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Mastering the Art of Pre-rolls: The RollPros Blackbird Story

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Mastering the Art of Pre-rolls: The RollPros Blackbird Story

Mastering the Art of Pre-rolls: The RollPros Blackbird Story

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a pre-roll, finding it stuffed, canoed, or burning poorly? For Kyle Loucks, an engineer at Facebook's Oculus system, this all-too-common problem became a catalyst for change. Determined to create a better smoking experience, Kyle embarked on a journey that would lead to the creation of the RollPros Blackbird Automatic Pre-roll Machine, a revolutionary machine that is redefining the pre-roll experience.

Crafted with precision engineering and driven by a relentless commitment to excellence, the Blackbird is more than just a machine; it's a paradigm shift in the world of pre-rolls. Its sophisticated technology ensures impeccable consistency, superior quality, and an effortlessly smooth draw, setting a new standard for the pre-roll experience.

Say goodbye to poorly rolled, unevenly packed pre-rolls – the Blackbird's precision-guided technology guarantees precise measurements and evenly distributed materials for the perfect smoke every time.


The problem: A pre-roll predicament

One of the biggest complaints from cannabis consumers is dealing with poorly made pre-rolls. From uneven burns to plugs and wasted product, a manufactured pre-roll is a risky purchase. That's where Kyle Loucks saw an opportunity to make a difference.

“As a consumer, once cannabis was legalized, I was so excited to get a joint from a store. But it was awful. The joints were harsh; they canoed or clogged. It was just a terrible experience. Then I looked into it and found they were just filling it from the top, and that’s not how you create a good joint,” shared Loucks.

Accepting nothing but the best, Loucks set out to apply his engineering skills to create a machine that would revolutionize the pre-roll experience, once and for all. Tinkering away in his garage in the evenings and on weekends, Loucks was determined to find a solution to this common problem.

"I personally don’t accept low-quality pre-rolls. I’m not accepting of something just because it’s the standard, or typical way of doing things. So I decided to create a product that could consistently produce joints meeting my personal standards, as a long-time smoker and joint-rolling enthusiast,” Loucks says.

And thus, the Blackbird was born. A state-of-the-art machine, the size of two large refrigerators, that pumps out premium-quality straight-cut joints that are actually rolled, not just filled. The result? A perfect pre-roll every time, with no wasted product or frustration.


The solution: A quantum leap in pre-roll quality

At the heart of the RollPros Blackbird's innovation is its patented TruRoll™ Technology, a truly disruptive force in the realm of automated pre-roll production. Input fresh, sticky cannabis flower, and the Blackbird's TruRoll™ Technology will use a combination of radial compression, vibration, and precise measurements to create consistently sized and densely packed joints with a perfect burn.

"The biggest challenge, from an engineering perspective, was the handling of sticky cannabis material,” Loucks explains.

To get around this tricky issue, Loucks decided to rethink the process entirely. Instead of filling pre-rolls from the top, like many machines on the market, he designed the Blackbird to roll joints just like a human would, with the flower placed on a paper and then gently rolled into place.

 “I started with trying to design a more efficient way to fill the cones. But I realized there was a fundamental problem; we were fighting physics. That’s when I decided to approach it differently and create a method that would roll like we would by hand.”

Ensuring that heat and friction were minimized in the process, Loucks found a way to delicately handle the sticky cannabis flower without compromising its quality. The result is a pre-roll that looks, feels, and smokes like it was handcrafted by an expert.


Herbal Dispatch's Blackbird pre-rolls lineup

Gone are the days when buying pre-rolls was a gamble. With the RollPros Blackbird, consumers can trust that every pre-roll will deliver a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience.

At Herbal Dispatch, we recognize that quality and consistency are essential to consumers. That's why we're transitioning our pre-roll production to the RollPros Blackbird, ensuring that every pre-roll is expertly rolled and precisely packed for the best smoking experience possible.

Tranquil ElephantizerPlatinum Kush BreathDeath Punch and the Micro Mingler Pre-Rolls are some of the strains currently being rolled with the Blackbird, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

But this is just the beginning. The innovation and possibilities of what we can achieve with the Blackbird are endless so stay tuned for more exciting pre-roll experiences coming your way.


Final thoughts

When Kyle Loucks set out to create a better pre-roll, he had no idea that it would turn into a revolution. But that's precisely what the RollPros Blackbird has become – a game-changer that is transforming the pre-roll experience from a high-risk gamble to a consistently enjoyable smoking experience.

As we continue to innovate and expand our pre-roll lineup, we invite you to join us on this journey and experience the Blackbird difference for yourself. With its precision engineering, commitment to excellence, and revolutionary technology, the Blackbird has truly redefined the pre-roll experience. The future of pre-rolls is here, and it's powered by the Blackbird.


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