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Disposable (Toko Slim) – Multiple Strains

(105 customer reviews)


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Sold By: Toko
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Product Description

Discreet. Distinct. Disposable.

Toko offers sleek CO2 options for Cannabis vaporization. Supercritical CO2 extract formulated with live Cannabis terpenes for superior flavor and effect. All products are made with food grade materials only. Source products used for extraction are grown in a GMP and GPP environment without the use of pesticides and free of heavy metals:

  • made from Supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil
  • live cannabis plant terpenes extracted and formulated for superior flavour and product
  • products are processed, packaged and handled in a Good Production and Good Manufacturing Practices standard facility
  • all products are made using only food grade formulations
  • source products used for extraction grown without the use of pesticides and free of heavy metals
  • all products are laboratory analyzed to ensure potency and consistency.


Ingredients: Each Toko Slim pen contains 0.4 ml (0.44 mg) of pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil processed with food grade alcohol. The pen is made of plastic and can be recycled.

Cherry Pie, is Indica dominant and has trichome-frosted green buds, covered in thick orange pistils. The most noticeable feeling from this strain is an uplifting happy one. The strain can deliver a strong body high with feelings of laziness that can be easily overcome by more experienced users. As side effects, apart from typical dry eyes and mouth and hunger, users may experience slight anxiety, minor headache, or dizziness.

Recommended for night-time use, this strain is useful for people suffering from insomnia. Its relaxing properties are helpful to people dealing with stress and anxiety. The strain can also provide minor pain relief and help with chronic migraines. Cherry Kush is often recommended by physicians to stimulate appetite and combat nausea.

Cherry Kush is a cross between a Purple Afghani (Indica) and OG Kush (Indica). This strain grows well indoors and outdoors. When grown outside, plants are ready for harvest late October after flowering for eight to nine weeks.

Parents: Purple Afghani, OG Kush

Flavours: Sweet, berry, woody
Effects: Happy, relaxed, uplifted, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Stress, depression, lack of appetite, insomnia, fatigue

Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross whose reputation grew too large to stay within the borders of its California homeland. With a sweet and earthy aroma, Girl Scout Cookies launches you to euphoria’s top floor where full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space. A little goes a long way with this hybrid, whose THC heights have won Girl Scout Cookies numerous Cannabis Cup awards. Patients needing a strong dose of relief, however, may look to GSC for severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

Parents: Durban Poison, OG Kush
Similar to: Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Grandaddy Purple, OG Kush

Flavours: Sweet, earthy, pungent
Effects: Lazy, euphoric, sleep, happy, hungry
Medical: Depression, insomnia, anxiety, lack of appetite

Introduced in 2003 by Ken Estes, Granddaddy Purple (or GDP) is a famous indica cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This California staple inherits a complex grape and berry aroma from its Purple Urkle parent, while Big Bud passes on its oversized, compact bud structure. GDP flowers bloom in shades of deep purple, a contrastive backdrop for its snow-like dusting of white crystal resin.

Its potent psychoactive effects are clearly detectable in both mind and body, delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. While your thoughts may float in a dreamy buzz, your body is more likely to find itself fixed in one spot for the duration of GDP’s effects. Like most heavy indica varieties, Granddaddy Purple is typically pulled off the shelf to treat pain, stress, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms. GDP blesses growers with massive commercial yields which are ready for harvest following a 60 day flowering time indoors.

Flavours: Grape, berry, sweet
Effects: Relaxed, sleepy, happy, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Stress, pain, insomnia, depression, lack of appetite

Mixing the robust nature of Pre98 Bubba with the refreshing notes of Grape Romulan, Grape Kush from Cali Connection is a hybrid of quality and quantity. Predominantly sativa in nature (60%/40%), Grape Kush possesses the best of both worlds. The effects are long-lasting and powerful, inducing euphoric head effects and a relaxed body.

Parents: Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Romulan Grapefruit

Flavours: Grape, berry, sweet
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, sleepy
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, insomnia, inflammation

Meet Headband, the love-child of cannabis’ power couple, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The smooth, creamy smoke is accented by flavors of lemons and diesel while the long-lasting effects are great for pain relief, helping you to relax, and to combat elevated stress levels. Many report that the effects create a slight pressure around the crown of their head and feels as though they are wearing a headband. The effects have been known to come on slow, so pace yourself with this potent hybrid.

Flavours: Earthy, pungent, sweet
Medical: Happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, creative
Used to help with: Stress, depression, pain, insomnia, nausea

Lemon Skunk is an award-winning Sativa hybrid, known for its lemon flavor and a THC count as high as 22%. It made the High Times list of top 10 strains in 2009.

Its effects begin with a surge of uplifting cerebral stimulation, which often leads to introspection. Many describe this strain as thought-provoking and creativity-inducing, and some find Lemon Skunk to be also exhilarating and energetic. Often, the numbing and calming effects of the body stone cause users to feel slightly sedated. Inexperienced users may find it puts them to sleep an hour or two after the initial cerebral stimulation wears off. Negative effects are the common ones: dry mouth and eyes, possible paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness, especially when the strain is used in high doses.

Lemon Skunk performs well when used for daytime pain relief, as in the case of chronic migraines, for example, and it is most often prescribed for this purpose. Those suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression favor this strain for its mood elevating properties. The strain is also used for the relief of nausea and eating disorders.

Lineage: Skunk #1

Flavours: Lemon, citrus, skunk
Effects: Happy, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, energetic
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, insomnia

Like the fruit it is named for, Marionberry Kush is a delicious hybrid bred by Heroes of the Farm. A well-balanced cross of Raspberry Kush and Space Queen that puts off a full spectrum of fruity flavors, Marionberry Kush closely resembles her genetic “sister” Cinderella 99. There are six main phenotypes of Marionberry that all show a range of fruit flavors like passionfruit and raspberry. The aroma is smooth, sweet, and earthy with a sour twist. The effects are pronounced and uplift the mind almost immediately and then slowly relax the body without putting you to sleep.

Parents: Raspberry Kush, Space Queen

Flavors: Berry, sweet, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, happy, uplifted, sleepy, euphoric
Medical: Stress, insomnia, depression, lack of appetite, headaches

Originating in Amsterdam and currently bred by Dinafem Seeds, Moby Dick’s high THC content makes it one of the strongest sativas. Winner of ‘Girl of the Year’ by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, this strain is a cross between indica-dominant hybrid White Widow and sativa Haze; the former is known for its power while the latter for its cerebral stimulation, creating a mostly sativa plant that delivers a charged buzz. The aroma is a sweet citrus from the Haze, which dominates the palate with vanilla and eucalyptus tones.

Contains 56% THC and 18% CBD.

Flavors: Sweet, citrus, pungent
Effects: Euphoric, uplifted, happy, relaxed, focused
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, nausea

Orange Cookies bred by Franchise Genetics is a hybrid that combines Orange Juice with the renowned Girl Scout Cookies. A flavor-packed strain, Orange Cookies expresses itself with a strong aroma of sweet citrus that closely resembles a fresh tangerine. The flavors of Orange Cookies gives way to deep calming body effects that mingle with a euphoric cerebral buzz to leave you happy and relaxed.

Flavours: Citrus, orange, sweet
Effects: Relaxed, uplifted, happy, euphoric, creative
Medical: Stress, pain, nausea, depression, headaches

Pennywise is a high-CBD indica cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, a combination that lends this strain its killer clown name. Four phenotypes of this Stephen King-inspired strain exist, some of which have fingerlike buds while others appear more round. Notes of coffee and pepper lift from the purple-fringed flowers with undertones of lemon and bubblegum.

Rich in the therapeutic compound CBD, Pennywise is especially effective in treating arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and cancer symptoms. Jack the Ripper’s cerebrally focused effects are detectable in Pennywise’s genes as euphoria and mental clarity take over with an invigorating buzz. Pennywise flowers in 60 to 67 days and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor gardens.

Contains 34% THC and 34% CBD.

Parents: Jack the Ripper, Harlequin

Flavours: Earthy, woody, spicy/herbal
Effects: Relxaed, happy, focused, euphoric, uplifted
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, inflammation, insomnia

Strawberry Banana is a 70/30 indica-dominant cannabis strain developed by DNA Genetics in collaboration with Serious Seeds. A genetic cross between Crockett’s Banana Kush and the “Strawberry” phenotype of Bubble Gum, Strawberry Banana inherits a sweet fruity flavor that earned this hybrid her name. Known for its heavy resin production and high THC content, Strawberry Banana produces happy, peaceful effects that sharpen creativity and sensory awareness.

Parents: Banana Kush, Bubble Gum

Flavors: Strawberry, sweet, berry
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, focused
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, insomnia, lack of appetite

Heir to the Girl Scout Cookies throne is Sunset Sherbet (or Sunset Sherbert), an indica-leaning hybrid with intoxicatingly potent effects. Sunset Sherbet inherits the genetic lineage of its Girl Scout Cookies parent, whose ancestors include the famed OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison. Crossed with an indica known as Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbet exhibits powerful full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy. A complex aroma colors Sunset Sherbet with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and that candy-like smell redolent of its Girl Scout Cookies parent. Stress, tension, and sour moods melt away with the carefree mindset and physical relaxation that comes with this rich hybrid.

Parents: Girl Scout Cookies

Flavours: Sweet, citrus, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted, creative
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, insomnia, nausea

Tahoe OG is the perfect rainy day strain. Strong and fast-acting, you may not want to use this strain when you’re planning to leave the house. Great for those suffering from insomnia, pain, or lack of appetite, Tahoe OG has made a name for itself among other indicas. A top nighttime strain, it provides an extremely lazy, heavy body sensation. Due to superb breeding, Tahoe OG embodies all of the typical indica effects with an added euphoric, sativa-like kick. This strain features an earthy, lemon taste, and is a phenotype of OG Kush. Maturing at around 10 weeks, Tahoe OG is a must-try for those looking for a great night’s sleep.

Parents: OG Kush, SFV OG Kush

Flavours: Earthy, pine, pungent
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, happy, sleepy, hungry
Medical: Stress, pain, insomnia, depression, lack of appetite

XJ-13 is a sativa-dominant strain cherished for both its therapeutic potency and enjoyable euphoric buzz. This hybrid cross of Jack Herer and G13 Haze induces unencumbered cerebral effects perfect for stimulating creativity and conversation. As if we needed another reason to love this lightweight sativa, XJ-13 consistently exhibits a strong citrus aroma accented by notes of earthy pine. Novice consumers looking for an easy, paranoia-free experience can depend on XJ-13 as a surefire way to relieve stress and mood-related symptoms.

Parents: Jack Herer, G13
Similar to: White Widow, Northen Lights, AK-47, OG Kush, Green Crack

Flavors: Citrus, earthy, pine
Effects: Happy, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, energetic
Medical: Stress, depression, fatigue, pain, lack of appetite

105 reviews for Disposable (Toko Slim) – Multiple Strains

  1. Very nice product ,great flavor and high!

  2. Pennywise is the best thing since sliced bread.

  3. Wow what a let down, bought 2 pens Girl Scout Cookies lasted 43puffs, and Lemon Skunk lasted not even 25puffs.

  4. Great taste , nice high, fun size but could last a little longer.

  5. I’ve ordered around 15 of these and 3 of them have been defective in different ways. The flavors are great and the high you get is nice. They are very discreet and I love that but even at $30 if they’re defective it’s not worth it anymore. Probably going to try something else.

  6. Amazing Vape worth the purchase.

  7. Great pen but I think it dies too fast for the cost. Might try reordering another strain to see how long it lasts

  8. best disposable pen

  9. Been using Toko Gold for a while. I decided to sample the CBD strains by purchasing a disposable pen even though I do love the Toko Gold sleek design and easy use, this tiny little vape pen was amazing. It’s super small and actually vapes fairly well despite having only one heat setting. I bought Pennywise and it’s beyond amazing. I’ll be buying this for my Toko Gold plus I’ll be picking up more of these cute little vapes for my purse. 5*****

  10. Ordered the Girl Scout Cookies strain. It was amazing… the perfect strain and the pen was good. I can only compare it to one other pen by South Coast. The South Coast pen was way better. With the Toko Slim hauls had to be 2 or 3 seconds…where as the south coast pen we could haul longer. The Toko Slim pen looks cool though and its super small. I firmly believe that if you follow the directions that come with the product you will be better off and the product will perform for you.

  11. I’ve tried a few of these now and I like all of them. Just got the grape kush and feeling pretty happy about it right now. I travelled recently with one also, and really appreciated the discreetness of it. For someone who was skeptical about vaping in general, this product has changed my mind. I haven’t had any issues that some have, but this is only my 3rd one now.

  12. Small, discreet and tastes light. best part is that the taste and smell don’t linger. No coughing or discomfort and the vapour is pretty thick and light. I found you get perfect tokes if you wait almost a minute between hauls. Love!

  13. Works great, very discreet, easy to use, good taste however didnt last a long as i would have liked. I have and will continue to reorder these even if they do run out to soon sometimes.

  14. Great mini vape! Trainwreck trust me

  15. Fantastic Product 🙂

  16. Girl Scout Cookies has a great taste. Love it.

  17. Seen some negative reviews of this product, but I’ve never had an issue so far. Works great and tastes great as well as lasting longer then I expect them to. Well worth the money.

  18. I have gotten a few of these in the past and they 70% of the time work great. I have had a couple with burnt coils, so it tastes burnt and doesn’t get you high. Recently I bought 2 and one works great and gets me nice and high, but one does not work at all.

  19. First time ordering the toko slim and I’m loving it so far. Great taste and good high from it. Definitely going to order more.

  20. The disposables don’t seem to pack quite the same punch as the toko gold and you have less functionality as you can’t control temperature settings etc. That said, their very small size make them the most discrete option out there. You could probably leave them on a table top and no one would know what they were. Tip, if its relatively new and you aren’t getting much cloud from an inhalation, warm it up for a couple of minutes in your hand so the oil flows more freely. Often, if stored on its side the oil flows away from the intake holes and you get nothing on a draw until it slowly flows back. Warming it up helps the oil flow.

  21. One of the best products i’ve tried for on-the-go smoking. Discreet, tasteful and sleek in design. I would highly recommend durban poison.

  22. Got death bubba. Great taste and effects.

  23. These are super convenient! Great buy. Will definitely purchase again, got them on sale so it was an easy decision.

  24. The taste was good says there is 150tokes i got pretty much that out of it friends tried it and liked it

  25. Ordered a few of these. I have ordered many other pens before and only toko and another brand not sold here are strong enough for me. Most pens I find too weak and I end up smoking regular herb. I try to follow directions to see if I could get the amount of pulls it says on the box

    1st pen approx 171 pulls might have forgotten a few but at least 171 pulls
    2nd pen 141 pulls so got the amount it said. I buy toko for the strength, discretness, no smell and good taste. I have tried at least 5 other brands and only toko and another are strong enough for me. Great product

    I got grape kush and girl scout cookies both as equally as strong

  26. Didn’t last long. Get more from the other Phant disposables.

  27. I just placed my second order, love the Toko brand, which was the first one I tried. I also have the rechargeable/refillable vape stick, which also works really. Never had issues with anything I received so far. Will be one brand I will keep ordering. Helps me sleep really well, the Tahoe OG strain, Really high quality, definitely a must have.

  28. Didn’t work…was given a credit towards a new pen or another product.

  29. STAY CLEAR FROM THIS PRODUCT! I purchased this not long ago and it never worked. I tried taking a few tokes but nothing was coming out. I finally had to break it apart to use the little bit of oil thats in it. It was quite disappointing to spend this much for a dud. Once again, skip this vape and get the the Toko Pen vape. I’ve had it over a year and it still hold up incredibly!

  30. Tastes amazing. Very very discreet. Only downside is that you can go through the pen very quickly. Effects are good.

  31. so far so good! bought the phant pens previously, and wanted to try these out as well. these are so small and discreet and cute! taste is good too!

  32. Eh didn’t last long. I guess that’s the bet you take when you buy a disposable , your always curious when it will die. 😛

  33. I guess I was a lucky one. Mine came, mine worked, mine got me high, purchased GSC and really liked the taste. To expensive IMO

  34. The favoured Toko is pretty good. I like the different tastes of strains so I usually go with the regular disposable pen. If you don’t like the mj taste these are good options.

  35. I love Toko. So far it’s been the best experience with disposables.

  36. I USED to love these. But the defective rate is far too high to invest $50 each time. My experience has been that at least one third of the pens I’ve tried fail within a couple of days, or simply don’t work at all. Disappointing because it’s a great product when they work. But I can’t in good conscience continue to buy these. I’ll wait until the quality improves

  37. Will buy again, super discrete and convenient

  38. Bought a second time as this was well worth its price!

  39. Loved this product so much. Discreet and You get a nice high as well! Worth the price!

  40. Trainwreck is great
    Durban poison also great
    Good bang for your buck

  41. I am a huge fan of this product. The strain is just right for me as I wanted something that would take the edge off but still allow me to be alert and focused. Discretion is key when it comes to Toko and the fact that I am not left smelling like an ashtray is a huge bonus. A little pricey however I would recommend to anyone.

  42. All arrived well packaged and working fine. So discrete and easy to bring anywhere. Easily taken apart to recycle and you can clean out the leftovers if any. Great taste as well!

  43. I’ve ordered 3 pens so far and 2 haven’t worked. One was plugged, the other the battery would cut out not even mid way between your pull. The one that worked was amazing, great effects and taste. Great product other than the consistency of them. HD is awesome with customer support with the defective products!!

  44. Amazing taste, and soooo smooth. Great high, creeps up on you which is great. I just didn’t really like the pull but I’d for sure order this again.

  45. Great Bang for your buck! Brought Me back ordering a second one!

  46. First time trying a disposable pen. Have to say awesome experience. Taste good works perfectly will be ordering again.

  47. I love it! I use everyday.

  48. Love it!

  49. Mixed results.

    I have ordered 3 of the Death Bubba thus far.
    The 1st was awesome – lasted at least 130 puffs and had good potency.

    The 2nd was did not live up to my expectations. I may have lasted 80 puffs and overal potency was weak.

    So far the 3rd pen seems to me like the 2nd.

    Judging from my experience the other reviewers these seem to be a real mixed bag unfortunately

  50. Excellent pen, super easy to use. I’ve read reviews about these pens clogging quickly but I did not have that experience. Pen lasted as long as advertised (I tried to count puffs and lost count over 100, which spanned a period of about 2 months). It was smooth to inhale, but started to require a really strong inhale in order to get a successful draw. I purchased 4 more of these via the mix-and-match listing.and I will comment on those once I see whether each one is just as good.

  51. Ordered 3 pens, XJ-13 was had a nice high however one pen was DOA (clogged) and the one I bought before worked fine but got clogged after a week of light use, will not buy them again as it ended up as a waste of money (kind of, luckily HD offers a great customer service and they refunded me on the DOA pen). The Grape Kush strain was weak as hell, even my wife didn’t feel a thing and she is petite

  52. Love this product. It’s discreet and easy to use.

  53. C’est tellement agréable à fumer ! Le Durban Poison est à la hauteur de mes attentes ☺ La saveur est sublime !

  54. A nice discreet way to use.

  55. Very good taste,pure whitout anything esle.Smooth,with only a little puff,your in the mood.
    The best from now…

  56. Got the death bubba! Which is my favorite strain!! It was awesome, definitely didn’t have any issues with it not working like some of the other reviews. I was kind of worried about that! Super easy to use, small and discrete and handy. Tastes great and works awesome!

  57. Got the death bbbba! Which is my favorite strain!! It was awesome, definitely didn’t have any issues with it not working like some of the other reviews. I was kind of worried about that! Super easy to use, small and discrete and handy. Tastes great and works awesome!

  58. This really did nothing for me. I bought 4 pens, and I felt a hint of a twinge-but nothing very noticeable. My husband felt more, and likes that there is no smell. One puff and it really helped his back pain.

  59. Very good convenient not stinky like a roach bomb

  60. Tried the death Bubba the taste was excellent high was good, only complaint is how long it lasted not sure I even got 100 hits out of the thing

  61. For the price paid this product is disappointing. Don’t know if the battery was already weak but this did not last long and didnt get much of a buzz 🙁

  62. Strong product. Much better flavor then the phant pens. Last about as long as the Phant pens do. The Toko gold is much better product in my opinion.

  63. Very stealthy but not that typical oil buzz very medicinal great for people who need relief at work and light weight smokers who have baby lungs

  64. XJ-13 , tasted good but didn’t last long. Perhaps the battery is depleted before the product inside is vaporized. Could be cheaper a bit.

  65. Great little pen! Moby Dick CBD is the perfect CBD/THC combo. Helps arthritic pain in my wrist and hip, and is uplifting without being too powerful. I’m able to smoke this and still be highly functional at work and in public. Pennywise CBD is equally as nice. Great bedtime indica. 4 stars instead of 5 due to the fact that all strains come in identical, unlabeled pens. I need to keep them stored in their boxes to avoid mixing them up.

  66. These vapes are very discreet. About the size of a cigarillo. Great flavor and pull. Also doesn’t look like a cannabis product. Very easy to store away.

  67. Great vaporizer. Loved the CBD pennywise as it was a perfect clear and calm high. Easily get a good 100-150 pulls & only takes a couple puffs (if you are a lightweight like me) to get a good high. Only negative would be the first time I purchased this pen the rounded mouth piece fell off & some extract was seeping out. Otherwise still a 5/5

  68. Great taste, works fantastic. Trainwreck lives up to it’s name, hits you hard and fast. Would recommend.

  69. Loved this product! Apparently by reading people are getting a lot of duds? Guess it was my lucky day because this was one of the best vape pens I’ve used. Can’t wait to order the nice one!

  70. These are great! I love Girl Scout Cookies but XJ13 is amazing. They Last a long time and are super convenient.

  71. WAAAAY to convenient, but that’s good!!
    Tried the grape kush, very smooth and the taste was great and it lasted for a while.

  72. Size is great. Tastes good too. Expensive for .4. I’ve bought at least 30 of these things and 10 were duds. These things have an insane failure rate. Pull it out the box and Bam doesn’t work!! At 50$ a pop it pisses me off.

  73. I have tried two so far. Grape Kush was great, lasted a while with multiple people toking it. Nice clouds and we were all really happy with it. Small and discrete, awesome tool for a concert or event for quick blasts as well. Second go was Trainwreck. The first night it was good but after leaving it my computer desk for a few days it leaked most everything out, thus a waste of 50 bucks. As I’ve been reading , these are a crapshoot in general. 50 bucks well spent if you get a proper one

  74. Very nice and discreet. I got the death bubba and it was very pleasant and earthy. Lasted longer than expected

  75. I like it quite a bit!

  76. Very nice pen!

  77. Great for a pick me up between sessions, or when you need a puff on the go. Death bubba is definitely the way to go. A bit pricey. Never got the 150 puffs as said on the box. Disassembled and covered 4 papers with remaining oil., but for the convenience and discreetness, you can’t go wrong

  78. I give the technology 5 stars but the efficacy of the Space Queen strain I purchased zero stars as it simply had no effect. I was worried about how the product would actually work but it was flawless and from what I read about the strain I thought it would be great as long as the vaporizer worked. Very disappointed.

  79. Everything about it was good except it being a bit pricey for 0.44 gram for 50$

  80. Anonymous

    The best indica Toko I have found. Definitely a night time strain. This will get you up and out you down about an hour later…

  81. Anonymous

    The flavour is piney and earthy. The effects are delayed but soothing

  82. Anonymous

    Best Sativa Toko I have found for flavour and effects.

  83. Anonymous

    Best Sativa Toko I have found for flavour and effects.

  84. Nice compact pen, tasted really good which suprised me. Great high and battery lasted a decent amount of time. Would definitely pick one of these up again.

  85. Anonymous

    Horrible,waste of money, very disappointed in this product. Don’t even want to give it one star.

  86. I had the same experience as the user below. Something feels off. The pull requires more effort than it should and it takes a while to warm up. The taste is nice however this product was much harder to use than my Phant Pen.

  87. Hit and miss when it comes to working. But when you do get one that works it’s great flavour and extremely discreet.

  88. Anonymous

    Decent when it worked but halfway through its life cycle it stopped working, opened it up to find the little oil cartridge has somehow leaked all over the inside of the pen >:(

  89. Anonymous

    Not sure if I got a lemon or something but this definitely was not close to my expectations. Maybe mine is defected or something but it is so hard to get a pull from this, feels like my nerve in my neck is gonna pop from trying to suck so hard.. I tried this and the phant pen and this doesn’t compare to the phant.. and it was more expensive! I feel like I unfortunately wasted my money on this.. doesn’t work

  90. Convienient little vape… too convient Tastes great and battery lasted until oil was gone. Was very happy with value.

  91. Smooth and sleek. Enough said

  92. Very good product. Very tasty and potent. Definitely worth buying

  93. Loving this vape! Puts me to bed better than anything else.

  94. Amazing stuff for my pain relief! 5 of 5 hands down!

  95. I hate how these are not refillable, bht thats fine since this lasts a long time. Great taste for sure. 4/5.

  96. Got this for a friend who couldn’t say enough bad things about it.
    I’ve tried a similar product (juju joints) and found it to be acceptable albeit at a high price point.
    Verbatim; “I don’t catch a buzz and I get almost no smoke or vapor or whatever.”

    He suggested a lower price point might entice him to give it another shot.
    I may try the disposable pen from Phant as I have tried their shatters and enjoyed them.

  97. Really a very good disposable vape pen. I highly recommend this. The battery seems to last longer than any other I’ve purchased. With others I find the batteries die before the oil is depleted. The pulls off this are very good and you can get big clouds. The grape kush was tasty and surprisingly potent. This is a great option for on the go, discreet use without any mess. The length of this vape is also very attractive since it’s much shorter than most others ( about the size of a cigarette) and fits in your pocket easily.

  98. Good taste great effects perfect for bed

  99. Anonymous

    ordered the phant but got this one instead . Going to try after before bed. Hope I sleep .

  100. Quite nice, smooth taste. Would buy again

  101. Great bedtime product. Two or three full drags and I’m very stoned.

  102. Hubby has sensitive lungs and this product worked wonderfully for him. It has a clean taste, it was discreet and practical. He enjoyed it thoroughly, he got about 5 days worth of usage out of it before he lost it. I’m hoping he doesn’t loose the next one. 🙂

  103. Absolutely love the pen!!

  104. Anonymous

    Truly a work of art! The effects are just like the discreption. Nice and convienent and the best thing, I am not burning my lungs. Will be buying more for sure.

  105. Good taste decent high after 4 or 5 puffs

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