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Love In, Love Out: The Heartbeat of Grown Here Farms

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Love In, Love Out: The Heartbeat of Grown Here Farms

Love In, Love Out: The Heartbeat of Grown Here Farms

Cawston, BC, is a hidden gem nestled in the South Okanagan Valley, a place where nature's bounty flourishes under the watchful gaze of the surrounding mountains and the gentle caress of the Similkameen River. It is within this idyllic setting that Grown Here Farms has taken root, a certified organic farm dedicated to cultivating high-CBD flower with a commitment to purity, transparency, and sustainability that's as unyielding as the land itself.

Founded by Krystine McInnes and Jenn Lowther, Grown Here Farms is a testament to the power of organic farming and conscious living. The farm has been certified organic since 2004, untouched by pesticides and nourished by the natural riches of the river and mountains. Their dedication to preserving the integrity of the land extends to their cultivation methods, which align with nature's rhythms and cycles.

At the heart of Grown Here Farms is a unique philosophy that marries organic farming with higher consciousness. High-frequency sounds and music are played to the plants, a testament to their belief in the symbiotic relationship between nature and higher vibrations. The guiding principle of "Love In, Love Out" infuses every aspect of their work, reflecting a deep respect for the earth and a commitment to producing pure, organic products.

Their CBD flower, an indica-dominant strain of Umpqua, is high in CBD and terpenes while containing only trace amounts of THC. Grown Here Farms' products are carefully and consciously cultivated, from seed to sale. Their CBD flower is hand-trimmed, air-dried, and cured using natural processes that preserve its unique compounds.

Beyond their CBD flower, Grown Here Farms also cultivates a variety of organic vegetables and greens, all grown with the same love and respect for the land. The farm is entirely female-owned and led, with a fierce commitment to protecting the Sacred Feminine and promoting transparency in the supply chain. Visitors to the farm are welcome to participate in farm activities, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and experience farm-to-table dining under the stars.

In every aspect of Grown Here Farms, from the seeds sown into the fertile soil to the vibrant produce harvested by hand, a philosophy of love, integrity, and sustainability prevails. This is more than just a farm; it's a haven of conscious living, a place where nature's gifts are revered, and the sacred bond between humans and the earth is celebrated.


Agricultural alchemy: The magic of love in farming

One of the first things that you'll notice when you arrive at Grown Here Farms is the palpable sense of love and connection to the land. The team's deep reverence for nature is woven into the DNA of the farm, from its organic certification to its unique cultivation methods and philosophy.

When asked about the origin story of Grown Here Farms, McInnes fondly recalls, "Grown Here Farms was originally an organic vegetable farm. We used to be the largest producing vegetable farm in our region, and one of the largest suppliers to Whole Foods, Thriftys/Sobeys, and others."

However, the farm's trajectory took a sudden turn after major floods in 2018 and 2021, forcing them to pivot their field production. This unexpected twist led them to venture into growing CBD flower. "We took our same philosophies and growing practices and applied them to growing CBD flower and it turned out we were pretty good at it," says McInnes.

And thus, Grown Here Farms was reborn, emerging as a leading producer of high-CBD flower with a unique approach to farming and conscious living. Their philosophy, deeply rooted in the principles of "Love In, Love Out" and a commitment to sustainability, has shaped every aspect of their work and continues to guide them as they grow.

As McInnes explains, "Why does grandma’s food taste so much better than any other meal? It’s because of the love that goes into it. We know that what goes into anything we do is what we get out of it and that applies to our food as much as it applies to our plant medicine."

This story of resilience, adaptation, and a deep love is what sets Grown Here Farms apart from other cannabis farms. Their commitment to conscious living and sustainability is not just a marketing ploy; it's a deeply held belief that permeates every aspect of their work.


Cultivating in concert: Harmony with the land

If you're not familiar with Cawston and the South Okanagan valley, you might be wondering what makes this region so advantageous for farming. The answer lies in its unique microclimate, where warm and dry summers are balanced by cool nights and refreshing mountain breezes.

"We’re at the bottom of the valley bed and we get a lot of high winds – this keeps our plants pest-free," explains McInnes. "The other thing is that we're in an extremely dry desert-like climate – so we have no issues with mould and mildew."

The location of the farm lends itself to an extended growing season that stretches into late autumn which gives their plants ample time to mature and develop. "This gives us a bit of an advantage because we often get into the ground a bit later as we plant after high water in the spring," says McInnes.

Grown Here Farms' commitment to higher consciousness is imbued in their unique farming methods. They believe in the power of love and intention in nurturing their plants. McInnes notes, "We treat our plants as living beings, not just as produce. We believe that the love and intention we put in them is what they give back to us."

The farm's innovative use of sound and music in their cultivation process further illustrates this philosophy. High-frequency sounds and music are played to the plants, fostering an environment of harmony and positivity. McInnes asserts, "By playing prayers, high-frequency sounds and beautiful music to our plants while they grow, we hope to infuse them with those frequencies for the people who consume our flower."

"You’ll often find me wandering through the fields playing music to the plants. We also do something called Plant Talk to help identify and support the plants while they grow, a modality adopted through the Bodytalk system. I mean you name it, we’re out there doing it!"

Every aspect of the farming practices at Grown Here Farms, from the fertile environment to the loving intention and care, is aimed at producing the purest CBD flower with maximum therapeutic benefits for consumers.


Sacred feminine in action: A farming revolution

Entirely female-owned and led, Grown Here Farms embodies a revolutionary approach to agriculture, shaped by the unique perspectives and values women bring to the table. McInnes explains, "We bring our nurturing instincts to the care of the plants and the land – the earth is a Mother, and so are we. That’s an asset, an often very overlooked one, that men quite simply cannot replicate. We are fiercely protective of the Sacred Feminine and believe in the power of women to create, heal, and sustain."

The impact of female leadership on the farm's approach is unmistakable. Grown Here Farms prioritizes sustainability, stewardship of the land, and conscious cultivation methods, values often associated with the nurturing qualities attributed to women. This method of unconventional farming results in a higher quality environment for growing plants, which ultimately yields a better quality product.

Traditionally a male-dominated sector, the increased involvement of women such as McInnes and Lowther in the cannabis industry is a promising sign of change. They bring with them fresh perspectives, innovative techniques, and an unwavering commitment to quality that challenges traditional farming practices.

McInnes asserts, "Women bring a balance to farming. We bring a certain sensitivity and intuition that allows us to connect with the land and the plants on a deep level. It’s important in farming, as in any industry, to have this diversity of approach and mindset."

At Grown Here Farms, female leadership is more than just a demographic fact; it's a guiding principle that shapes their vision, values and work ethic. As McInnes poignantly states, "We're not just cultivating plants; we're cultivating change."


Rooted in quality: Grown Here's commitment to excellence

When you compare Grown Here's CBD flower against other CBD flowers in the market, one of the first things you’ll notice is its beautiful aroma and appearance. An experience that is further enhanced by the high terpene content, which contributes to its therapeutic effects.

Umpqua CBD flower

Grown Here's Umpqua strain, in particular, has been praised for its unique flavour profile and therapeutic benefits. This exemplifies the farm's commitment to producing high-quality CBD flower that not only tastes good but also provides maximum therapeutic benefits.

McInnes enthuses, "We pour our heart and soul into each plant, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention. It's not just about growing a plant; it's about cultivating a product that can help people improve their quality of life."

In addition to CBD, Grown Here Farms continues to grow organic vegetables and greens despite the recent flood damage. McInnes explains, "We also offer a variety of nutrient-rich, organically grown produce that promotes health and wellbeing." From leafy greens to root vegetables, Grown Here Farm products are a testament to their commitment to conscious, sustainable farming.

Looking towards the future, Grown Here Farms has exciting plans in the pipeline. McInnes shares, "We're always innovating and expanding our range, exploring the possibilities that nature offers us. We're currently working on a new line of CBD-infused products that we can't wait to share with our customers."


The resonance of love and intention

Grown Here Farms is more than an agricultural establishment; it's a symbol of conscious living, sustainability, and female leadership. With unique practices such as the use of high-frequency sounds and music in their cultivation process and an ethos centred around love and intention, Grown Here Farms sets itself apart in the farming industry.

When we were introduced to Grown Here Farms, we were struck by their unique approach to farming and leadership. The team's unwavering commitment to nurturing their plants and the land, while also creating a space for women to thrive in the industry, is truly inspiring.

As we got to learn more about their practices and products, we grew even more impressed by the quality and integrity they bring to everything they do. From their CBD flower to their organic produce, Grown Here Farms is a shining example of what can be achieved when love, intention, and innovation intersect in farming. Who knew a farm could yield so much impact and promise for the future?

Thank you, Grown Here Farms, for sharing your story and passion with us. We are honoured to be a part of your journey and can't wait to see what the future holds for you and your farm.


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