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What to Expect When You’re Expecting Legal Weed — Our Guide to October 17


  1. Let’s just hope there’s affordable pricing as well as excellent quality … If customers don’t like this “new” consumable , they likely will not return to “THE STORE” ….

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Allison,
    you are an idiot. Calling everyone you disagree with a white supremacist is a really good way of making yourself look stupid and make everyone question the other arguments you are putting forth.

    Please climb back inside whatever hole you came out of and stop trying to push your political agenda into every facet of everyone else’s lives. And really you’re bringing up the popular vote in an article about legal weed? I bet you were totally fine with the rules when the person you voted for won, you don’t get to complain about the rules after playing the game.

  3. Anonymous

    Allison is a hot-headed joke!
    Keep up the good work HD

  4. Anonymous

    To Allison, please use history as a means of defining what things are; you have only managed to create your own definitions. Please stop boxing people into your convenient and incorrect definitions for your own political advancement. You want Herbal Dispatch to declare they are racist? …what is wrong with you?

  5. Anonymous

    Sure as heck hope we don’t have to pay taxes (extortion) on our purchases, that would really bum me out, taxation is theft!

  6. Anonymous

    Information is education,I try to get both.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m glad to hear you will be around after the change. I hope you will continue your loyalty program.


  8. Anonymous

    To whom it may concern,

    In your guide to legal weed, there is a statement about being relieved by the new Ontario provincial government. This government might be cool where weed in concerned, but that cool is only a possibility; what has been a certainty thus far is that there are some draconian practices, regressive policies, and white supremacy. I suggest you stick to selling weed, stay neutral politically (ie change the wording of this otherwise informative piece accordingly), and hire a new head of communications, who is aware that winning an election does not require the popular vote, knows that there are about to be a lot more options for purchasing weed, and who can understand the relationship between those two. Or can Herbal Dispatch save us all some time and just declare outright on the website that Herbal Dispatch is a regressive, racist company that supports anti-intellectual fascism in the form of Doug Ford? Maybe name a strain after him? AI just want to be clear about where my money is going, or not going in that case.


  9. Anonymous

    Thanks I thought this email was super informative!

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