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Disposable (Phant) – Multiple Flavours

(194 customer reviews)


1 Phant Vape Pen for $35
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Sold By: Phant Extracts
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Product Description

Disposable (and recyclable!) Phant Vape Pen

The Phant Shatter pen is a sleek, simple, and discreet, disposable vaporizing electronic joint. No chargers, additional cartridges, or separate batteries are required to vaporize.

Puff slow and steady. It can take up to fifteen minutes to feel the full effect. For patients who have not consumed in a while, two to four puffs is recommended but for the folks who consume a little more often, up to ten puffs should be just fine. If the light blinks twice, that means the battery is protecting itself from overheating, and when it blinks five times, the battery is exhausted. A puff is considered to be three seconds of inhalation.

Purple Candy

Purple Candy is one of those indica-dominant crosses that’s good all around, especially for those who need strong relaxing medication. This British Columbian strain is commonly thought to be a cross of BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps, and its large flowers with rich purple coloring and amber hairs support the purple genetics. Purple Candy’s frosty buds will leave your hands sticky, much like normal candy, but instead of a sugar rush it will provide some happy sativa effects. The sensation will settle into a full body buzz that may leave you lazy and ready for bed. Sugary-sweet in scent and taste, Purple Candy will have you thinking of your favorite grape-flavoured treat.

Flavours: Sweet, grape, berry
Effects: Happy, relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Stress, insomnia, pain, depression, fatigue

* Each pen contains 0.5g (37.6% THC) of Purple Candy shatter mixed in with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The pen is made of plastic and can be recycled.

194 reviews for Disposable (Phant) – Multiple Flavours

  1. These pens are sleek and at a glance look like a regular pen; I travel with these without worry of being outted nor do I worry about charger and such. Love these for introduction to vaping!

  2. Great product for a quick hit!! Nice and small . Good taste on all 3 that I have

  3. Love the simplicity and the high. Great product

  4. Great product to give vaping a try. Good taste, good little buzz and pretty cheap.

  5. Very decent, excellent for on the go solutions and for being discreet – works well, tastes good, but doesnt last too long for a heavy smoker like myself, think it took a couple days for me hahahaahah, great item though!

  6. Really happy with this product overall. Super discreet and convenient. I’ve ordered around 10 of these over the last few months and had one that I thought was a bit of a dud. Flavors are subtle but good. Decent high for me, a (mostly) reformed heavy user, now just looking to take the edge off occasionally.
    Shipping is always fast and efficient, thanks HD

  7. Love how discrete it is. Got the Blueberry which we really enjoyed.

  8. Tastes great and has a nice relaxing high

  9. Ordered 10 of these already, They are great just sometimes not always filled which is okay I guess. They are discreet and work great!

  10. It l’aster longer then thé toko but found it less stronf very good for thé privé gets thé job done

  11. These are great. Don’t expect to much flavor though… other than shatter. But the work really well, very discreet. And they do provide an excellent buzz

  12. The taste is really good with these and its a nice body high. Only problem is how long they last but maybe I smoke to much. Still a great discrete item to smoke with.

  13. Great for pain, anxiety and falling asleep. Highly recommended!!!

  14. Great for on the go. Seemed to have some juice left before the battery died but lasted quite awhile. Overall it’s a good buy.

  15. Just got this for the first time, and I am super impressed! Great flavour, and super good strength. Great value. Will definitely order again!

  16. This is the first time I tried this brand and it’s pretty good for anxiety, just didn’t really help me with sleep. Really smooth and very discreet. Definitely worth a try.

  17. These are great! I do prefer the Toko co2 ones but those arent disposable like these. Very handy and do the trick

  18. I ordered two purple candy phant pens. One was great, good taste and good high. But the second pen tasted horrible like it wasn’t purged properly, did not get high from it at all. I think phant needs to be more consistent with quality. Seems like hit or miss, hard to rate it well.

  19. Great if you wanna keep it on the hush side. Great buzz. Will order again for sure.

  20. These are great pens to start out with. Last a lot longer than I thought they would.

  21. These are great for being discrete. Taste is alright

  22. This is one of my favourite products on the site. I always order them when I know I’m going to be on the go or need to be discreet with my medicating. 10/10

  23. Ok does the job it’s meant to do didn’t much care for the taste

  24. THESE ARE GREAT!! got three, and they work so well. the taste differences weren’t that noticeable, but still love them.

  25. Great product. Shipped fast

  26. Great pen for the price. Nice buzz off a couple puffs. Seems to last longer than I thought I would. Unflavoured (purple candy) has a great taste.

  27. Great for someone just looking for a quick toke doesn’t getcha wrecked but it takes the edge off

  28. great stuff keep up the good work

  29. Really great product for the price got the purple candy comparable to the other purple candy phant products a gram pen would be nice too

  30. This is a quality product, and worth its price for convenience alone. The potency is a bit light for daily at home use, but while on the go it is perfect for a buzz or a top-up. I find myself vaping much more with this than I normally would with leaf vaporizers. That may be a function of the exceptional convenience or the lighter potency, probably both. Would recommend for light to moderate users, but heavy users probably won’t find this disposable product as worthwhile.

  31. I love how discrete this product is and the potency. Unfortunately, it only lasted me 4days…

  32. I love these pens. Very handy. Some seem to last longer than others but I get them all the time and great value

  33. Even after reading all these other reviews I had very high hopes. I bought two of the Purple Candy Phants and they arrived with different levels of juice in them. One looked like it had tarry hash oil in it and the other looked like it had bong gunk in it with a drop of honey oil. The first couple of puffs were great! We were really looking forward to having these handy for a quick, discreet puff. Now, not even ten puffs into each one, nothing comes out. half the time the LED doesn’t even light up. Won’t be buying these again.

  34. Purchased one last order, really enjoyed so i ordered three more last night, very discreet..

  35. I really like these pens. I’ve bought every flavor to try them all. I liked Cherry, Lemonade and Blueberry for the taste however ALL of the pens were great. There’s next to no scent at all and from what very miniscule scent you can detect if you’re a super hero with an amazing sense of smell, you can’t quite guess what the scent is so these are quite discrete. Love using them at the office.

  36. Very disappointed with these vape pens.
    Battery died before the product was through.
    If you’re a daily smoker, this product is a waste of money.
    You’re better off getting a half q of some bomb.

  37. First time trying a vape product, I like how it’s a more discreet and quick puff, and no overpowering weed smell.

  38. great product. tasted good and hit good. worth the price

  39. If you’re an avid smoker you won’t get much of a buzz off of it. It is handy for a lightweight and they just want a little buzz. I found the battery died quickly.

  40. If you are a daily/heavy smoker you won’t get much of a high from these and for $30 they don’t last long at all. They say roughly 200 tokes but I doubt I got even half of that. I only give it 2 stars because the pen itself isn’t bad and if you need a smoke on the go then it would work. Just not a good product.

  41. Good buzz. Bad taste . Tryed the purple candy . I will give it one more shot with a different flavor . For now Toko is at the top of my list

  42. Had several of these now. Very convenient, decent taste and does the job. Seems to be inconsistent as some last longer than others and some get me a good buzz and others not as much. Still too convenient to not buy but might try some other brands

  43. I don’t like flavoured marijuana products so I didn’t like the cherry. However, the unflavored purple candy one is great. I just wish it lasted longer.

  44. best vape pens i have ordered, great taste, great buzz

  45. This would be my second time purchasing these disposable phant pens. I absolutely love them. They are easy on the lungs and fill the air with an awesome aroma and taste pretty good too! Two puffs off this will set you at ease, perfect to have on you in your daily running around.

  46. HD has really great customer service. I Really enjoyed my first experience with these. Have moved up to the 3 for $95 deal that HD also offers.

  47. gives a great buzz, strongly recommend it
    also odorless therefore i can vape in the house and it’s smell free. Love it!

  48. Just got it. Not much flavor. It is a little harsh but i got some great pulls from it. Can’t complain. Worth the money. Very convenient.

  49. The high is good but the flavors arent strong its a bit harsh on the throat. overall not bad but could be better

  50. very nice high, very discreet. best shatter pen i have tried

  51. VERY disappointed with these pens. Have tried 2 of them / different flavours / found both of them to be extremely harsh on your throat with a terrible taste. I would not recommend these to anyone.

  52. They don’t seem to last very long but work great. They look nice have a low odour and a nice potency

  53. Works good, gives a good high. Tastes like cannabis, but has a slight burny taste. Didn’t taste the blueberry on mine, i’ll just be getting the unflavored in the future. Over all i’m impressed, very discreet.

  54. Honestly this site only has a few options for these pens. I’ve ordered a bunch of these and there wasn’t one that was faulty. As suppose to the toko one….which was dead when it arrived. 3 star just cuz they could do much better.

  55. I have ordered several in blueberry. I love them. The taste, the draw, the simplicity, the stealth and the buzz, the buzz. So quick and effective. I have not had one issue with my vapes. All have lasted beyond expected with no hassles whatsoever. I love the concept and for many situations these are excellent to have around.

  56. Was great, very tasty. just disappointed that it ran out too fast. No way of knowing how it was going to happen.

  57. Luv it! Thanks helps my back out so much!

  58. I must be the unluckiest SOB when it comes to disposables. Had luck with the phants in the past but had bad luck with Toko, vapergy amd now my last Phant didnot work at all…. that was a bummer!

  59. Ordered a few of these. Some tasted like burning electronics. Battery dies quicker then the product does. Cherry tasted the best to me. All got the job done.

  60. I ordered 3 of these and one didn’t work right out of the box. When I asked for a credit on my account in an email I was told I would have to ship it back, pay for shipping, once received they would credit me for the pen and shipping. This would normally not be a big deal but it i work shift work nowhere near a post office ect…

  61. Purchased 3 pens, cotten candy had a mild taste while tangerine and lemonade tasted the same, the amount that was in each pen was different. Very sleek and easy to use. The highs are pretty mild however good for work and on the go not so good for just relaxing.

  62. This is a terrible product, honestly. Don’t be fooled by all the positive reviews. I ordered 3, one didn’t work right out of the box, the other two worked well for about a week and now those are only working sporadically. Total waste. Buy a different brand, stay away from these vapes.

  63. Anonymous

    one of the 3 i got was half empty…..
    but its great on the job XD boss passes right by me XD

  64. Affordable, quality, fast delivery and my anxiety is treated need I say any more. Keep the good work!

  65. Amazing product with a fantastic taste. I truly did not need much to feel good! Great job Phant and Herbal Dispatch!

  66. I think product is just amazing. I can use this produxt anywhere I am. The taste of the blueberry is ?.

  67. If I’m reviewing this based on how well it works this is a 4 star item.

    If you want a vape pen that tastes like cotton candy this is not the item for you. Its an effective 35 dollar pen, but it smells and tastes like any concentrate pen.

  68. I love this product! The pens are sleek and discreet. Plus not smelling after puffing makes medicating a lot easier.

  69. Anonymous

    love these pens, so discreet and they taste good too !


  71. Great smoke when I only need a small buzz.

  72. I bought 2 blueberry. Will not buy more. Neither should you. Only good if you want to smoke the whole thing in one day.

  73. Pretty good for the price. Works well and flavors are good

  74. Anonymous

    Bad product! Didnt work and i didnt try it until after 48 hours after recieving so no refund for me aparently! Maybe put that policy on the product page herbal dispatch!!

  75. Wow, coolest smoking device ever. I have purchased several in blueberry. All have worked perfectly. Nice draw of vapour once you figure out the best way to toke. Very discreet little units. Lots and lots of hits off one pen. Lost track over 100. Pretty reasonable price wise. The taste can give you a little tickle at first but once you are used to it. Nice mild stone with these pens. I have a pretty high tolerance so i need several pulls to get going. So handy for on the go medicating. Makes a trip to the grocery store a whole lot more interesting. Again huge thank you to the fine folks at HD for making quality products available to those in need. Peace TSB

  76. Tried every flavour so far, the best out of the bunch were definitely blueberry and cherry. The unflavoured one is great too if you’re not big on the artificial flavours. They’re gret for on the go, and great that I never have to worry about charching it. They’re smooth and not super heavy hitters like traditional tobacco vapes. I’ve had an issue with the air flow on one tank, it seemed to not want to light up or produce smoke when I hit it, but soon figured that if I cover the oil tank with my thumb and forefinger then it will correct the air flow problem and being to light and smoke. Will definitely be continuing to buy these nifty things!

  77. Should have read more reviews..
    Came with the shatter completely dry and solid, to the point where you have to pull on it 5 times for it to even get a very slight vapor. So I feel high from loss of oxygen before the THC even gets to me.
    I really wish it was actually working.. so sad.

  78. I would give 0 stars if it were an option.
    These are terrible, in my opinion.
    If you are a daily or heavy smoker, these pens have ZERO effect. The battery was dead before the product was through… it doesn’t heat up enough for a decent pull… just terrible!

  79. Got that cherry oil flavor, tasted like regular cherry oil. The sleek and clean design makes it absolutely awesome to take discreetly anywhere and with not investing much the Disposable Factor is nice. This is definitely did the trick and would recommend it for those people getting into the concentrates/oils before spending big dollars on high-end units

  80. I give this a 2 star rating only because the pens quality was not bad. I bought the cotton candy and it just gave me head and stomach aches, did definitely not give me that feeling I love.

  81. Anonymous

    2 out of 3 didn’t work one the battery was dead and 3rd one didn’t work at all and with a 48 hr return policy on vape pens who tries them all when they come I sure don’t won’t be buying these again

  82. Decent product, purple candy tasted a little off though but the unit it self is very functional. Would give 4.5 stars if I could.

  83. Not a good product. Tastes of MJ but no other taste and I had tangerine and cotton candy. Also I have to suck unnaturally to get anything out and that is after a few tries…every time I try to take a puff. Not sure why it won’t come on with first try; there is definatlry something in it but it looks like its not liquid enough compared to other disposable pens I’ve smoked. I have 3 and they are all the same. I won’t be buying these again 🙁

  84. Anonymous

    I was skeptical about purchasing this at first due to some of the reviews left. Let me start by saying I am glad I bought this, it’s smooth, sleek and very discrete. The flavour that I got , cotton candy wasn’t very flavourful but it does the trick. 😉

  85. For the price theses aren’t bad but I enjoyed the Toko pens better. I have a cotton candy one and no one would ever guess what flavour it was. It just has a light sweet taste to it but not really noticeable. Also find the oil in general stronger tasting and harsher then the Toko pen. Found them great for quick little hits on the go and have had no issues with the pen itself but they are longer and less compact them the Toko.

  86. Anonymous

    awesome product. ordered two and one was defective right out of the box. got in contact with Herbal Dispatch and received a refund for one of the defective pen. overall I am very satisfied with the product and services.

  87. Anonymous

    I can’t believe this is a real thing!! Wow how times have changed.. this pen is a game changer. Absolutely revolutionary. I carry it in my purse and have a lil puff anywhere I go, anytime I want. I played around and tested it out at first because I don’t like that feeling of being TOO ripped when out in public or at work.. need to be discreet. This is perfect for those situations!! Portable, no scent, I just take a few puffs and float on with my day. No red eyes, paranoia etc. I’m gonna order this forever! Can’t wait for all my friends to try it too

  88. I find i really like the idea of this product, but that the high wasnt very noticeable. Or that you’d have to smoke a whole lot to feel it. But it is incredibly convenient for on the go smoking and i do like that it is recyclable!

  89. Handy to have when you’re on the go or need to take a quick hit!

  90. Terrible. Leaving aside the quality of high, which is terrible, and terrible weed tasting vape no matter which flavour you get, the battery doesn’t last… Ever. I bought four at once (because I was leaving on vacation and unfortunately I was in a ‘fuck it’ mood). One didn’t work at all and three died half way.. All three died at the same point. This product is garbage. Either buy the other disposable one they have or stick with a joint.

  91. Great product, good price. Not as strong as toko, but still gives nice light effect.

  92. Anonymous

    The pen is definitely discreet. I found there is no smell when vaping. The major issue for me is the high. I found it not strong at all. Also the battery died before the product was finished. I wouldn’t buy it again. I’d try another product.

  93. I love this product. Changed my life. Nearly no smell, totally innocuous. I use it everywhere I can’t smoke. The movie theatre, restaurants, pups, Doctors appointments, anywhere. Not good to get started but perfect for maintaining. Great price tag.

  94. Definitely worth the $, very handy and easy to use. Enjoyed it more then I thought I would have. I would and will be ordering again.

  95. quality product! cant go wrong with this! 5 of 5

  96. No flavoured, taste not the best. But as someone who dabs multiple times a day, the pen got me lifted with only a couple hits.

  97. Phant-products always worth the option in the vap pens

  98. This is a good pen for the price. Tastes good, but could be smoother!

  99. Anonymous

    I’m a bit disapointed. I don’t think it worked to the best of its abilities. It hit good about the first 6 or 7 hits. Then it was kind of selective when it wanted to work. I can see there’s still stuff inside as for me smoking it, it seems like a lost cause. I keep trying but I’m getting nothing. I’m going to buy another and see if it’s any better cause I did really enjoyed the highs that i did get out of it.

  100. Pretty good, on par with the toko, little expensive but I guess we are paying for the convenience

  101. Anonymous

    Quality pen. Had the first hit today and its all on point. Will order again.

  102. Love this product and it’s effects, I ordered 2 and wasn’t impressed with the one, seemed half empty and not nearly as many hits as the other that seemed full. Will get again beacase it is an awesome product!

  103. Hits good. Very discreet. Smells awesome

  104. Anonymous

    Much better product than Toko and like the Purple Candy no flavour. I have ordered a number of these and really enjoy being able to toke on the go, pretty well anywhere you are. High doesnt last as long as a joint but only do 3 or 4 draws in a five minute session. Such a cool product….

  105. Great to use otg. Will order again

  106. Quite liked this pen. Good to use when you are out and about.

  107. I liked this pen. Wasn’t amazing but good to use when you’re out and can’t light up.

  108. Anonymous

    Tangerine tasted weird . But got a good buzz from 2 hits . Thanks HD .

  109. Pretty convenient pen for on the go

  110. On my second Phant and really enjoy the consistency of the vapour. Toko gets consistently worse as you use pen but my Phant gives a nice draw and I like the Purple Candy better than GSC.

  111. Good overall, might be better for someone with a lower tolerance.

  112. Ordered two and find it a much better product than Toko. Better draw, like the high better and enjoy seeing the level of oil left in the chamber. Fires up consistently with just the right vapour cloud compared to my last Toko which had to be drawn on three times to get any vapour at all. Really enjoying these vape pens and the convenience of anywhere anytime……….Merry Merry HoHoHo

  113. Better than Toko and potency is right on the money

  114. nowhere near as many pulls as advertised. had a good flavour to start off but as I used it, vapour began to taste a bit burnt, lasted longer than the toko but was not as tasty, potency was comparable.

  115. Have to give it a five* because I like it better than Toko. Draw is better and more consistent. No flavours here, want to taste product, aftertaste less than Toko. Not the same as firing up a joint but for discreet usage, dont think it gets much more convenient. Love the Vape Pen!!

  116. The purple candy and cherry were good flavors and convient too.

  117. Anonymous

    All good except I just realized one of the ingredients is antifreeze!! WTF?

  118. Very convenient, perfect for smoking in public, love the vape pens, had blueberry and vanilla, looking forward to trying more flavours, the high is ok but dont always feel “there” but still over all a great product!

  119. These are great for using in a public setting I find they didn’t smell so no ones pays attention to you just think it’s another vape cloud. The only thing I didn’t like that is it didn’t last me very long or could I get very big hauls off the pen but over all not a bad product at all

  120. Great for casual smokers, the indicator to see how much is left is great. Root-beer was tasty.

  121. Tastes decent enough, the vanilla flavor is strong enough to mostly overpower any negative flavours; the smell is nice, better than the taste anyways; the effects are light, which makes this a great portable solution for those looking for slight medication on the go.

  122. mine either came empty or only had very few puffs in it… bad product i dont reccomend… high is ok but you just dont feel “there”

  123. Just cracked mine open today at lunch. No bad. Like toko better

  124. love em,,,

  125. I’ve ordered this multiple times and 1-3 will work. I was able to get the first reimbursed but that’s it. Never ordering these again, a waste of money. I will order vapes again when they have something like the G-vape with interchangeable canisters.


  126. This thing is great. Hide it anywhere for and emergency one the go medicate. the fact that all you do is pick it up and draw is amazing. If you are on the go all the time the no smell will let you use this anywhere. Great product..

  127. tried this for the 1st time today , still on the fence over it, i don;t think it;s that strong, good for on the Go i guess, Not sure about the cut they use to make it runny since they say it;s purple candy shatter, Get a nice haul off it alittle after taste which i am guessing is the cut, But over all a pretty neat gaget ,Boy things sure have changed ,This old guy never thought i’d see the day you could order online or walk into a store to buy smoke let alone and pre-filled on the go joint , 😉

  128. Anonymous

    Great product for stealth medicating when necessary. Not the hardest hitting pen on the market but has a great flavour! Like being able to see exactly how much oil is left in the pen (unlike Toko).

  129. Anonymous

    The taste was very good, but the high was pretty mellow compared to the CO2 pens from Oregon. It would be better if they offered a product like the Concrete Jungle CO2 cartridges that they sell in Oregon.

  130. Awesome. Loved mine definitely got good use from it

  131. Birds flying high know how I feel , Phant Pen work real well it has a good draw and you can DEFINATLY taste the Kushy Wax good feeling the pen is built with a quality material ! Doesnt get me to the moon but great great product to have with you!

  132. Anonymous

    Meh. Describes this one. Very light buzz, little to no effect without at least 5 puffs. I’m a light smoker and this doesn’t do it for me. It takes quite terrible too.

  133. These are awesome for on the go. Saves you the hassle of having to roll a joint, or pack a bowl if you are on the fly, or out in public. Very discreet, and doesn’t leave a weedy scent. I ordered 2 at a time, one for me, and one for a friend. After about 10 puffs of mine, the taste wasn’t quite as good. It tasted like glycerine, but my friend didn’t have that problem with his. It didn’t seem to effect the potency though, so I can deal with the taste! Battery lasted right until the end for both of them. Definitely would like to have one of these close by for on the go

  134. First time I purchased one of these pens. I’m impressed. Nice draw, nice flavour. I’ll buy this again!
    Thanks HD.

  135. Anonymous

    nice product orverall, nice feeling and taste, the item as it is looks nice and is not ”cheap”. I’m a bit dispointed about the duration… i didnt count my puffs but looks like it ran out after 1 1/2 day for me.. looks like it still has juice in it but the light at the end of the pen flashes 10 times everytime i try to inhale.

  136. Awesome draw, & flavour. storng draws and discrete. For when you don’t want the world to know your medicating lol thanks HD

  137. This thing is awesome. This was the first thing I tried after a 3 week tolerance break. 4 or 5 puffs to almost full lung capacity and it was more than enough! Effects lasted a couple hours before wanting to refresh. Soo good and tastes yummy to me. Reminded me of a citrusy shatter flavor. What an easy discreet way to medicate. Buddy that was with me was totally sold. Definitely will order again.

  138. Not the greatest. Got about 5 – 6 good puffs, The rest tasted like glycerin and they were very small tokes. 🙁

  139. This is great…. not the best taste but perfect to smoke in public and nobody will notice…. still get a little nice buzz

  140. Very tiny can’t been seen / smelled . I got my 45 dollars worth . Very good product for travelling / school / @ home …just ordered 2 more thanks hd 5star

  141. Simple to use, very discreet (doesn’t smell like weed at all), and the Purple Candy strain they come loaded with is fantastic!

  142. I like the portability and discreteness of it most. The high is mellow and functional. It would be nice though if it lasted a bit longer.

  143. Anonymous

    Not bad better than the Toko pens. Really slick design almost a shame to throw them away. As far as taste goes I’m not a fan and it really does leave a slight tickle in your throat but I nonetheless enjoy the high a lot, very functionable, no burn out whatsoever, beautiful little buzz definitely recommended if you’re on the go quite a bit.

  144. Good for light to medium-light smokers.
    Took a good few pulls to get a decent buzz going, but it did last a reasonably long period of time.
    Good for floating through the day on a mild to low/medium high. If you’re a moderate to heavy smoker just spend the extra $5 and get some dabs.
    Light, sweet taste, got a little funky towards the end of the pen’s life.
    would probably get another if I was coming back into smoking after being dry for a while, or for an easy job.
    Nice build and shipping quality, passes for vape pen in public (tested this, got no funny looks unless someone was close and recognized the scent.. and then got some smirks and nods ;D )

  145. Really enjoyed the sleekness and discreetness of the pen. Good tokes. Good value. Super useful at work. My only issue with this product is not feeling 100% about the glycerin / glycol content. As a regular smoker this unit gave me a consistent tickle in the throat that was less appreciated. To be real though…still used and enjoyed to completion

  146. After purchasing one of the phant pens as well as a toko I found that the phant pens take way more effort to get a decent draw off of as well they also have a super-light flavor compaired to the tokos.

  147. taste very good.3 or 4 puffs this and im good for a hour or 2. will buy again.

  148. I definitely got my full 150 puffs out of my pen. It works really well and I had no issues, thankfully. Super easy to use and a very helpful sleep aid. Also great to top off bong rips. More intense taste than the Cotton Candy pen. I definitely enjoyed it.

  149. For the people who want refillable ones just buy the juice they have available for your personal vape pens problem solved and for the people who run down the ratings based on a bad experience how about you look for a remedy to the problem instead taking to the website to bash it and make it look bad when it’s not, it’s ok to give a review and even rate it lower but don’t bite the hand that feeds you. End of story. This pen is fine it get’s you stoned and gives you all the puffs advertised on my end. Recommended for people who are into vaping and/or discretion.

  150. Awesome discreet good for the job

  151. Good flavour and helps me sleep at night. Took a bit to get use to the amount of draws to take. After playing around, I’ve got it figured out. Love how discreet it is.

  152. I vaporize exclusively, no smoking. This is my first try with a vape pen. Usually, I only do flowers and very rarely, I will use concentrates. I am a heavy user of flowers and felt a nice buzz after 4-5 puffs. I felt it lasted about an hour. This is a fantastic product that worked as advertised. I would order again but would prefer to see some vape pens offered that are rechargeable / reuseable.

  153. Decent quality pen, but you have a way better pen for the same price in the Toko. So 4 out of 5 based on the fact there’s clearly better pens for the same price available.

  154. 5 stars for ease of use and discretion, 4 stars for potency and pricing, 3 stars for taste, durability and life expectacy, 2 stars for waste and pollution. Never got nearly 150 puffs, I tried 3 pens. One died early but came back to life for a few more puffs.

  155. Amazing. Easy to use and much more effective than edibles when I need immediate relief during treatments.

  156. I’ve ordered a few of these now. And I’m very impressed with them. Taste is great. The buzz from 4/5 hits is plenty for a heavy smoker. The sneekyness of it is fantastic. No longer am I trying to blaze a fatty on the ride home from work with giant clouds of super stinky smoke billowing from my car. Now I just have a few tokes from the pen and I’m sitting in traffic with a giant smile on my face and no fear or paranoia . Just wish there were more options and flavours. Keep up the good work guys.

  157. I bought this and had 15 puffs and it ran out on me ,there junk don’t buy and the oil sucks

  158. I enjoyed these pens. Even with a high tolerance I spent one day puffing nothing but one of these. Kept me just comfortable all day.

    As mentioned I didn’t get anywhere near 150 puffs. All three pens ran out of juice and the batteries still seem to be going strong. They could use a little more liquid in them, but they’re not bad.

  159. Works like a charm , very stealthy , but its very short life . I wish refills would be available here , and they should use regular battery . Alot of money is being thrown after use ,

  160. Love the style of the pen. Unfortuate that there is no refill fluid sold and I finished 2 pens in 2 days, and I definitely didn’t take 150puffs – I counted, it was 84. Definitely works but was a little disappointed

  161. Anonymous

    Just arrived in the mail 30 minutes ago.. Fantastic! I’ve had a few different e-joints (whatever you want to call them) and this one is by far the best yet. It tastes great, and works almost instantly! Great product. Would love to see a version in a high CBD

  162. 2 puffs and I’m feeling fine. I’m hoping to see lots more like this.

  163. Been waiting for shatter cape pens for some time now ,but I gotta say , I’m not very impressed with this pen , lasted bout 2 days at work only, takes me about 5-6 puffs to start feeling a buzz, was expesting a little more from phant , hopefully the seoncd one I ordered Wil last longer ,

  164. Picked this up a few days ago. Really enjoying the how easy it is to use and at any time. Few puffs before bed, slept through the night no problem! Would love to see phant come out with a Sativa pen, a strong CBD or haileys comet pen.

  165. I swear a heavenly chorus started playing when I opened this up for the first time. This is /perfect/ for my social anxiety. Super discreet and easy to use, I get a smell from it, but a friend I was vaping around (outside) said she couldn’t smell a thing. Thought it wore out earlier, but after leaving it for a bit, it’s vaping again. I guess the coils had to draw up some more juice. I’d love to see the reusable pens carried here! And a sativa version wouldn’t go astray, either!

  166. great vape pen , so simple to use .

  167. Love this product and want to see more of its kind around, super stealthy, great medication. no issues with my battery yet. Wishing it had a replaceable battery or something though.

  168. I love vape pens, and having shatter in them is even better! Love HD!

  169. Really nice for a disposable pen….fairly regular smoker and got a good high off four or five hits, but had to take one star off because of the taste…..yikes.

  170. first order here! I usually smoke the JuJu joint, but man this purple candy vape pen blew my mind and at a better price! I hope we eventually get more of these sweet vape pens! the thing about the vape pens is not only how discreet it is but how powerful this medicine is! I would suggest to anyone to at least try this once!! peace from east coast

  171. Anonymous

    This is a great product. Would be nice to have more flavours and you can’t go wrong with the price. Make sure you order a few as they don’t last very long if you’re a regular user

  172. I love this little device! It tastes great and goes down pretty smooth. The effects are pretty quick but not as long lasting as the flowers (to me at least). Sleek and discreet…it’s a great product Phant, thank you! Definitely will purchase again!

  173. Love this,,,,,small compact, , Delicious ,, Never used a vape pen before,,but do enjoy this,, Saw them in Negril at the High Times event,,, there were rechargeable pens with replaceable tops filled with oil. A much better product than this,,,BUT ,,these work great , love the flavor and the high !!!,, Just wish they came in 1 gram size !!! I have used 1 it lasted 3days with occasional use ,,, Just started on #2 and noticed right away , it had a much better draw then pen#1…..So maybe they vary a bit from pen to pen,,

  174. Definitely not terrible for 45 bucks, but I don’t think its going to last as long as I was hoping. Decent hauls off of it, has a bit of that pen taste, a good couple puffs and you should be feeling nice.. just don’t expect it to compare to a nice dab from a rig..

  175. The pen is good when it worked but only for a few puffs. It does not vape anymore I would not recromend it and they have not even responded yet to me about this problem ether

  176. As many have mentioned, hopefully there are more flavours coming in the near future cause this thing is the future. Super discreet, could be a bit more potent but I am a heavy user like a few here have mentioned but still produces a very decent buzz.

  177. Anonymous

    Loving this…’s so discreet and does the job for sure…..I need to see more of these in different flavour

  178. Hot damn! This thing is the real deal! Taste good and hits awesome too. Picked me up pretty damn good after a couple other hoots of some street stuff then buddy pulled this out to give it a try and oh my great all around discrete small portable tastey last a good while. We need more from phant.

  179. Great Product! Provides a very nice buzz while also being very discrete! You can take this with you anywhere and nobody will know the difference. Also very durable

  180. Super stealthy and super easy to use. I like to use it as a top up if I’m using edibles or a quick drag to get a buzz. Quite nice will order again!

  181. I really like this pen. The taste is really nice. Very smooth, and a light vapor on the exhale. I would buy one again. It made me cough a couple time, but that’s s good thing.

  182. These things are great because you can smoke them anywhere and they just look like a normal vape pen. The buzz isn’t very strong though. I’m a pretty heavy user though, so don’t let that discourage you.

  183. I liked it. As a heavy user, it was not very potent, but helps for the cravings and does the trick when discretion is a must. I will ordewr more.

  184. Very discrete, Decent buzz.

  185. Love this !!! Great sleek design. Some complain about the taste, I actually liked it lol. Good for smoking just about anywhere. And got a great buzz from it. Hope to see more strains become available

  186. PHANT kills it again! 🙂 So discreet its perfect pen to take anywhere and medicate!! Thanks HD for this great product!!

  187. Anonymous

    Real nice taste, sleek design. Would love to see these become the Norm

  188. Super cool little gizmo here! Smoke anywhere!

  189. great product , as a heavy user I found this a great high . Design sleek and smooth , very discrete . This is the new way to smoke cannabis . I can only hope more strains are available ,

  190. Wow wow wow wanted to try something different and ordered this. Great taste nice buzz…..good for the night time. Please expand this product line. Thank you

  191. Anonymous

    Awesomely convenient and pretty potent as well. Would love to see more strains as well. A+++

  192. Worked perfectly . Great taste but don’t hit too many times in a row or you taste the glycol. Awesome device ??

  193. Anonymous

    Highly recommend this product. Very convenient design and still tastes pretty good. Larger hauls will leave a burnt taste but other than that its amazing. Phant needs to expand their strains.

  194. Anonymous

    I’m so happy to try this pen wow the taste is out of this world so happy now and very nice high great for pain anexity I can’t wait to order more it’s a deff gotta try this at least once and you deicide for yourself I’m loving it

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