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Seniors and Cannabis


  1. Anonymous

    I have been smoking marijuana since I was 16, and I’m 70 now. Even though my body has slowed down due to strokes and heart surgeries five years ago, I go to the gym three times a week, and my brain is still curious about a lot of things currently happening around the world. I am enjoying shatter these days. Very relaxing and I still love the high. Our province is already whining about “more research is needed”, blah, blah, blah.

  2. Anonymous

    There is one comment dated Oct. 24 where a person has COPD from long term smoking. The problem with smoking marijuana is that you get the toxins from burning it. If you are going to inhale it your best bet is to use a vaporizer as it only heats the pot to a specific temperature so that you do not inhale the toxins that is given off by smoking it like a cigarette. In my case I use oils and take it orally as I have problems with inhaling. It takes longer for the Hash oil to take affect but it also lasts longer. Pharmaceuticals are far too toxic and the side effects of those drugs are far too dangerous. I switched to marijuana several years ago and I use it daily. Doctors need to do their research and try to get away from pharmaceuticals because they are killing far too many people due to toxins. Nothing is perfect but Marijuana is far safer than drugs. This is your choice.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello, I am Canadian and have been ordering from you for some time, I am currently in the US for 6 months. Will you ship product to the States?

    Thank you.

  4. Anonymous

    Nothing is ever mentioned about the hazards of smoking weed; medically speaking, or ethically speaking. You guys should really do some research on the toxic components of weed smoke, that is going directly and with full force into our lungs! I can’t smoke weed anymore because I have COPD from over fifty years of smoking weed. Do your research before you reckless promote smoking weed to seniors! It’s bad for our lungs, and no amount of THC or CBD ingredients will help alleviate or stop that damage to our lungs.

  5. Anonymous

    Old folks love marijuana in all of its forms, we love to grow our own medicine and make a little money. It is all so very good. My mother, at age 82 wrote an article for the Coptic Times entitled ‘Two Pluses for Ganja’, in which she stated that upon awakening she would take two puffs of a Ganja splif and then have a nice bowel movement followed by a nice appetite a half hour latter. You can not do better.

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