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  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, El Gordo
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, El Gordo
  • Sativa Sativa
  • THC 25.9%
  • CBD 0.1%
  • TERPS 4.1%

El Gordo

Uplifting and euphoric, this sativa leaning hybrid with just a touch of CBD produces a strong full bodied effect.

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Pack Date: 2024-02-01

About El Gordo

Coming from Northern Saskatchewan, North 40’s El Gordo ((Sour D x Lemon OG) x (Chemdawg x The White)) is an in-house phenotype that delivers heavy terpenes and high THC content.

Uplifting and euphoric, this sativa-leaning hybrid with just a touch of CBD produces a strong full bodied effect. Perfect for relaxation or socialising with friends. El Gordo truly is craft cannabis, and proof that small farms do it better.

From Gord at North 40: "Possibly the best cannabis I have ever grown. Smooth, flavourful and a very heavy hitter. Super sticky and covered in trichomes, it's going to be a hit."

Terpene Analysis

  • Farnesene
    • 1.17%
    • 0.75%
    • 0.71%
  • Caryophyllene
    • 1.17%
    • 0.75%
    • 0.71%
  • Limonene
    • 1.17%
    • 0.75%
    • 0.71%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
J.B. (Kitchener, ON)
El Fuego

Dope dope…

S.K. (Edmonton, AB)
El gordo

El Gordo I had super high expectations since the grower stated this was some of his best ever and he wasn't wrong other than it being a lil hard to inhale due to it being so damn strong!!

M. (Keswick, ON)


Jerry. (Toronto, ON)
Good, but...

While you can't smoke bag appeal, it certainly factors into the overall value. I got a 14gr. bag of smalls, that should have been labeled as such. The product is good, but I suspect other bags that were not filled with leftovers might be better.

S. (Antigonish, NS)
Wait... El Gordo is a Sativa??

The majority of sativa strains I have had over the years have aggravated my anxiety... so it was a complete surprise when I found out El Gordo is actually a sativa. I totally agree with the reviewer below who mentioned it reminded them of an old school Purple Kush from back in the day. Very chill and therapeutic smoke. Gord really nailed it on this one!

Adam Holmes (Greater Sudbury, ON)

El Gordo

N.M. (South Waterville, NS)
Exceptional bud

My bag had 5.5% terps, but wow is this ever nice cannabis. The high is cerebral, the moisture is on point I really can't complain!

Jesse shroyer (Halifax, NS)

El Gordo

T.K. (Winnipeg, MB)
Very good

A very sweet but funky and unique terp profile, and a pretty hard hitter. Got one fat bud in the bag but was a bit disappointed with the dryness

B L (Toronto, ON)
El Gordio, so tasty

I use 100% pure convection vaporizers known for delivering terpenoids well, so my first impression was how flavourful this strain is! I like to use it during the day or evenings alike for some deep but pleasant effects that help me get about my working day with focus and less distracting pain. Hash works better for me to medicate though, so glad the hash version of El Gordio when I can grab some as it seems to run out fast when on the site! My experience so far with the quality and taste level of the hash I have tried so far tells me I will not be disappointed. But coming back to the flower, I will order again, definitely.

About North 40 Cannabis

North 40 Cannabis' mission is to grow great products for the most demanding customers and have fun doing it. North 40 is the quintessential Ma and Pa cannabis company. Run by Cara and Gord, this small, family-run cannabis company in the middle of nowhere was licensed as Canada's first micro-cultivator and micro-processor. This allows them to focus on quality and accountability in everything they do.