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Q and A: Cannabis Consumption Takes a First Class Flyte


  1. Anonymous

    Well you know marketing is all about impressions. My four impressions from skimming this article were
    Are we in Hawaii? Those things look like coconuts.

    Is this is something they want us to consume on a flight? Hello Air Canada steward – I want to get high!

    Pic of Flyte pen on the beach made me think disposable vape pens are going to be the new issue regarding garbage in the oceans

    \Four – most popular vape pen in Canada? Selling vape pens in Canada is a felony, at least for another year.

    P.S. I like the Jetpack idea. How do you get the cannabinoids to dissolve in your drink (they are hydrophobic)- or is it an emulsion?

  2. Anonymous

    I have pain on the vertebrae section of the upper neck area. Will a CBD/THC patch reduce the never ending pain?

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