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Q and A: The Science of Nu


  1. Anonymous

    Just bought the cbd oil for a friend with anxiety. Works great!!

  2. Anonymous

    CBD oil works well with our pot cookies at pain relief

  3. Anonymous

    CBD for chronic pain. My wife was in an accident 2005, her neck was fractured in 2 places and she suffered a brain injury and spent time in a coma. She is truly lucky to be alive but for many years has suffered chronic head pain, I too have migraine headaches. We started on CBD oil on Oct 12 and for a month we have been free of pain. We have been taking a little morning and before bed under the tongue. Truly amazing, prior to trying the CBD oil she was never pain free for many years. As for my migraines, if I feel one coming on I can eliminate it in minutes with 1.5-2 ml under the tongue.

  4. Anonymous

    I ordered The Nu THC Tincture from elsewhere already and the bottle was totally empty not even a drop left. Yes it was plastic sealed thank God. only the inside of the Box like packaging was damp including the lid more so. it only took 2 days to get to Me as well. from BC to Toronto.

    It was replaced, even though I will never buy that ever again with that lid design on the bottle. It should be a solid lid if They put the dropper to the side then problem solved.
    plus put the lid on all the way. 2 Nu. 🙂

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