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White Castle

(153 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

1 gram for $9
3.5 grams for $30
7 grams for $60
14 grams for $110
28 grams for $220

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

An indica-dominant F1 hybrid, Nirvana’s White Castle is a tantalizing mixture of the world renowned White Widow and Nirvana’s strain Ice. With two award winning parents White Castle has a lot to live up to, and by many user’s accounts, it has done just that.

The main issue with the lineage of this strain is with the White Widow mother and it’s lack of strength in plant structure. However, this has been compensated for by the male it was crossed with – which is known for extremely strong branches and overall plant structure.

The sweet strawberry flavors of this strain produces a social and uplifting ‘high’ from its mother’s lineage while also producing a stronger couch-locking ‘stone’ from its father’s lineage.

This strain is most sought after for its powerful effects on chronic aches and pains, which may make even the most severe pain manageable. White Castle’s upbeat mind effects may make it helpful to those with anxiety and stress disorders as well. It is very capable in aiding patients in sleeping and eating, meaning this one should not be used as a daytime medication.

Flavours: Earthy, diesel, lime
Effects: Euphoric, relaxed, sedated, sleepy, dry eyes
Medical: Pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite

153 reviews for White Castle

  1. These are excellent meds for the price. They’re smooth enough to pass for a $10 strain, I think. I’ve had more potent meds, but I’ve also paid $11/g for less potent. Certainly they’re above average in the potency department, relaxing back and neck muscles and placing a skull cap on top of your head.


  2. For the price, you can’t go wrong. A very relaxing indica dominant strain that is perfect for night time use. The buds I received look exactly like the pictures posted. They’re nice and dense, beautifully trimmed, and coated with thricomes. The colour is almost a golden green from the amount of crystal coating the bud. Mine has a pungent pine smell and taste. When ground up properly, it burns beautifully. I really enjoyed this strain! Would purchase again.

  3. Burns nicely with great flavor
    A mild effect great for day time use

  4. Very good! Love to relax with White Castle ?

  5. Nice flavor overall great

  6. Loved this strain -Kumar

  7. very nice tight buds, is one of my favorites and gives you the veg’d effect

  8. Not bad but reminded me of M39. Great look, good smell, tastes ok anx effects are so so. Good for the price but I did luck out on better strains at same price before.

  9. This strain was simply brilliant! I smoke it for appetite and insomnia and it does the trick for both immensely

  10. Anonymous

    the buds are fairly large in half oz i got dense slightly squishy and almost perfect moisture content in the buds, coated in crystals and orange hair that penetrate into the bud it self (pretty much look like the buds you get in pic), the smell is piney smell mix with a earthy fruity taste not exactly like strawberry but something close to it, the high isn’t a couch lock high its more a hybrid high with a nice head high thats not racing just kind of space you out and not really focused on shit other than what your doin at the moment so i would say its a good after noon strain for when you come home after work and want to start relaxin and let the day go by it does make a bit hunger but more of a lookin forward to eatin not starvin so it does promote appetite but if ya smoke it in the morning just heads up your focus is goin to be off your not feelin lazy just your focus is off and its harder to think a head when you want to get mobile and out your house, another than that smooth smoke and alright taste, it would be a perfect afternoon strain or get off work but for a indica it doesn’t give ya that relaxed sunk feelin in your legs as much which is why i would say its more of a stavia high but doesn’t give ya that cyribral head rush or racing thoughts its calming almost a half way bliss.

  11. Very nice taste and smell and decent high. Being a heavier toker, the buzz was not as intense as others described but it does hit everyone differently.

  12. Looks just like pictures

  13. Great bud, caked in crystals! No surprise on the name as its great for appetite. Very enjoyable and accurate to pictures and description. Will gladly order this strand again!

  14. Nice indica. Did the trick for helping with insomnia and pain relief. Will get this again

  15. Looks just like the pictures. First bud I’ve tried from HD. Wasn’t disappointed at all! ??

  16. This review is based on vaping using a Volcano set at 6.5 heat setting. I based my review on 4 criteria: appearance, smell, taste, and effect and I rated each out of 10. Appearance: Bright green with lots of crystals and red hair. Tight density buds with minimal leaf. Feels sticky 8.5/10. Smell: Berry, fruity, bong shop smell 9/10. Taste: Sweet, berry, diesel and smooth 8.5/10. Effect: Couch lock, great head stone, good body buzz. Would buy again 8/10. Overall rating: 8.5/10. This was one of the best in the indica sample pack.

  17. Buds looked pretty much exactly as pictured, not the funkiest bud in the world, but certainly tasty enough that I’m in no way dissapointed. Same with the effects, nice and relaxing, def not overwhelming.

  18. Nice buds and gets the job done 4 sure !!

  19. Nice buds and strong effects.

  20. Just got a batch of this, great stuff, peppery smell, burns clean, no nasty after taste. Pretty chill buzz, good for pain and stiffness for sure, and a couch lock buzz that isn’t too strong that you can’t function.

  21. Beautiful medium to small sized nugs with lots of dark orange hairs. Perfect for relaxing before bed or if you want to be super relaxed during the day. Declious fruity, almost citrus smell/taste combined with heavy indica like effects, all for a very reasonable price! Thanks again HD!

  22. Anonymous

    Nice Indica ??

  23. Great smell and taste. Dense buds. Nice body buzz good for pain relief and nighttime.

  24. Awesome dense buds. Lovely smell to this stuff. Another great purchase from HD.

  25. unreal taste and effect!! the smell is without equal and the high comes on perfectly. another high recommend.

  26. Anonymous

    Amazing bag appeal. Nice stoney head high.

  27. Anonymous

    Very nice tasting bud. Well done!

  28. That’s one of the best kind of weed I have tasted in my life very good high you can feel it coming inside of you a little bit by a little bit until you get very high and very happy good taste nice flavor good smell everything’s good

  29. One of my favourite strains with the most unique smell and flavour coming through strong when smoked. Citrus, lime and diesel aromas give this strain a great quality while also being a fantastic value. A must-have pickup whenever ordering if you are a fan of amazing smelling trees that have an energetic and uplifting high. 5/5

  30. Tastes like candy rockets and gets you high like one as well.Expertly grown and cured.Top shelf product indeed!

  31. this is great bud just got some in this week and iam loving it thanks Herbal

  32. Very clean burning white ash smoke. I definitely got the limey citrusy flavour as described. Perfectly manicured buds. Not a couch lock indica. More like a good split. Also made a ton of kif in my grinder! Lol.
    Great smoke indeed.

  33. Very nice clean buzz. I am impressed in all categories except the price. If oz. were $200 or less for all strains, than I would give be happier to give a 5/5. Buzz lasts 1 hr. – 1.5 hrs. No couch lock, but it did help me sleep and wake more rested.

  34. dank crystal nugs i love it

  35. Full of crystal, really nice dank to it. You get what you pay for with this one.

  36. Anonymous

    What to say about this beautiful gold colored strain..just 5/5 overall! Aah I’m in love with herbal dispatch, this is like a virtual paradise to me, I kid you not.

  37. Honestly wasn’t expecting much from this strain but it blew my expectations out of the water. Really wish I’d ordered more than 1g. Might have to load up now.

  38. my favorite out of the sample pack. very nice to smoke, very smooth and taste great.

  39. Beautiful, golden coloured buds. I really like this strain as a lighter indica that I can smoke throughout the day. I find that most of the indicas from, HD carry quite a heavy body buzz, but with White Castle, although the body buzz is certainly there, it isn’t strong enough to prevent you from daily tasks.

  40. I roll my herb and smoke it, the buzz from this is great, but the burn is not the best, not sure I would buy it again, I like big smoke.

  41. Anonymous

    Beautiful aroma, wonderful relaxed high. great indica.

  42. Easyily one of the best strains I’ve ever had. Smell/taste/visual all excellent.

  43. Just received my order thanks. White castle might just be my new goto for pain herb. Great stuff.

  44. I’ve ordered about 3 times and still enjoy it! Having a HQ of this handy is a great idea. Looks amazing, tastes amazing hard to explain but its definitely tasty. The high is only ok wish it was more potent. Still worth the price

  45. Good indica strain before the sleep!!

  46. Caked in crystals I know how it got it’s name.

  47. Anonymous

    Amazing taste and look of this bud! These buds are always so dense and tight making White Castle one of my favs

  48. Nice big dense buds really loved this stuff looks just like the picture and really crystaly I’ll most likely b grabbing more of this

  49. 4.5 I think I was expecting more as I do sometimes from these strains.
    I can say 100% I remember a time when herbs tasted a lot better and it seems those days are gone due to evolution and holding onto strains for too long.
    There is still flavor but we are searching for it instead of being immediately hit with it.
    I find the kush strains are carrying the most flavor these days, the other stains are not holding up minus a select few.
    But I digress.
    This like all the strains on HD looking amazing lots of crystals and clean burning well cured nugs.
    No mold or mildew to speak of, everything looks fine. The smell is faint just smells fresh/hashy/grassy. The smoke is the same faint but carries a nice buzz head and do all strains on HD. Typical indica effects. Doesn’t hit hard like a Bubba or Tuna etc.

  50. Bud was 3/4 red hairs, 1/4 coated crystal green. This stuff is picturesque, not exactly like the picture but ridiculous high quality. This strain and the LA confidential I find both exceptional to look at, smell and inhale.

  51. I really enjoyed this piece. I only got a gram from my sample pack but def one the strains to have stood out so far. Nice dense frosty buds. Great fruity skunky smell. Was a very enjoyable smoke/high. Im usually used to kush for indica strains but this def did the job also!

  52. Anonymous

    Great stuff… the buds were nice size and it smells great… great taste.. 5/5

  53. Nice big buds, looks like the picture, great buzz, flavor earthy smooth nothing special, i was expecting more for the price but still great quality πŸ™‚

  54. Anonymous

    Some of the nicest looking, smelling and tasting bud I have ever smoked with an excellent loooong lasting high, that is great after a hard days work, very relaxing , keep this one around hd!

  55. I really liked this one looks great smokes great would buy again!

  56. Very good buds. I rarely order froom the indica page but glad I did. Only negative pints is that at this price point I expected a better burn.

  57. Anonymous

    Beautiful smell and dense bud structure. Burned with a clean light grey ash. Smokes excellent, will order again.

  58. Quality green yet again. I found this to have more scent and flavour than other strands I have tried from here. Great chillin buzz and burned well with the honey oil from here. Enjoy responsibly everyone.

  59. Good bud. Honestly just wanted to leave a comment about how good the bud looked when I first opened it. This White Castle looks perfectly flowered, great colour, and trichomes. Very good quality.

  60. I am one to disagree with what most are saying. IMO white castle has been nothing but amazing for me. Perfect for going to sleep and has so far been one of the strongest I’ve smoked from HD. To each there own though, I have yet to be disappointed by HD.

  61. Would have to agree with many others on this , that this feels much more like a Sativa, or Sativa Dominant hybrid. My effects were almost all Sativa like. Which is not a bad thing as I love Sativa. I really did like the buzz, the way it smoked and smelled. Great bud, but again I didn’t much on the indica side of this

  62. I received this strain in an Indica sample pack and liked it so much that I jumped to buy it the next time I saw it in stock. It helps me sleep, but is relaxing rather than sedating like some indicas I’ve tried. Versatile and very enjoyable.

  63. Anonymous

    Some of the better smoke here at HD. MaDe some wax came out at around 20% return. Pretty decent. Not a very sweet strain in my eyes . Tastes like grape hempstarish.

  64. Herbal disbatch, such a wonderful service πŸ™‚ sighs

  65. by far one of my favourite strain so smooth amazing smell and potency perfect for heavy smokers

  66. Felt like a sativa. My batch didn’t burn well but had a nice flavor. The most shake I’ve received so far

  67. Nice popcorn buds, low key relaxing buzz.

  68. Would be a 5/5 but all the nugs were small in my bag and I didnt get the full nug effect

  69. The best indica IMO. B E A utiful.

  70. Anonymous

    I enjoyed this strain funny enough as a day smoke, it’s listed indica but really it didn’t have a burn out like you’d expect.

  71. Anonymous

    Wasnt much of any frost in my oz and it was all popcorn tiny 1cm diamiter buds..kind of hoped for atleast one bigger nugg…the small tiny ones just dont give you the same punch. Dont think ill be ordering this one next time. The bubba did not disapoint what so ever though! Ok buzz so ill give it atleast two stars.

  72. Anonymous

    Really disapointing. Street quality

  73. This strain is really great!
    Looks and smells absolutely perfect.
    Delicious, sweet fruity smell πŸ™‚ Manicured/trimmed perfectly. Light green, covered in crystal.
    Really smooth hit with pleasant effects (starts off euphoric, then an overall relaxing feeling takes over without the intense ‘couch lock.’

  74. Not bad but I found this to be more of a sativa type variety in terms of effect. Not much of a smell or taste but still a nice daytime smoke.

  75. I enjoy this strain for daytime smoking because it doesn’t leave me feeling too fatigued one I come back down. That being said, I still noticed my motivation dropped quite a bit. Great relief from anxiety, also helped increase my appetite.

  76. Anonymous

    Better than the last batch. A strong strawberry / bubblegum smell and flavor. No couch lock for me, it’s not weak though that’s for sure! Very nice effects all around, happy and relaxing. Very relaxing! A bit of a creeper and it will get ya. I’d get more if it stays around for a bit.

  77. Very crystally, super fruity delicious smelling indica strain! Excellent tasting and smoothe

  78. Smells like strawberries to me + dank . Looks very good, dense, crystallly super trim job. Doesn’t hit as hard on the indica side as you would expect. It feels like a 50 50 ind/sat

  79. Honestly, the nicest flower I’ve smoked in a long time. Maybe ever. Smell and taste is beautiful. Sweet. Relaxing, euphoric, and so good you want to keep smoking even after reaching your desired effects.

  80. Great smell and nice taste. Really beautiful, large, dense buds. Nice and frosty. Not the most potent strain I’ve ever had from HD but still decent potency, does the job. I would buy it again

  81. Very nice buds covered with red hairs, not the best burn. Bland taste and aroma, but nice relaxing buzz. More like a sativa strain in my opinion. Definatly not skunky if that’s what you prefer.

  82. I don’t really find this strain to be an “indica”. Get a nice head high but no couch lock or burnout. The smell is amazing, smells like strawberries to me.

  83. This is some amazing stuff, I leave it for after 8pm when I don’t have anything left to do. My wife and I had some sativa before trying this stuff. We were all happy and giggly, then after a while had White castle and it was like a mystical heavy drape being casted upon you. Awesome for Pain, awesome for inflammation, muscle spasms, knots, all that crappy stuff. Great sleep aid, has couch lock effects, takes a little time for full effect, but you can feel it built upon itself.
    You want to take a good look at this stuff when you receive it and really appreciate it. I always had a love for white widow, and I think its crossing with ice is killer.

  84. Strong smell, but not in taste, very little if any coughing. I found this to work well for anxiety, not very euphoric feeling or a heady buzz, so ok with mild depression.. I didn’t feel the “munchies” which is great by me!! Would rate excellent for anxiety and more of a medical aid as opposed to a party high.

  85. It arrived exactly as it appeared. Very fuzzy buds nice bud nice high. Citrus smelling

  86. Beautiful buds nice mellow high, clean taste, very well grown bud.

  87. Very nice looking weed. good taste, this strain is perfect for couch day or to help you going to sleep.

  88. Anonymous

    Wonderful smell and taste. The buds are very nice and tight. Such a sweet smoke, wish I ordered more.

  89. Anonymous

    Absolutely love this stuff. Get it before it’s gone, you will regret it! Buds look amazing under a strong light

  90. Really attractive bud. Tight orange and green nugs covered in a generous layer of white. Strong relaxing effects that ended in a nice sleep.

  91. Buds are dense and nicely flushed but this bud doesn’t hit like quads to me. Either that or I partake too much lol. Regardless I wouldn’t purchase again

  92. I would rate it a 4/5. This is one special exotic strain. I cannot describe the smell but it absolutely stinks and the taste of this batch is not as good as the last and the buds a bit fresher. The effects of this strain are super relaxing, stress relieving, and appetite inducing goodness. It did slightly help my mood, so it does aid a bit with depression too. I don’t find it super heavy or couch locking, but the overall head and body stone is such a nice feeling.

    *I am very glad to see some people actually putting effort in there reviews, as oppose to some which still are just posting silly worthless reviews looking for points only. These reviews are pointless, oh it looks great, smells great, it is good stuff, yada yada, yada and along those lines. Just a waste of time, not deserving of points nor does it help anyone medicinally!!

  93. Wonderful flavor, smells delish, beautiful effects – would definitely recommend!

  94. This strain is unique in a few ways. 1 the look of the bud structure dosnt looking like your tipycal Indica. 2 the smell is a sweet fruity smell(taste like it smells) 3 it a huge delayed effect for an Indica it sneeks up. Grate unique staring give it a try.

  95. I received this as a surprise, what I ordered was sold out. HD thank you for sending me this. The high is really nice, and it’s working immediately to alleviate pain from my treatments. I am so appreciative of the quality of all your product. This is now on my favorites list.

  96. Very tasty in the volcano love the high from this one just recently was in a bad car accident and this helps with the pain a lot thx HD!

  97. Bag appeal on this one is top notch , smells amazing this is a very unique strain .

  98. very nice buds as seen on the pictures 5/5, Great mellow buzz to start and slowly fall in the indica power without a heavy couch lock 4.5/5, great smell as well 5/5 would recomend

  99. Anonymous

    Sick buds, love the flavor. The high was mellow in the head at first then wicked body melt at the end of the buzz. Herbal dispatch is a game changer.

  100. Very good flavour & quite dense. Worth the price.

  101. Very nice taste for vaping. Clean fruity flavour with a creeping couch lock. 5 stars.

  102. Amazing sm love and taste, do not consume if you have stuff to do because you will be knocked out. Fantastic for before bed.

  103. Very heady and euphoric. Smooth tasty smoke. Great mood elevator. This is the kind of Indica I like anytime of the day, great meds!

  104. Anonymous

    not as sweet n tastey as the last batch but still very good. glad you guy brought it back

  105. Great stuff smoke it last night and I liked the high. My sleep was great last night.

  106. This is the best tasting bid ive had from HD. Smells fruity and exotic. Just the best! Sleeeeepy…. πŸ™‚ A+++++

  107. Smells good, taste good, super smooth, nice looking bud, but not as strong had I though it would be

  108. This is a beautiful flower! Beautiful tight buds with a beautiful sweet taste! Good for any time of day, but great before bed…you’ve done it again HD!

  109. Not as good as i thought it was gonna be but still better then the stuff i get around my area

  110. Very strong potency, tends to knock me out for the night. Great smooth taste and smells beautiful

  111. The smell on this one is a definite standout, unique and you can taste it in the smoke. The effects are satisfying. I found the buds very interesting to look at. I would definitely order it again.

  112. Smooth smoke, pleasant smell and taste compared to many others. Buds were trimmed perfectly. It was potent, sure, but I expected a bit more since it looks so perfect. I don’t regret my purchase at all, but next time I’ll go with more Romulan if I want a real indica that kicks like a mule. 4 stars because it felt like an hybrid, but only because I can’t put 4.25.

  113. I vape exclusively, no smoking. As a heavy user, I was surprised by the potency. It’s not for beginners, that’s for sure! The smell is one of the most beautiful but pungent marijuana smells I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. A very strong fruity smell mixed with a slight earthy smell. You’ll need to keep this one in a jar, nothing else will hold the smell. The effects are strong and give you a very sativa / alert high while at the same time, keeping you couch locked to whatever you’re sitting on. It’s the kind of high that will make you want to lie in a field of grass (because your body doesn’t want to move) and stare at the sky (because your mind will make creative figures out of the clouds). Anyways, one of my nugs was the size of 2 adult male middle fingers, side by side. HUGE! They are packed very densely and are very resiny but are still kind of fluffy. Hard to describe until you hold it. My only complaint was as another poster said, my 1/2 oz was slightly under weight. Certainly not the norm here at HD though, as it’s usually over weight, so you take the good with the bad. This is one of my favorite strains now though. 5 stars

  114. Really strong stuff and long lasting very sweet fruit smell candy like good job HD!

  115. Anonymous

    Wonderful strain!!! Looks great, smells really nice and tastes amazing. Very potent!

  116. Ordered a Oz of this but only got 23grams ..good bud but wish I would of got all that I paid for.!

  117. Anonymous

    White Castle gives off a very pleasant, and strong smell, it’s fruity but also earthy and the high is very euphoric and relaxing, the nugs were covered in trichomes and fairly dense. 5 stars

  118. Anonymous

    Got this strain couple months back, by far one of my favorite. The amount of relaxation received from this strain was more like a perfect concoction between a comfortably numb state with a good focus and a charming happy state. One of the “nugs” was the size of my entire thumb which was impressive and the smell was soothing,. Base of an Earthy tone mixed with what is close to saying a wildberry of sorts. Vaping was very pleasing and satisfying. Overall a phenomenal stain, will buy again. Thanks HD!

  119. Smells of grapefruit with a slight tone of strawberry, fantastic high very euphoric

  120. Anonymous

    I had list strain last April and was blown away! One of my favourite indica’s in respect to taste, smell and strength. After first exhale, I noticed a STRONG cerebral effect, quickly followed by intense relaxation.

  121. This is some goood stuff, Best looking buds i’ve seen in awhile nice and big, coated with crystal!!

  122. Anonymous

    Spectacular as always. Very frosty. Sweet taste and strong buzz. Very enjoyable. In my Top Ten for sure. Possibly even Top Five!

  123. The buzz is strong on this one and I get an overall good vibe from the strain
    Gets a solid 5 from me

  124. What a lovely exotic strain! This strains is a treat imo. The smell is in your face with a strong pleasing pungent odor, but had a milder taste.
    Strong high, good body buzz, very relaxing, excellent for stress/anxiety, minor pains and to take the edge off. Good as a sleep aid too if you fire up enough.
    Enjoyed this more and found it better than the overhyped reviews on death bubba which was weak IMO but maybe not for the novice haha..

    I wish “some” members/reviewers, put more effort in there reviews other than it tastes, smells or looks good, and you can’t rate something based on looks alone! Try to use proper grammar at least and sound a little more mature making reviews!
    This would greatly help out more of the medicinal users here on the site. Thank you πŸ™‚

  125. Buds look exactly like the picture. Very dense and crystallized. Love this one! Beautiful smell to it too.

  126. smells like strawberry. overall great bud

  127. Really high quality indicia. Huge well cured buds, light green in color with heavy crystals when you break open the bud. Not potent smelling, but it delivers a great long lasting buzz and doesn’t make me too sleepy as some indicas tend to do. Clean looking and tasting. Couldn’t be happier.

    Shoutout from Ontario Herbal Dispatch!!!

  128. Anonymous

    This one is pretty amazing, Its so covered in trichs looks like it was dipped in sugar, the smell is fruity floral and taste is similar. Amazing relaxing high

  129. The buds are perfectly trimmed with no leafs at all. Looks better than pics, its super white with crystals, smells really good and potent and taste very nice. High is strong too but ive had stronger on here. Still give it a 5 because its bomb, and you can tell a lot of care went into this one.

  130. WOW……That’s All I Can Say!!!!!!!!!!!Just got a Dime and it had a 8gram Bud in it!!!!!This Shit is Amazing!!!!!5 Stars 4shizziL….LOL…:)

  131. Anonymous

    Dense buds, well cure, low to no odor.

  132. well i smoked a joint and passed out for two hours and feel great , i hope this is on the menu for a bit.

  133. Fruity. Nice taste

  134. Definitely some of the nicest stuff I’ve ever tried.

  135. This stuff is perfect. Heavy hitter. The smell and taste are on point and the buds look frosty and delicious. The buzz is a strong body buzz that leaves you pain free and relaxed. Really enjoyed this one.

  136. Very nice cannabis indeed. Nice sized buds that smell like strawberries with a hint of mint. The high is a little more subtle than I expected, but lasted a long time. You can’t go wrong with Herbal Dispatch!

  137. I really enjoyed this bud right here!! Covered in white crystals with smooth relaxing taste. Very Nicee

  138. Anonymous

    I am definitely enjoying this strain. It looks amazing, beautifully cured sparkling buds. I got a sweet berry, almost gape taste out of the vaporizer. The buds themselves even smelt sweet! This indica provides a nice relaxing stone, making my head feel light as a feather. Very nice product here. 4 stars!

  139. Not sure if I got the same stuff as you all but this stuff is no way 5 star…. Smells like a barn… Taste is funky and is probably one of the weakest strains I’ve tried so far from HD… All in all quite disappointed with this one…

  140. Anonymous

    Been smokig everyday for 7 years. Insanely good weed. Potent skunk berry smell. Long lasting high. I smoked it all day, although it would be an excellent sleeping aid. Heavy burnout. Made fast driving feel slow.
    Also has a careless feeling to the stone. Excellent smoke. Excellent stone excellent smell

  141. This stuff was wicked, smelled so good and powerful. When you smoke it… It doesn’t let you down! Great taste and buzz!
    A Must try

  142. omg awsome

  143. Anonymous

    One of the best tasting buds I’ve had in a while! Prepare to be couch locked, 5 stars without a doubt.

  144. INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Super smelly with a taste to match. One of my favorites when I want to get REAL blasted and melt into my couch. Every time I try something from HD its A+. THANKS

  145. 5 outa 5 forsure.. would be nice if they kept this one up here or something similar

  146. would rate 4.5 but il round up , great bud huge nugs full of orange hairs and trichomes , very nice indica .

  147. Great big bud!! Awesome flavour, professionally grown. Got a 12g massive cola!!! Burns so smooth so clean. Raises the bar for other heavy hitting fruity flavoured strains. Perfecto

  148. Nice white ash clean burn!! Got me really high!

  149. Dopest dope I ever did smoke

  150. tasted and smelt great….even better when smoked. nice high will be buying again

  151. A memorable strain of mine!!
    Burns real clear, tastes super clean and the stone is on point!!

  152. Just got this in along with death bubba, first thing I notice is the absolutely delicious smell. Super pungent fruity bubblegum is what I get from this. Almost smells like the cotton candy, but sweeter and more like bubblegum. Looks just like the pic and tastes as it smells. Buzz is very nice I smoked this after death bubba so I was pretty ripped but I still felt the buzz as very calming and warming. Overall very impressed with my order

  153. Very nice buds. One was 10G πŸ™‚ Very sticky, loaded with trichs and covered with hairs. Looks better then the picture in my opinion but similar also. This stuff has a very fruity smell, reminds me of blueberry strains. But there is also a pungent mix from the white widow i’m guessing. Nice lazy high. This is definitely night time smoke. Has a little bit of a harsher taste but nothing to complain about.

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