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UK Cheese

(614 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $10
3.5 grams for $35
7 grams for $65
14 grams for $125
28 grams for $240

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Sold By: KLR GLD
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Product Description

UK Cheese is a popular sativa-dominant strain known for its potent, balanced effects and signature musty cheese smell. The flavor is also unique with notes of berries and spicy cheese (one that may just have to be tasted rather than described). This strain is thought to be a specific phenotype (same genetics, different end result) of Skunk #1 that was originally cultivated in the early 1990s by a UK collective group known as “Exodus.” (As a result, this strain is also known as Exodus Cheese.)

UK Cheese became popular for its energetic, euphoric head effects combined with its impressive pain relief potential. It quickly spread beyond the borders of its British home. Most users experience alert, sativa effects that allow for mental relaxation without sedation, but it may hasten bedtime for some. Effects tend to be felt in the head first, generally around the eyes, then spread throughout the entire body, producing muscle relaxation and even some tingly numbness.

Flavours: Cheese, pungent, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, happy, uplifted, euphoric, sleepy
Medical: Pain, stress, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms

Q and A: The Gold Standard of Weed

614 reviews for UK Cheese

  1. That as to be five star.

  2. I found the last batch to have a stronger smell and denser nugs. Still good don’t get me wrong but I enjoyed the last one more

  3. Very cheesy smell and crazy cerebral high, better get your food out this weed makes your hunger insane.

  4. Made the purchase based solely off the reviews… A little dissapointed. The smell: cheesy as expected. The effects: very mild, clear, focused buzz.. Kind of like a sativa dominant cbd strain. Had higher hopes. I agree with the two posters underneath me about this one current batch…

  5. Not very potent ash is black not white or greyish.

  6. The batch i just got was not like uk cheese used to be . its spongy loose nugs that are kinda wet/damp. Used to be nice firm nugs that are dry and stink like cheese. Definately not impressed

  7. Not generally a cheese fan, but my ex was super into them, so thought I’d give it another shot. I was pleasantly surprised. Not a fan of the initial smell (because of the cheese), but I got decently high just from one bowl, and I usually need a heavy hitter. Gave me ridiculous munchies though and super tired, but would purchase again in future, regardless of price.

  8. One of the best ive smoked. That is all. Now order it!

  9. You know you really can’t go wrong with KLR gold. This is a nice batch of cheese, I love the dank weird smell and taste, and its a great sativa for your daytime smoke. Thanks again HD!

  10. Seriously. Less reading, more ordering of this UK Cheese. Superb.

  11. KLRGLD is the Bomb! Once again another knock out blow from the best producers. Worth all the money for the smell alone! Always eagerly awaiting another fine herb from these folks. Keep up the great work, Thanks.

  12. WOW !!!! The pics here do not do this justice as they show a lot of wood and when i got my order there was none at all…more importantly the quality of the material was TOP NOTCH. I cannot say anything negative against this Weed it is the best i have smoked in a while, and I had no problem with “SKUNKINESS” at all. My last order was extremely SKUNKY so much so that i had to leave it out in the garage to keep the house free of the smell. Today with this orders arrival there was no smell at all which saves me a great deal of inconvenience…..Didnt notice any cheeze taste to be honest…I will definately be keeping this as a standard for myself it is that good…

  13. One of my favorite Sativas. 5/5

  14. I’ve had UK Cheese many times, it’s one of my favs… but I may as well never had it compared to this stuff, it’s unlike any I’ve had before….TOP notch flavour/fragrance and POTENCY – WOW. Don’t need much of this stuff and I’m a daily vaper

  15. Funky smell but good clean high! I have bought this strain a number of times!

  16. Not my kid but decent buds and high.

  17. UK Cheese has everything I want out of a nice nug. Danky (cheese), sticky and fresh, burns smooth,tastes unique, and is nice and potent… potent enough for me to have any time, day or night. Props to KLR Gold and HerbalDispatch.

  18. One of my fav daytime buds. Very potent!

  19. one of my fav strains great in the morning

  20. Good smell/taste

  21. amazing sativa! nice relaxing high with little to no burn out. a smooth smoke that burned very clean with white ash.

  22. This thing is awesome in every way. Very particular smell taste and high. Its a must

  23. Dense buds , lots of frost, cheese smell , great buzz ✌

  24. Great bud does a great job smooth and tastes delisious will be ordering this product again forsure. Keep up the good work cheers.

  25. Amazing quality cheese killer gold knows what’s up one of my favorites on HD

  26. Not bad

  27. Finally ordered some Cheese, saw that this is KLR GLDs last batch so I had to try it. Good return for rosin considering it’s a sativa. I’m finally getting healthy enough that I’m enjoying sativas again. It definitely has that cheese smell but there is also a sweet strawberry smell to it too. Really nice balanced high with that warm non couch lock body buzz. No burnout, which I always find so strange because most Skunk strains burn me out hard. Definitely enjoyed.

  28. By far my favourite bud! Great high, super small stems. Burn nice with a great flavour. Always my go to bud!

  29. Loved it! Absolutely delicious

  30. Love me some cheese. It is unique. Rolls really well. Cheers

  31. Really nice buds. Great strong aroma. Nice stone, helped my anxiety and pain. Great product.

  32. Wow. This stuff was amazing. I only got 1g to try out but will definitely be getting a nice sack on my next order. Burns so nice in a joint, smells great, very tasty. And the high was also very strong which is what I like. So far this has been my favourite strain I have tried off this site.

  33. Good job…..KLR GLD….. Uk cheese never disappoints… Best strain on this site by far…

  34. This was always my main choice however I have found that the last several times I’ve ordered it, over the last four months or so, it just hasn’t been the same. The effects have been noticeably weaker and even the taste and smell haven’t been as prominent. I have found that I am ordering it less and less. Thankfully HD has many excellent options to choose from.

  35. Wow great stuff

  36. Great product UK Cheese love the taste and the smell keeps me come back for more yum

  37. Definitely smells and tastes like cheese. Gives a good happy, uplifted high.

  38. Love this stuff, get it on every order. strong high, no anxiety, get for sure

  39. Nice taste and smell really good

  40. Great smell, Great taste, Great high! Excellent quality buds with good size. Well worth the extra $$. Will be buying again really soon..

  41. I usually purchase 3.5g but got 7g of this stuff because it’s enriched with the most beautiful high

  42. This was my first time trying Cheese, heard lots about the strain obviously. Its a strain that lives up to the hype.

  43. nice looking , full of crystal and marvelous taste.

  44. AWESOME!!! My favourite all around I can’t thank HD enough this strain got me out of the funk I was feeling depressed mind was non stop this came in I smoke a pinned!!!! And instantly was in relief I felt uplifted energetic and mind had calmed like I had been meditating I will but this over and over again

  45. Excellent! I just finished my first order of 6 different items, and ALL items were wonderful. Will be ordering from Herbal Dispatch again, asap. As for this product, it was excellent quality, exactly what cheese is supposed to be. I will order this again 🙂

  46. Great stuff, always consistent, really crystaly and dense, with that strong classic skunky cheese smell i remember from amsterdam, definitely will be getting this again and again!

  47. Nice big beautiful buds packed so dense you can’t squeeze them any tighter, I absolutely love this strain. Picked some up to fill an order and was pleasantly surprised, don’t really think it smells like cheese though but definitely a five star sativa will be buying more in the future.

  48. Top shelf right stuff. Lovely smell and beautiful nugs and have to say thanks for the boveda pack helps a lot for the storage.

  49. Beautiful, dense buds. Distinct smell. Strong and smooth. Purchased this strain after reading some reviews and i was not disappointed.

  50. Simply one of the best. Unfortunately, the hefty pricetag makes it more of a treat and not an everyday strain

  51. Just smoked my last UK cheese, just ordered ghost train haze from KLR GLD, hope it doesn’t have seeds like Bruce banner…

  52. Was having a bad day until my order arrived .Then my day got brighter.After 10 day tolerance break a few hits and all my cares and worries melted away,Found myself very energetic and put me in a very good place mentally.I will order this again.This is a very good strain Thanks. 4.5 stars

  53. Great batch. Cannot wait to order this again!

  54. Amazing stuff, Well worth the price. Busts up nice, burns very well, very good high, and a “clean” thick smoke.

  55. Always a good choice, very unique smell and taste. One of the best!

  56. Uffff smell like cheese, really good

  57. My favorite strain. Weapons grade bud.

  58. Not the nicest UK Cheese I ever got, but it’s still great! Stinky and strong. The only downside is the $250 price tag. Still nice for the occasional treat. A must try!

  59. this is a proper choice good smoke one of the best strains on the web.

  60. ya dude

  61. This is one of the best cheese strains going. It is and always will be a classic. Great for daytime use

  62. Good sativa. cheesy smell. Energizing and clear headed high BUT the effects wore off too quickly for me. I would not buy this again at $11/g. I expected more based on the price and the reviews. If you are looking for a solid sativa hybrid that lives up to the hype, try blue dream instead. 🙂

  63. Good stuff for bongs, but burns a bit fast for a leisurely joint.

    I would and probably will get it again.

  64. This is the best quality stuff on HD. The price is at the top, but this stuff delivers

  65. Anonymous

    Great buzz but the smell isn’t my favorite. Definitely top quality

  66. loved this, great strong high

  67. One of my favourite strains – interesting smell, but tastes great and is quite potent. Highly recommended!

  68. Just bought some.. You can’t go wrong buying UK CHEESE…I’t the BEST STRAIN ON THIS SITE… I wish PURPLE KUSH would come back… or some hard hitters 25% THC or more… Still haven’t seen Gorilla Glue or Tuna Kush…

  69. Love the energetic buzz, but don’t care much for the price and smell…

  70. Thanks perfect. Well worth it.

  71. Basically this is the best stuff consistently. Creamy really is a good way to put it.

  72. Creamy flavor

  73. Tried this strain almost 2 years ago, just got this for the week-end and its the same smells pungent skunky cheesy. Will always order this strain u cant go wrong with this, its a classic!!

  74. Super pungent smell but tastes so good. I found it was a good relaxing high, good for watching TV or making dinner. Easy smoke, no cough on the exhale.

  75. Amazing. The smell alone will probably make you recoil (in a good way), fantastic taste when vaped and a fantastic laughing high you won’t forget. Buy this strain friends you won’t regret it

  76. One of my favourites !

  77. Anonymous

    This is my favorite strain to smoke after a big meal and then into the evening because the high moves to the body after a nice head buzz, i do find that for a sativa it can make you sleepy so i prefer it in the evening but overall its really great.

  78. Smells like cheese, dense, strong smoke. uplifting, energized, head high. phenomenal! Will probably order more

  79. Anonymous

    This stuff is just like the product description, except maybe the cheese smell. I’ve never smelled cheese like that but who cares. Starts in the head and moves to the body. Premium buzz and relaxation. Would order again for sure. 5 star

  80. One of the more powerful, sativa highs. Great for movie nights, or socializing with friends. Pungent smell. The taste is nothing too special, but the high is definitely worth the try.

  81. very impressed with this purchase. strong energetic high that lasted. will for sure get again.

  82. Best weed I’ve tried from here. Strongest high with no real down side. It stinks like dirty work boot socks though.

  83. Now this one is perfect. always a fan of cheese. I buy it at the store and this, this is the best cheese. I put on Karen’s last baked Ziti.

  84. Very good sativa!! Wouldnt be scared to get more for medicine for the day

  85. Oh man what a shocker… even as a veteran I thought its aroma was a bit too strong. Great strain wich such a powerful smell/taste!

    Overall, really great sativa with a nice buzz but tastewise I prefer the Greencrack much more.

  86. Good strain strong high not the tastiest but burns nice give it a 4/5 would give 5/5 but $250 an oz is too pricey

  87. The buds looked exactly like they do in the picture. The cheese smell and flavour is not overpowering. It tastes awesome and smokes great. This is some top quality flower, that is cured to perfection. The high wasn’t as strong as I hoped, but it is great for social settings or day time.

  88. Good weed smells nice good high but I think hd gave me blue chesse not uk but idk … it was a good smoke overall

  89. Found this to be extremely disappointing, as far as potency is concerned it’s below average imo. bag appeal and pungent smell though.

  90. Good bud. Really distinct cheesey smell. I’d order again.

  91. Smells cheesy but tastes like very good bud, recommended from asking for good sativa high THC

  92. Anonymous

    ya dude

  93. Anonymous

    Amen! Happy, giddy, creative high. I found it to have a citrusy/fruity flavour, in contrast to others. One of my faves, along with Strawberry Cough

  94. Just what I was looking for. Nice cheesy bud

  95. This bud was a 4 star didn’t have that kush kush taste

  96. Definitely a delicious cheese strain, although i don’t know if it was any nicer than any of the cheaper varieties. Very pungent and pleasant to smoke though!

  97. Holy crap this is good.
    And the smell!
    You know that Cypress Hill song that goes “just got an ounce in the mail”??
    20 some year old song lyric and it’s finally true!!!
    I love you Herbal Dispatch.

  98. No kidding, it’s got a real pungent smell to it. We got this in a sample pack and it was my boyfriends favorite of the 10. It was a great buzz, long lasting and no heavy burn out, just nice and relaxing with energy to call upon… if you have to haha

  99. I like to try the different varieties that are available. And I usually enjoy them. But when I don’t uk cheese is a saviour. I mix a little in and suddenly this stuff is fantastic. Yeah, uk cheese is great on its own but it’s mixing with other stuff that makes this my second favourite sativa. (My heart will always belong to girlscout cookies)

  100. Really cheesy smelling! Good bud! Rolled well and smoked nice and easy. Nice day time smoke for sure! I really enjoyed this one. I only bought a gram to try and now I’m regretting not buying more! I got high but didn’t get overwhelmed w anxiety lol will definitely buy again 🙂

  101. Taste always reminds me of some sort of Humpty Dumpty potato chip flavor(pizza maybe?). Not a fan of that but the high is tremendous 🙂

  102. A very cheesy smelling & tasting bud for sure! I enjoyed it immensely and found it helps tremendously with pain. Looking forward to another batch of this one!

  103. I couldn’t believe the smell on this bud… I was amazed how it smelt so dank but was skeptical as it smelt exactly if really strong cheese. I give it a 5/5 for the high and relief. Great daytime smoke

  104. Best bud going, smells incredible, cheesy af. Buds are so nice and it smokes clean and tastes great. Very consistant between batches too. Never let it run out of stock!

  105. Very good for sleep aide. Also helped with my nausea! Would recommend for night time smoke.

  106. This what some of the best cheese yet… the taste was spot on and representative of some AAAA UK cheese, good buzz , but dont overdo it as this particular batch is quite powerful .

  107. This is the best bud I’ve tried on this site, It stinks but its really good…

  108. I never submit reviews been getting medicine off here for almost two years now this bud never fails it really helps my depression and mood very strong high and very strong cheese aroma wishing KlR GlD would bring back the afgan kush tho that was pure fire if your a sativa or even a indica smoker this a true treat

  109. Very tasty, the price is right for the flavor alone.

  110. Let me say to you guys this strain actually does smell like cheese ! Altough I have nothing bad to say about this strain BUT it is just not for me. I tend to like the indica strains more as it suits me more for my condition but I do like sativas on occasions. This one is very well grown, flushed properly, full of crystals and very sticky! But the smell… is not for me 🙂 my friends liked this one alot so will probably be ordering back next time for them.

  111. I really hope they keep bringing this one back it is one of the best I have tried ever from HD.

  112. I was excited for this strain as I really enjoyed it in the past, and haven’t had access to it for a while. Very pungent even before opening the bag. Beautiful buds, trimmed and cured to perfection. It came with a boveda pack in it, which is awesome and shows they were concerned about quality right to my jar. Full of flavour, smooth smoke, and busts out really nice, making the bag go a long way. My 14g bad was amazing, will look for this again.

  113. this strain, in my opinion is the best sativa this dispensary has. I wouldn’t order a thing from here without this beauty included. Best medicine for anyone working hard on the day job who doesn’t want their meds to tire them out. energetic and smooth.

  114. Amazing smelling and dense buds, perfect daytime smoke. By far my favourite product on HD

  115. Nice looking nugs like them all. Nice and cheesy. Taste could have been better. Didn’t find this one as heavy hitting as the Cheese #1, but that isn’t a bad thing. Opinion based only on a gram in a sample pack.

  116. NIce smoke and taste. Will be buying again

  117. Great strain. Very cheesy smelling. Nice buds and very potent

  118. I see lots of love for this strain, I have to give it 4, decent effect and taste but the the strength and duration is low for the price

  119. Anonymous

    One of the best strains I have ever tried. Started off with a sampler. Then a quad. Then half my order. Now its all I get. The smell is fantastic and the buds look like they are made from Swarovski. Absolutely worth the price!

  120. Awesome strain I love everything about it. Will be coming back for it again

  121. this smell and taste isn’t for a newbie smoker, mainly for people who know what to look for and who also know what they are doing. I found I grew to like this very quickly, and the more I gave this strain a chance, the more I saw past the smell or taste. I love both those but again, I wasn’t a fan at first either. now I cant wait till this strain comes back, and I always get upset when this sells out or just is taken off the site. outstanding HD! 5/5 for sure.

  122. Really tastes like cheese definitely not my thing

  123. Anonymous

    Not for everyone. Sorry this weed smells like smelly feet and tastes like your smoking out of a dirty sock. The effects I found even to be a little more hybrid than sativa, too much of a burnout for a sativa. Just was not what I was looking for in my daytime smoke. Everyone’s different, this stain just not for me. Sat in my jar for while I smoked through all my other strains, even left a permenant ‘cheese’ smell in my jar so strong I don’t wish to use it for anymore bud lol.

  124. Anonymous

    One of my favorite nighttime meds. This seems to be a staple in the sativa sample pack. I use this as my go-to insomnia relief.

  125. I love this weed alot. Classic smell and even better taste! 5 of 5!!!

  126. Very good weed , nice aroma and thick bud , but does it compare to comatose og , gorilla glue (true those are indica but still) so if the price would be better could be and option for enjoying with a bag of cheetos (or anything of that kraft dinner nature)

  127. Anonymous

    Hands down, my favorite sativa from any vendor. I can’t wait for my next order to be delivered.

  128. Out of all of the cheese strains this is my ultime favourite as it looks amazing and smells so dank like some old musty cheese and it really packed a nice body and head high that last for quite some time, deff a 5/5 and worth the price

  129. Anonymous

    smoked great, tasted great, heavy head buzz made me over think a lot..

  130. Anonymous


  131. Highly distinct smell. Smooth smoke and it’s pretty good. No fancy review for this once as it’s just a must try.

  132. Really dank smell, it’s easy to tell UK Cheese from any other strain. I find it smooth hitting yet strong enough to help you stay up/wake up without getting your wires crossed. Will grab some more next time!

  133. Lots of crystal and dense, beautiful buds, with a fruity, vegan cheese smell! Excellent strain for energy.

  134. Good puff . Good buzz . But not as good as the number one cheese ….. if ur looking for that cheesy taste then that’s the one ???❗

  135. This is one of my favorite sativa strains available. i always have a productive time with it and sleep like a baby.

  136. Bought an eighth of this a while ago and I have to say I was a little cheesed. This stuff smells like what I imagine Ricky Gervais smells like after a night of open mic. Musky, indiscrete, and vaguely other worldly. Great smoke with a steady comfortable high. Better than the office. 5 Stars.

  137. so smooth.. I love the taste too..

  138. Overall was a good strain, nice taste, nice high but it’s nothing like the uk white widow

  139. powerful sativa. stench is like no other.A Must try.

  140. Really clear head high. Rocking buzz had me focused all morning. The smell was like a cheesy punch in the face. Nugs were fantastic. KLRGLD never disappoints. Would recommend for those who enjoy strong sativa’s, but definitely a morning or daytime smoke.

  141. I really like this one!

  142. just great flavor Yummy

  143. I loved the taste, and worked great as a daytime smoke. Smooth and enjoyable, would order again.

  144. What can i say about the Cheese strains other then TRY THEM! haha Tastes and smells amazing gives you some energy wakes you up i love it for day time smoking cant beat it after i smoke a bunch i get into a intense cleaning the house mode haha

  145. One of my favourite sativa/hybrid strains on HD for sure, a really nice alternative to many of the other sativas which give me anxiety. It’s much more mellow than hazes and has a nice balance between body buzz and cerebral effects. If you’re looking for something to take you sky high though this strain may fall short.

  146. This review is based on vaping using a Volcano set at 6.5 heat setting. I based my review on 4 criteria: appearance, smell, taste, and effect and I rated each out of 10. Appearance: Bright yellowish green in colour, not many crystals, minimal red hairs and medium density buds with minimal leaf 7/10. Smell: Parmesan cheese 4/10. Taste: Spicy, musty. earthy and a little bit harsh 5.5/10. Effect: Light buzz, required an additional dose to feel full effect. No body buzz, subtle head buzz 5/10. Overall rating: 5.4/10.

  147. This is a repeat order for me. Never fails to disappoint… Love that cheesy smell!

  148. If your looking for cheese taste and smell more so ! Then #1 cheese is the strain ???❗

  149. This strain is overall pretty good, good smell, good taste, and good effects just not as strong as some of the indicas on here but overall good sativa strain thanks Herbal

  150. This strain really does live up to the “cheese” aspect of the name, it totally does have a bit of a “cheesy” quality to it. The cheesy smell packs a punch the second I opened the bag, almost smells like weed and an Italian restaurant had a baby. Really nice strong high, good for pain relief and slightly energizing, really enjoyed it. Would get again, although its not my favorite.

  151. Always love the UK cheese. Smell is spot on. Good high. Not couch locking. Relaxing but able to get things done. Well rounded. Would buy again.

  152. Not my favorite. Good effects but the smell and taste and overall look just weren’t there for me on this one.

  153. Everything I expected it to be. Would definitely order this again.

  154. This stuff has been fantastic for little 2 hit pick me ups. I find it packs enough punch in small amounts that I can go about my day and still feel the lingering effects for quite a while. Will definitely order again.

  155. Again another amazing klr gold cannabis, quality is the best I have ever had! Been ordering for over a year and never been disappointed! Thanks HD!

  156. Crazy powerful cheese smell but cheese #1 is a more powerful high.

  157. very nice cheesy smoke. get you highly function during the daytime. no burnt out afterward. would order again

  158. Not happy with the last batch of uk cheese. It didnt have that cheese taste, it actually had no smell or taste. Thumbs down on this batch. Nothing like it was before. First time getting blah stuff on here but so many other amazing products to get!!

  159. really not pleased with this batch of UK cheese nugs were fluffy no density at all stone was not hard at all

  160. This is a cheesey smoke lol should I say .Yup , smellls like it . I enjoy it ! Not my pick per say of the bunch . To each there own ? HD choices are the best ❗

  161. Overrated. I have better types of cheese strains available

  162. Forever in my top 5 of favorite strains. A gift from who ever is our maker!!

  163. This is a great buy very nice nugs it almost smells like cheese and has a awesome high while still letting me stay functional

  164. I enjoyed this last night instead of 8 pills from the doc.. loving this new way of medicating. This UK cheese does what it says.. relaxed my muscle spasms, took care of my spine pain, and by that time I went right off to sleep without the 2 addt’l sleeping meds.. Love the way this crept thru my mind as I drifted off too.. 4.5☆ but you dont have the 1/2 ☆

  165. You get what you pay for… this is my favorite smoke. its a crowd pleaser for suuurrreeee.

  166. Amazing smell compact nug great strain will knock you out

  167. amazing smell, nice fluffy nugs, almost no burnout at all, burns white, some of the best stuff on HD

  168. Really nice fluffy nugs lighter in color and smooth to hit. Functional daytime high with no strong burnout. Couldn’t help but feel it lacks a tiny bit of oompf. Bought this and Pink Kush. Preferred the Kush.

  169. To put shelf in every way. White ash, smells amazing, busts up well and is an a functional, energetic stone

  170. Excellent strain with that unique cheese smell and taste. You know it’s good with 400+ comments right around 5 stars. Must have for any order!

  171. Got this as a refund a few weeks ago. Amazing stuff. HD were really cool about the Canada Post fiasco. Thanks a lot.

  172. Anonymous

    This shit will make your lactose intolerance disappear. Super potent, strong sativa. High for hours. Smells like cheese, actually though.

  173. Cheese, though I love eating it, is not my favourite smell/flavour, however, this last batch is super fiery. Immaculate buds. Beautiful frost and pretty pink pistils, very solid structure. This weed smells dank as fuck, a bit more skunky than the UK white widow, smells less of back alley vagina, and more dank skunk, with a background of old aged cheddar. Highly recommend this strain for people like face melting, cerebral sativa high.

  174. This strain is incredible. great smell, great taste, very potent and impressively balanced. One of the best ive tried.

  175. Personally, I’m not that into the cheese smell/flavour, but this stuff has consistently been impressive for me. Tried it a few times now and it varies slightly, but always really nice.

  176. Pungent smell nice crystals, smoke heavy. Nice cut for the cheese family

  177. It was good stuff but it did not taste as much as others Cheese strain ive tried before.

  178. Anonymous

    Good stran . Personnly my favorite of all theready dried flowers

  179. always love the cheese strains from HD. hits hard all around. great for pain relief. gotta love the smell!

  180. Excellent waft of cheese. Big fat buds. Sweet skunk inhale, maybe a tiny citrus.
    Major, immediate effects. Mood uplifted, the skunk is overwhelming.

  181. Anonymous

    love this stuff. If you like cheesy pungent weed this is for you

  182. After trying the sativa sample pack, I decided I like UK cheese the most. Big hairy buds, pungent smell, and great taste. What’s not to like? Can’t go wrong with UK cheese!

  183. Easily the most balanced Hybrid strain on Herbal Dispatch.

    This one really was nice for any time of the day, I would not call it the best indica nor the best sativa, so If you’re looking for one of those, stick to the Kushes/Romulan/Gorilla Glue etc for Indicas, and Stick to the Hazes/OG Kush/Sour Diesel/Green Crack etc for Sativas.

    If you want something that you’ll love the taste of (at least everyone I know who smelled and tried it did) try this strain. It’s one of the best flavours around.

    If you’re looking for something that is fairly potent, but not overly in either sativa/indica, the UK Cheese is great.
    If you’re looking to socialize with friends, the UK Cheese is great.

    I would definitely look at Cheese #1 by Herbal Dispatch themselves as I found it actually a bit more flavourful and potent, for the same price. YES IT’S TRUE, HERBAL DISPATCH CAN AND DOES OUTSHINE KLR AT TIMES, In my experience.

    Either way, Cheese #1 and UK Cheese are top tier.

  184. One of my favourite sativa dominant strains, smells funky and funks you right up! KLR GLD is so consistent with grow quality, if you’re a sativa fan definitely grab some of this potent strain.

  185. Really strong cheese smell, very nice taste one of my first orders will be ordering again for sure

  186. This is my favourite sativa! It has a very energetic buzz for sure.

  187. Anonymous

    Great strain. A staple in my rotation

  188. Vary nice taste.

  189. one of my favorites,could smoke the cheese all day long

  190. All time favorite on hd, you can smell the cheese big time and just a great high , I have sever headaches and a disease It makes me feel like a normal person for hours on hours

  191. Really nice buds and it burns very well. Nice buzz I will buy it again. Also tastes great and less filling than real cheese, LOL

  192. Distinct taste and flavor while being one of the smoothest strains. 5/5

  193. I have ordered this strain at least a half dozen times and never been let down. I love the cheese smell and taste, and it’s real potent. Great weed.

  194. Strong taste and smell, I personally did not like the taste but I know a lot of people do like the taste. Effects were good, I would buy again.

  195. I checked this because of the reviews and really am not a cheese fan. All round meh.

  196. I’ve been adding this to my order for months and it never disappoints I love the cheese everything about it even the smell.
    Helps keep my mood balanced, uplifts my spirits, and helps me be creative. I’ve been blessed to have tried several sativas over the past year and they have helped tremendously with depression and have also helped bring out a creative side in me I never knew existed and I owe it all to HD. I am now a much happier person and I’m getting a ton of work done at my job and renovating my house because of these crazy sativas… I now have so much energy.Thank you so much for the quality medication and service, you guys are the best!!!


  197. This is great! Never smoked a cheese strain I liked, until now.
    Not an everyday smoke for me personally, but will definitely order again just to have it around.
    Very cheesy with an amazing high! Proper

  198. good shit clean smoke smooth taste , as well a clean high minimum burn out

  199. Very nice smoke good general “sativa” high and I swear I actually tasted cheese when smoking it and smells and looks great too a lot of orange hairs

  200. For me this is a premium strain. Smells awful in the best way. Rolls and smokes nicely. A very clean, bright, and high sativa buzz.

  201. This strain, like almost every strain I have tried from H.D has it’s own characteristics that make it unique. I’ve never smelled anything like this before in any other strain. Just like the name says this stuff smells EXACTLY like some funky cheese…… but in a good way. This one is a heavy hitter and one of my all time faves.

  202. Def one of the best and my go to, heavy hitting and a solid high – sometimes too harsh for my own needs, but i Love it.

  203. One of the top strains on here for sure. It doesn’t get any more smooth. It’s a perfect buzz too

  204. One of my favorite! Great smell

  205. Amazing bud
    Smooth and cheesy
    Great smoke

  206. Get this dont even think twice, great thick cheesy white buds. i got a great bag this time, it was better than the last time i had it

  207. My best friends favourite. Definitely gets its name from the smell. Super crystaly

  208. This is my favourite strain in the sativa category. Best smoke burns slow in a joint, smell is amazing 10/10 for sure I will always buy this strain.

  209. Phenomenal Strain! Even better than the Phenotype I had in Amsterdam!!! Great Spirit Lifter and day time smoke. Would get again!

  210. This is my sun, my moon, and my sky. I can smoke some of this beautiful strain and feel energetic enough to clean my house, yet calm enough to hit up my adult coloring book. I can concentrate on anything, and although it helps with my appetite, it doesn’t make me want to eat EVERYTHING IN THE DAMN CUPBOARD. I love this, so soooo much.

  211. This is my go to strain for lifting my spirits. My buddies think that this is a good party strain. I would agree with them. 1 joint for every 4 drinks gets you on the dance floor in no time, cheers HD!!!

  212. One of my favorites, but man its cheezie!!!

  213. best sativa on HD hands down never lets me down this strain

  214. Anonymous

    Got it in a sativa sample back, amazing high. Definitely the best bud I got in the sample pack.

  215. Initially I was a little disappointed as the expectations are set and advertised as such. The one thing about this certain batch that caught me off guard was it looks nothing like the pictures. A little bit fluffier and rounder, which is surprising coming from a sativa plant but what made me a unhappy was the very evident grey ash. Not the best taste but the smell is a sharp cheese with a musky kick. Alongside the grey ash is the almost cough inducing harshness not found with strains I’ve had recently Jolly R and Blue G for example. Still feel the intended effects but the standard for what I deem as AAAA is not there (IMO). Aside from my personal opinion on this batch, I would like to continue to thank HD for their amazing service and never ending kindness that always brightens my week and leaves a lasting smile. Forever grateful.

  216. Really love this strain! Looks and smells beautiful and it’s a good one for me to get creative with and write some music.

  217. Anonymous

    Wonderfull upbeat and giggly daytime potency. Long lasting for me. I can smell some cheese but not like the “3 cheese pan toasted” I made last weekend while trying this strain lol. The cheese scent is there but it’s bearable lol.

  218. Very nice buds with unique smell and decent taste 7/10

  219. Great strain gets top notch bud

  220. I dont know about everyone els but I love the cheese smell. Very nice puffy nuggs.

  221. The smell is interesting and top notch.

  222. Good strain don’t mind the cheese smell or taste and it is uplifting

  223. Very good strain, not a huge fan of the cheesy taste/smell though lol

  224. Great strain can’t really complain about anything…always a good buy if you can’t decid on a Sativa

  225. UK is my go to strain, it has a nice uplifting high with all aches and pains dissipated. No harsh comedown at all. I like mixing with the jellies. I always have it in stock! Thanks HD

  226. Great strain. Unique good flavor.

  227. Very smooth, actually smells like cheese and tastes amazing. Great high too, not overwhelming just perfect. Beautiful looking buds as well, nice and fresh.

  228. Probably the smoothest stuff ever, and it’s potent.

  229. Awesome strain! Can’t wait to order it again!

  230. Anonymous

    My absolute favourite strain for smoking during the day time. Gives off a good head buzz but still an active and energetic feeling. Favourite strain from the sativa sample pack I had a while ago.

  231. first time trying the cheese strain. you can tell instantly of the sativa dominance. i felt a good strong head buzz, around the eyes, yet my body felt good. really good. i love this strain so far. burned real clean, nice gray ash, burned a long time to. my first order and def not my last.

  232. nice nuggets, loved the high and the flavour, it was smooth and nice. will for sure buy again!

  233. has a funky cheesy sent, but i really enjoy this strain very nice and uplifting high with no backend burnout. my go to sativa to this point

  234. Great euphoric and happy High. Excellent pain relief. Good for the daytime that allows you to sleep. Definitely one of my favorites

  235. Well.. you get what you ask for here, LOL.. Smells like some dank cheese! superbly grown buds but they were pretty dried up inside :/

  236. ordered for adult friends and feedback was very positive. ” The best we’ve every had”. ” Lets order the ” organic diesel ” again when it’s in stock”

  237. Easily one of my favourite flowers and most consistent product I get from HD. The scent is strong and carries over to the pungent taste when I vape it. I usually experience a nice focused and euphoric high when I use this product, I usually enjoy it when painting or need to concentrate on what I’m doing. However if I’m using it all day I can certainly end up with some couch lock.

  238. One of my favourites. The scent of cheese is unmistakable

  239. Loved this product, felt as if it were the perfect balance!

  240. Awesome cheesy buds, one of my favorite. My top 3 sativas are White Haze, Blueberry dream, and UK cheese.

  241. Good sativa! Cheesey smell. Good quality buds too.

  242. Nice Cheesy aroma, fantastic earth taste with hint of cheese. Was not disappointed.

  243. Anonymous

    Some of the high quality product I’ve had in my life! Outstanding in every way! Way to knock it outta of the park KLR GLD!
    More please 🙂

  244. Very powerful sativa! Be prepared for a very unique high and smell/taste when trying this. The smell has very obvious cheese hints, subtly remaining on the exhale. UK cheese an exotic treat for the connoisseur who loves to a have a variety of exotic flavours on hand.

  245. Nice different smell and taste will try it again

  246. It was pretty damn good, real nice smell one of my favorite.

  247. Very unique smell and taste that i love! awesome daytime smoke!

  248. Never had anything so pure and powerful, with no couchlock whatsoever. A+

  249. always in my order. top of the line sativa and a true cheese if you miss the old school cheese this is a strain for you

  250. Anonymous

    I can’t say how much I love this strain. I have been getting it with every order expecting maybe to get a not so good batch BUT i’m NEVER disappointed. My All time fave from this site ♥

  251. One of the best strains here. Very eurphoric, gave me focus, and tasted very pungent. It’s always a favourite
    For me, and keeps me sedated. Book
    Off your day if you’re smoking lots of this

  252. love uk cheese , just got it today ,but wow great taste nice mellow high i like … will grab again …thanks guys

  253. one of my fav’s!

  254. This right here took the top for my fav strain. This stuff is potent, but it doesn’t get you tired! It’s great for festivals, hikes, the gym ect. The smell is literally cheesy and there is a slight fromage taste from a hit. It burns smooth, smokes smooth, the buds look amazing. I won’t be picking this one up all the time, I think it is more of a special treat personally. It is defiantly of a different family than the kush I have seen. If you are looking for something really different and potent pick this one up.

  255. my favorite!

  256. Im more of an indica guy but this UK Cheese is definitely top notch! It has a cheesy smell, smooth smoke, and very intense high. Great daytime strain! 5/5!

  257. Super smooth and tastes…sweet? Not a cheese taste but it definitely smells like cheese. Potent stuff too.

  258. Very nice strain and smell!! Very potent and tasty ! I would buy again for sure !!

  259. Anonymous

    first time sampling cheese family. like the taste and smell, once again smooth smoke, nice high whether vaped or smoked. what to try next?

  260. It aint easy being cheesey, stuck my head in the bag and got a big whiff of stanky cheese, great looking buds, nice cerebral clean high, feels great!

  261. Gotta love a strong cheese strain. This UK cheese packs a punch in effects, smell, and taste. One of the best!

  262. I have a very high tolerance and UK Cheese hits me quite hard, I have depression and it lifts my mood automatically and can also put me to sleep after two or three bowls. VERY EFFECTIVE for creating chink eye laughing smiley high.

  263. Great strain. Great taste. Great price

  264. Anonymous

    One of the dopest dopes I have ever smoked! So this strain packs a very unique aroma, which anyone who has tried this perticular batch already knows. Yes, it does smell like stinky cheese. Very gorgeous flowers glimmering with trichomes, and nice bud size as well. Once smoked it taste sweet and pungent with only a hint of cheese to the taste I find, which is good because I don’t think most people would want to smoke something that taste like they are eating a block of moldy cheese. That is why this strain is so different, it has that funky smell, but a taste that is very pleasent. Good sativa kick from the cheese making it one of the more potent sativas on here and one of my favorite sativas on here ATM. Only the best strains, from the best online dispensary Herbal Dispatch. Thank you for your service HD.

  265. Anonymous

    Good Sativa, very pungent. I have friends that love this strain and I can see why. Definitely a classic.

  266. I’m a fan of cheese so when I saw UK Cheese I had to try it. The taste was off putting but since I’m a cheese man, who does enjoy eating blue cheese, I loved it. The title perfectly fits this for taste, and it gets you pretty high. I feel more sophisticated when having this one.

  267. Very potent, but has a very raunchy smell/taste. I would order again.

  268. I’d have to forgive say that this is the best strain I’ve had from HD and is top notch , great smell , almost a white cheddar smell and a little like feet but it tastes incredible and the high is 5 star , probably a 70/30 sativa to indica grade , love it!!!

  269. So cheesy! Pungent and potent taste in the vape! Nice firm sativa, pats you on the back with a big strong hand, while lightly brushing your cheeks to get you fromage faced.

  270. I vaporize exclusively, no smoking. This is an amazing strain for me. Very energetic and puts me in the best mood for about an hour. I’m a heavy user so I’m shocked at how good this is. It’s my second time ordering it and will continue to do so. The cheesy smell is a total bonus. So unique! This is a must have in my jar at all times.

  271. Smells like cheesy feet but taste a cheddary blue cheese. I really dig this strain, keeps me awake and focused. Not a harsh smoke and it is best suited for day time use.

  272. Weed smokes nice potant distinct smell and taste

  273. Smells like feet! Lol Nice, uplifting high, another great daytime bud

  274. You certainly get what you pay for with this. It’s in my mind the second best strain in the selection and could easily be first with blue dream and atomic love potion. Very pungent smell and uplifting when you’re feeling gloomy. Great day time friend

  275. nothing bad to say about this at all – great for day-time

  276. This is one of my favorite sativas. It can make me sleepy if I’m already tired but that is outweighed by the lift I get on “blue” days. Definitely helps manage my moods.

  277. Great smell, perfect for daytime with a nice uplifting/creative high.

  278. Heard the rumours that this was the best bud on HD , well it comes pretty damn close if not is the best .. Hands down will get again 5 Star

  279. Smells great…taste great…looks great… a most for sativa lovers cheesy…

  280. Great weed! Better price! Always the best at hd! Worth every penny.

  281. Very impressed not one bad thing to say

  282. Nice tight buds, cheesy fruity smell, great for daytime or anytime!

  283. I’ve been avoiding all cheese my whole life….after smoking UK cheese i have become an expert in cheese also known as a Maître Fromager. 5/5

  284. This is some very appealing attractive looking weed The Taste is off the charts and the smell will have you drooling!

  285. Ordered this bad boy a couple months ago and managed to save a nug I smoked last night and it still kicked my butt. Definitely one of the best strains on the site atm and would definitely recommend!

  286. This one stood out as soon as opening the bag. Cheesy is the best word to describe the aroma.

    It might just be me, but this strain bangs harder than most sativas. Very high.

    Have ordered multiple times and is a go-to when you want a heavy hitting sativa.

  287. Anonymous

    I’m not a huge fan of most cheese strains, choccheese cake is in my opinion the best of them all just a more complex taste, you can really tell where chocolate cheese cake gets it cheesyness. The batch of uk cheese I got was pretty bang on to its description and burns to a decent whitish grey ash.

  288. Anonymous

    Ordered this strain months ago and managed to save a couple nugs and it still blows me away. Amazing body high that lasts for hours. 100% recommend.

  289. Anonymous

    really like this strain nice cheesy taste and smell very potent

  290. As plenty of other reviewers have mentioned it is as cheesy as described. A very potent and cerebral sativa high for myself, one of my personal favorites on this site. .

  291. Stoked to finally have a consistent cheese supply. Love the stank this strain stinks! Top shelf!

  292. Bees knees. Great tasting and good burn.

  293. The dankiest flower on here . It smells so bad like cheese but that’s a good thing in a way. When you crack a nug open, it has a citrus smell and the cheese smell goes away. The high is very potent mind high but the peak effects don’t last very long.

  294. Nice tasting and gives a nice daytime high

  295. Im more of a daytime smoker, this one is perfect. Great taste and smell, stinks up the room good. Would def order again as with pretty much everything else on this site. Shipping is very consistent ( I’m around toronto , 3 days ). Always 5 stars

  296. Very very good, I had a nice sativa effect from this good-looking bud.

  297. upon opening the package for a looksee I noted the aroma just flow out in a tidal wave. The texture was so adorable it almost felt like you could roll it up without papers and just haul away on it. but when you do ….prepare to undress your issues for a while .need to get things done but hate that drag indigo releases???? watch your ideas get done on this puppy of a bud.the cheese is an awesome sativa bud that is clean and mean. Its on every pick list I order now.

  298. Real smooth and has a distinct cheesy flavour! Doesn’t make you tired and it’s a great buzz!

  299. The taste is incredible, the smell of the buds once you break them is so cheesy I’ve never experienced this before but I love it. A really heady high clean burning impeccably trimmed.

  300. ordered twice.. best sativa so far.

  301. A++++ amazing high and great musky cheese smell. Ordered twice lol

  302. Anonymous

    Taste so good , got me soo high for a sativa and im a heavy smoker. Premium flower

  303. Finally a strain that gives me lots of energy for my work out. I jump on the treadmill and the autopilot tuns on. Really good strain to lift your spirits. Thanks HD team!!!

  304. One of my new favorites, will definitely revist in the future. Smell was addicting to absorb

  305. Looks cheesey just like the name . Great buds but wasn’t the same as the last cheese we ordered . Burns nice just the same ,4/5.

  306. Amazing smell, amazing bud structures, amazing smoke. A must have!

  307. Awesome stuff really cheesy and bomb thank u hd

  308. Anonymous

    My fav!!! Love the high

  309. Anonymous

    Cheese, clean, and doesn’t hit like a truck if you know how to toke. Well done KLRGLD; doin er’ rights !

  310. LOVED this when I got it in a sample pack a couple weeks ago, so I ordered an oz. This purchase was def not the same batch. Buds were a bit moist, and lacking the cheese smell and quality high. Not sure what happened….but something is missing. …too bad, I was really diggin that last batch!

  311. I’m not an artistic person, but I’ve been using this bud lately to explore my creative side and it helps me relax and allow myself to draw, write, and entertain ideas or opinions I might not have before. Excellent sativa, it’s been grown exceptionally well, very well trimmed, very little stems.

    Highly recommend

  312. Good smell of cheese awesome buzz share it with a beer and a friend and you are good for a perfect day

  313. My favorite sativa! Got me drawing for hours. Got ride of my pain fast. Can definitely taste the cheesy side. Nugs looked amazing, perfect curing!

  314. Omg it smells like musty cheese lol. First time trying this wasnt sure what to expect. It burns nice, i didnt smell the cheesiness after the joint was lit. It burned clean, taste was not bad. But I really enjoyed the high it was pretty potent. Im still in shock that there is weed that smells like cheese lol. Gonna plug my nose and buy this again.

  315. Got this in my sample pack, and it was great in my top 5 sativas. I will be buying this again.

  316. This was my first order of the UK cheese, and all I can say is WOW. The description of this strain on HDs site sums it up amazingly.

    The pop of the bag and out comes this dank cheese smell. The buds are top notch, leaning towards the dense side making for a really good yielding bust in the grinder.

    I can agree with the sativa dominant side, but this has definitely got some hybrid traits like the description says. My mind is lifted but my body is locked.

    Honestly one of the best smokes I’ve had, this will be 100% a return order from me.

  317. The smell of old cheddar, and a great high to go along with it. A fantastic strain and one of my favourites.

  318. Anonymous

    UK Cheese has been something I order on a regular basis and have always been happy with my purchase this time however I got a bag loaded with unusually large stems. One of the things I Have always enjoyed with HD is great bag appeal this really fell short for me.

  319. 2nd time I’ve ordered this, and the buds are still amazing. Chuncky tight nugs that smell AMAZING when busted open.
    …I want more. 🙂

  320. Solid tasty buds, clean buzz

  321. Sensational Sativa!

  322. Love it! Such a nice high

  323. All KLR GLD weed is top notch and I hope to see more but this strain goes above and beyond to represent how legit the seal really is

  324. Anonymous

    This is an amazing strain grown/dried/curedto perfection. When you see the Seal from KilrGold you know you will be getting the best possible representation of the said strain. Look for that seal, and you will never be disappointed. More KilrGold strains please!!!

  325. Truly a great daytime smoke. Good vibes low burnout.
    I really enjoy the taste of this one. I’d easily order this again no problem.

  326. Anonymous

    This is an invelievable representation of this strain. This batch taste great in the vape at 380′
    The flowers are trimmed and cired to perfection, best Sativa on this site cirently………im my opinion!!

  327. The smell of the UK cheesealone is Worth the price ! Great effect, add the wonderfulthe taste . Definately going to buy again . Just a great Smoke !

  328. Recent batch is super potent! Smells like Asiago or hard Parmesan.

  329. it really does smell like cheese love it!

  330. Clean and clear… this is the stuff I want my dreams to be made of!! I keep a bit of this around for special occasions, as you should too: perfect bright sunny day outdoor happy weed. all smiles.
    Curiously if I break up enough at once I get a blueberry smell tinting the pungent cheddar.

  331. This one was trimmed great, and has that twany cheese skunk smell like UK cheese should have.

  332. This strain is so nice, I love how funky it smells after you grind it up. The flavour of vapour, smoothness of the toke, and potency has ranked this really high up on my list of favourites. If I had a complaint though it would be that it’s really easy to over-do it and trigger some anxiety, so I just stick to smaller tokes or pair it with a CBD product.

  333. Stinky skunky cheese! A Classic taste/smell and a high just as good. Will always be one of my favourites. HD provides a perfect example of the old exodus cheese

  334. really love the U.K. Cheese worth every penny can’t get enough of this stuff!

  335. 5/5
    3rd order from this batch doesn’t disappoint. Dense, smelly buds burn clean and mild and provide a heady sativa effect. Recommended strain.

  336. Actually smells like some old cheese that went bad and i love it best strain i got from here so far gonna be making this my number 1 pick up for sure

  337. Really good and unique strain, great taste, powerful high and amazing smell. Good for daytime.

  338. This is my favourite bud on the site. Such a distinct taste and smell, breaks out big and an excellent functional high.

  339. Love how this stuff has such a unique smell compared to other skunkier strains. Feel very relaxed and is great for winding down in the evening.

  340. Tried this strain for the first time. It’s great! Very pungent smell from the buds. Busts up well and the high is a nice sativa high. Was able to go on with my day. Loved it

  341. Unique smell and taste, I’ve been curious about this since first hearing MJ could be like cheese. I’d say it reminds me of Old Cheddar with a hint of spice to it, the spice carries over a bit in the taste, I’m not so sure about the Cheese flavor, but I really enjoy how it smells in a fresh Vape bowl. It’s just a sharp, pungenty/musk enjoyable smell to me. Strong high, but not overpoweringly so. Euphoric and bouncy, gives some nice tingles and puts me in a very good mood filled with lots of thoughts.

  342. Top notch product, perfect daytime herb that isn’t going to mess your day up, unique flavour and reasonably potent, great with breakfast!

  343. vraiment surprit comment il sent vraiment le fromage… tres bon pot vraiment puissant

  344. The Chronic Hippy Chick Patient
    Now Being A Novelty Strain,she has her ways.
    Always A pleasure,not Over Powerful.
    This one I can always Appreciated prior to wanting a hearty Meal,
    The Smell is Like a Parmesan Old Cheese,yet when it is under fire the old cheese has only left traces behind,
    I Find She is a nice addition to your stock. I would not get her alone and be stuck with only,
    UK, is a wonderful motivator,I would Recommend this one To Beginners,as well can be enjoyed by old Time Puffers..
    Enjoy,and Buckle up The Journey can be a zooming Blast.!.~

  345. The gram i got didnt burn well and was harsh. Previous samples were much nicer.

  346. Love this strain, great taste and smell. One of my faves from herbal dispatch.

  347. Loving this strain! The high is very uplifting and energizing. Great for morning and afternoon. This strain has a well-balanced head and body stone. Heady euphoria mixed with body relaxation. 5 out of 5!

  348. Very Unique strain, smelled like funky Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, pepper and vagina, very complex and intoxicating smell, especially when broken up. The taste is more musty skunk with cheese undertones, leaving a lingering flavour in your mouth, similar to darker, more golden phenotypes of Hempstar. The high is balanced but cerebral and has good legs, not as potent as some of the offering in the sample pack (Jack, Super Lemon Haze…)but very nice example of a strain I hadn’t tried yet. Wish this was cheaper.

  349. Not a fan of the strong cheese smell. But smooth bud and good high!

  350. very pungent and distinct smell, and great taste. Smoke is smooth and so is the high, not overpowering.

  351. Beautiful sativa! Very mellow but uplifting high. Smells exactly like a good strong cheese!

  352. Not the most potent bud, but it smells dank as hell like cheese and looks very frosty. Not as good looking as last batch but same hitting. Wish it hit harder though

  353. Such awesome bud. My second time getting it and definitely won’t be my last. This stuff literally smells like cheese.

  354. Nice bud, it smell strong and taste good. Not a really big high but perfect for day

  355. Real nice musky cheesy smell to this stuff! This stuff just made me super happy and funny. No burnout or munchies with this. Great daytime

  356. Relaxing but potent and very energizing, and didn’t leave me feeling burnt out either as some sativasativas tend to with me. A great daytime smoke: stimulates creativity and melts stress away!!

  357. I had tried this strain from a friend and had to get some. Yes it stinks like cheese, but it smokes nice, especially when using pipe or bong! Great packaging hides the smell, thanks HD I’ll be ordering again for sure.

  358. Anonymous

    Wow, wow, wow… Really potent cheese smell, defiantly something you don’t find every day. Will purchase again, and again!

  359. I really liked this one, really stinky, and you can totally see why it’s called UK Cheese LOL!

  360. Yep, super cheesy. Cheesier than a different batch I recently tried. Good stuff, strong high and looks great.

  361. Pottent cheesy smell. Definitly good if your a cheese strains lover. I wish the taste was a bit more powerfull. STill very good

  362. Smells like chedder cheese alot and also really bomb thanks again HD ur the best

  363. Literally smells like cheese. Awesome smoke.

  364. This was a pleasant surprise. Had this sent instead of what I ordered originally buy I am far from upset! Amazing smell, taste, and uplifting high. I would recommend this to anybody. The moment I opened that baggy and was hit by the smell. What a cheese indeed.

  365. UK Cheese is one of my FAVES!! First time I got 1G in the sample pack. And I was hooked. Good cheese smell and great high.

  366. This stuff was awesome nice buds crystaly sticky and cheesy for sure

  367. This stuff is top notch. Ordered an eighth and received on giant 4 gram nug. So frosty, so smelly. This bud really smells like cheese. It’s something that just has to be experienced. Burns great and the high leaves you talkative and uplifted. Hope this strain sticks around for a while because it’ll be a regular on my orders from now on. As always AAAA+ medicine from herbal dispatch.

  368. Certainly one of the strongest sativa strains I have had in the months of ordering from HD. The smell is VERY cheesy, and the taste and presentation are wonderful; fluffy, sticky, golden-coloured buds. This strain works very well for immediate pain and stress relief. Although it is sativa dominant, it is very heavy. I would recommend consuming at night, or during the day time when you have nothing to do; it may not put you to sleep, but it will make it difficult to be productive.

  369. Amazing smell and taste. Great with aiding in anxiety and perfect for daytime use. Lots of chores get done

  370. 5/5
    This was my second order from this batch. Hope I’m allowed to review again because this stuff is awesome. Without a doubt, my favourite from HD . . . thus far. From the oddly alluring cheesy smell coming off the dense, frosty nugs to the clean smoke and almost white ash to the immediate and intensely pleasurable cerebral effects, this strain is number one in my book.

  371. I’ve smoked Blue Cheese strains that smell way more pungent than this, but they never truly smelled like Cheese like this does.
    This HD UK Cheese really smells like cheese it’s crazy, awesome smoke, really nice high, kudos!

  372. Found the cheese smell to be slightly more subtle, has an interesting taste and smell upon smoking it, the weed has a very sticky cheesy feeling when busted up, another unique strain from HD

  373. Anonymous

    I only ordered 1g of cheese in a sample pack. I did not realize what I had until it was gone. Wonderful example of a premium sativa!! Get it before it’s gone!!

  374. Has a very nice strong cheese smell ! The buds were big and fluffy & the taste was strong & left a long lasting delicious taste in your mouth.

  375. The nugs are beautiful.. out of a half o order, 1 nug was >7 and another >3.5 . They smell and look amazing – looks alone are 6 stars. This strain does however lack in potency.. Doesn’t get you that baked when compared to some of the other $11 nugs on HD. If these were up for $10 a G I would feel much better about them. At 10 a g I would love to use UK as a real happy joint filler.
    At the end of the day, I can’t say I was disatisfied at all. The appearance of the buds, the heavy count, and the overall experience with HD outweigh the only negative I see (price too high for potency). I don’t see this being a go to strain for me, but it has definitely earned a spot on the shelf for a rainy day.

  376. I am satisfied but not all that impressed considering the price point and the reviews. Still worth 5 stars!

  377. It actually smells and tastes a bit like cheese overall nice but price does need to be a bit more friendly per G but over all good buy

  378. One of the stronger and more flavorful cultivars. Extremely satisfied with these flowers and will definitely purchase again. Well done to the farmer!

  379. Wow. What a stank! Makes you want a glass of wine with it! Very Strong! A+

  380. this is something everybody has to taste!

  381. This is one of those sativas I cant pass up when I see it on the menu. Funky cheese smell, uplifting and creative, excellent cannabis for concentrating on the task at hand. If you like feeling elevated to the next level then I highly suggest grabbing some.

  382. I tried this as part of a sampler pack, and I will not order it again. For me, it tastes like smelly, old socks full of blue cheese, neither of which are flavours that I enjoy. Definitely not for me. The buds are beautiful and fresh, but I’ll leave this one to those that can appreciate the flavour.

  383. My favorite. Not the nicest trim but the taste and smell is something other strains should envy. Very different. Love the spicy cheese lol

  384. amazing first buy. the smell is unreal, cracked open a nug and its exactly like cheese! nice and potent, kind of creeps up a bit and i will definitely order this strain again, worth the 11$

  385. Great consistent Cheese Smell and taste! Perfect textbook Sativa high! And leaves me craving my all time favorite (Blue Cheese). Perfectly trimmed and always good!

  386. Le pot parfait à fumer en journée, je vais réessayer c’est sûr.

  387. Perfect for a daytime buzz, will try again for sure.

  388. Anonymous

    Well getting to try a lot of strains last 3 months my rankings 1-spacecookies 2-uk cheese 3-shiskaberry my bottem 3 are the kushes . Waiting to see the gong show on legalization boy i bet they fuck that up real good.

  389. Excellent sativa buds. Very pungent cheese smell and flavor. In the vaporizer the cheese and berryish flavor really come through. A great variation and change.

  390. Anonymous

    Beautiful ,very hard buds . Some small and some big badass buds ,full of trich. Pressed 19.9% of very smooth and dark rosin . Does smell like cheese . Was a little bit disapointed with the potency ,but still, it’s a premium bud .

  391. This is one of my favourite strains on this site and ever, love the taste and this will remain in my top ten list forever. Definitely try and if you are concerned with price point spend the extra at least once to try.

  392. Extreme cheese smell, almost like gangrenous old Romano. Taste when vaped is similar to what i would imagine vaping Kraft dinner cheese would be like. I’m new to anything that’s not pure indica, so I was unsure what to expect. It was clear-headed and focused. This, for me, is not a strain for sitting around, but if I was going on a hike or had some work which required my full attention, i would be reaching for this stuff. My ability to grasp difficult concepts, and my problem solving skills seemed to be heightened exponentially. Really impressed with this product. Will review my kandy kush when i sample it 🙂

  393. A nice smell and taste. Good burn and nice buds. I enjoyed the uplifting buzz but I also find it comparable to an indica strain which is a bonus. It gave me an appetite.

  394. Really amazing strong smell of cheese from this strain! couldn’t even believe it, made a lot of people smell it haha.
    Had a very nice taste, wasnt as cheesy once burned, gave off a fast and strong high. This is a strain i wont forget the smell of. Definitely worth trying!

  395. This is my first Cheese strain. WOW!!!

    It smells like cheese. The smoke tastes great, Vape is “ok”, the medicated state that it delivers is amazing! When you roll it up and smoke one, it tastes really good! Great strain… fantastic! However, as I said, it’s my first cheese strain. ….. I couldn’t handle the smell… but that’s just me. Other than the cheese smell ( this shit smells like fuckin CHEESE!) it was a great strain! smoke tastes awesome.

  396. Anonymous

    “Great strain if your wanting to kick back and relax while watching a few movies with a girlfriend/boyfriend. Turns the most boring of movies into the most interesting!”

  397. only got a sample, but it was great to finally try this legendary strain! 😀

  398. I vaporize exclusively, no smoking. As others have said, this strain reeks of Parmesan cheese! Not overpowering but definitely noticeable. Aside from the unique smell, Girl Scout Cookies, White Haze and now UK Cheese are now my top 3 here. This sativa strain is true to it’s word, keeping you refreshed and awake. As a veteran cannabis user of over 20 years, I have NEVER had a strain put me into such a good mood. Yesterday, I literally went from a miserable mood to being the happiest guy in the world after vaping a bowl. I was blown away. I would buy this again just for the uplifting mood it gives! I found it only lasts about an hour but it set the tone for the rest of my day. This is not the most intoxicating buzz but it is a very happy one and the smell is very unique. 100% recommended.

  399. I don’t know why but i didn’t have any idea the UK Cheese, smelled like Cheese! Sooo strong! Awesome bud made me feel awake, alert, happy. I’m more of an indica person and this bud had me feeling like i need to start smoking sativas all day!

  400. Bought some just for the stank. So funky, so deep…and really fresh even (not grassy, but clean fresh I mean) this time around, it’s nice. What I got from this current batch is super pungent, and tastes ridiculous in the vape. Larger buds, but with lots and lots of sugar(less) leaf though. May have been nice and sugary at one point but now they’re kinda barren as the buds I got look pretty smooshed. Could stand for a much better trim, and looks nothing like 5* bud at first glance. Not the most appealing, until you dig a bit deeper on the buds, and are met with a dense forest of dank calyxes that is really thick and sticky. Fingers get gummy quick, and the delicious cheesy stink lingers long after. I find this to be a more potent sativa, if only for the fact it has some indica in its lineage, which is something I require a lot of the time when medicating. It’s happy and uplifting, but I also get much more adequate pain relief as compared to most sativas as well as hybrids out there. This UK Cheese (and cheeses in general are/) is one of the better daytime medications I’ve come across as far as managing depression and (some) pain. I’d give it 4.5 stars.

  401. If the “Cheezy” strains are your thing then this will surely not disappoint you. Quite potent giving you a great daytime buzz with a very distinct cheese smell and flavor. Nugs are also quite frosty and dense…this strain is one to try so don’t cut yourself short and get some before it’s gone!!

  402. One of the best strain’s i’ve tried off of this site, well-trimmed buds, a super strong Cheddar cheese smell that provides a great taste and high

  403. Stinks so good! Calming body feeling, with a taste and buzz that makes u smile. Beauty buds aswell, a must try!

  404. Lovely batch of Cheese! Tight complex lighter green/red buds coated with sugar. I received a few HUGE buds in my oz. Love the stink and so smooth to smoke. One of the nicest batches I have seen……..

  405. Anonymous

    Remarkable! As soon as you open the bag you’re met with aroma of cheese. Take a big ol’ sniff with your nose right in the bag and that’s all ya get! No weed smell; no nuttin’ – just snoot fulla sharp blue cheese! Even if there were zero cannabinoids in this strain, I’d buy a gram just for the experience of smelling it. Happily, it’s a potent, clean, hard-hitting sativa worthy of the Herbal Dispatch brand. For a hybrid, it leans heavily on the sativa side. “well balanced”? Not so much but that can easily be sorted by throwing a little Bubba OG into the mix.. Nugs are dense and frosty. 5/5

  406. Anonymous

    I have never experienced cheese that has such a pungent odor. overall buzz is great, nice and sticky, and CHEESY

  407. This is everything it’s cracked up to be. Excellent.

  408. One of my favourite Sativas

  409. Another five star review, you can’t go wrong with this stuff. Nice parmesan smell when you open it, and just a faint taste when you smoke it. I wish I could have had a pound of that stuff just to watch it; the buds are HUGE and well trimmed, sexy. Great daytime weed, as expected.

  410. Very cheesy smell and taste. Not as frosty as I would have wanted. Ok buzz

  411. HD is the best, I love this stuff!! This is easily one of the best sativa strains!!

  412. Its like some réal cheese !!!

  413. Good – very good smoke, and stinky but not too stinky.

  414. Anonymous

    Beautiful smelling cannabis, and excellent for pain!

  415. Anonymous

    A high quality sativa that I enjoy for daytime smoking due to it’s moderate potency The smell is so bizarre, but in a good way. Overall, not my favourite sativa, but a winner none the less.

  416. Crazy cheese smell and very potent! Kept going back and smelling the bag over and over. Definitely recommended!

  417. razyCrazy

  418. Smells like cheese, quacks like cheese. maybe it is cheese?? cheesy high valedictorian… 🙂 I acted like a loon and was snoring when hit the bed. Potent!!

  419. Hindu Kush has my number 1 vote for Indica.
    UK cheese is my number 1 vote for sativa. Amazing taste and smell. Buzz is great also.

  420. Anonymous

    Have got the Sample Pack, and out of that I had to get more of the UK. The smell of the bag bewildered me, I was wildered before but not any longer, UK Cheese is potent!

  421. one of my favourite strains. the cheese is very potent!

  422. The smell lives up to the name for sure. Fantastic high as well very uplifting and euphoric. I found it very potent.

  423. Very potent cheese smell. Something very hard to come by. People will love just to smell it!

  424. I got some of this in a sativa sample pack recently, Has a classic cheese smell and taste. Cheese isnt my favorite but still a nice change to the regular indica i usually smoke. Thanks herbal dispatch

  425. Anonymous

    Potent cheese like smell and clean burning, but not much punch behind it. Maybe a few days early with more of an anxious type feeling then stoned

  426. Hilariously really has a hint of cheese smell. Vaped UK Cheese was a very good high. Very very good high.

  427. Defiantly in the top 5 best weeds smoked, highly recommend

  428. Amazing. It has a strong cheese aroma with a smooth toke. The effects work immediately and creates a strong cerebral high paired with a relaxing body high. Works great for stress and appetite.

  429. Have ordered this one several times , it’s never a let down and has to be one of my favourite sativas from HD ! 5/5

  430. Got in the sample pack. One of my favourites. Has a strong smell and hits just as strong!

  431. It certainly has a funk to it when smelling it. It’s even funkier when broken up, but it’s a good funk and it’s pretty tasty when vaping. It’s also very potent, cured my headache and had me feeling very creative.

  432. bought as part of the sample pack. By far my favourite! great high. great vapor. very satisfing

  433. Great strain. A little harsh to smoke but great in the vape. Awesome energetic high!

  434. Smells EXACTLY like cheese. Taste is very unique. Hit me pretty hard from just one bowl. Uplifting high with minimal crash.

  435. Anonymous

    One of my absolute favorites, a must try.

  436. Don’t let the name fool you. Love the taste and even the funky cheese smell LOL

  437. Chessy smell was perfect. It had a distinct aftertaste, a good one. enjoyed it. recommended.

  438. One of my favourites. If it is available, it’s in my order. Thanks HD for always delivering consistent strains.

  439. Anonymous

    Super cheesy smell, got two nugs in an ounce weighing over four grams each. Great balanced high, will definitely re up

  440. dense nugs, lots of trichromes, actually smells like cheese, really surprised about that one

  441. This bud is DANK! Like really really cheezy. The high is good, but I can’t stand the cheese fingers after rollin’ a joint.

  442. This bud is so pungent and nice. Smells exactly like cheese, has a great high and a very interesting flavour to it.

  443. Anonymous

    really really cheesy smell. Awesome effects!!! Great sativa strain for sure. Another home run for HD !!

  444. This stuff stunk my house up sooooooo bad. Super cheesy smell and pungent. Fairly strong high that made me extremely happy!

  445. Cheesy smelling buds reminiscent of a freshly opened bag of Smartfood cheddar popcorn. Delish.

  446. UK cheese is simply the best.

  447. unique smell and taste, if this is your type of bud this will be your jam. Now that’s its crossed with the white widow it should be even more potent and an even more unique aroma.

  448. Is Cheese, thx hd

  449. Mega pain relief and motivation with this strain. Wow.

  450. Stinky as expected, funky but good smooth smoke taste

  451. The smell gets me every time, I can’t stop smelling it. It tastes so good it makes me want Doritos! Haha But also I love the high, keeps me going through the day!

  452. nice smell of cheese! wow first time i saw this, very special strain, got a great high, this is a true sativa

  453. This is awesome taste, smell and high! I will definitely would order another bag awesome stuff! Leamboi !

  454. Great all around bud. Super stinky, awesome smooth smoking, Beautiful cured. Had a great uplifting high. I would go as far as to say it gave me the giggles for a bit. I will buy this again.

  455. Anonymous

    Such a great hybrid. One of my favourite strains for sure, despite that cheese stench that made my bud jar unusable for a while. This strain gets me geeking out on things for an hour. I can smoke this and get into great conversations with people that share common interests. 5* all day.

  456. Amazing stuff. Loved it. High quality and nice cheesy smell.

  457. I dunno about cheese but it sure smells like baby shit. Luckily that doesn’t carry over to the taste. It’s very smooth with a mega head high no burnout effects.

  458. Cheesey smell, great high, best bud I’ve bought from HD so far, thanks for all the great work

  459. It’s not easy being cheesey..well in this case it is easy and highly recommended. Amazing quality thank you HD

  460. Great strain…. love the fact it actually tastes and smells of strong cheese…. definately recommend and would purchase again

  461. The high was very good but taste and smell i was not a fan of but still good

  462. Great quality nugs! First time trying a cheese strain and I was surprised at just how cheesy this stuff smells. The high was very strong, balanced and long lasting. Some of the frostiest and fluffiest buds I have ever come across. Would buy again for sure.

  463. Knicknamed by sack Danko Donny, ooooowwwweeeee

  464. The only place I’ve smelt cheese this stank was in MTL. You could replace your parmasean with this one. It truly gets you cheesed. Thanks HD __

  465. Anonymous

    Just Opened the bag of Cheese was such a amazing smell, so fluffy, Perfect Texture and tastes great!
    just Hands down a Great Sativa!
    Tried it after lunch the first time and was very lifting, and good to go Vibe!
    late night try and was good,had a good night sleep!!
    Very Satisfied of the quality!! Thanks HD

  466. Excellent choice very dank and sticky!!!

  467. Anonymous

    I have never been a huge cheese fan but it has been a few years so I decided to give er a go. Reeks of cheddar. Nice appearance, crystallization. I’ll give it 5 stars cause this is an amazing version of cheese, if you like that strain you are gonna be in heaven. Personally not for me.

  468. Very smelly and tastey buds .. Excellent day time smoke !! Don’t think there was a bigger bud than a 0.3 though .. 4.5/5

  469. Pretty much the same as last batch. Heavy cheese odor. The taste of the cannabis is like a mix of sativa and earthy. I find his strain to be uplifting but can burn you out if you smoke enough.

  470. Great sativa. Very distinct stinky odour but tastes great. One of my favourites.

  471. Great saliva. Very distinct stinky odour but tastes great. One of my favourites.

  472. Anonymous

    Cheesy goodness:)
    Very unique strain. Always wanted to try it. Nice nugs, good buzz !

  473. Ohhh, yeah! One of my favourites! The UK or Exodus Cheese boasted a very strong, and potent daytime buzz. Great for those mornings where you feel like absolute garbage. After even smelling the cheesy aroma of this strain, you begin to feel uplifted. And after the first exhale on the smooth, cheesy, earthy smoke. You begin finally feel truly alive, and awake. Right down to your very soul. My grinder still smells faintly of cheese. Great strain. Kudos to the grower! And Kudos to Sam and the gang at Herbal Dispatch for not keeping this gem to themselves!

  474. Seriously a favourite. Pungent cheese smell smacks you in the face even before you open the bag. Delicious taste and great uplifting energetic buzz.

  475. This bud is just amazing, it smells like cheese, very dank and it also has a very unique color. Its super green with yellow and full of crystals. When breaking it up, there is less cheese smell and more fruity smell. The taste is also not cheesy and the high is solid, not the strongest but definitely not weak. One of my favs just based on the uniqueness.

  476. One of my favourite sativa strains. Love the taste, so pungent and cheesy. Dank smell and great high! Excellent for all my ailments insomnia, depression, headaches, and stress/pain.

  477. Ordered a 1/4 right off the bat, buds look awesome and smell even better. wicked sativa that did the job! will order again!

  478. Ordered an 1/8 of this came in one solid nug. Smell wasn’t there at first but once you break it apart you get that cheesy smell. Overall this is a really nice looking Sativa bud perfect for daytime smoking or late at night with friends that aren’t looking to pass out. 5/5

  479. Anonymous

    Very impressed with this sativa. Unbelievable cheese smell. Nice taste and very nice high.

  480. Anonymous

    Definitly the real cheese! Unmistakable smell of cheddar. Probably the best Iv ever had as far as the daytime-smoke goes. Hopefully you guys can keep this around!

  481. Not a fave of this strain. I found it smelled and tasted like Moldy cheese. Worst in the Stavia sample pack

  482. Smell really bad like a good french cheese.the taste dont match the taste a bit dissapointing. Good effect , a good daytime medic

  483. A cheddar cheesy smell when you open the bag. A very smooth smoke and a great sativa. Mind was clear and happy. Two thumbs up!

  484. The taste threw me off though!
    Looks really nice the buds are big beautiful sugar coated dark red hair goodness!!

  485. Just when you think that it cant get any better, They come up with this!!This one is my favorite so far! Thank you HD!

  486. Love the cheesy smell. Found the high very smooth and clean.

  487. I agree with Jeffrey – the smell of the bud was initially a bit concerning. Smokes and tastes great, and gives a nice sativa high. Wish I grabbed more, in hindsight.

  488. Right away the smell is crazy ! Smells like a ripe baby diaper!!! Does not smoke like it smells and in my opinion this is one of the best highs ever from this weed very uplifting fun happy laughing high 5 out of 5

  489. Stinks like cheese but nice high

  490. At first, the smell of this strain turned me off. It has a strong, cheddar cheese smell to it….
    After smoking it my opinion changed immediately. The smell doesn’t really translate to the taste, which is a good thing for me. This is a great Sativa. Perfect for daytime use.

  491. A very mellow and clean high! Taste nice and wasn’t overly potent!

  492. Can’t say enough good things about this one. Blew me away. Such a fun high. Absolute delight!

  493. loved this cheesy one!

  494. Loved the smell of this bud. Actually a cheesy smell which is delightful, paired with a nice high. Solid Sativa pick. 5/5

  495. very cool strain a must try very intresting ahhah one of a kind i love it

  496. good quality very nice smell good wake and bake but not super potent good for day smoke taste amazing

  497. At first, I was like, omg, this really smells / tastes cheesy… and while smoking it first time in doob, I realized that it doesn’t taste bad at all, it was actually quite enjoyable! For me, it has yet another unique flavor profile, different than most other strains. So, again, it’s another flavor to add to my menu, just like a good selection of wines depending on what I feel like tasting / smoking at the time. I also quite enjoyed the effects of this one and will be adding this to my ‘to get again’ list.

    5 star from me.

  498. So I have tried about 6 different strains from HD and none of them have been anything short of amazing but this flower right here….. this is hands down the best I’ve had on this site and no lie the best I’ve ever had. Please keep this around pleeeeeease lol

  499. Beautifully pungent batch of the cheese . Signature flavour and smell that almost bites you back . I can see more in my future , 5/5 HD!

  500. Anonymous

    I was looking for something different and exotic, and this definitely fits that bill. The smell is so incredibly pungent. Like no other buds I’ve ever had. If smell is an issue for you, get a good jar because the terpenes in the UK Cheese overpower plastic and fill your house (yes, entire house: I could smell it from the downstairs porch; couldn’t believe it). Now, I’ve read some that were actually turned off by the funky, musty, cheesy, baby shit smell. I really do smell like a sweet smelling baby poo hahahha … anyone else? Oh, the high is a wonderful balanced sativa, too. Thanks HD.

  501. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this strain back! Got this in he first order with HD, I must say I was really impressed. The product was really dank and hit amazingly hard. I was disappointed when they were out of stock for my 2nd order, but now it’s back I hope it stays!

  502. That’s a damn cheesy weed, smooth and very neat bud, nice puff for sure!

  503. so glad they got more i love this strain

  504. This is some stinky bud. Dank af. Gave me a headache on burn out tho.

  505. I had this and it was incredibly dank. The smell was very strong and filled up the whole room and lingered. That was the highlight of this weed with me, along with its pleasantly strong cerebral effect. I really enjoyed it, good to see that it is back so I’ll just have to make sure to get enough to last this time! I haven’t seen a cheese strain grown this great for a while.

  506. Nasty nasty cheese. Why on earth would anyone want their stuff to smell and taste like this. Great if you like the nasty cheese strains but I do not!

  507. Second batch of this stuff and just as impressed as the first time I smoked it. Super stanky potent weed. Love the cheese smell. One of my favourite sativas on this site. A must try!

  508. Tremendously stanky. Had to wash my hands after twisting one up. Like I’d been eating white cheddar smartfood lol. Not as strong a buzz as I expected to be honest though. 3/5

  509. very good smoke! really enjoy how smooth and clean this cannabis taste! thanks again HD and grower to such a great product.

  510. Talk about stinky. I’m really glad this is back there is no denying that this is some damn good cheesy weed

  511. Very nice smell, taste, excellent medicine careful though she’s very stinky…

  512. it was good, but not as good as I anticipated. nor did it have that distinct cheese smell, which also saddened me, but it did smell dank. nice buzz to it tho, but if you’re looking for cheese, look for blue cheese

  513. please get more! was about to make my order and it went out of stock on me!

  514. I had to try this and I gotta say I’m very impressed. It looks amazing and smells like a cheesy skunk lol Awesome!!

  515. It was my first time trying a cheese strain. First the smell spoke for its name, it was a very potent cheese-like smell. The high didn’t last very long for me. Would be good to smoke going out to do your every day things. Had a nice look to it also. 3.0 – 4.0

  516. My first time trying any sort of “cheese bud” and while I admit the flavour was very different in a way I wasn’t so sure I liked at first, the buzz was fantastic. I did end up enjoying the cheesy taste and aroma, it’s a funky change. Check it out!

  517. so so cheesy smelling. I love cheese, but I kind of hated my fingers smelling like this stuff. It’s a great day time weed, but I don’t think I’ll purchase it again because of the smell.

  518. Anonymous

    This dank is stank! The cheese smell is SO strong, but it gets the job done. Definitely a good morning wake and bake.

  519. hands down the best ever. not even joking. like seriously

  520. my favorite strain !

  521. Classic cheese weed smell! This was a no brainer to add to the order. Really nice strain!

  522. Not bad, no complaints, but I don’T see the umph in it to justify the steep price!

  523. Cant believe how much this stuff smells like an old sock lol! Apart from the pungent aroma the buds are huge and light green with lots of orangy yellow hairs all over. The taste is not cheesy at all and the high is pure sativa! Definitely would order again for both novelty and stone.

  524. Upon smelling the scent of this strain I immediately flashed back to a time where I accidentally consumed actual blue cheese. I felt sick to my stomach and regretted the decision and wish I could put it out of my mind. However, that same stench that comes with this strain is what makes it all the better. The smell just confirms that this particular batch was grown, pruned and cured with the finest of details. Well done HD!

  525. I only got a gram to try of this. It really smells like cheese that is cool lol. Doesn’t taste like cheese however. The high is normal sativa, about an hour. Solid 4 stars, good for those without high tolerance that love cheese

  526. such an amazing cheese strain. very impressed with the smell taste and high will be purchasing more before its gone.

  527. Talk about cheese , very pungent and made my day go by quick and happily , hard to find a good cheese strain and well I found it

  528. Excellent excellent strain. Be aware though – it’s like getting punched in the face with a block of stinky cheese, as the name would imply. I smoked it with a few friends who said they didn’t care for such a pungent aroma. I thought that was one of the amazing things about this lovely strain. One of the best I have ever had in a vape (Arizer Solo). Remarkable buds, unbelievable bag appeal, and the high is outstanding. Re-ordering ASAP.

  529. This strain won’t disappoint. Great flavor and smell!

  530. I have bought this strain a few times now, and it is one of my top picks right now by far. Great Sativa, Nice NUGS, SMooooth in the rig. Taste is Unique.

    I recommend this bud to everyone!!!

  531. Another 5/5 from HD! Great smell, taste, look, and buzz! No burn out with this one either. Haven’t anything less than a 5 in my books yet HD keep it up!

  532. 5 – 5
    1st time customer, and all I can say is…OMG. Badass buddz!
    This is the best hands down i have ever smoked! Highly recommend this product!

  533. 5/5 great stuff THE CHEESE ROCKS!!!!!!

  534. HUGE fan of the cheese! HD hit the nail on the head with this one! BY FAR in my top 3 purchases from HD! Smell is unlike any other, Buds are gloriously coated with trichomes and trimmed, clean heavy hitting smoke with great taste!

  535. Anonymous

    This is the most potent weed I think I’ve ever got, I couldnt focus on my game because I kept on daydreaming and just thinking. Smells like cheddar cheese, nice fresh dense nugs. Its a shame I didnt order more of this one

  536. Im not much of a Sativa guy! But i have to say this UK Cheese is the bomb! So sticky sweet, taste is amazing! 🙂

  537. One of my all time favourite strains. I’m so happy to find it here. Stinky, funky, cheesy smelling. Lots of crystals. Dense and dank. Can’t wait to press this into some lovely rosin and dab it. Yum.

  538. First time trying this strain and it’s now one of my favorite, delivery was fast and discreet! will definitely order again.

  539. great cheesy smell, dense crystal covered buds, uplifting laughter high

    easily in the top 5 strains I’ve smoked


  540. Anonymous

    I had to come back 5 star on this one i want more.

  541. Amazing!!! This is easily some of the best cheese I have ever encountered.. the smell is outrageous, and the buds are gorgeous to look at as well- so dense for a sativa. The flavor is a lot more earthy and reminds me of the flavor of old school Northern Lights- really tasty and unique nowadays. The high is strong but not overwhelming and perfect almost anytime of day. Definitely one of the top sativas or strains I have received from HD and a must order for cheese strain lovers or anyone wanting to try one as this is a perfect example!

  542. Brings me back to ‘ high school stoned’ which is more incredible than a leprechaun flying on a unicorn that thinks it’s a goose.
    Plus everything said prior

  543. I would rate it 4.5 only because the high is not as strong as some of the strongest that I had, but it does smell god damn amazing. It looks super nice, very light green, full of crystals everywhere like its almost white. Smells very dank like cheese or skunky. Reminds me of some old school skunk for some reason. I love that smell. Different from the fruity smells. This one danks. Taste was average but very smooth smoke and high was pretty strong but I have had stronger still. I would def rebuy this and even though ive had stronger, trust me it’s still very potent.

  544. Anonymous

    Im finding it hard to crush up buds that look this nice…

  545. I liked it and was amazed of the look and smell. Nice looking bud, stinky cheesy smell, nice buzz. I can’t believe it smells like cheese! lol!

  546. Smells like cheese! would say its one of the best and most potent ‘ve tried, from HD. I love it and it’s my second favourite underneath Lemon Diesel

  547. Absolutely Beautiful Strain, This Strain helped me on too many levels in which i cannot begin to explain, a real personal favorite. AAAA+++ Really Lovely Herb!

  548. The flavor of this bud vaped is incredible… Tastes like cooked cheese. Very energetic and cerebral high.

  549. Very happy

  550. People are not kidding when they say it smells like a block of old cheddar lol if you liked the white haze you’ll love this one. Great energetic high and last a decent time. Definitely get ahold before it’s gone.

  551. Nice strong buzz, a good nightime smoke. I found this to be a bit harsh for me though. Top quality!

  552. The cheese is strong with this one. Definitely has the cheese smell, does all the reviews justice. Very happy with it

  553. Good tasting, good head effects.

  554. Great quality overwhelming smell great buy

  555. Anonymous

    Smoked a lot of cheese in my time, this is way cleaner than most cheeses you find in the UK and it packs the punch too 5/5

  556. This is smooth and very uplifting, I so agree with the other reviews the cheese smell is fantastic. Once again you have surpassed even my expectations with this one HD!

  557. 5/5 great stuff

  558. unlike any other weed i have ever smelled before. Extremely pungent, but not unpleasant odour to these nugs. The buds are thickly covered in trichomes and have a creeping onset to their effects.

  559. Mmmmm…cheeeeeeeeeeesy! In love ?

  560. Gr8 puff thanks fast delivery potent product candy flavor

  561. Smells of cheese just like everyone says. The smoke is very smooth and clean. The taste has a bit of the smell in it but its mostly just a sweet / pungent taste. Nice and uplifting but can cause a burn out after.

  562. First stuff I tried off this site and oh my! Was not disappointed. Great taste, like cheese! Smoked just a little joint and that’s all I needed. Will be ordering again for sure. Highly recommend.

  563. This is definitely a really good strain ..I really enjoyed the smell of this one ..when I opened the bag it had a distinct cheesy like smell …once I broke it up had a nice pungent sour odour …the taste was a little different than the smell ..good taste ..kind of sweetish IMO …not to heavy of a buzz but gave me some decent effects …overall was quite enjoyable …one of my favs out of the sativa sample pack so far a lot more to go ..good job HD

  564. heavy dense bud. bright green and crystally. smells pungent like cheese. buds are nice sized. defiantly will be purchasing again. love the smell

  565. Anonymous

    Smells and tastes great

  566. Can’t rate this high enough! Love these buds, really great taste and smell

  567. Definitely a favorite! Such a smooth smoke. Buds are big and dense with a pungent smell. Very very nice stuff. Really helped with anxiety. I have already ordered two bags and will be ordering it until for as long as its available!

  568. my fav! Reordering!

  569. Anonymous

    Very nice buds and tasted great!!
    I would definitely recommend this

  570. Great strain love the smell it does actually smell like stinky cheese lol. The taste is nothing like the smell it tastes good nice powerful buzz. Looks amazing the colors are awesome the buds are full of crystals.

    I actually want to buy more I’m so glad I found this site it’s nice to get quality medicine..

  571. smells like cheese !!!!

  572. Nice and clean burning was definitely organically grown. Pretty good for a cheese, I give it a 4 because it should have been be more potent, was a little dry on delivery and didn’t look like the picture.

  573. Really nice bud to look at smell and smoke, I will be getting more of this in the future for sure.

  574. great smelling bud. you can smell the cheese.

  575. 5/5 smelly tasty yummy 🙂 buy buy buy !!!

  576. Nice big tight buds. It really smells like cheese!

  577. Anonymous

    Actually smells like cheese. Excellent quality stuff!

  578. Anonymous

    Great smell, actually smells like cheese.

  579. Anonymous


  580. This stuff smells like stinky cheese, smokes nice and Is how cheese is suppose to be!!! Must buy!!!

  581. Love this, cant get enough! 5 stars!

  582. Beautiful bud great taste ,bag appeal is on point an amazing taste an smell

  583. Anonymous

    Please email me personally whenever you get strains like this! 5/5.

  584. Anonymous

    Amazing bud! Never been a huge sativa fan until now! This is unreal all around! Beautiful big, sparkling buds, reeeeeeeks of stinky cheese! Personally I hate cheese & don’t eat it so this put me off at first, but this really packs a punch! Very uplifting yet mellowing high. Highly recommend! Love the cheese!!!

  585. great strain, love everything about it, looks good, smells amazing, no anxiety, good balanced high, 5stars

  586. AHHH Yes. Just Got it just now First one to be smoked. Very Good Smell –I love Cheese! – Smokes very smooth – (Bong Hits) White Smoke. Hits very nicely Not Rushed. Feels good in the head. but still full of Energy! Great Buds Love this Strain well Done HD!

  587. 5/5 for the UK cheese, tastes good and smells great. fantastic strain!

  588. what a strain. great purchase.

  589. Perfect balance of indica/sativa of my favorites for sure.

  590. Wow. This stuff stinks. Tastes great and the high lasted a long time. Super creative and happy buzz. And again the delivery time is amazing. Thanks HD!!

  591. Had to grab some while available with all the great references given. The smell is like a cheese. Thanks

  592. amazing

  593. I wanted to wate till last to review this one folks. Had it a few years back its everything i expected and more. My fave on here by far second to none. Cheese for breakfast lunch and dinner. Get it before its to late 10/10

  594. These buds are beautiful plain and simple. This budd needs to be in every order. The smell will pollute a whole room once you open the bag, the name matches the smell, nice and stingy to the nostrils. The smoke is great, I smoked it before family dinner, and kept the conversation going so well, while giggling as well and having a good time, great day time stone.

  595. Upon receiving my package, I excitedly hurried downstairs to open it. Layer upon layer of meticulous work to safely ship such content is always a reassuring factor that Herbal dispatch cares about their customers. When I finally managed to wrangle it free, I was hit by a staunch wall of pungent rotten milk, old musty cheese and moisture. Such a unique smell that you know it’s a real deal cut, no bullshit. I received a lot of golf ball sized flowers, averaging between .8 to 1.4g and as high as 3.3g. The trimming was immaculate, nary a speck of extra leaf was seemingly found in my bag. The curing was impeccable, the flowers ground up nicely but not so easily that they ended up as a powder. Rolls up nicely and smokes beautifully as well. A lot of white ash and smooth smoke, this was a great grab! 5/5.

  596. The perfect balanced strain as to creativity and anxiety reduction. I’ve had long writing days with this one in the vape.

  597. 4.5/5. Buds are a bit looser and leafier than I’d anticipated, but they have a good covering of trichs and are bright and happy looking. Smells super funky, really skunky and cheesy, with a really pungent zestiness that’s exposed when the buds are broken down. The cheesy funk comes through really heavy in the vape. As expected the high is really happy and uplifting, and really stony at the same time…really pleasant stuff.

  598. I was away for a few weeks in Montreal, wishing I would have sent a package out there from HD. Finally after 3 weeks of smoking mediocre weed I was blessed with this goodness! This stuff burns so nicely with a sharp aroma. The buds are tight and dense and covered in sugary crystals! It will have you begging for MORE CHEESE PLEASE!

  599. I am grabbing more for sure!!! Really nice Batch!!!!Hopefully there is more when I order again!!!

  600. Beautiful buds, might b the nice I’ve seen yet, smells as good as it looks. Quit for drug test so can’t really rate it my self but it’s my dad’s new favourite strain. Can’t wait to smoke it my self.

  601. Anonymous

    Absolutely amazing in every way possible I give it 10 stars!!!!!!

  602. Another classic strain from HD. The smell is one you just cant mistake. Absolutely dense with frosty goodness! Thanks HD for another great strain!

  603. Must say this one is got great flavor and is so smooth I will love to order again!!!

  604. Looks and smells great, well-trimmed and got a nice high from it too, not sure how it compares to the other $11/g strains but I think it’s better than Burmese and Girl Scout Cookies

  605. Oh my,This is great open the bag and thought done one hit me with a block of cheese,heavy smoke great stone!

  606. Anonymous

    HD was bang on with this one. Almost reminds me of old school NL with that cheese stank to it. Amazing bag appeal. Buds are huge and dense. It’s just a real treat all around. Get it!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks guys…..

  607. This is legit old school cheese!!! It’s been years since I have had this pheno. Smells like old cheddar, with a bit of sweetness. Fantastic. Taste and buzz are amazing as well as clean ash. My new favorite strain. Just amazing bag appeal also. 10/10 top shelf

  608. amazing! juts tried it and im ordering some more as we speak! great taste, beautiful sativa high, buds are gorgeous and smells delicious! def winner right here

  609. This was my first time for this strain. It came prompt,professional, and stealth. Like the name says it smells like cheese, Taste like it a bit also, has the deep earth tones, Very Head High. Lots energy. I Like this Strain! Seams to do wonders for my arthritis.

  610. I am grabbing more for sure! Really nice Patch!!

  611. Always wanted to try some UK Cheese so I got me some and damn the name fits the strain ! Smells like old cheddar and taste just like it , its also very dank ,crystally and good sized dense nugs . Trim job / Cure is impeccable and felt very relaxed. Its perfect for anxiety without having a couch lock like others said.

  612. Prior to finding HD i was more of an indica man but thats changing these days to my new found exposure to some high quality sativas. The White Haze kicking around a few months ago was superb and this Cheese is comparable. Tastes great, smells great, burns great. This is one of those nice sativas with a denser bud structure than most, taking it out of the bag and busting it up you get none of that loose , leafy, airy sativa feel.

  613. Anonymous

    This is some crazy stinky weed. It stunk up my condo instantly. Smell lingered for at least ten minutes. Taste is very cheesy and the high is clear and relaxed.
    I’m not usually happy/satisfied with a sativa but this strain is amazing for feeling calm. This is great for my anxiety. This leaves you with a beautiful sense of well being while allowing for work or chores to be done.
    I don’t feel that sativa energy, it’s not that kind of high. This is more like sitting on the bank of the river with your feet dangling in, leaves and little bits floating by. Birds gently singing and the breeze pushing along the clouds. The sun feels warm on your back and you realize you’ve got more days just like this ahead of you.

    Grab it while you can.

  614. heavy dense smoke. no burn out no anxiety .strong whiff. and their is a rich aged cheese taste . burned strong and clean. I’ll be grabbing more of this on the next order

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