. Super strong dose. Ate the whole thing and had one of my most intense edible experiences. Harsh distillate aftertaste, but totally worth the high. Good value for the mgs.

  13. This stuff is amazing. Less is more, I took 1/5 and cut that into 4 pieces and shared with my friends. We all felt great. Would buy this again and again. Just wish it was cheaper. But will still buy


    I ate half of this after lunch one day and was stoned for at least 4 hours … and it was a happy fun and intense high.

    They go OUT of STOCK too often….


  15. This edible is definitely not a joke! I have a high tolerance for such products and wow did it knock me on my ass. I only had 1/5 of the gummy and i was flying high. Half of the fifth is a perfect amount to get me through the day without having anything else. You won’t believe me until you try it ; )

  16. This is definitely not for beginners, I barely ate this and it was equivalent to eating one square of the regular Mota Lego gummy. The gummies are definitely my favourite kind of edibles, it’s discreet and simple to intake.

  17. I’m a heavy smoker for years now and I ate two portions and had a good buzz on. Will buy this again.

  18. Amazing taste and effect, nice taste and strong—divisions make dosing easy. I like combining a segment of this with a segment from one of the THC chocolate bars = “Black Forest” —great taste and effect, worth a try !!!

  19. These candy are crazy 1/5 is nice there definitely stronger than most jellies

  20. One of my favorites, a bit pricey so it’s a treat once in a while excellent flavour!

  21. Excellent value here. Good tasty jelly and awesome strong indica high. Very clean and heavy at the same time.
    Long time heavy smoker so I eat a whole sphere and it’s prob my favourite method to medicate atm.

  22. The taste is okay, didn’t leave a weird aftertaste like most jellies do for me. This thing sure does pack a punch tho! The biggest and most powerful high I’ve ever experienced so far was because of this purple magical sphere. Certainly not for beginners. Would surely order again!

  23. An amazing product for pain relief. Tastes great and I find 2 sections work extremely well. Have purchased it a number of times and try to include it in my order each time. It is a little expensive, but for those bad days it is my go to for sure!!

  24. If you are a heavy smoker you should eat the whole thing.

    Awesome body buzz!

  25. Second time I’ve ever tried edibles I bought one of these bad boys and ate it all to see what would happen. I lost all motor functions, pretty sure I was blinded in bake. Would recommend to anyone

  26. This is my favourite edible on here so far, I have tried one split with on piece very good but two better.

  27. The last few times I have ordered these, the high has not been that strong. Will try one more time

  28. Sorry to say but a complete waste of money for me. Hugely disappointed. First I had 1/5=nothing. Then I had the rest of the sphere, again nothing :(. I won’t be trying edibles again. Do not recommend this product, even if it were on sale

  29. Great taste, found the jellies to be more powerful than the sphere. Packaging wasn’t great, my sphere looked more like a pancake!

  30. Zero effects for me. This literally did nothing. Should have spent my money on shatter instead!

  31. These things are the amazing. Except for how groggy I get the next morning if eaten at night. Wicked pricing for what they are. A little inconsistent sometimes but then you just eat more.

  32. Taste is really good, however I ate the entire thing and didnt feel anything. For my first company edible I was very disappointed. Probably wouldn’t buy again any time soon

  33. This product is awesome one piece was enough for the whole day for me really hit the spot

  34. One piece was enough for me to enjoy a good buzz. Great taste and would recommend! Be careful and don’t take too much at once, potent!

  35. Super potent product by HD, just like stated on the back package (Not for beginners) This edible will put you too sleep. I over medicated and was locked to the couch, def would buy again. Just would under medicate next time

  36. Very good stuff !! easy to split in portions , Good taste not too strong , good effects !

  37. Five stars. Taste really good. Too good.
    The product arrived melted so i couldn’t immediately see the measurement lines but since it tasted so good i kept pulling little pieces off and eating them.
    Big mistake. Very potent.
    Even when I discovered the lines and ingested only one-fifth I still found this product quite potent.
    I would buy again but have since discovered that a 60 mg dose of THC without any CBD is over-medicating for me 😉

  38. Only needed once piece to get a very nice high!

  39. 2nd time ordering and i don’t know why I waited so long had 2/5ths and I am right where I like to be should have ordered more than 2 for this month

  40. Not a bad taste, but a little bit on the pricey side, and wasn’t quite as strong as I expected. Might buy again if on sale to give it a second chance.

  41. Love it!!! i didn’t read the instructions and ate the hole one in one shot, got me pretty buzzed but it was a great one! Strongly recommend

  42. These are awesome tasting…and just 1/5 knocks me on my ass…

  43. I thought it was very tasty but pricy. Got a bit of a buzz but was expecting more.

  44. Tastes really good. However, I’m not sure if it was the batch we got, but it didn’t really effect us like I was expecting. I got much better high with the jellies.

  45. First time customer…

    Have never had a tasty edible in my life before? This change things. Now feel as if my life is complete. I mean other than total world domination, I’m close just not close enough. Although I am unsure how, I am completely convinced will also help me toward this goal. Other than that the buzz was great and long lasting. No more smoking Chicken Nuggets for this guy.

  46. Very low potency despite package saying 300mg. Item was not as pictured, flattened and hard to unstick from the inside of packaging. Risky purchase as some Mota edibles seem to go back and forth with amount of THC inside.

  47. Bought this but it was out of stock so I was sent 3 packs of the watermelon wheels which are 100mg per pack. I ate a whole pack and didn’t feel anything. I’d still like to try this but I’ll choose against substitution next time.

  48. Great tatse great buzz. If you are use to smoke takr the all things 😉

  49. I’d like to send my gratitude out to the sphere! Great product. At 25$, I would buy many. At the current 32$ price point, it’s good value, but 7$ more than I want to pay. 4 stars because the product is amazing, one star lost because of pricing issue. Thanks!

  50. I have the highest tolerance an individual can achieve with weed. This is the best edible I’ve tried to date from I’ve eaten both this (Sphere) and the 600 mg chocolate bar in one sitting. The Mota Sphere, at 300 mg, gave me the same effect. I’m giving it a 3 though because edibles are too expensive for the payload they give you. I buy these as treats when I have enough points.

  51. out of all the edibles I have tired, these are the best. I would take 2 pieces of the pie at once. I medicate daily, and these give good results. My buddy took a piece (casual user) and he had to check out as he was so fried. Lasts a few hours at least. Nice body buzz

  52. This is one potent little sphere??

  53. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS!! Took about 2-3 hours to kick in, but would take it if you plan on going somewhere and dealing with people if you are a beginner hahah daily smoker and it knocked me on my ass after about 5 hours total. SUCH A GREAT SLEEP AFTER THOUGH !

  54. These are really tasty., I ate the whole thing and didn’t really feel anything, however, i think it might be my metabolism. Ill stick to smoking

  55. Anonymous

    Used a bit of caution my first time with one section. Did nothing. Few weeks later, tried two wedges. Hard to say if I felt anything.
    As a sugar junkie, the gummy itself was awesome. I have a pretty high tolerance, so I think I’ll order it again for my birthday, and eat the whole thing. Then I should have a better opinion. Until then…

  56. As a person with a medium tolerance, I can take one of the 5 slices, cut it in half, and enjoy a nice comfortable sensation that is perfect for getting to sleep. I see they are out of stock right now, and I seriously hope they have more when I order again, because I’d get these on every order if possible.

  57. Quick and easy got the job done. I found 2 slices worked for me but It varies person to person would buy again.

  58. Great taste and enjoyed the high. I cut each slice in half and it was the perfect amount

  59. Good quality product. Takes the edge off of my tougher chemo days without question. I keep some on hand pretty much always. Expensive but not outrageous.

  60. 1/5th of this gummy made my night awesome! I would recommend this to anyone for a good couch lock, movie night! Taste/smell are 5/5 too

  61. My favourite edible on this site.

    So, incredibly delicious. Easy to divide up, if you enjoy it that way.

    Eating this gummy in it’s entirety induces a euphoric mind and body high, great for nights in or nights out. Movies, concerts, dinners, don’t sleep on this treat!

  62. Anonymous

    This is a knock out! Best edible I have ever had, so worth the $32. That sphere is perfect for a full day high, long lasting and a powerful hitter. Definitely not for beginners, it rocks your socks off. For me it was the ultimate body high, didn’t feel pain at all the whole day and I recommend it to anyone who can hold their ground with edibles. Definitely going to buy this again!

  63. This is the best edible on this site – I use them all the time for hangovers or lazy days 🙂

  64. 5/5, bought 2 so far, would buy again.

  65. Again good quality product. Don’t eat the whole thing if you are a beginner lol cut it into 5, I smoke quite a bit and don’t think I’d eat the whole thing in one go would be the best sleep ever though.

  66. Strongest edible I’ve had thus far.. use wisely!

  67. This is my favourite edible I have ever tried. Before I tried this my #1 was the MOTA jellies. The taste of these is the most delicious grape you will ever try. Not medicine taste grape, almost natural, super super yummy. No cannabis taste at all (distillate). The consistency of this edible is the best I have experienced. The dose seems to be pretty accurate. If you do not know your dose (new to edibles) I recommend not eating the whole thing lol. It will be hard to beat this edible, Thank you HD!! HIGHly recommended.

  68. These are the best, there is really no need to have any other edibles on hand. You can eat a small amount, or not – depends on you!

  69. taste was great 5 out of 5. I ate the full candy and felt great, relaxed and most importantly really high haha

  70. Great product. Ate the whole thing lol and top 5 highest I’ve ever been in my entire life. Wont be doin that again and could definitely be sliced into 5 for a mellower high

  71. I like, my go to for edible gummies the gelitan they use has a good consistency not rubbery like others I have tried will be ordering again

  72. Long time smoker. Slowly getting into the edibles. It takes a lot to put me on my ass. This product definitely dropped me on my ass. Recommend. Don’t plan on going anywhere for a while. Cheers

  73. Anonymous

    Although not a sphere as picture and desciption shows/says, (might just be the one i got?) it was flat and circular.
    This nedicine took the pain away , and only took 1/5th , very strong for me as i cannot smoke,
    My Mrs also commented on the smile it put on my face instead of the grouchy in pain look i ususally have
    Its worth the money for those who cant smoke and have low tolerance

  74. Amazing product! Very effective and good taste. How highly recommend it

  75. Amazing products that does the charm.
    Very happy with quality and potency will definitely get it again

  76. First experience with edibles that weren’t home made (brownies or cookies) really enjoyed the high am a daily smoker and did 1/5th felt a pleasant body buzz but was looking for a little more of a high so took another 1/5th 45 minutes later that got me to where I wanted to be present but really high. The next day I decided to see what the remaining 3/5ths would do and was not dissapointed very strong high and long lasting. Overall I would recommend this to anyone looking into edibles while taking this nice and slow to see where your tolerance is

  77. More potent than a lot of other jellies I’ve tried.

  78. I am a hard smoker, ate an edible candy from this site and it didn’t do anything (and tasted not so good), THIS candy and the other hand…….whoa. Tasted pretty good and put me down! I tried it before smoking anything that day and I ended up passing out on the couch. Going to buy more very soon!

  79. Anonymous

    They are very potent & my personal favourite. 5/5 for sure.

  80. WOW! would be the best word to explain how awesome this candy is!!!!
    taste amazing… like really. You would never know there is thc/cbd candy (until 30 mins later 🙂
    I highly recommend this candy for the veteran or beginner. it breaks apart in to perfect slices.
    So! what are you waiting for…? stop reading this and order already 🙂

  81. i love the buzz, very good tasting too…ate the whole damn thing because my tolerance is top notch…definitely got me lifted but dunno about $32 …

  82. A great and strong edible! Got me thru the awful hours after a wisdom tooth extraction in the best way possible as I couldn’t smoke. This thing did a wonderful job!

  83. I kept this in the fridge until consuming and did cut it into 5 pieces. I enjoyed the entire sphere over the entire day; it was a great low key body buzz.

  84. great stuff, I like how it hits but I guess I have a bigger tolerance to this. I am grabbing this again tho. even tho I wasn’t floored with the dose, its still worth every cent. outstanding HD! 4/5.

  85. My hubby loves the sphere. Can get really messed up 10 times or more. Too strong for me.

  86. These are great, I used to buy jelly candies but these are more potent, same high just less candy. The taste is ok, no worse than the jelly candies. About the same value for your buck.

  87. Amazing 🙂

  88. As a candy it’s fine. As a medicated product it’s garbage. The greatest insult is having to lick the package to get the advertised dose.

  89. Anonymous

    Me and my girlfriend are VERY light smokers, only took 1/5th of this each and we got fuuuuuucked up. Both of us completely greener out and thought we were going to die. It was way too intense for us.

    In terms of potency, though, for me it was definitely a 5!

  90. These things are worth every penny for $32. My g/f doesn’t smoke, but she was eating 2 of the other candies that were 4 for $12 and 15 mg each, so she cut the sphere into 10 pieces and ate one piece at a time and got way more more high than she did from 2 of the 15 mg candies. The taste is amazing and the consistency of the potency in each piece of the sphere is better than any other candies I have tried. Highly recommend!

  91. Just re ordered another one. Very enjoyable head and body stone. Ive only eaten I pc at a time, I cant imagine eating the whole sphere and trying to function. Enjoyable way to spend 4-5 hrs

  92. This candy is amazing!!! I decided to try 2 pieces. I had eaten about an hour before but that didn’t seem to matter (actually I think I may have gotten sick of it didn’t eat a bit before). I was in zero pain, I could feel my head get clearer. I was giggling for hours which I don’t usually do! I am definitely ordering this again! The best edible candy I’ve tried yet. Worth every penny.

  93. Disappointing as far as the high!! The flavour was very good!! But it was a very mild high at best. For the price I expected a lot more.. I won’t buy again

  94. Delicious! Another great Mota product.

  95. So many reviews bellow me are like “I ate the whole thing!” I really don’t know how much these people are smoking or eating to have such an insane tolernace – but I’ve been smoking for years, high tolerance, and I ate half of this candy and I was 11/10 for HOURS. All I could do was lay in bed and laugh at the TV, and I wasn’t even watching anything particularly funny.

    11/10 would order again. Great for taking away my neck pain.

  96. Anonymous

    I never review anything but I must give the thumbs up to these. I’m a everyday smoker and I like to think I have a good tolerance but after eating this entire candy, I think different. Kicked in fast. Potency is there 100%. I didn’t leave to couch for 8 hours. So maybe don’t eat the whole thing before work

  97. Are the whole thing ……Put me straight on my butt! I haven’t felt like that since highschool. I’m 40. Highly recommend but divide it up.

  98. A-maze-balls

    This stuff is ambrosia. The taste? It’s a delicious party of grape and your whole body is invited.

    No matter if I eat 1 piece or the whole thing, first set effects start in 15 minutes and subsided after 45 but there’s a second wave once it starts to digest. 1-2 pieces is excellent for pain relief and sleep. The entire thing is incredibly powerful. Entire effects lasted a good 6 hours. 1-2 pieces lasted at most 2.5 and 4 hours

  99. Ate the whole edible, half an hour later i was out on my ass. Pricey but the potency is there!

  100. Absolutely amazing edible! Best tasting one by far on this site!

  101. Anonymous

    This little thing was great…I cut it into the 5 sections (0.6 mg’s in each) and could get a nice buzz off just one section…2 sections and I was really rocking. I highly recommend. Should start off with just one section and see how it treats you. I’ve already ordered more of these little round bad boys.

  102. Fantastic edible. Anything made with Distillate always seems more effective and this was no exception. Will probably order again. Keep getting Distillate-made edibles please! also I ate this in the morning and was stoned all day. I did not NEED to smoke during the high but why not?

  103. It was okay. Mota gummies I enjoy more. I expected it to be easy to breaking apart. Trick for newbies to edibles. Just eat a little tiny bit of a gummy before bed! Like a 20 percent chunk of their large gummies. Just so your body gets use to it. Next day your body won’t be so impacted by a dose. Better trip for first timers.

  104. Potent, Potent, Potent….. I wanted to see what it was like to eat the whole sphere and let me tell you it put me on my a**. Great taste and started to feel the effects within the hour. Next time I will eat a little less but to those that say this does not do anything I have to wonder what YOU are doing wrong. I am typically the person who does not feel effects from many homemade edibles and need well over 200mg before I feel effects. This was to powerful to take in one sitting if you have any plans to leave the house. I have ordered more and will continue to do so.

  105. I don’t know how somebody can suggest how many mg’s in a candy based on their experience… the products are tested in a lab. A lot of people don’t seem to realize the effects of these jellies may go unnoticed if you’re already a heavy weed smoker, or when there’s too much THC already in your system, obviously these are just a couple factors that impact tolerance. But if you are into edibles, and are smart enough to know what you like, and want an alternative to smoking… this is an excellent product for you. Just don’t be a hero and eat 1000mg’s in a day, then complain about it being a waste of money. Once you’ve already saturated your blood with THC, you’ll cease feeling the effects. I recommend trying the $12 MOTA jellies first. I’d rather buy 5 of these over 15 of the smaller jellies – and still get the same amount of THC.

  106. At most i’d say there was 175mg of THC distillate in this. Complete waste of money. I have read an increasing number of reports of MOTA under dosing their products, this one confirms it for me. Stick with Fritz at least they post lab results and label batches. I used to swear by MOTA but it seems greed has gotten to them. They’ve turned into one of these quantity over quality companies and put all their money and effort into marketing instead of quality assurance. The proof is in the pudding.

  107. Anonymous

    I tried this off the mota site, along with gummies, licorice, and a peanut butter cup. All in 1 day, i ate approximately 700 mg of thc… thats what the packs advertised. i wouldve been just as high if i smoked a bong hoot or 2 every 30 minutes. Either edibles dont do shit for me. Or all these edibles are a scam

  108. Anonymous

    5/5, this is the real deal. I have a thing with edibles not working on me all the time; cookies, brownies, hard candies and even mota jellies are hit or miss with me. This one hit the spot. Was a hero and ate the whole thing and it hit me like a brick wall 15 minutes later. Not actually split in 5, they just put convenient lines to measure 60mg out easily. Don’t know what they use in the other jellies but they use THC distillate in this one and it might help the potency

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