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Wheels (Mota) – Vegan Gluten-Free

(66 customer reviews)


1 50g bag for $12

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Approximately 100 mg of THC per package

Cannabis infused watermelon wheels are made with all-organic ingredients and pure THC extract that provide a precisely measured dose of 100mg THC in the entire package.

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Grape Juice Concentrate, Cannabis, Pectin, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Natural Flavour

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets. Made in a facility that also processes wheat.

66 reviews for Wheels (Mota) – Vegan Gluten-Free

  1. Got these and felt nothing

  2. These taste amazing and they are perfect for me for a daytime high. Mota products rarely disappoint me, but these are probably my favorite.

  3. I like that they are vegan. Tasted fine. One is plenty to give me a good buzz.

  4. Taste is not that great but I appreciate HD for having vegan edible options, thank you!

  5. Better be ready to eat the whole bag…

  6. Super tasty and great effects!

  7. love the taste. 1 ring gave me enough effect to continue on with my day. two at one time was a really good buzz for me. will be buying these again.

  8. Taste great!

  9. Great taste , texture, and effect. Great strength and dosing is easy—highly recommended,

  10. Yes and yes. Use these for a damaged knee. Keeps the pain down while not getting you too high to accomplish anything.

  11. Chill buzz with a nice taste! 1 is enough for me.

  12. Taste great, 1 wheel is good, but 2 wheels at once provide a much better high. Will definitely order again!

  13. 2 does the trick for me. A nice happy mellow high. There’s a slight taste but not bad going down.

  14. I have ordered these numerous times…but it seems the product description has changed. The headline says 100mg per package and the description says 150mg per package. The last ones ordered came with noted CBD content as well which was not listed here on the site. Not sure I will order again.

  15. I ate the whole bag and didn’t feel very much. Good ingredients but nothing for me.

  16. A fun lil’ high. I take one per night. Taste would be great if I liked watermellon but I don’t.

  17. Delicious and potent! I liked these and will get more!

  18. I already had a good buzz going on so these just enhanced that and locked me down to the couch .
    Ate two and shared the other .
    I may order these again as they are exactly what you
    See and have a great taste

  19. Strange consistency and texture, questionable effectiveness/dosage.

  20. really good, barely any weed taste at all. I’m a very infrequent user and one of these hit me in about half an hour.

  21. Very tasty, I don’t find them all too strong, I could eat a whole bag at a time, but for the wife, one equals done.

  22. tasted good…. cant say I noticed much of a high though… i took them at once!

  23. Tasty but didnt hit too hard

  24. Some of my favorite, taste is pretty good!

  25. A super yummy little treat! Kept me full of smiles 🙂

  26. always enjoy the mota candy ! great for dosing and doing activities

  27. My gf is celiac and loves these for the taste and the effect, great price for 4 pieces.

  28. these are a staple for me. Im good with just 1 candy usually, great taste too.

  29. Super tasty and the high is nice too.

  30. Taste is amazing, very happy about the vegan option for edibles. Had two, not really feeling too much but will probably eat the rest of the bag later.

  31. Anonymous

    Great gummies – affect light users very heavily. Taste great. Will definitely order again!

  32. Taste is really good but strength isn’t quite there ate 2 could probably eat 3 or the whole pack

  33. Tastes great would like a higher thc content like 200mg-250mg for a heavier high

  34. Very good gummy. Eat one and you will want to eat them all. Dosage will vary depending on tolerance, but one bag should hit a heavy user and wreck a light user.

  35. buy these every time i order, very tasty

  36. Like these, but far too much sugar coating.

  37. Not as potent as the other mota candy but still awesome.

  38. I love all the mota gummies. Especially these watermelon rings and the sativa worms.

  39. Genuinely yummy and hit hard. A favourite amongst my friends and I.

  40. Nothing new to report here – they are tasty, consistent and offer phenomenal pain relief! I find they massively dull migraine pain and allow you to function without feeling overly high. Excellent product.

  41. Anonymous

    this is not vegan.. not even vegetarian! has gelatin in it but says its vegan on the packaging. not happy.

  42. Super tasty. I find these have a low and slow high that never gets going to high but last forever.

  43. Pretty tasty little treats! my boyfriend and I shared them I felt the effects but he did not, he does have a much higher tolerance level than I so he was disappointed! That just means more for me next time! Great that they are vegan as well.

  44. Delicious! (dangerously) and much more potent than i could imagine ! To be very careful with : my girlfriend and I took 2 each,
    being a heavy user i didnt expect much but i felt it quite strongly , and my girlfriend who doenst have a lot of experiences with drugs in general, was completely freaking out , thinking that she was gonna die or not come back from it. .
    So.. yeah .. be careful if your not very experienced !

  45. Anonymous

    Finally found a vegan edible! Delicious and does the trick!

  46. Very yummy. I usually eat 2 at a time. Gets me up and moving with a pleasant burn out hours later (best sleep). They make me very giggly!

  47. Not bad, watermelon was decent flavour, but didn’t hit the way I had hoped

  48. I believe the maker of this product should specify what type of VEGAN gelatin they use (if it is even vegan at all??) Because regular plain old gelatin is NOT vegan. Other then this mystery, it is a very grainy jelly when chewing it and the flavor is absolutely horrible. They taste like they are stored in a metal can. Only plus side is they do give you a nice “glow” pretty quickly compared to other edibles.

  49. Tasted good but had a weird consistency. If you don’t like vegan gummies, don’t buy these. Effects were ok. Won’t be buying again.

  50. Goooood stuff

  51. These wheels are awesome. They have a stronger weed taste than the gummy worms but they are very effective and give you a great high. I find I need to eat the whole pack to get a good effect, but my roommates with lower tolerances usually eat 2.

  52. These smell and taste great. I ate two and felt like a cloud. Had a really big body buzz so did some sativa dabs and the effects were amazing. Comfortable as heck!

  53. These are great for their vegan gluten free qualities. The taste is on par. Unfortunately, they do not pack a punch at all. They are completely lacking in the strength department. You could eat the whole bag and not feel a thing, And the taste is not good enough to justify it. It’s not worth it in my opinion. The gummies (sugar-free) taste way better albeit not being strong enough. But if you need the vegan gluten free option, then this is the way to go!

  54. comes 4 in a pack, ate them at once. tasty, im not a regular user so made me relaxed a bit but i had no buzz or sleepiness.

  55. comes with 4 candies, 1 had me gone for an entire evening – ordered again I love em.

  56. For myself these do nothing for me other than a tasty candy and maybe slightly more relaxed, but zero buzz and I like my buzz.

  57. very tasty, not crazy potent but they do the trick!

  58. Anonymous

    I don’t know what to think of those exactly, the taste is just amazing I mean I could eat those all day long. The thing is that I really wasn’t that high and I ate the whole bag, but I guess I just need a tolerance brake because it seems like everyone else is having fun with those so I’ll give it 4.20/5

  59. Had the watermelon, was tasty, wanted to eat more. Didn’t notice the potency to much, but I was already medicated when consuming. Hard to differentiate.

  60. Anonymous

    Ate the whole bag

  61. Good size and tasted great. Pretty strong.

  62. Ate the whole bag really nice I can sure handle my edibles and would sure like to see more kinds. I would like to try weed fudge, I would like to 500mg to 1000mg edibles if possible. Thanks again!!!

  63. 5/5 wow. 1 is pretty mellow but 2 makes for a fun few hours.

  64. Taste can’t be beat and the effects are wonderful.

  65. Nice little candies, one doesn’t get you TOO high but i wouldn’t attempt to eat the whole bag. I advise letting them melt away in your mouth, hits you faster and harder, lasts about 5 hours, peak is random.

  66. Tasty as frig, would love to see some Mushrooms on here for sure.

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