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Q and A: The Science and Art of Marijuana With Holistek Extracts

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  1. Anonymous

    Why is it that no one on either side of this argument can strike a balance. We all know politicians lie, cheat and do whatever they can to win elections. Why are we still surprised? Until such time as we have a viable energy source that requires no oil, oil will be a highly valued commodity. As someone who works in the oil and gas industry, I need a stable marketplace to support my family. My industry is continually vilified in the media, and I still can”t understand why. We all drive or take public transit. That all takes hydrocarbons of some sort. Why is it that we are such easy targets for producing oil and gas? We all use hydrocarbons in our daily lives, those are materials need to find a market. Pipelines are a much safer means of getting those hydrocarbons to market. There needs to be a middle ground.

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