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The Micro Mingler Series: Small-Scale Cannabis at Its Finest

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The Micro Mingler Series: Small-Scale Cannabis at Its Finest

The Micro Mingler Series: Small-Scale Cannabis at Its Finest

Since 2015, Herbal Dispatch has dedicated itself to supporting small-scale, craft cannabis farmers in British Columbia and Canada. We believe that the best flower comes from the hands of passionate, small farmers who put their heart and soul into every plant they grow.

Unnoticed by the mainstream cannabis industry, these farmers have been producing some of the most high-quality and unique strains available in the market. 

At Herbal Dispatch, we're committed to shining a light on these small-scale craft producers and celebrating their hard work and dedication. That's why we're excited to announce the Herbal Dispatch Micro Mingler – an exclusive series featuring cultivars handpicked from the most respected micro-cultivators in the industry.


Quality over quantity: Micro vs. macro cultivation

Quadessence's facility

Micro-cultivation involves small-scale, artisanal farming methods that prioritize quality over quantity. These growers are restricted to cultivating within a maximum area of 200 square meters, which allows them to care and tend to each plant individually. This results in highly specialized and unique strains that can't be replicated on a larger scale.

In contrast, large-scale commercial cultivation often involves mass production methods and the use of machinery, resulting in a more standardized product. It's not uncommon for larger producers to prioritize yield and profit over the quality and uniqueness of their strains.

Micro-cultivated products, on the other hand, are hand-tended, harvested and trimmed – resulting in a more artisanal, high-quality product that captures the essence of the strain. It's a true labour of love that results in an unparalleled smoking experience.


Small-batch gems: Mingler #1

The first installment of our Micro Mingler series features three exceptional straight cut pre-rolls from some of our favourite small-scale legacy farmers – Donkey Butter from Black Kettle Farms, Grape Pie from Seastone Farm and King Sherb from Quadessence.

Get 2 x 0.5-gram pre-rolls of each strain for a total of 6 pre-rolls in one package. Experience the difference that micro-cultivated products can offer – each strain with its own unique aroma, taste and effects.

Black Kettle Farms, located in Langley, BC, is a family-run micro-cultivator that converted their existing barn on farmland into a state-of-the-art indoor growing facility. Their Donkey Butter strain is known for its sweet and earthy aroma, with a hint of pine.

Seastone Farm, situated in Denman Island, BC, is another family-run micro-cultivator that converted a portion of their apple orchard into a cannabis farm. They specialize in old-school strains and new classics, as seen with their Grape Pie – a potent and fruity hybrid.

Quadessence, situated in Sitka's micro-grow park in Sooke, BC, is a small-batch producer that emphasizes quality over quantity. Their King Sherb strain boasts a complex terpene profile and a potent high – making it perfect for experienced cannabis enthusiasts.


Experience the magic of micro-cultivated pre-rolls now!

Dive into the world of micro-cultivated cannabis with Herbal Dispatch's Micro Mingler #1. Experience the difference in quality, uniqueness and passion that these small farmers bring to their craft.

Join us in supporting small-scale craft cannabis farmers and be a part of this exclusive launch. Available exclusively at Herbal Dispatch and at fine dispensaries in British Columbia.

Stay tuned for more editions of the Herbal Dispatch Micro Mingler series, featuring different strains from beloved micro-cultivators.


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