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Treats (Creating Brighter Days) – Longevity

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Product Description

Arthritis + Inflammation

This formula eases arthritis pain, suffering in the joints, and encourages cell regeneration. Healing ingredients in Longevity include astragalus, burdock root, and turmeric—for reducing inflammation

Medicinal Ingredients: Astralagus 2mg, Turmeric 5mg, Burdock Root 2mg, Nettle 2mg, Cayenne 1mg, Chlorella 4.2mg, Hemp Seed Oil 50mg, CBD 3 mg.

Ingredients: Coconut Flour, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Flax Seed, Apple, Zucchini, Peanut Butter, Molasses, Coconut Oil, Tocopherols (Vitamin E).

Dosage for CBD Enriched Treats:
up to 25 lbs – 1 treat
25 – 50 lbs – 1-2 treats
51 – 75 lbs – 2-3 treats
76 – 100 lbs – 3-4 treats
101 – 125 lbs – 4-5 treats
125 lbs and up – 5-6 treats

3 reviews for Treats (Creating Brighter Days) – Longevity

  1. dustin

    Sure it seems steep for some CBD cookies but I’ve been paying $55 every 2 weeks for pain medicine from my vet with very little results for my 88 lb dog whos had 2 knee surgeries in the last 7 months and has bad arthritis in her hip, within 3 days of these cookies (and some oil) I saw HUGE improvements, 3 days! Now 2 weeks in she’s putting full weight on each leg and even (lightly) playing tug a war!! Worth every penny!

  2. gentle

    Given to an older husky, really helps him bounce back from difficult days. It’s worth it just to see him up and around.

  3. gregc7

    Wow I actually notice a difference in my big black lab. After 3 days, she got bad hips. Little steep though.

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