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Q and A: The Innovations of Horatio Delbert


  1. Anonymous

    he has shown me there is something that truly can shut off the anxiety i suffer for more than a moment or few days, thank you so much for your work and for sharing your talents

  2. Anonymous

    What is the THC level/content please and thank you?

  3. Horatio your the best! Love your products and find myself for one thing or another such as salmon fishing as I go to BC to pick up my unpharmeceuticals someday would like to meet you because your an inspiration to me and many other keep up the good work!?

  4. It’s mentioned in the product description using the HDC/LHO Transdermal orally. How so and why?

  5. It was a fantastic article.

  6. Anonymous

    I just have to say Horatio, you are an inspiration and I am ever so grateful for the work you do and the relief you bring to my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Great article

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