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  • Indica
  • THC 70.7%
  • TERPS 7.8%

Farm Gas Cold Cured Hash Rosin

From Gord at North 40: "Farm Gas goodness in a rosin. You know is gonna be tasty (Total Terpenes 7.8%)". Contains 1 gram.

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About Farm Gas Cold Cured Hash Rosin

Farm Gas by North 40 is a strong, high-THC strain. A unique cross between Sour Diesel and GMO genetics, Farm Gas delivers a very pungent aroma with heavy undertones of diesel, kerosene and gas. Drawing from its GMO lineage, Farm Gas also carries a subtle Chem taste with a slightly sweet finish.

From Gord at North 40: "Farm Gas goodness in a rosin. You know is gonna be tasty (Total Terpenes 7.8%)"

Contains: 1 gram

Terpene Analysis

  • Farnesene
    • 2.33%
    • 1.43%
    • 1.38%
  • Caryophyllene
    • 2.33%
    • 1.43%
    • 1.38%
  • Limonene
    • 2.33%
    • 1.43%
    • 1.38%

Certificate of Analysis (COA)


Reviews and Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kaydn haworth (Edmonton, AB)

Nice hitting and hashy tasting

K.h. (Edmonton, AB)
Farm gas

Was nice texture and smoke just little harsh

J.L. (Watrous, SK)
Yummy Rosin

I’m a huge fan of the Farm Gas cultivar. I find the terp profile comes through best in the traditional hash. In the rosin you get more hash flavours from the heat of the press then the sour gas and kerosene of the traditional. But the effects are all there and I kinda like that fresh bubble hash flavour of the rosin. Also the effects are very good, starts out in the head but creeps up to a whole body experience. Gord sure grows nice resin. It is messy but the terpiest resins always are.

D. (Oshawa, ON)

This one just not for me. It was really runny , hard to work with . Some rosin stuck to seal , very messy . Also dabbing it , it starts smooth , then you get this tickle in the back of your throat , good taste while dabbing but not the smoothest compared to other offerings. Great smell and Terps , found it similar to their ridiculous rule hash offering in the terms of freshness and terp profile. I wouldn’t buy this again due to the consistency and the mess . As per potency this one’s a creeper , doesn’t hit you hard right away but slowly eases in to you. 3 stars is being a bit harsh but compared to the other offerings I’ve has , this seems appropriate , 3.5/5 if I could lol

B L (Toronto, ON)
Will buy again!

I have been looking for a while for clean nice and flavourful rosin, and this one is very enjoyable in the evening. I liked the flavour so much that being haschich lover I will try the Farm Gas hasch. I recommend, and will probably buy again!

T R (Guelph, ON)

Great stuff. Just upgrade the container a bit.

Cody (Sault Ste. Marie, ON)
True Gas⛽️

Straight up gas! Love this stuff, the taste and the smell. Great rosin consistency! Hits very heavy and puts you right to bed. Out of the 4 rosin strains I've ordered from you, this one was the star.

About North 40 Cannabis

North 40 Cannabis' mission is to grow great products for the most demanding customers and have fun doing it. North 40 is the quintessential Ma and Pa cannabis company. Run by Cara and Gord, this small, family-run cannabis company in the middle of nowhere was licensed as Canada's first micro-cultivator and micro-processor. This allows them to focus on quality and accountability in everything they do.