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The Wonders of Cannabis Topicals


  1. Anonymous

    Was wondering if drug test at work would indicate ThC or CBD when using MJ topicals?
    A friend has a crippling pain in leg/foot, caused by arthritis! Inflammation and bone spurs in heel. I have suggested she try this cream but she is a very dedicated employee and does not want to lose her position or be disciplined should a drug test be administered. Thoughts?

  2. I have used topicals of several different types for several different ailments. From muscle aches to skin blemishes topicals are a very effective treatment. I have seen wonderful results on numerous different people. I have also witnessed my own success in using medical marijuana topicals from rubs to oils and tinctures to supplements. Like most medical treatment the results are trial and error. We all respond to different medications in different ways, What works for me may not work for you. It takes a little research and due diligence to find what works. Once you have seen the benefits firsthand you will become a believer. Thanks HD for providing quality marijuana products to Canadians who benefit greatly from your service. Keep up the great work and customer service. Give topicals a try, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain especially if it cures your ills! Peace TSB

  3. Anonymous

    I have stroke my brain was bleeding now I have unbalance like I fell down n get up again. I got diffuse medicine by using different essential oils. But yu have new topical so that I can’t smoke anymore but it can be treated on my neck where it’s sensitive. Had surgery and Doctor suspected I have arthritis on my neck my muscle too weak to hold my neck up too long of it will be painful. I have dizziness permanent all day n all night. I took pills from marijuana store. My stroke beats it. Can’t work. My heart stopped n revive me I get to live again. I had bad heart disease like my father s side. I have to be thin I gain back I get mad I have to watch what I eat I get fat easily.. Try the topical n maybe it’s best for me. I’ll try that thank yu…

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