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UK White Widow

(118 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Product Description

UK White Widow is a strain that was grown in Vancouver Island and is a cross of UK Cheese and White Widow. Expect this sativa-dominant hybrid strain to smell like cheese on steroids!

UK Cheese

UK Cheese is a popular sativa-dominant strain known for its potent, balanced effects and signature musty cheese smell. The flavor is also unique with notes of berries and spicy cheese (one that may just have to be tasted rather than described). This strain is thought to be a specific phenotype (same genetics, different end result) of Skunk #1 that was originally cultivated in the early 1990s by a UK collective group known as “Exodus.” (As a result, this strain is also known as Exodus Cheese.)

UK Cheese became popular for its energetic, euphoric head effects combined with its impressive pain relief potential. It quickly spread beyond the borders of its British home. Most users experience alert, sativa effects that allow for mental relaxation without sedation, but it may hasten bedtime for some. Effects tend to be felt in the head first, generally around the eyes, then spread throughout the entire body, producing muscle relaxation and even some tingly numbness.

Parents: Skunk #1
Similar to: Chemdag, AK-47, LA Confidential, Jack Herer, Alien OG

Flavors: Cheese, pungent, earthy
Medical: Relaxed, happy, uplifted, euphoric, sleepy
Used to help with: Pain, stress, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms

White Widow

Out of the countless marijuana strains that have been discovered, smoked and bred over the years, one of the most legendary and famous strains is the White Widow, a Dutch classic grown in the Netherlands and first released in the early 1990’s.

The original White Widow was created using a pure Sativa land race from Brazil and was pollinated by an Indica hybrid from southern India. It was believed, according to legend, that this hybrid was born from years of carefully selecting and breeding in the mountains of Kerala to produce high resin content marijuana plants.

The White Widow plant can grow to almost 1m tall and the buds are covered in crystals giving an almost sugared appearance. This strain has a very strong aroma. The smell of White Widow stems is deep, sweet & sour when rubbed between your fingers. You can expect a fresh and clean pine taste with a subtle, lingering and very pleasant citrus flavor after each hit. This strain is especially wonderful for anxiety users due to its instant calming effects. It can help with migraines, PMS symptoms as well as other chronic pain.

Parents: South American, South Indian Indica
Similar to: Banana Candy, Frankenstein, Blue Moonshine, Buddha’s Sister, Confidential Cheese

Flavors: Earthy, woody, pungent
Effects: Happy, euphoric, relaxed, uplifted, creative
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, insomnia, lack of appetite
Used to help with: Anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraines, PTSD, anorexia

by Matthew Price

Blue Cheese Naturally Calms Your Nerves

Blue Cheese genetics can be linked to a cross between Blueberry and Cheese. The buds are small in size, super soft, and covered in sticky trichomes. Beautiful weed that boasts dark and light shades of green that are covered by sandy orange hairs.

Blue Cheese is considered a great strain for staying social as it will give you energy, make you giggly, and improve your spirits.

The scent, out of the container, is fruity like a batch of sour blueberries. The smoke and taste is slightly different; blueberry on the inhale, with a noticeable musky undertone typical of the original cheese strain on the exhale.

Blue Cheese seems to remove stress and anxiety as well as makes it easier to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. Although the effects are euphoric and spacey, it does take a good amount of time (5-10 minutes) to set in at maximum strength.

It’s definitely not the most potent strain we have tested by any means… but it produces smooth smoke with a blueberry and cheese taste that is unique & memorable. Not in my personal top 5 favorite strains either — but still very good all-around.

Source: MedicalJane

118 reviews for UK White Widow

  1. looks like white widow tastes and smells like uk cheese very nice

  2. Very nice taste and smell. Good high I’d recommend this. Good value for the product.

  3. Great clean high. Tastes and smells like UK Cheese.

  4. Commence Vaping… . . . . . .183c……. . . . .. .. . It tastes like I just smoked a pine tree and candy … didn’t taste the cheese, I’m lactose Intolerant… ………Now my 3rd bag, possibly 4th…. …………..Have it, it passes, just kills it! Buy it. it’s good.

  5. This stuff keeps me content throughout the day!

  6. Some of the best smoke I’ve had in the last 18 years…..This brought me back to when I was a kid tripping balls trying to keep my shit straight! You will not be dissapointed! I will be ordering an oz within the month! Very pungent cheese taste with a pine backing and insanely strong white widow effect. This is up there with GG#4 and Bruce Banner #3 quality wize a true unicorn!

  7. Great strain! Tastes great

  8. Anonymous

    Good daytime slash work hybrid. I will purchase again

  9. Tastes more like uk cheese than the widow side but still really good

  10. Wow amazing product. One of my favorite top 5 old school strains crossed with one of my new top 5. great cross strain. After a few puffs and I was nice and relaxed mind and body the smoke tasted just like the smell. Please keep around or even just as a special once in awhile keep it up 10/10

  11. really nice stuff, would buy again, very consistent.

  12. This strain is insane in the membrane !

  13. Smooth stuff

  14. Nothing too crazy but a very enjoyable smoke. super smooth and decent high, only reason its not 5 stars is because of the price.

  15. Anonymous

    Wasn’t as intense as I was expecting. High seemed to last a while though. I’m on the fence with this one. Had some lemon tree that was here earlier for $30/ 1/8 that I liked more. Or even for the same price I liked the cheese #1 better.
    With all that said, this strain isn’t really for me. But could be great for YOU!

  16. i would give this 3.8/5. Smells a bit cheesy and a bit hazey, looks good, and burns good. Effects are mostly cerebral but not as intense as past batches.

  17. This weed isnt anything to write home about. I think its a bit pricey but its still great stuff. 3 of 5 cuz i wasnt blown away. Thx again hd!

  18. Nice stuff from a stick analysis point of vue , tho i find the price to be ahead of good mesure . Yet to retrive this white widow who’s highlight were that white color that few weed share .

  19. Got this one in a sample pack this time around and I got to say it was just as good or better than when I got it 2 or 3 months ago.

  20. Heavy lung expanding sativa with a slight hint of pine taste. More balanced buzz, similar to an indica with body vibe and nice head buzz yet wakes you up like a sativa.

  21. I was not a big fan of this one in my sample pack . HD has other ones that are better in my eyes ???❗still good meds mine you

  22. Sad to see this out of stock right now, but totally understand why. One of my faves for sure.

  23. Very earthy and pungent but the taste packs a powerful punch as you relax and unwind

  24. Not the biggest fan of sativas but this one has me hooked. Nugs are bright. hairy and crystally to anyones standards. Great job again HD

  25. Nice dense looking buds. Cheesy smell with a pungent taste. Amazing effects. Nice relaxing buzz with great medical effects for pain and anxiety.

  26. Ordered just a gram of this stuff a few weeks back and the only problem was i didnt order enough thansk Herbal 🙂

  27. Excellent job done on this bud. It’s similar to the uk cheese but adds a unique smell along with the cheese. Really good high from this stuff.

  28. Potent high, kind of harsh to hit but its worthi it

  29. Will make you want to get up and do the go go! Solid heavy tight buds and lots of crystals. Smells cheesy and taste is ok.

  30. Yummy cheesy smell and flavor! Similar in quality to UK Cheese and Cheese #1. Maybe not quite as strong as those two, but still has a good buzz. I’d recommend this!

  31. Looks amazing and that’s just the start of the journey. The smell is so strong it’s intimidating lol. Incredible buzz

  32. I prefer white widow by itself mainly but this mix of white widow and uk is unreal. smoothest for joints, doesn’t get much better then this strain here!

  33. Good but better sativa available.

  34. Another top 5 strain! The buds have such an amazing look and feel

  35. Loved everything about this strain. Would definitely buy again.

  36. small bong hit lead to big stone, great feeling and very euphoric

  37. Anonymous

    Super tasty, helped with all my medical needs, recommended it for anxiety, depression and insomnia!

  38. Good stuff nice Cheese smell cause of the Uk cheese cross , take like 5 min to feel the high but give a really nice high but not strong as the Cheese #1 to me , but the taste the smell and the look are amaziin very frosty nug and hairy in really recomended this stuff

  39. High quality strain, beautiful stinky bud, last longuer than I tought. Gonna buy some every order.

  40. Great taste and lasts long!

  41. Really good taste, last very long, is a bit pricy tho, the only losing star

  42. Cheesey smell with a nug that could smell up a room sort of vibe. Lime green with bright orange pistols that bust up well and ash white. Great overall

  43. Anonymous

    definitely one of my favourites that I have ordered.

  44. Good strain.

    Side Note:
    Just a precaution to all HD members, a higher price does not necessarily mean better quality.

  45. Top 3 strain with northern lifghts x haze and organic cherry cookies. You’ll be feelin it for hours with no burnout!

  46. smoked 1 fatty and a hour later I ordered 1/2 oz . great stuff

  47. Got this in a sample pack. I was really impressed with the dense nug I received. Great Sativa strain. Would order again.

  48. Bought this about 4 months ago and completely forgot about it in my cabinet. Opened it up and still smells wonderful. Awesome product thanks HD

  49. GREAT STUFF, tried it once and I’m hooked. Awesome taste and great with a coffee to get your morning going!

  50. Excellent Sativa, great for day time.

  51. This stuff is a real treat ! Can’t go wrong with this stuff.. very very impressed..

  52. Nice cross between the uk cheese n widow /5star

  53. Anonymous

    Great day time smoke.

  54. Amazing looking buds. Smells like cheese and fruity at the same time, quite a pleasant flavor also. Great daytime smoke, i was alert but relaxed at the same time. 10/10 Thank you HD!!!

  55. Anonymous

    highly recommend this strain

  56. good strain but wasn’t up to HD standards. Ash was very black suggesting too much nitrogen so I figure it wasn’t flushed properly. Also continued to go out unless constant puffing lol

  57. Great strain!
    Nugs look light and fluffy, but when you touch them… they feel super sticky. Smells bomb too.

  58. This batch isn’t that great. Very disappointing. This isn’t HD standard…

  59. Wow very potent hit me like a train if you wanna strong high this is the one for you!

  60. I disagree with the comments on here. The taste isn’t anything special (compared to others strains on HD)…and it wasn’t all that smooth. It’s fairly potent though. If you like the UK Cheese, stick to it instead.

  61. That smell the cheeseburger 😛 , great buzz, energic, euphoric great sativa, top quality !! ty HD 🙂

  62. True to the description. Cheesy aroma and yes, it’s a bit of a creeper. The effects are quite strong here. A great looking bag with large and medium nugs and only a couple of popcorns. Definitely recommended if you like Sativa’s!

  63. You cant go wrong with that strain. Typical good strain.

  64. Anonymous

    Favourite strain so far, keeps you alert and energetic. Great for day time. Gorgeous fat nugs too! Thank you!

  65. First strain I ever tried from HD. Absolutely amazing. 3.5 came in at 3.7. Beautiful ltitle buds. Nice smell and taste is amazing. The high starts off as ltitle subtle but gets more intense after about 30 minutes. Definitely a creeper. The smoke tasty and not harsh at all. Would highly recommend to anyone.

  66. Love that cheese taste very strong high 5 stars all day

  67. Always enjoyed Uk cheese was excited to try this strain and haven’t been disappointed, description is true to a tea. won’t be beaten

  68. This flower is out of this world. The high is very strong, in every aspect. Taste is pretty nice, but careful not to get carried away and over-medicate yourself as it could make you dizzy !

  69. Anonymous

    best yet. buy you won’t be disappointed.

  70. buds look 100x better in person by the way. not as much hair either

  71. has a musty cheese odor.. mmmm.. Tastes like good ol’ white widow though 🙂 sometimes the tokes are a little rough, I would suggest that is because of improper flushing or just picking it too soon but I can’t see past the layer of THC to conclude that theory so smoke up 😉 takes about 25 mins to hit you but for a sativa,.. IT REALLY HITS YOU. Nice high, majorly body but is the perfect balance between head high/body high. Personally, it doesn’t get me that high but i’m a long time smoker and usually don’t feel anything

  72. My favorite strain yet so far?

  73. Very attractive super fat nugs. Wonderful cheesy funk totally covered in trichs…perfect freshness again. Ive yet to be disappointed by HD flowers. I’m not as gaga over it as I expected but there’s no way anyone’s gonna complain about this stuff. Clear daytime buzz with little heaviness or burnout.

  74. Very nice taste and great looking large bud just like the picture. The effect is strong in the head, but keep you motivated to move and get things done. Overall satisfied.

  75. WOW this is really really nice stuff!

  76. I got this thinking it was just the normal white widow, and came out much more pleased. Excellent strain, smell is beyond funky. Hints of that cheese

  77. Amazing strain, that has everything you want. Smell, big buds and a high that don’t drag you down.

  78. Loved this ! UK WW totally worth the purchase . Looks like crystals were dipped on my buds. Smells amazing and very strong . Will be ordering again

  79. Really enjoyed the UK WW.
    Had a nice kick along a blissful ride.

  80. Very nice strain

  81. nice!!

  82. Anonymous

    Don’t normally leave reviews, but had to for this one.

    One of the most potent sativas I have had in many years. Wow.

  83. Anonymous

    Amazing ! One of the best strain I try.

  84. In the words of Flavor Flav, “WOOOOOOOOOOWWW G” I’m normally a straight indica smoker that’s sativa-curious at times and this flower lives up to it’s rep! It truly is a heavy-hitter and although I’ve only been smoking on this for a short time; I’m not regretting my choice over an indica and doubt I will before I’m out. Thanks HD!

  85. KLR GLD does it again. This is amazing bud. Not as cheesy as UK but still really cheesy. UK hurt my head but this one just sent me spinning. Killer

  86. Anonymous

    This stuff is crazy. I agree with another reviewer saying this is probably one of the best strains you’ve had. Anyone who’s has the HD UK Cheese will recognize it immediately in the UK White Widow. Very canna-experienced, and this stuff still knocked me on my ass. It’s very potent. Musky cheesy stank. Hard-hitter for sure. Love it! KRL GLD ftw!

  87. Anonymous

    Very nice strain cheesy and fruity smell. Great day time smoke for some relief and be productive 5 stars for it all round

  88. Best Stuff you guys had yet

  89. Super, duper tasty. Ordered this the last time it appeared and I wasn’t disappointed. Easy going day time high. Hits pretty good but doesn’t knock you out. Lovely buds.

  90. Wow this stuff is quite tasty and its the perfect day time smoke… doesent give you that burnt out i wanna lay on the couch feeling. I give this a 4.7/5 thanks again HD

  91. Just amazing… lovely buds..very well flushed/manicured..nice white ash…. everything is top shelf with this one!! The girlfriend even enjoyed smoking this strain in a joint form & that’s rare =) Awesome job KLR & HD!! HomeRun!!

  92. Wow!
    The smell alone almost gives you a buzz. These buds are very very pretty. The nugs are expertly cleaned/flushed. Each nug is covered in little white grains of heaven…. Youll want to preserve this one. It’s tasty and stinky and pretty.
    An uplifting buzz that’s very enjoyable. All in the head. Just an excellent representation of this cross.

  93. The quality of the buzz from this bud is just excellent, a clear headed sativa-hybrid that is truly the best of both parent strains. Right after opening the bag you can smell pungent fruit followed by blue cheese. Stinky and delicious. I haven’t had white widow in about 6 years so I was so happy when I saw this pop up on HD! xD

    My only complaint is that the bud wasn’t quite dry enough, had to run it through my grinder twice to get it fine enough for my vape.

    Giving this 4.5/5, would definitely buy again.

  94. White Widow has been one of my favorites since I started smoking oh so many years ago. And this cross with rhe UK Cheese is very nice.

  95. Anonymous

    beautiful weed, chops up so big and nice, great sativa… i dontkknow what else to say, its so good that it rivals all the best kshs… great strain.. can’t wait to get more of this!

  96. I loved the Uk cheese so knew this wouldn’t be a let down . Especially being crossed with a white widow strain ! Wasn’t quite as pungent as the plain old uk cheese but I was very happy with the heady buzz it gave me and how it helped me off to sleep ! Thanks HD 5/5

  97. Nice tight buds, reaks of cheese!! Only complaint is could be trimmed alittle better..

  98. Very stinky, still has that cheese smell from the UK Cheese which is way proper . Hits like the widow though , very impressed. All nice plump looking buds too. Thanks HD!!

  99. Nice sativa. Not as trichome caked as I thought it would be but it was still good. Didn’t help pain much but was good for relaxing and sleep

  100. Very nice buds. Awesome buzz. Enjoyed the UK cheese a bit more

  101. Anonymous

    Nice sativa! The taste was a bit arsh but cheesy and its so stinky ,
    you can smell the cheese cross

  102. I found this uk white widow really good and strong, I found it took more taste from the white widow then the uk cheese. Fairly strong, nice buz.

  103. This is not one of my favourites. It is good don’t get me wrong but it is more uk cheese dominant then the white widow. I’ve ordered uk and few times and this felt almost similar to just receiving the standard uk, so this isn’t a strain for me. But it still is great, fanatic taste and gives a slight glow. Very dense tight nugs.

  104. Very unique strain! Super stinky, nice big buds. I give this a 4.5 I enjoyed it a lot. Herbal dispatch you’ve done it again!

  105. This stuff immediately stunk up the room as soon as the vacuum seal was broken. Most of it is in very nice, large nugs. I’d rate it 4.7/5 overall, a nice sativa for sure!

  106. two of my favorites all in one

  107. Great looking and smelling buds. Doesn’t smell like cheese to me. Maybe some citrus popcorn or something. Super dank regardless. Great for stress relief.

  108. Very good looking bud, Nice flavour. Highly recommended

  109. Very nice looking bud, caked, trimmed excellent. The smell is strong and cheesy buzz is more sativa than the uk cheese but I find the UK more cheesy with a more hybrid buzz. But I’m sure this would be a 5 star for many users

  110. This stuff is Pungent, holy! Definitely a great strain. wish I ordered more. I hope this becomes a regular menu item.

  111. Perfect sense uniform nugs and what a ‘cheese’ smell ? Never had a cheese hybrid this pungent. Great socializing cannabis

  112. great bud. looks just like the pics. lots of crystals. trimmed perfect. nice dense buds!!

  113. kiss anxiety and stress goodbye with a great aftertaste of dank pungent cheese/haze if you like bomb kush purchase a good amount of this strain it will be gone quick!!!

  114. Anonymous

    Ordered an ounce of this stuff and it came in 6 nugs, one of them was 14 grams! The smell is a very dank cheese and high is energetic at first then very relaxed. 5 stars

  115. Smells like the Uk Cheese mixed with pungent haze. Kinda weird mixture but definitely unique. Taste is also very unique. Very potent and delicious looking huge nugs.

  116. Absolutely amazing

  117. Any UK blend for me does it but this is a top notch strain, great to mix with some blue memory loss.

  118. White Wido: Looks like cobwebbs on the bud, thats very cool. Oh wow! Taste so different, clean burn, great aroma, intense pot, i like this strain (=

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