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White Clear Sphere (Mota) – CBD

(30 customer reviews)


* 2017 Cannabis Cup Canada 3rd place winner for Best CBD Edible

1 25 gram “White Clear Sphere” for $20

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

2017 Cannabis Cup Canada 3rd place winner for Best CBD Edible

This Pineapple jelly, made with CBD isolate is a convenient and tasty way to get your daily cbd. It can easily be cut into 5 equal 20mg pieces for accurate dosing.

Contains: Approximately 100 mg CBD per whole jelly, 20 mg per 1/5th

Ingredients: CBD Isolate, corn syrup, sugar , gelatin, citric acid, sorbitol, natural and artificial flavours and colours, coconut oil and carnauba wax.

* The White Clear Sphere may lose form or melt a little during the summer heat.

** This product does not contain any THC.

30 reviews for White Clear Sphere (Mota) – CBD

  1. Good for general pain relief. A half a slice does the trick for me. Also nice to have before you go to sleep.

  2. First of all these taste amazing. I wish they came in a bigger size or something but I do like these for anxiety. I won’t be purchasing often due to price and the lack of THC content. I did notice, however, that when I had a couple pieces of the gummy in the morning, I was able to keep a more level head in terms of my anxiety levels for the first half of the day.

  3. Nice body buzz prefer the thc version though but great product nonetheless

  4. I have been eating a section every morning for the last few days and I find that it’s been helping me with my anxiety. It also tastes great! I feel more calm and focused.

  5. Excellent CBD edible. Good for managing stress and mild pain relief. I try to include this item with every order.

  6. Purchased for myself and my family member who suffer chronic pain. Cut this up into 5 pieces even…. great application and great for pain management.

  7. I found the product is good more of a candy product. It takes a bit of the edge off I prefer the chocolates. I would still buy this product but maybe only when it was on sale.

  8. Tastes great, loosens up my tight muscles. Very relaxing, definitely recommend.

  9. taste good. but didn’t seem to work to good. don’t think i would buy it again.

  10. Very nice and full effect . Great taste will try again better than other cbd candies I tried. Nothing more to say. Enjoy !!

  11. Very great product! The taste & smell are excellent! ?? It was my first time with CBD, got the effect an hour after and during about 1h30… was a very cool buzz! I recommend it to everyone who want to try ???

  12. great taste and long lasting effect. Does what its told its supposed to do!!! and i must re-add great taste.

  13. I suppose the onus is on me to have been more diligent in the product description- I thought there would be a few of these “balls” in the pouch. To my surprise, there was the one.

    It was exceptionally fresh.

    I did have to segment out the pieces with a knife.

    It took 2 pieces for impact for a state of anxiety relief and relaxation- which lasted a good sum of time.

    I will order again, however the price is mediocre for the result.

    Not sad, but not happy.

  14. The taste was good but it didnt help me at all maybe if it was stronger but was not for me

  15. Very weak and I am a first time user. Taste is fine.

  16. this is the best for anxiety!!!life changing and i love it!

  17. First time trying a edible without THC, and I much prefer this edible as just CBD! The taste was amazing best way to describe it was similar but not quite like pina colada.

    I have nerve damage and it helped with the pain and I had a headache when I took it and the headache went away and helped calm me to sleep.

    I am definitely reordering again !

  18. I’m not a daily user and first time trying a CBD only product. The flavour of the sphere was fantastic , also noticed if you plan on splitting it up into multi doses , you’ll need a sharp knife to do it cleanly. I bit off 1/2 of the sphere for my first dose. If the mg count was correct , I had about 50-60mg of CBD …. the effects from it were what I thought it would be . Not much in the way of change. I was hoping for a really mellow evening and it did mellow me out to an extent and left a nice warm feeling all around, but that’s about it . After a beer It was an enjoyable evening .

    I didn’t take it for pain relief , so I cant comment on how that would have worked, but it was a nice and relaxing night. THAT I can comment on. Tomorrow I try the suppositories 🙂 Check in for that review…..


  19. Great taste…. helped me to relax but not very potent. Would def order again.

  20. Girlfriend hates THC effects and these help her migraines without any psychoactive effect. Loses form so cannot be torn apart with ease.

  21. I tried this after the thc version and I must say it is potent stuff! This candy helped with my pain, mental state, helped me relax if I needed, helped with appetite and mood. If I wanted it for pain, I found a half of a slice was enough. The taste is great and I didn’t notice any cannabis taste. I would order again, and recommend this for people with a higher tolerance. Love love love

  22. I found this product very effective. I do not smoke pot, can’t stand being high. This CBD candy really helps with pain and also helps with sleeping without getting or feeling high. For myself I cut each of the 5 pieces into 3 so one package lasts me about 15 days.
    The flavor is pretty good tastes like pineapple. Consistency is like a regular jelly candy, I let it melt in my mouth slowly before bed. No taste of CBD at all. When I first started taking CBD I tried it in oil form. My dosage was .5ml.(cutting 1 of the pieces in 3 gives just a little more than the .5ml) The oil form is a bit messy. This candy is much more convenient.

  23. Amazing for pain and before bed

  24. Very good item – definitely helps calm you down and easy to self-dose. The flavour isn’t the greatest, but otherwise a great product.

  25. A high dosage in a small yummy pineapple gummy. My wife likes to eat a section before bed.

  26. Works as described. I am currently working out the dosage. Taste pineapplely wonderful.

  27. Anonymous

    I enjoyed it for a relaxed mood for a bit. The ingredient content of this was disappointing however. It tastes great so I get they had to add a lot to cover up cbds usual roast taste but but… the sorbital (spelled wrong I think sry, sugar alcohol is what it is) gave me stomach issues as it usually does. First ingredient was corn syrup too. But yeah agreed nothing for pain either.

  28. Anonymous

    These are good for anxiety sufferers. One piece, 20 mg is a sufficient dose to curb an impending anxiety attack. My wife who does not take thc has been using this daily for months now with great success. For pain relief, this would not be a good choice as one would need at least two whole balls to get a proper dose. These are perfect for nonsmokers looking for anxiety relief. Also great to settle the mind before sleep.

  29. not the strongest, still worth a try if you enjoy edibles. I personally wont be grabbing this often but I was glad to know now what I didn’t b4. would be an instant 5 of 5 stars if the dose was larger, 3/5 in the end tho sadly.

  30. As a candy it’s fine. As a medicated product it’s garbage. The greatest insult is having to lick the package to get the advertised dose.

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