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White Haze

(402 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $9
3.5 grams for $30
7 grams for $60
14 grams for $115
28 grams for $220

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Sold By: KLR GLD
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Product Description

White Haze is sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) that is a potent cross between the infamous and hugely popular White Widow X Haze strains. This dank bud won the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa in 2002 and boasts a THC level ranging from 17-19% on average.

Users describe the White Haze high as having an immediate euphoric energetic rush without any sedation or couch-lock. You’ll be motivated and focused with a powerful urge to be active rather than stay still. This is accompanied by a mild warming body buzz with significant pain relief that only adds to the energetic White Haze high. Due to these potent effects, White Haze is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as migraines or tension headaches, chronic stress or anxiety, and nerve damage.

Parents of: White Widow, Haze

Flavours: Pine, earthy, woody
Effects: Creative, energetic, happy, uplifted, euphoric
Medical: Anxiety, headaches, muscle spasms, insomnia

Q and A: The Gold Standard of Weed

402 reviews for White Haze

  1. Nice looking buds good taste, love the small sativa high you get from this one !

  2. Another beautiful haze! Reminds me of the Neville’s haze, pine and earthy, with a hint of spice. Nice cure, holding the terps, tasty smoke, nice and strong, with good daytime sativa buzz. At 220 for this AAAA strain from KLR gold, its one of the best deals on here! Nice job KLR!

  3. This bu is dam good bu. And it lasted a good solid hour and a half for me I tell you! Which really means absolutely nothing to you although take my word for it, this dam good bu, is dam good bu here.

  4. Picked 14 grams of this. Truly the best decision ever. Smoked this last night before watching Netflix and oh my, after a long day I usually get tired in the evening and this picked me right up. Thank you HD

  5. This bud passed the ‘one bowl’ test. Loaded up the bong, and while its not unusual for me smoke 2-3 bowls in one sitting, I was quite contented after one bongload of this wonderful herb. Seems to be a really nice sativa, put me in a great mood all evening after work. Would buy this again, and in fact, this stuff makes me wonder why I don’t order sativas more often!

  6. Found previous batches were better but overall still pretty good

  7. This is sativa staple for me for sure one of the best, right next to my favourite Haze being grapefruit which seems to be impossible to find….white haze is definitely a close second!

  8. Great buzz, taste is mellow and good. Bud are better than picture

  9. Nice and fluffy, burns well. There’s a subtle citrusy flavour. I smoked some of this and I read half a book so good for concentration and chilling, but I think would also be good before a run. Puts you in a good head space. Thx for the free goodie sample that came with!

  10. Excellent morning smoke.

  11. One of my favorite strain, I don’t smoke often, but i use this one before the gym or mountain bike. This strain is very energetic but can get anxious quite quick.

  12. Not the best, not the worst either. HD has had this strain for a while. Great for layin around, terrible if u r about to audition for jeopardy. I’ll take O wow man for a hundred Alex.

  13. Great stuff. Energetic buzz. Will buy again

  14. Decent Haze-like effects but a bit foggy and sleepy. Also my buds from HD are usually decently sized but my OZ was mostly small buds and a bit of BOB..

  15. One of the best hazes out there

  16. Very nice dense bud. Definitely a bang for your buck!

  17. Good strain, will definitely order again

  18. Middle of the pack kinda bud. Not the worst bud but far from the greatest kinda bud. HD has carried this strain for a while so plenty of customers probably agree w my review. HD continues to impress w ultra professional conduct.

  19. Today’s forecast is a Beautiful HAZEY kinda day…. just rainbows and sunshine with this EXCELLENT Haze strain. Even better than I remember. Strong and mighty and may not be for beginners. I’ll be ordering more for sure. Great job HD 🙂

  20. I like it , taste great and makes me feel really good . thanks herbal dispatch

  21. Nice haze strain to start the day. 5 stars

  22. Good smoke…??

  23. Strong citrus and pine smell, very smooth smoke. Definitely inspired creativity and motivation. I got a ton of painting done. Perfect moisture content as always. Perfect burn!

  24. Super moist and pungent. Very great quality!

  25. very nice haze smell and taste , i would wear as purfume if i could . maybe not as good as batch of 2 years ago but its still top notch

  26. amazing haze smell and taste! clean burn with a great energetic high, leaving me motivated and wanting to get things done

  27. Nice buds, real good smoke. Haze smell is strong

  28. Cant get enough of this strain, keeps me really hyper focused with even the smallest amount. 5 Stars all the way!

  29. Really good taste and smell, the high is nice but a little heavy. I would almost consider this a nighttime strain for myself

  30. Very uplifting strain smell and taste is classic brings back memories. Love it!!

  31. Really nice, uplifting strain. Beautiful buds and aroma. Enjoyed smoking this. Nice stone, not too much that i couldn’t function. Great product.

  32. decent bud, very nice looking and seems to burn well. had this with blueberry haze.

  33. Great work! This is a beautiful haze …love it, get some

  34. Solid Sativa! Great for day smoking, smooth taste and hits nice off the bong. If you want to stay physical and smoke, would recommend.

  35. Smells like woody lemon and tastes amazing

  36. One of my favourite strains. Good quality and very good buzz. Great taste. Recommended ++

  37. I really enjoy this strain. The initial buzz gives me an energy boost, and I can get a few things done on my chore list before the high mellows out, my muscles relax, and I want to take a nap. (And I’ve been having *great* naps with this batch.) Flavour-wise it’s decent but nothing special. My 5-star rating is really tied to this flower’s effect.

  38. 5/5! I swear klr gold is the only one that gets it!
    If it’s a haze call it a haze . Otherwise call it something else .Absolutely awesome!

  39. computer froze before i posted my review so going off memory.. it is pretty nice stuff, relaxing yet awake, not total couch lock sleepy though i am tired and lacking sleep, it is def energetic (though i had coffee too,so factor that in), over all pretty nice stuff.

  40. Literally one of the best I’ve ever had. Smell, taste and effect are all superb.

  41. Just an all around great smoke… if you like sativa you will love this.?????

  42. Great daytime, full functioning feel good high with very little burn out. Love white widow with anything, best sativa by far

  43. bag appeal review: strong smell,accurate to description. dense buds, although they don’t seem to have as much crystal i think they still do,just super dense. strong hue in color too. hoping it will help my pain! seems like it will be a good one. 🙂

  44. Great taste and smoke. mixed my vaped bowls with purple lightning and it was magical. I have already purchased my next batch of this. You will not be dissapointed.

  45. Very pleasant daytime enjoyment. It relieved all of my shoulder pain and created the perfect amount of energy and head buzz needed to complete all of my tasks while still coherent to the world around me.

  46. Taste good but do like the shishkaberry better

  47. Enjoyable smoke and flavor. could give better hit for the price. I really do not like seeds and I’m half way through my 28g bag and I’ve found 3 seeds so far. I would buy it again if it was cheaper.

  48. This has always been my favorite strain, when it isn’t in stock I am sad. When it is in stock, I cannot NOT order it when I’m picking what I want. Amazing high, doesn’t sap my energy, smells amazing, tastes amazing.

  49. Top notch!! Will buy more!

  50. Ideal for wake n bake, klrgld delivered once more

  51. Nice bud. Wouldn’t give it 5 stars because it’s not blow you away bud. Don’t get me wrong it’s great stuff, Nice tasting and great for wake and bake. Can’t go wrong with w.w haze hybrid

  52. Your typical haze, very enjoyable, a good mid-day hybrid. Not my favourite haze featured on the site but I had no complaints.

  53. 2nd order. Better than the 1st. Top 5 for sure.

  54. Love it !! Very smooth great taste !! No complaints here !

  55. This is really some top shelf sativa, great smell,taste and buzz highly recommend this strain you won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

  56. Always loved the tasty aroma of the white haze and the highh is perfect

  57. Best of the best 😉 top notch hi grade?????

  58. Great buds lots of frost , not to much smell, great buzz , will get more bags of the white haze in the future ?

  59. One of my favorites from HD! Excellent smoke in taste and high. Thanks HD

  60. Focused buzz a little harsh smoke but amazing strain

  61. I love this strain in the vape. It has a strong flavor and is very sticky. I would order again.

  62. Love me some haze. Love to wake and bake to this.

  63. Nice. Clean. Not too strong.

  64. Buds were nicely formed and quite fragrant. It smoked nice and gives a good daytime buzz. Maybe not as strong as the Blue Dream, which is still a fave. Hats off to HD for continued excellence in customer service.

  65. You can’t really go wrong with a haze. Me personally? I generally feel it’s all round Maaazin bud that promulgates for a well warranted day time smoke if I do say so myself. It will keep you focused, on track and it’s full of vitamines.

  66. Wwwwoooowwwww great stuff !!!!! 5/5 ?

  67. First of all, love everything about Herbal Dispatch and have been a customer for years.
    Awesome pine and earthy aromas, smooth on the throat. Good head feeling! Buds are nice and big too. Would buy again❤️

  68. Really enjoyed this strain, nice buzz?

  69. White Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid. I find haze strains and I get along quite well when crossed with various indicas. They’re a nice change from my migraine diet of indicas, and are purely a recreational thing for me. Flavour-wise, it is a nice astringent grapefruit lemonade, but keep something to drink handy. It dried my tongue right out.

  70. Really nice hold colour. Nice taste. Great burn. Killer.

  71. White widow and Haze are my two favorite strains, so this hybrid brings out the best of both!

    Great daytime high.

  72. Loved this strain. Top shelf for sure. Thanks HD! Will order again.

  73. Super Excited To get My Oz Can’t Get to Windsor Ont Fast Enough!!!!!!!!!

  74. There’s a reason this strain has 330 plus reviews!! Nice buds, sweet taste and AAAA+ buzz. Highly recommended for top shelf sativa. Get some now as it won’t last long..

  75. Smells incredible, potent as hell and has you laughing for hours as if its your first time smoking again. Reminiscent of Jack for me but a less Sativa dom sort of high

  76. Very potent. It hits hard and heavy. I’m sure eating high doses of it in edibles would be psychedelic. Great in social situations and for concerts or museums. The tatse is piney and spicy with an almost pineapple finish. Burns white. Cheers to the farmer! When haze is good it shines!

  77. so happy with this. definitely a great sativa

  78. Excellent strain to mix up your order. HD never disappoints!

  79. I tried this and it was great balance. Smooth for the inhale, nice aroma, able to function and focus but as well keeps the conversations clear. For me it was a great buzz and reliever for my medical needs. I will be purchasing this again.
    * May not work the same for everyone, but recommend at least trying it once!

    Thank you Herbal for stocking this one!!!

  80. Anonymous

    Great strain!

  81. Anonymous

    Beautiful strain. Strong high. Always perfect buds; sticky, sweet, and potent. Uplifting and consistent.,

  82. This is the best sativa period. Clean high with no sedation. perfect for first morning smoke. buds, smell, taste all 5/5

  83. this has been the first time that i was disappointed in HD. i dont feel like this is AAAA, triple a at best. it seemed like the herb was old or something and was a bit harsh. taste was spicy, high was good 3/5

  84. What a nice smoke !! And such beautiful looking buds !! 5 star smoke right here !

  85. A beautiful bud. Very aromatic. The taste is amazing. The cost is well worth it, nice cerebral high. Keep up the awesome work KLR GLD!!

  86. Nice taste….great high…this is one of my favorites to date. Great product and I hope it sticks around for a long time.

  87. Spot on! Lovely, light and uplifting ?

  88. The white haze has a sweet smell and taste.. A great day time strain.. Not over powering but clear energetic high.. Solid 4/5.
    I was lucky enough to get some of the jolly rancher x haze this time around and this strain probablly smells & tastes better then white haze but i think the white haze has a stronger high but not by much
    Im more of a indica man myself but i really do like to get these high rating sweet tasting & smelling sativas from HD

  89. heavy high this hits HARD favourite strain on here… so many dense popcorn buds, no smoker will regret purchasing this

  90. Anonymous

    Invigorating, clear buzz. Great for daytime!

  91. One of my favorite strains, hands down. Perfect for the day, also great for the evening. Instant pain relief for my back and sciatic pain.

  92. Anonymous

    Orders multiple times. Never been disappointed. Beautiful buds, clean smoke

  93. Really soft on throat , great haze taste but need 2-3 toke

  94. One of my favorite strains for sure. Offers great flavor, and a very uplifting and clear-headed high. Definitely worth it to buy if you’re unsure of what to get.

  95. First time trying the KLRGLD strains [White and Silver Haze].
    Visually, the buds look a bit like an indica.
    Has a nice hit to it. Doesn’t taste too bad either.
    I will definitely be looking to try the indicas from KLRGLD in the future.

  96. Anonymous

    Saw “Pine” in the flavours and had to get it. Always hear good things about Hazes, and reviews seemed a bit more favourable for the White over the Silver here on HD. Pine scent is there 😀 although I don’t find it as strong in the flavour itself. Good spacey head high, I forgot the turn off the heater outside after first trying this. Ash burns fairly white and smoke is smooth. Got popcorn buds, but I see reviews talking about big buds, so maybe it was mishandled by CP? HD was great about it, so I won’t include “looks” for this rating. I ground up what I got, put it in a pipe, and the quality’s still there.

    For a $10/g strain, yeah, I’ll give this 5 stars.

  97. Sweet, smooth, and quite pungeant. The nugs are very frosty and dense. 5 stars. One of the best strains for getting tasks accomplished. Long lasting high as well. Best bang for your buck sativa on HD for sure in my opinion.

  98. Anonymous

    Really nice strain! Tastes great, burns clean and fantastic cerebral high that will leave you smiling. Great daytime herb.

  99. Great sativa high with clear head once the effects taper down. Big nugs just like the pics, lots of trichomes of a matured yellow colour as said in other reviews. This and UK cheese two favourite sativa buds from HD.

  100. I order this on a regular basis and will continue too. I love it, always top quality and love the smell!

  101. Consistent quality among batches. Real fantastic sativa. One of HD’s best on offer. Great bag appeal. Thick layer of yellowish crystal cover the buds, and the taste is crazy good.

  102. Anonymous

    Felt it did the job, but it wasn’t the quality I’ve come to expect from here. It’s one that was good, but I wouldn’t order again.

  103. a very balance buzz, beautiful buds and a nice taste.

  104. This bud is awesome! Good strong buzz and great taste. Top notch for sure. Great job KLR +HD!

  105. One of the best out of the sativa section. Great taste and great bang for your buck. Definitely on the order again list

  106. Anonymous

    For a sativa this a heavy hitter and I love the taste… so far this is my favourite sativa strain I tired … highly recommended 5/5

  107. can never go wrong with a haze

  108. One of my favorite strains to date from HD, part of my usual order if it is available.

  109. After much reflection this is probably the best sativa I have tried all year, worth every penny you spend, dense clusters that smell like intense haze, slightly piney, and smell translated into the taste better than most strains. Great example of both parents, and definitely up there in terms of the best herb I have seen, great for day time, only downside was it made it very hard for me to fall asleep if I smoked or vaped it after 8pm, fantastic genetics!

  110. My new favor strain to start the day. The smell alone will perk you up and get you moving. Will be ordering this one again!

  111. Decided to give this a try and was not disappointed. Great for a start to the day. Awesome taste and no burnout. This is a winner all day long

  112. One of the more potent hazes and tastes great. 5/5 RECOMMENDED

  113. Kick Ass strain of Haze…Thanks HD:)

  114. This is good stuff I highly recommend.. burns white

  115. Smells so good.. Solid high with lots of energy afterwards.. Just what I wanted!

  116. Great for daytime use

  117. Perfect

  118. Good Haze – No silver but a nice bet for daytime or out with friends

  119. Awesome bud. Loved it. Great in every way.

  120. Not only does this bud look beautiful, it gives an uplifting pain free high to do housework it to sit and chill. Muscles are relaxed and head feels light. Great stuff!

  121. Very nice sativa. Great when you just wake up, also had a really good taste and i found it was very smooth. I also got a little bit more than a gram which is always better. Overall a very good strain, nice big buds, a lot of crystals too.

  122. Fire. This perked me right up and got me focused. Tastes like high school.

  123. Just received this with the sativa sampler pack, absolutely amazing bud. Nice clean taste and it gives you tons of energy and motivation. Will definitely be getting more with my next order. Thanks HD.

  124. Anonymous

    Always perfect for first smoke of the day! Every time I’ve had purchased this it’s never disappointed.

  125. This is really nice stuff. Nice clean looking buds and it burns so beautiful.
    Besides Blue Dream best sativa on here that I have tried imo.

  126. Anonymous

    Better than UK Cheese, both were phenomenal.

    I think this strain is the most potent one I’ve tried so far and the flavour is amazing too, as was the Cheese #1 by HD and the UK Cheese.
    This one is like Haze from Beard Brothers, if it was more potent and had a more pungent and sweet flavour, whereas the Haze by itself is more of a dry tasty hay flavour with citrus and a bit of lemon this one was a fresher flavour with more citrus.

    Overall, it works great for my focus and for ADD symptoms and it helps me calm down in high stress moments. a true 5 Stars.

  127. One of my favorite strains.

  128. no complaints on white haze, would buy again for sure. great taste and strong high

  129. Anonymous

    BUD opens up with a lovely crunch sound, great THC crystals. Great taste. Strong high.

  130. if you like haze youl love this. great taste. great for headaches

  131. Always the best, nice hard buds and the taste is unbeatable.

  132. Anonymous

    This is the first time I tried this strain. I feel like it catches your throats pretty nicely and also upon exhale gives you that slight light headedness telling my the THC % is up there. I don’t remember getting super burnout so that was a another plus. Buds are coated with crystals, almost a nice gold colour, taste and smell I guess is somewhat lemony, but over all a good bud to smoke thanks HD

  133. I love this weed. It’s great in my vaporizer. I have smoked the same bowl up to 3 times with my arizer solo and get a nice buzz even on the 3rd burn. I highly recommend it.

  134. dont know where ppl are getting this lemon taste from had this bud about 10 times now not once a lemon taste lol i love the taste the way it brakes up and the looks will keep getting this one thanks hd

  135. First got this one in a sample pack and fell in love instantly! Had to re up! Such a great lemony spicy smell on these buds. Always coated in triches and beautifully trimmed. Energetic, cognitive high. A++++++!

  136. I really liked the taste of this. Only reason I haven’t given it a 5 star is because I want to get another batch to compare. I will be buying again.

  137. Smell is absoutely intoxicating. It gave me a distinct perceptual increase of my body awareness. And it got me high as shit.

  138. Order this regularly because I love the Haze strains! Big, beautiful, lemony, stinky, dense buds, one of my favourites! Potent! 🙂

  139. A definite five star strain, sometimes I just put 5 stars…..but this the real deal! Thanks HD!

  140. Love it and always the best. It’s smooth and taste nice, lemon smell/fruity very nice.

  141. It is good. AAAA fo sho ??

  142. A great sativa with a very nice taste

  143. Beautiful bud great taste.

  144. The Hippie Chick Patient C.L.Q
    WHITE HAZE 70% Sativa
    ( The White Widow is the Indica sitting in at 30%,’)
    _ She has become Thee most intimate loving friend around.
    – Lifts you up keeps things at ease,not in overdrive.,yet keeps one motivated and focused all day long,can enjoy your other chosen ones in between as you may require.
    – This is Thee..perfect Day time balancer”.
    -Provides plenty of Energy with perfect Clarity and a strong urge to Accomplish goals,complete chores , meditate…or yoga like stretching..
    – Great for Nature walks,Spiritual creations,
    – Allows one to focus on Spiritual growth.
    -long Lasting ,refreshing,
    – Can Help with Creativity ,for Arts & Crafts.
    – plenty of spiciness for a smooth Berry kick,nice to add Blue Dream,
    or,blue God,,,,type strains..
    -This is The Strain You Want To Wine Dine And….
    Well… You Know The Rest…
    -YEPPERS She’s A Keeper Till Death Do Us Part…
    – Would Recommend going slow for New Patients,

  145. Anonymous

    Got it in a Sativa sample pack, great taste and high.

  146. Absolutely beautiful crystalline buds. Strong smoke very spicy taste.

  147. UK Cheese, White Haze, and Blue Dream are my favorite sativas on here. This came with a Boveda pack (thanks HD!) to lock humidity levels at the ideal 62%. The taste is just delicious, a fruity spicy flavor.

  148. best sativa i have had so far

  149. Really dank smell and taste and a pretty decent hitter, very well taken care of buds, loved it.

  150. Absolute 5/5. The smell, the taste are incredible. It’s such a perfect blend of both strains. I’ve come to realize anything by KLRGLD is going to be absolutely off the hook and worth the extra money no questions asked

  151. Very good stuff. In my top 5 Sativas on here right now.

  152. This is currently my favorite sativa on the site.

  153. A nice sativa! Doesn’t compare to the Moby Dick imo (which is another take on the White Widow x Haze cross) but certainly a great euphoric hazy sativa nonetheless

  154. Words cannot explain how good it is 🙂

  155. Anonymous

    Was gone and now returned this was 5 stars in all aspects.

  156. One of my favourite haze strains. The white is the best part for me. I love the heady, couch lock feeling. The indica influences are very present even though this strain hits me hard in the head. Very cerebral and meditative

  157. Another great straight from HD, 5 star for taste , high , bag appeal, etc

  158. Exactly what I was hoping for, and maybe a bit more! I really enjoy this one. Nice thick smoke, great flavor, and smells delicious. Definitely want more!

  159. Anonymous

    Out of the 4 strains i received in this package, this was probably my fave flower. This beat out blue dream, Headband, and Pink Bubba, which i did not expect since i prefer indicas and I loved the headband i tried in the past but the HD headband surprisingly didn’t compare. But I am writing this to discuss white haze not headband, the flavor is nice more piney then anything followed by a earthy citrus tasted. WH taste kind of reminded me of super lemon haze and lemon sour diesel. The effects are nice, a fairly strong sativa. And the half Q i received was one big frosty bud that looked very pleasant. Overall I would rate this strain 4.8/5.

  160. First time ordering from HD.I was impressed by the customer service,quick shipping and awesome quality of this strain .Good clean headstone.All around a pleasent shopping experience:)Thanx HD:) 10/10

  161. One of the best I found at HD. Great high with this one.

  162. My #1 sativa strain ! It never disappoints. Beautiful tight, Crystal packed buds with a delectable aroma. I have gotten White Haze several times and have to say that the buds are always consistant. If you want a clear headed high throughout the day, this strain could be for you.

  163. One of my faves, I have gotten this quite a few times and have never been disappointed.

  164. One of my favourite strains on the site. Tight buds that smell great. Smooth smoke that doesn’t leave you thinking you’re dumb. 100% buy again and 100% recommend

  165. Another high quality offering from HD. Perfect dryness with a wonderful bouquet, the long lasting effect builds quickly to leave you uplifted.
    It was however a bit harsh on the throat, so one may want to filter and cool the smoke of this.

  166. Anonymous

    Anything klrgld certified is dressed to the nines. You will not regret ordering this strain!

  167. I love this strain. I see why they call it haze, not for use when needing to remember anything. 😉

  168. very good bud , when u grind it you smell that gold , and when you smoke it wow . thanks HD for making me smoke gold

  169. Still a favorite of mine, this batch dis not disappoint.

  170. Unique smell and taste with citrus hints. Great crystal coverage

  171. Best sativa on the sight.

  172. Very nice.

  173. Pretty great all-around.

  174. amazing smoke!

  175. ordered the sativa sample pack and this one was in the top 2 or 3 for sure. amazing quality. will order this next time

  176. Long time ‘White Widow” fan here. This is the best cross I’ve smoked! Nice and smooth pine/lemon taste and a great high. Wouldn’t think twice about ordering again. Good job @ HD/KLR GLD!

  177. It’s everything you can ask for in a strain – smooth, tasty and potent

  178. Anonymous

    Not bad! Pretty Hazy however there are a few lil’ premature seeds in the batch I got.. which is a bummer for AAAA grade. All in all a decent smoke w/ nice effects.

  179. Please bring back the White Haze of your October 2015 stock…………..this stuff is still killer but it used to smell and taste way hazier! Bring that lemon grass back to the masses…………I still love you guys though:)

  180. Very potent stinky sativa. Smells like jungle air and fruit, this batch is even better than the last one. I love sativas in the evening, more so than Indica and this one is great for that. Great for picking up your mood, even better if your already in a good mood, I like the after effects of this strain more than the high itself, about 2 hours after a bowl I feel very euphoric focused and uplifted, this continues on for several hours after smoking (like the after glow of a psychedelic) the power of this strain comes through when you smoke it once and leave it alone, enjoying the godly after effects. This should def be a staple strain of this site!

  181. Better than the sliver haze . Smells just amazing compared to others I’ve had. Bright green & tight nugs , uplifting high

  182. If your a haze fan, then you’ll love this sicky icky. Smells great. Klr glds best

  183. I like this sativa. It gives me a great high. It is not too harsh just right.

  184. Great fruity haze smell, buds look better than pics with some huge nugs and no leafs. High is pleasant uplifting and enjoyable and not to be under estimated, potent. I have too many favorites but this is one of them

  185. Anonymous

    Nice sweet flavor. On my fave list at the moment

  186. nice flavor, strength and buzz. a must try. i loved it!

  187. Firm taste, but no harshness. Robust. Understated mellow buzz. Very nice for weekends or unwinding. Doesn’t hit like an indica, but smooths you out. Great for conquering something stressful. Perfect for sorting your bills and savings, making grocery lists and all that jazz.

  188. Great smoke looks very nice and tastes amazing

  189. Love this strain. Great head high. Burns nice. Extreme red eye however. 5/7 perfect score.

  190. Favorite strain so far…. buds were immaculate and the taste was extraordinary . placing a second order already smoked my first batch. Cant wait for more.

  191. Anonymous

    Wow. This KLR GLD vendor has my attention. Between this and the UK White Widow some of the best buds I’ve ever had. Large, chunky, dense, coated buds, cured to perfection. Oh, did I mention potent? One of my most favorite sativas ever. Thanks again, HD.

  192. Top notch sativa that is always reliable from HD. Very comparable to the Super Lemon Haze, but better in my opinion, as the overall smell is just more hazy without the lemon influence which is something I enjoy. The high is very heady, and also hits stronger than the SLH IMO- probably due to the slight indica influence coming from the White Widow which also adds a tad of pine to the smell which blends nice to the haziness. Nug structure is nice and dense for a sativa which is always a nice bonus. Anyone looking for a nice wake and bake strain to pair with a cup of coffee, or if you just enjoy exotic hazy terps then give this strain a shot- they keep bringing it back for a reason ;)!

  193. Beautiful, tasty, berry, fruity, stinky buds!! Great daytime!

  194. This is a very peppery sativa, love the taste and smell in my vape. Giving this 4 stars though because it triggered my anxiety with a higher dose and I found the effects very short lived. The buds, however, are dense, very sticky, and full of crystals.

  195. Wooooow, this is amazing stuff, can’t believe i overlooked this one, Smells jusy like shiskaberry (fruity pebbles) and coveeeered in crystal, one lil bong hit and i am nicely baked, Love HD! some of the best weed i’ve ever smoked with 16 years in the game

  196. The smell is amazing. the buds are dank. smoke was clear. i was expecting more from the high tho.

  197. Anonymous

    This stuff is amazing. 5/5. Would buy again.

  198. Really potent taste great nice looking buds 5/5 stuff!

  199. Great anytime smoke. Reminds me of honey comb cereal. Super sweet frosted buds. Dense and when you pull the bud apart you can just see the frost coming apart. This batch of white haze is a batch you wanna get. Never been let down when I order white haze.

  200. Very strong strain i recommand for experienced smokers, great sativa, top quality

  201. Mmmmmmmmmmm. So tasty! These are some damn yummy buds. So sweet and sticky. And the buzz is of the charts. Kept me well lit all afternoon.

  202. This and Moby Dick Diesel are by far my favourite sativa’s. Love the smell and taste smells like citrus and lemons and kind of earthy/piney. And the taste is so sweet. Usually an indica smoker because of my insomnia but there’s no day time smoke that will make u feel better and more productive than this strain. Thanks HD for suck quality product, but please try and get the Moby Dick Diesel back.

  203. I vaporize exclusively, no smoking. After trying this strain the last time HD had it, I fell in love. As a veteran consumer, this is my favorite strain and I’ve tried LOTS of strains. The mix of alertness with a nice calm body stone is one that can’t be beat for me. As others have mentioned, it has a very citrusy / lemony smell. This smell is the best smelling herb I have ever smelled and the effects are exactly what I’m looking for. Just received my new order and it’s just as good as the last in every way. I suggest that everyone at least try this strain. Please continue to stock this one HD!

  204. This is undoubtedly my favourite strain I’ve ordered from HD. The buds are a beautiful light green with a lot of trichromes. The smell is amazing, a nice mix of pine and citrus. The best part however, is the taste. Very sweet, almost like candy, and a bit lemony. The high is very powerful, but controllable. I enjoy this strain when I’m doing chores around the house as well as when I’m just enjoying some gaming or Netflix. Very good daytime-use cannabis.

    I would definitely consider it one of the nicest strains I’ve had the pleasure of trying and certainly the best tasting cannabis I can remember. I would highly, highly recommend this strain to anyone.

  205. Excellent strain. My girlfriend smelled the bud and nicknamed it Silver Tingle. It has a very attractive scent, and the high is extremely relaxing while at the same time engendering a feeling of general happiness. Great for anxiety.

  206. I love the way this weed grind up in my grinder so fluffy and perfect for joints

  207. This is Fire. Maybe not as potent as the Jack, but fuck me it smells incredible, as awesome as anything I have tried in a very long time. Clear, focused, happy, energetic and deep, looking forward to exploring the depths of thishaze. Smells like creamy chemical-like fruits and incense, slightly piney, very expansive on the lungs and mind, similar to Super Lemon Haze in smell. Bud Structure is extraordinary, frost coverage maximum, very dense for a Sativa, simply: perfection.

  208. Buds are very light green and caked in crystals! Also the lemon Pine taste is great. Definitely a Top Shelf

  209. I will say that this is some of the most impressive bud I’ve ever had – perfectly grown, trimmed and glass cured into nearly impenetrable rock hard wedges. Lots of crystal, so much so that I find it to ‘hit a little too hard’… warning: this is the type of bud you hear people saying will ‘rip your head off’. Ultra high quality and potent bud… a bit too strong for me.

  210. Anonymous

    Best sativa on the site

  211. I vaporize exclusively, no smoking. After trying this strain in the sample pack, it is my #2 sativa pick behind Girl Scout Cookies. This strain was amazing for me because I found it very intoxicating but still very functional for daytime use. White Haze seems to get me almost drunk in a way. It’s hard to describe but I liked it so much that I just bought a quarter! LOL However, there’s still a bit of sedation mixed in which reminds me that I’m stoned, not drunk. It’s easy to be social on this strain. Beautiful smell, very citrusy. Extremely similar to Moby Dick but with less anxiety for me. You will not be disappointed with this strain.

  212. Looks like the pictures, spongey light green, citrusy scent, hazey-sweet smell. The odour is pungent, my buddies we’re smelling it from afar when I opened my bag.

    I agree with other who have said that this one is harsh smoke.
    The ash is very clean but I had a hard time pulling on the spliffs.

    I decided to try a higher priced product 240′, instead of 2×14(@110)

    I probably won’t do that again, I prefer the 2×110 in terms of variety and price because quality was very similar. I would say that quality might be a little higher but I dont want to encourage these kind of prices.

    I dont buy much indicas here because On the streets there are cheaper ones. I go for the sativas because due to their long flowering times and fussyness, ithey are not commercialized over here.

    As far as quality, high quality for sure.
    The high I found to be exhausting at the end.

    It’s got a sedating aspect, definitely not paranoia inducing.

    Thanks hd

  213. Great to smoke and still get things done!

  214. great sativa, recommended!

  215. Got my half q in one fat spear shaped bud along with another nice looking half grammer that’s going in the rainy day stash. I was pretty hesitant to break into the bud I got, as it is so picturesque and uniform. The sizeable bud I got is really dense but still the slightest bit spongy yet, and it reeks of a heavy, hazy lime-iness, with very little of the sweet n sour White Widow coming through at all whatsoever. Really peppery in the vape, as well. Sharp, piercing high that is definitely UP makes this feel more like a straight haze initially, but soon enough the widow presents herself with her initially warmish, eventually numbing touch as well, after all. Mentally stimulating but still somewhat physically relaxing at the same, it’s pretty invigorating stuff and I can already see myself getting lots of stuff accomplished with this strain. Easy to see why this is a becoming a menu staple, this strain is great. Thanks HD!

    Ps. Only ever had properly grown White Widow a couple times before, and while it may be plain jane for some people, I enjoyed it enough those two times to probably call it my favorite strain, I think. I would so love to see what you guys could source for some White Widow, or other crosses of too (the UKxWW was some fantastic smoke, thank you!!).

  216. Buds looked unreal smell was 5 star , high lasts a while and I was super energized and motivated right away , great batch HD

  217. This is one kickass strain 🙂 Beautifully crafted nugs, dense and well cured, amazing fresh smell with some hints of lemon. By far one of the best sativas I have tried from HD! Classic haze onset that slowly and gently melts into a relaxed body high and leaves you lifted, relaxed, and smiling all day:) great job HD

  218. Anonymous

    I LOVE this bud. Absolutely love it. Dense tight nugs, frosty as hell, well cured, and the smell is just mmmmmmmm. I was actually expecting it to smell more “woodsy, earthy,” as the description states but I find this strain to have that lemony scent, which probably means its high in limonene (terpene). That just makes it so much more appealing:) Also love the fact its a nicely balanced hybrid. A 70/30 sativa dominant split is exactly what the doctor ordered. Amazing job, HD!

  219. A1 Sativa. Good stuff HD

  220. Beautifully cured and trimmed. Tastes great and awesome sativa high

  221. My favorite sativa so far!

  222. Anonymous

    Ordered an ounce received massive nugs! The high is definitely uplifting with no burn out! Great burn weed smelled a lil lemony/chemically but the high dun lie.

  223. Anonymous

    Great smoke. Another 5 star!

  224. Anonymous

    Great smoke loved this one for the daytime

  225. This is pretty nice stuff. My only complaint would be that the harsher taste. Other then that the buds look perfect, they are super dense, covered in crystal and even a little sticky. I found this one to be a nice hybrid with uplifting sativa onset, followed by a sleepy indica come down.

  226. awsome buds nice unique smell

  227. I found this to be very energetic, which is what I look for in a sativa. I really enjoyed this one, full of crystal, lots of build up in my sativa grinder for making goodies. love it.

  228. I like white haze. It did not make me feel sleepy

  229. Excellent sativa. I bought a 1/4 a few weeks ago and finally pressed it into rosin today. Nice dense, sticky buds. Smells so amazing and different from anything else I’ve tried. Tastes almost lemony when dabbed. Great buzz, felt it first behind my eyes. Now my mind is running a mile a minute, but very positive vibes. Gave me a good yield for rosin ~19%. I don’t have much experience with Hazes but if they’re all like this, I want more. 5/5

  230. Anonymous

    Earthy Pine smell, great tasting. Clean energetic buzz. Very focused , balanced high. Def one of my favs. Highly recommended!!!!

  231. Loved the white haze. Beauty smoke. Looks amazing. Highly recommended.

  232. great head buzz. make you wander in your fantasies..

  233. One of the best from the sample pack. I’m re ordering more.

  234. Very good buzz not the sleepy kind and nice frosty nugs love anything haze lol great job!

  235. Anonymous

    Im an indica fan but this one was great. Great medication and no coma after lol

  236. Easily one of the strongest strains purchased. highly recommended

  237. I got some of this in a sativa sample pack recently, Mmmmmm haze, small buds but a nice punch. classic bud like high school.

  238. Last time I had this strain I was in love. Huge dense nugs caked in crystal. This stuff is a classic and it never fails to impress. The high is great. Keeps you uplifted and energetic for hours after a good sesh. This is one of those “must have” strains. ?

  239. One of the best Sativa I’ve had from this site.
    Great tasting and uplifting plant…

  240. Very happy with those small but dense buds . Pressed 22.5% of very tasty rosin . Pine and citrus dabs ,very focus high , love it .

  241. This is a very uplifting sativa with a wonderful potency. It smells and tastes just like a good haze should with a very clean burn. If you’re a music lover or just enjoy being creative this is what you want. If you want an edge in any sort of competition this stuff is mental steroids.

  242. Got this as a substitute and was pleaseantly surprised. Can taste both haze and a bit of citrus. Energizing as well

  243. Hit this one up a few weeks ago on my last order. Was very impressed with the look and the quality of smoke. Thanks HD !!

  244. great strain, clear head and no burn out

  245. Very tasty, nice high and quality product!

  246. very very tasty for herb i smoke shatter mostly but this flower made me appreciate quality in the bud and not just extracts plus very potent and kills anxiety!!

  247. Really loving the haze selection HD has to offer. This one was easy use for the day. Smells good, burns good. Keeps you up, and ready to take on the day in creative ways.

  248. Amazing quality even for HD. Great smell, taste and high. Exactly as advertised.

  249. Definitely in the top 3 of the sample pack. White haze had one of the best euphoric, uplifting highs I’ve ever had. Long lasting effects, would get again.

  250. Anonymous

    Hits hard, smells awesome!! Effects hit hard initially. Great for treating anxiety

  251. Anonymous

    I’m having a great time with this strain, I mean the buds are so frosty! Taste is great, kinda chokes you up but isn’t that what you want?!

  252. Good day smoke, thanks HD!

  253. Reoccurring fav in my stash box5/5!

  254. The best sativa no doubt. The most potent of the variety pack and tastes perfect

  255. Anonymous

    Man, White Haze is a little puff of Heaven !! I’m feeling great ! Keep up the good work Dispatch Gods !

  256. Love this strain , in my opinion it should be 11 a g , great buy for a sativa , wicked smell with a direct cerebral effect , imediate head high, awesome taste !! Covered in crystal this bud will not disapoint anyone who knows anything about sativas , thanks again HD !!!
    4.9 imo

  257. Very piney almost citrus like smell. Really good strain for the morning. Doesn’t make you tired through the day.

  258. Nice morning strain, the taste was sweet, the smell was so good I would buy air freshener thats smells like it.

  259. I love the strong outdoors smell, nice light taste, good burn and nice buzz.

  260. Very clear energetic high! Not the most potent but I could fully function on this stuff. Good taste too! Would order again.

  261. I may have just ordered too much of this but you get tired of it after a week. Leaves you wanting to try something else.
    it was an excellent energy boost in the beginning though, very awake high!

  262. This is some of the best smelling bud I’ve ever had, it gave off a very sweet and pungent smell, nugs were extremely dense and were big, the high is a head high with little couch lock. 4.5/5

  263. Not the strongest Sativa I have tried at this site[Super lemon Haze took that honor], but close enough to make it a standard of excellence for decent Sativa.
    You can’t go wrong with this strain, and I enjoyed it every time I tried it. Vaping is the way to best enjoy these strong strains,in my opinion, and the vapor just keeps coming and coming, demonstrating that there is a lot of THC here.

  264. This was absolutely beautiful! Smells and tastes great. I felt uplifted and wonderful after smoking this. Will definitely have to order again. Great job HD!

  265. I purchased white haze back in January and it was labeled as an indica back then but now it is labeled as a sativa… very confused about that… but back when I had it as an indica it was a full body high and felt great!

  266. White haze is a really good sativa, really soft taste high kick, I’ve bough with a sample pack, however I will order some more spare of this strain… it smells awesome…

  267. Another great one. In many cases I prefer the regular to the organic version. In this case, I think I preferred the Organic White HAze I had awhile back but this was still very good!

  268. I had to take a double toke of this in order to realize what I was smoking. Such a powerful sativa buzz. But without that annoying paranoia. So good it made do a spit toke! Get it? Spit take. Spit toke? Ah! You don’t get it.

  269. This is the best sativa I have ever smoked. If I had to judge only by taste and softness, this is the best pot I have ever smoked in my life. The high is typically sativa with some kick to hit, very good strain. Will buy again without any hesitation.

  270. A toke of this and it does the job better than a xl double double.

  271. Newer to the site and this is One of the best I’ve tried so far. Tried a different sativa this order, will be going back to the jack this next order.

  272. Francois
    If this strain will not get you up and going, check your pulse. It is akin to becoming your own beast of burden, but a happy productive one. Expect hard, perfectly preened nuggets.

  273. Amazing and powerfull herb! Energic!

  274. 5/5 for look & smells. Buzz was light, perfect for daytime. Preferred the buzz of Hawaiian Haze, a bit more intense then the White Haze buzz.

  275. Great high! Good taste and smell

  276. Top notch bud. One of my faves in the sampler. Nice and densely packed.

  277. Anonymous

    This was a great high! Was able to function during the day and it smokes real nice!

  278. Smells great and smokes real nice… Definitely will get more next time.

  279. Enjoyed this strain just not my absolute favorite smell is very strong and hazey which is a big plus! Clear high and not over powerful

  280. Floral/herby smelling, very nice. Tastes good. My favourite high so far. Potent. Delivers good feelings and munchies.

  281. Great Sativa high, more mild. Great for a person who wants to be active during the day. Nice flavour as well.

  282. This strain is a solid purchase. You get solid buds and the smoke makes you remember a better day. By far my favorite since I have joined this site.

    This made my gaming session of dice rolling a lot more involving.

  283. Great tasting smoke. Goes straight to the head. Clear high with a calming effect. Definitely can recommend for a more chilled out sativa high.

  284. All the hazes I’ve tried are great, but I have to put amnesia above this for the reason of price. Still a great purchase, the head high is clean lasts a while.

  285. One of my favourite Sativa strains I’ve had from HD. No burn out, great taste. Both this haze and amnesia haze are a must try

  286. This strain is the best sativa so far that i have tryed the smell is unbelivable taste is right there aswell strong buzz i hope there more left when im ready for more !

  287. I love haze’s, and this one resonates very nicely with me.
    Also tasty enough to be moreish.

  288. Got this one in my Sativa sample pack. Full MFLB trench resulted in immediate strong effect. Very heady and clean high. I experienced no heart racing or anxiety. Very wide awake, energetic, and creative.

  289. Anonymous

    Kicked in at a decent speed and kept me going. Not as long lasting as I’d hope but definitely does the trick. Got me pretty zoned out too

  290. Beautiful hard nugs with a hard hitting high

  291. I consume cannabis for a few medical reasons now, but from trying this one (maybe from the haze heritage?) I found that it also helps me a lot with my mood disorders (I wasn’t aiming for this the first time I noticed this, as I didn’t expect it) but I found this one really helps to uplift my down moods, and I love the haze taste! For me, it was nice, clean head-high even though I generally prefer Indica over Sativa, this one is another one of those Sativas that is a must have in my menu!

    5 star from me.

    I also believe that for every strain, the effects for each individual are likely different, so I think it’s best to try different strains yourself to see what works best for you.

  292. The trichromes on this stuff are amazing. Would deff cop again, I just didn’t care for the smell to much that’s why the 4 stars.

  293. One of my fav. Buds are full compact of crystal and a small amount gives you a strong good lasting high! Must buy 🙂

  294. strong. Knocks you out

  295. I find this stuff to be very similar to the Hawaiian Haze but stronger. It has that grassy smell out of the bag but I find this stuff has a fuel/cleaner taste/smell mixed in there too. The buzz is a 4.5.

  296. Great for daytime smoking, clean head high with increased motivation and creativity. Sweet smelling and densely crystallized buds. It’s become one of my new favourites.

  297. Great daytime med…. Nice energetic buzz. Taste ok…Nice solid nugs andclean burning

  298. Just as pictured and well trimmed. Good taste and buzz.

  299. Love this strain.
    Energizing and great for daytime.

  300. This batch is okay…..3 of my 7 g’s were smaller than the bottom of the bag nuggs I purchased for $70 an oz. Smell not as potent as last batch. Not sure what happened, loved the batch around Christmas………do I still rate White Haze? I may be reluctant to order again with out testing a sampler 1st.

    Sorry HD comme ci comme ca 3 starts 🙁

  301. This “White Haze” is a good product, not my fav but it’s still better then anything I’ve smoked before becoming a member here!

  302. Anonymous

    I really want to like this batch, but I don’t. It smells musty & not potent in the least. I had a gram way back in a sample pack and was very impressed, but this batch seems to pale in comparison. Too bad I bought a 1/4. Save your $ and get Blue Dream or UK Cheese if premium sativa is what you seek.

  303. Lovely fluffy golden buds covered in crystal. A very smooth smoke. Not grassy like some Sativa’s. Great for whatever you need to get done.

  304. Very good in all aspects

  305. Definetly daytime smoke, i was alert and giggly all day. Not a strong smell or flavour to it but potent and super smooth, perfectly cured and excellent quality. Thanks HD.

  306. Had a very good taste and hits you nice and smooth. Really liked this bud even tho I’m not a big haze fan, 4 on 5 from me!

  307. Great Taste and Strong looks skunk and dank!!

  308. This batch is just as good as the last ones.Buds are dense and sticky with lots of crystals. Very nice taste/smell and the high is energizing and it doesn’t burn you out. This is great for getting work done or just staying up forever.

  309. great looking and compact buds, full of crystals and not many leaves
    smells sort of earthy and tastes very smooth and familiar
    really do like this stuff

  310. Excellent strain. Not as tasty as the organic version I got awhile back, but similar smell and look. Very nice effect!

  311. Another 5 star

  312. Epic sativa! Second time grabbing this one really worth a try if you haven’t already.

  313. Really nice looking buds, covered with tons of trichomes.
    Great buzz, and realy nice clean burning.
    Definately would buy again

  314. Great looking bud! Perfectly cured, well grown, ash burns white, nice smooth feel and taste! found it to be a bit of a creeper. Strong tingly head high without the couch lock. 4.8 stars would be an accurate rating.

  315. This is beautiful! holy shit the smell and the taste are exceptional, and the haze high with the one of the white rhino feels perfect. Tried many, this is one of my fav

  316. Ok bud, but certainly nothing special. Mid grade flower at best.

  317. Super tasty bud. Covered in thc and the usual high quality curing and trim job. Another 5 out of 5

  318. Great bud. Strong sweet flavour, burns really smooth.
    Strong lasting head high 5/5

  319. Great bud! Nice to have in the sample pack. Very frosty and smooth smoking. Love this strain, thanks HD!

  320. Anonymous

    Wow! I can’t believe what a great combo this is. Really feel the old school WW, then a kick on the exhale where you really taste that haze. Was feeling great for a good 90 minutes after a very small dose. A must have for any cannabiseur out there. Thanks HD, 5/5

  321. LAST batch review: DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS BATCH FYI (Saved some nugs until today where I thought I would bust down on some).
    Looks: Nice and tight perfectly manicured nugs -> EXACTLY AS SHOWN ON PICTURE NO BS
    Taste: Grassy but, smooth on the exhale. Tastes similar to a very light Jack Herer kind of taste without having the extreme resinous after taste.
    High: Alert, euphoric and not a over bearing heady high.

  322. great tasting bud i will have to get more of this on my next order

  323. The citrus/pine flavour of this strain is delicious. As described, it produces a warm euphoric high. Very pleased I picked this up.

  324. What gorgeous bud. It looks perfect and comes with a nice steady, strong head high. Love those widow genetics.

  325. White haze has a nice taste and high! Would buy again 5/5 Stars

  326. Heavy buds for a sativa, ordered this white haze and another strain but couldn’t get enough of this.

  327. Taste good and very dank!!

  328. The white haze is a very nice strand, almost similar to the silver haze. Has a very nice piney smell to it, the smoke is beautiful!

  329. Solid great looking buds. It had a nice floral taste and great uplifting high.. I can’t say enough how thankful that I am to have found HD.. Thank you HD…

  330. Very tasty, very clean. Would buy again for sure.

  331. Love this strain…can’t go wrong….premo bud

  332. One of my go to sativas to date! Nugs are so beautiful and they smoke smooth. Very crystal and pretty dense. Mmm delicious and you get very high 🙂

  333. Anonymous

    Everything about this was excellent. Looks, smell and a unique taste in a good way. 5* for sure! Thanks HD

  334. I never pass this strain up! Such an amazing sativa. Clean, smooth and long lasting.

  335. A good taste, nice smoke, good clear headed buzz. Expected it to be a little stronger based on the reviews, but still thoroughly enjoy this. Perfect for daytime medicating.

  336. very high quality sativa. looks smells and tastes clean.

  337. Great for getting work done.

  338. This Bud has a lot of crystals and has a really strong dank to it. Really good for sativa lovers.

  339. Very cerebral effect.As a new member having just ordered for the first time ,this is the first flower I picked and was definitely not disappointed.Thank you for the fast and discrete service HD!Looking forward to more of your products in the future.

  340. This is very nice aromatic and pungent. Delivers a very nice body stone that doesn’t lock you to the couch , unless you let it LOL. Went for a good long walk. It only took a couple of hits and the pain was gone. Definitely keeping this in the medicine cabinet. Goodbye Tylenol. I rate this at 4.8/5. Thanks HD, John

  341. This is great stuff should give it a try!

  342. Long lasting, beautiful high.

  343. Amazing! Very happy with the entire experience.

  344. Creative and clear headed, energetic long lasting high. Tastes great!

  345. love this one my top 5

  346. Anonymous

    awsome strain

  347. Smells just great and the high is very uplifting and long lasting. Potent and strong too!

  348. Beautiful crystal buds, smooth flavour. Sativa at its best. This is a trippy high! Wonderful batch, lovely manicure….dont think true Sativa gets much better than this!!

  349. nice high quality stuff here. white crystals. nice grey ash. great quality of high all good

  350. New favorite great buds amazing smoke. Thx guys two thumbs up.

  351. Good to smoke during the day. But it did make me a bit anxious.
    Nice looking bud & smell .

  352. I have severe chronic pain and have tried almost every Sativa offered for a good ‘daytime high’. White Haze has been the best, by far.
    It has a very clean burn and produces (for myself) a very creative and energetic high. Worth (re)purchasing.

  353. Awesome for my muscle spasms, great taste was worried about the high at first but definitely creeped up on me!

  354. Yeah, this is nice! Sticky bud, smooth smoke. Good for my deep aches. Shy of a couple of hours for relief after a small bowl. I’m enjoying for certain!

  355. Amazing buds. I have tried all different kinds and all are good, but this one is clearly the best in my opinion. Strong smell and great taste too. No burn out.

  356. Anonymous

    This is some masterfully mind-melting marijuana, man. I usually only buy organic buds, but that 4.9 review number just kept staring at me for months. Taunting me. Making fun of my strict organic bud preference. What a jerk. Anyway, I’m glad I did, because this is a very loud sativa dominant behemoth. Not for newbies or folks prone to anxiety.

  357. Awesome stone, nice small buds, very up lifting stone

  358. Wasn’t as great by the end as it was to start, taste was nice, minty a bit? But not terribly relaxing, and it didn’t help anxiety. More of a good social product I’d say. Will add that I usually don’t find sativa as effective for anxiety so take it with a grain of salt.

  359. The buds themselves are beautiful, very frosty – the high lasted quite a while actually had a very euphoric feel to it.
    Would and have recommended !

  360. beautiful bud, beautiful smoke, nice clean white ash colour and very potent! would happily recommend to anyone

  361. Good smell, nice buds. This was the first one I tried from here and it made a very good impression. Surpassed my expectations.

  362. Looks exactly as the picture. Very puffy, lots of crystals, looks potent. Feels like a very high end nug. Smells very exotic and sort of fruity mixed with dank . Taste is not the best, and is super harsh but is a very energetic and strong mind high. I was on some hash earlier and when I smoked this, I got out of my couch lock completely and was pretty damn buzzed. Only reason is 4 is the taste is not the best. But all other aspects its a 5.

  363. Very strong strain and nice looking sticky nugs too! HD does it again!

  364. Nice morning smoke.

  365. Super potent. Really smooth, great smoke. Nice nugs!

  366. Absolutely love the smell and taste of this strain,
    it burns nice and the high lasts for a long time!!

  367. Excellent daytime smoke!!

  368. Just a nice as last batch. Great strong soaring sativa high. Very very heady.

  369. Anonymous

    Hands down my new favriote! Super potent.

  370. This stuff is Top Shelf ! Definitely a Favorite !

  371. Another fabulous purchases and a five star strain. Great color, lots of crystal, nice taste and smell to the buds. Compact buds, and a long lasting high to it. Love the white haze!

  372. Anonymous

    One of my favourites. Good taste, nice buds

  373. Great bud and great high. I have Fibro so I have a lot of pain daily and smoke instead of taking pills for pain and this strain worked nicely.

  374. Very nice herbal has done it again

  375. Another awsome strain/kind of pot here,everything about it was great.Never Disappointed with the products.GreatWork HD,Keep it upp guys.Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  376. Fantastic smell, super dense buds fully loaded with trichomes. #2 to green crack for me as an energetic and uplifting sativa.

  377. Well I expected bug things from this as I love white widow. A decent smoke no doubt but the Amnesia seems a bit stronger.

  378. Wow!

    Loved everything about this cross! Amazing looking nuggs, dusted in trichomes and orange hairs! Very dense tightly spun flowers, beautiful looking specimen. The nose on this when you crack one open is very lemon and grass like, one little guy can stink up an entire floor. The effect off this is great! Very uplifting, energetic creative kind of feeling.

    Embrace the White Haze!

  379. Wow, very nice buds, super dense and perfectly dried. This is a strong high and hits right away.

  380. Reordered this one , enjoyed it so much the first time . This is hand down my favorite sativa strain HD offers ! Smell and taste are amazing , nugs looks gorgeous not typical sativa nug structure and finally the high is out of this world. This strain hits me hard like and indica but with the effects of a sativas after a couple minutes and last very long . A+++++++ 5 stars , ordering this everytime it comes on the menu 🙂

  381. This was hard not to reorder great quality and haze smell.

  382. This strain was a great pick me up in the mornings, very energetic stone. A great way to start the day!

  383. Really nice buds
    Wicket taste
    Great for bedtime

  384. This has been my favorite sativa to date. Like someone said it smells just the Mobydick diesel but in my opinion White Haze has a stronger high and taste. This is the kind of bud you smoke for optimal concentration and creativity. 5/5

  385. Anonymous

    Argh I just placed and received what was supposed to be my final order before the holidays and there was supposed to be an ounce of white haze on it but before i ordered it a week or two ago they ran out of it hours before i placed my order.
    Point being i now have buyers remorse because this is the best tasting bud i have ever come across and i regret due to financial reasons i probably wont see any of this batch.
    Im not normally a sativa person but it has the perfect amount of indica in it and it comes across in the bud structure. Like i said taste is amazing like vanilla, stimulative effect i felt my legs and feet tapping and rocking a lot after imbibing.

  386. This strain looks amazing got so high started thinking bout the most random stuff felt really spaced out i orderd 7 grams of this stuff love it

  387. Anonymous

    This has been my 5-6th order with Herbal Dispatch since I discovered them. This is hands down one of my favourites that i’ve ever had. In smell, taste, and effect qualities! Absolutely amazing, and looks better in person than it does in the picture. It sparkles! Thank you HD, your service is honestly the best thing going. Love from the east coast!

  388. Gorgeous large buds smelling of sweet citrus and eucalyptus, clean burn and very smooth. Very similar aroma to Moby Dick Diesel if you’ve every tried the moby. Smoked myself a raw king size joint and I was uplifted and the high felt mellow while not making me feel lazy.

    Being that this white haze is a sativa, it has mostly a cerebral high, so keep that in mind when ordering.

    HD has done it again!

  389. This stuff is amazing. More then a 5. Wikkit piney taste & smell. The haze is all over this one. Solid 1-2 gram buds.

  390. This is the best i ever have and get it up sam and his team

  391. A lot smaller buds but a nice strain had to give this a try since I loved the whitewidow I’ve come across before

  392. terrific sativa, smells very fruity as others have mentioned. my second favourite sativa off the site behind super lemon haze. highly recommended

  393. just love at first scent lol….. it smells really fruity cant pin point what it smells like but damn its good !!! and the taste follows the smell just perfect with just a haze note in the background and the high is nice last a good bit would defiantly buy again !!! recommended

  394. I wish I could rate this more than five stars. It looks just perfect. After a single use I could tell this is not your average flower. The effects and flavour are very pleasant. I should have gotten more of this one, yummm!

  395. Looks good !

  396. Very good. Lots of crystals, nice and sticky. Very smooth and tasted good, while still being able work or socialize.

  397. AMAZING!

  398. Very very very crystaly and headdie high two thumbs up forsure

  399. Olley my fucking god was my first word xD … Damn its special , haze its new for me but def feel the withe widoe in this strain !!! Fucking nice

  400. Great bag appeal. Smells fantastic. I am stoned.

  401. Lemony goodness!! Got this today and have to say it has the characteristic haze smell right off the bat. The buds are chunky, dense and THC-laden. Very frosty looking. When ground up, the smell is intense lemons and citrus. The vapor was very tasty and I found the high to be clearheaded with literally zero burn out. Great Sativa, that’s 2/2 with HD so far :D.

  402. I really liked the look of the buds from this strain,It had an awsome taste and pretty smooth smoke.Another Great Sativa from HD.hope to see a sativa sample pack sometime in the future.Other then that Keepupp the GreatWork HD.Cust 4Life Here 🙂

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