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Phoenix Tears: The Cancer Cure the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About

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  1. Anne

    My doctor recently prescribed cannibis oil for me to see if it helped with my;
    Insomnia or Pain (I am missing part of the bone in my wrist, the ulna, which causes deep bone, nerve and soft tissue pain every time I use it.)

    Phoenix Tears” is my trial
    I have;
    – missing and deteriorating bone in left arm/wrist
    – arthritis in both hands
    – arthritis in hips & knees
    – I have Crohn’s Disease, (have had surgical removal of many parts of intestines from this segmental disease)
    – I am recovering from having half my pancreas removed For a tumor. For nearly 3 months now, steady improvements!
    I am off 5 prescribed pills!
    i am so happy. Instead of getting sicker and weaker, I am feeling stronger and stronger!
    I am not interested in smoking pot for a buzz. That is why I was so happy with the Phoenix Tears.
    Trouble is; well it’s still illegal so I have been buying it discretely and it was coming via Canada post. Unfortunately I can’t find another source.
    Would you be able to help me find someone able to mail some Phoenix Tears to the Edmonton area?
    This plant extract has been like a miracle for me!
    I have a friend (for 44 years!) who takes the occasional

  2. Anne

    Badly in need of supplier of Phoenix tears.
    Having trouble find source.
    Have doctors letter and registered with licence but not interested in smoking it to get high. Looking only for the Tears. They have helped my Crohn’s so much.
    If anyone can help find the tears for purchase. Thanx!

  3. Al Rasko

    I too am very interested. I have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and have already had my bladder and prostate removed from cancer. I want to know how I can obtain some of the oil. Can you help me?

  4. Linda ( lynne )

    I am diagnosed with P.T.S.D, OCD, agoraphobia, degenerative disc desease, and Osteoarthritis. I would love to know how i can exchange all the meds i am not for cannabis oil. I live in canada

  5. Ajax

    If any of you have local medical marijuana dispensaries nearby you could easily pickup some there. It is a little bit pricey however, get some marijuana and make it yourself!! There are directions right there! I am not sure how it is for other provinces but here in BC we can get both pheonix tears and marijuana as easily as going to the local grocery store.

  6. Karen Rone

    Can cannabis oil help COPD and asthma?

  7. Len Tully

    I have chronic back pain issues and sever muscle shortening which is causing severe pain at times. I have made trips to the pain clinic, seen phsycologists for pain management, deep tissue massage bi-weekly as well as physio. My wife has Glaucoma, Amd, miopia and other eye issues and when asked, her specialists say Cannabis will do nothing…it’s all a myth….

  8. Tina Hall

    I have CML luekemia. .. would it help that? And how do I get it? I am a daily chemo for the rest of my life and flight fatigue and anemia, and I swell up on occasion. ..but I am alive and functioning…but hate the chemo.

  9. Trudy

    I have Rhuematoid and Osteo arthritis everywhere and have developed psoriasis. I also have A-fib in my heart and another arrhythmia! Additionally have 4 carotid stents in interior brand that feeds brain so on MEGA blood thinners! The pain from the arthritis can be over the top sometimes. Can Phoenix tears help me? I’m in MO and not sure it is legal here! Please help!!!

  10. Jacques

    My mother has breast cancer & I am trying to find out where I can get this for her in South Africa. Can you please assist

  11. Heather Ison

    Do you not have a place where you can just buy the oil?

  12. Antonio Vargas

    Which country is this oil available legally?I live in Sigapore and I don’t wish too commit any offence ,all oligarchs drugs have a heavy penalty including a death sentence.

  13. Karen

    My son was just diagnosed with Per-B A.L.L on Dec30/15. I need to know will this work!!

  14. Tina

    Where can we get pheonix tears?? I live in Canada.

  15. Helene

    I want to try it too please let me know where I can get it thanks.

  16. Jeff

    Where and how can i find the oil? How can it be ordered!??

  17. Cindy Bengtson

    is this available in western canada?

  18. Sandra

    Does a person become addicted to the oil?

  19. Misty Wisdom

    Would like to know how to order

  20. P. Linn

    I am so in need of finding the Phoenix Tears for my hubby. He has four heart stents, fighting cancer and now been diagnosed with dementia. Please help!

  21. Ron

    How do I get it and will it show up on a drug test?

  22. Ron

    How do I get it and will it show up on a drug test? I had quadruple bipass and part of my heart died. Curious if it will rejuvenate the part that died.

  23. Sophie

    My mom was give a 1 year to live she has long cancer.. please help

  24. John

    Please look at the quest for the cure if anybody is family member has cancer this is such a beneficial video and a reality check please be informed there is better things out there than chemotherapy

  25. Marguerite Doak

    I would like to get some. I lost half of my left lung to cancer and now I have it in my right lung.
    Can you tell me where in Kamloops or Salmon Arm, or Vernon that I can get some of it PLEASE

  26. Billy Lockamy

    Hello…I am 44 years old..I have depression, anxiety with attacks , and panic disorder. ..I have high blood pressure. ..I have severe back troubles and osteoarthritis in L4 L5 and sacrium. ..I have no energy …please help me get rid of the handful of medicine I take daily. ..

  27. Mary Foote

    How do you order this medication.

  28. Janet

    Can this Phoenix Tears be put in food or just capsules ??

  29. Chad

    In tact? Loose weight? At least spell stuff right if you want me to take this seriously!

  30. Michael Ferguson

    Was just diagnosed yesterday with metastatic Liver Adrenal and lung cancer. Not sure of original scource yet. My son is going to make me some Indica oil. From what I’ve read I should get up to 1 gram a day asap. Would it be better orally or thru suppository?
    How long should it take to see some results as they will be sending me to an oncology hospital soon and I know if I refuse chemo and radiation they will kick me out?
    Best Wishes

  31. richard.charron

    I’d like to reply to each one of you needing some advise or guidance if I could, but I can’t, so I’ll try to shortly summarize my opinions here and hopefully, maybe help at least one person out, some how.

    Q: Does a person become addicted to the oil?
    A: No, no harm or addiction to this – it’s from the marijuana plant itself, a super food / medicine and resource… It’s all natural, safe, non-toxic, etc… In my opinion, you have nothing to lose by at least trying something safe that doesn’t harm you, if it’s something that may help your particular condition(s). Using this particular oil / method may not be suited for everyone’s conditions, so consumption (of marijuana in general) by other means may be better suited to one’s individual needs. Not to mention, some people may need higher or lower CBD / THC compound ratios.

    As someone mentioned, take the time to look at the video ‘run from the cure’, from Rick Simpson. Also, there are many, many great video documentaries on marijuana (which can yield thousands of by-products) that are very informative, in all aspects!

    I wish I knew as much as I do now about marijuana for when my father was still around and what he had to go through… man, oh man!

    I’ve seen marijuana medically help people that I know of, for a variety of conditions and symptoms and it’s truly an incredible thing! Educate yourself on it…

    Different ailments do need to be taken different ways (or depending on preference) and thanks for places like herbaldispatch and such, people throughout Canada can safely medicate without needing to go through all the hassle and red tape BS with Health Canada and it’s limited list of conditions for people’s rights to obtain an MMJ license. pffft..

    Science, medicine and man kind would be much farther advanced now if it were not for MJ prohibition (for all the wrong reasons). The big money hungry pharmaceutical corporations are in the business for the all mighty dollar and not people’s lives or health. Since you can’t patent a plant, they’re not interested in spending too much in R&D on it and prefer to focus on the synthetic / harmful drugs that today, we gracefully call medicine.

    If you’re interested in some good, easy reading on the history, I suggest reading this book. It’s only $10.00 and I really enjoyed learning a lot of the history from it:

    As for Michael, personally, I think orally might be a better option (just my $0.02 though).

  32. kellz

    Go to to order in canada. Free shipping over 200$ its a great website. Goodluckkk

  33. Angie Fletcher

    This is for my son hes 23 yrs old. He has a non cancerous tumor on his spinal cord. Doctors were unable to remove the tumor. It is a growing tumor he has lost all feeling in his legs and feet. Doctors say not much more they can do…just a slow paralyzation as the tumor grows and compressings his cord till it collaspes. He then will be paralyzed from the waist down with bladder and bowel loss.
    Will this oil shirk his tumor. We r willing to try anything at this point. Please help my son

  34. Cory Halverson

    The truth is out…better watch out! Here comes the revolution.

  35. Joanne

    I have been unwell since 18 now 44 … would love some

  36. Karin Anders

    Have seen various programs around this previously and will help to share this info with many

  37. Jackie

    Where can I buy cannabis oil for liver metatasis cancer from the breast cancer I had thank you need it asap

  38. Rick Pitts

    I have suffered from daily migraines for many years and find it difficult to function. I have been told cannabis oil has been successful in this area. I live in Victoria BC and was wondering how I can go about trying it out without going through all the hoops legally.Can anyone shed more light on this for me…pretty desperate.

  39. Tammy Luxton

    Looking to purchase the Tears for Brain Cancer believed to have metastasized from breast cancer.

  40. Lilly

    The government of Canada has a list of authorized licensed providers here: many of which carry cannabis oil, which is Phoenix Tears.
    You can apply to any one of them for your medicinal license and purchase legally online. You can find their application forms on most websites. A doctor only needs to sign the forms, much easier than Canada’s past system. Most will not even ask for your medical diagnosis. Hope this helps someone!

  41. Luz

    PLEASE HELP ME my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last week his CA19-9 level are 20000 I don’t want to lose him not yet please help me fine it

  42. William hoeweler

    I am a 52 yr. Old male i have cancer running rampant throughout my body im feeling it spread throughout my shoulder neck and hips i have a sore on my back which i know is the cause ! I so need some of this oil ! I know it works i been using it from denver ! It was quite costly but i cant get there anylonger since i dont drive a truck anymore! Please help me

  43. Lisa Cook

    I have SEVERE osteoporosis. In the last 10 years I have broken bones in both shoulders (5 months apart!) my right hand, had a skull fracture, and broken neck, broke my left femur above the knee (in 15 places!) broke, my left hip, shattered my left forearm and left ankle, have broken the left shin bone, every toe at least twice, and several vertebra in back. To say I spend my days in pain is somewhat of an understatement. I am getting prescription opioid medications through my doctor, but as an RN, I know that this is hardly an ideal treatment regimen. I am very much interested in trying Phoenix Tears as an alternate to the pain medications that I am currently dependent upon. I live in Indiana, so I’m not sure that I can legally order the product, although I don’t much care about that It’s ridiculous that it isn’t legal the world over. Can you advise me as to the products efficacy against pain? And, can you further advise me in regards to obtaining a supply of it…cost, shipping, etc. Thank you.

  44. Pavan

    My father Having grade-4 brain tumor. Will it help to cure. How and where can I get this Phoenix tears

  45. Tamara Kingdon

    My Husband has 7 stents in his heart, had cancer 25 years ago in his lung it was removed, now they think he might have some king of cancer again, too high risk for biopsy, can he take cbd oil with the stents in his heart?

  46. Andrew Neely

    I am,currently suffering from a very rare form of inoperable cancer called Thymo. My Tumour was first found March 2013 after suffering breathing problems. I had a malignant Tumour the size of a small orange. After going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy my tumour shrunk to millimetres and it had stopped growing , it couldn’t be removed because of to many complications . I was clear from ‘re- growth for nearly two years when on a routine 6monthly check in Oct 2015 my cancer started to grow again. Jan this year I had more chemotherapy , after treatment In May I had a scan to find out if the chemo had worked , well the cancer had stopped growing but had only shrunk a small amount. I am slowly getting my energy levels back and am back at work part time . Please could you tell me if I could benefit from taking this oil and where could I purchase it from . Also please could you tell me the cost of the Pheonix Oil .Thank you , Kind Regards Andrew Neely U.K.

  47. Eli greenwald

    Looking for supplier in the Denver area, any suggestions. I like your website very informative,,,thx

  48. Angel

    I am trying to find out about how to get this for my mom. We live in Florida. She has stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. She is not eating and is in tremendous pain. Please help.

  49. Dawn moon

    I’m interested in a Phoenix Tears. I suffer from anxiety and insomnia and am unable to take psyc meds. How can I obtain the oil??

  50. Ashley

    Hello, for anyone who is interested in getting some RSO email me. I’m in California and willing to help anyone in The US who needs this. It works miracles.

  51. naza

    Where can I purchase the oil and how much will it cost to be shipped to Cape town, South Africa. Can I purchased online

  52. Cliff Lightfoot

    need a place where I can buy phoenix tears for cancer. Medical strength.

  53. Cliff Lightfoot

    Need a place where I can buy medical straight phoenix tears for cancer.

  54. Margie

    PLEASE HELP ME my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer spread to the liver on2/23 I don’t want to lose him. I read testimonies of phones tears curing pancrea cancer. Please help me fine it

  55. Margie

    I meant to write Phoenix tears

  56. Stephanie Hulsey

    Hi. Hoping to get some help with my daughters stage IV cervical cancer mast to her lymph, lung and liver.

  57. Debbie Marshall

    Where can we get cannabis oil and/or Phoenix Tears in South Carolina or upstate New York? I have been sufferi g with chronic pain since 2004 due to a work related injury which involved 5 back surgeries. PLEASE HELP ASAP! Thank you soooo much!

  58. Leila

    Please my mother have stage IV ovarian cancer and the american doctors ruining her more in their experimental treatments ! They do not know what chemotherapy to use and they lack the experience !
    Where to get this phoenix tears cannabis oil to help my mother ? ..

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