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Disposable (Toko Flave) – Multiple Flavours

(120 customer reviews)


1 Toko Flave Pen for $25
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Sold By: Toko
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Product Description

Discreet. Distinct. Disposable.

Toko offers sleek CO2 options for Cannabis vaporization. Supercritical CO2 extract formulated with live Cannabis terpenes for superior flavor and effect. All products are made with food grade materials only. Source products used for extraction are grown in a GMP and GPP environment without the use of pesticides and free of heavy metals:

  • made from Supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil
  • live cannabis plant terpenes extracted and formulated for superior flavour and product
  • products are processed, packaged and handled in a Good Production and Good Manufacturing Practices standard facility
  • all products are made using only food grade formulations
  • source products used for extraction grown without the use of pesticides and free of heavy metals
  • all products are laboratory analyzed to ensure potency and consistency.


Ingredients: Each Toko Flave pen contains 0.5 ml (0.55 mg) of CO2 extracted cannabis oil processed with food grade alcohol as well as terpenes. The pen is made of plastic and can be recycled.


120 reviews for Disposable (Toko Flave) – Multiple Flavours

  1. I ordered rootbeer, tastes good but not enough for me, very week

  2. Love love love! It’s light it’s leak it’s understated and it works great! Beautiful flavor, I ordered the pineapple. I have ordered 4 more.

  3. great pen. great taste. worth buying

  4. Got 2 honeydew ones after reading all the rave reviews since I LOVE honeydew. Not sure how anyone can find them tasty as it smelled like very perfumey, artificial, and overwhelming — like a cheap bathroom air freshener that’s sickeningly sweet (and not the nice, albeit artificial, honeydew scent you get from some candies). The toko gold is amazing and the strain flavoured disposables are great, but this one is a total dud (at least the honeydew flavour).

  5. Unfortunately, this pen didn’t work for me at all. I opened it up on Christmas Eve and was really hoping to share it with my friends and family, but it stopped working after the first few draws. I wish I had contacted customer service about it, but I was still more of a beginner back then and I probably wouldn’t feel brave enough to do that. I don’t recommend this product

  6. ordered 2 one was a dud, and the pineapple one that worked had a horrible taste

  7. If the battery lasted a little longer these would be awesome
    This is an easy right out of the package pen. You vape it until it wont and you grab another one. Good add on to an order

  8. So dissapointed 🙁
    ordered the blueberry…. got two inhalations out of it with nice flavor and vape… and that was it. didn’t even get to feel anything. after two draws… no more vape. The light still turns on..but its like its empty. does taste like antying…no vape…. abaolsutely no effects. And I still see liquid in the chamber so I am assuming its just defective.

    Really upset I paid $50 for this. Ive ordered 2 in the past and one worked..and one never worked from the beginning. I thought it was just a dud… but now that I got this one that isn’t working properly either… I am thinking its the product that just has a high defective rate.

    Won’t order again.

  9. Awsome product. One of the reasons I come back to this site, but to be honest I would come back more often if this wasn’t so expensive. Needs to be 10$ cheaper and im sure they’ll see higher profits cause people like me would be back more often

  10. Nice product. Tastes good. No issues. As always, very discrete. Should be 10 bucks cheaper.

  11. I prefer the unflavoured Toko. Discrete / Stealthy. Very potent, particularly early on. Considerable duration. Pricey but considering the convenience and low profile, the value is as much in the design as it is in the active ingredients.

  12. Love it. Smoke anywhere, anytime. Literally. Only loses a star because it’s $10 too expensive and also seems to lose potency quickly. Tokes get pretty light near the end. Love the strain options also.

  13. u can really use this anywhere at anytime! really potent too! 5/5 never a dull moment with this or when I buy from hd in general. 90 percent of the selection is medical grade and this is no exception!

  14. Perfect for use anywhere , and Noone is the wiser. Toko price is worth the quality

  15. I have purchased many of these disposable toko pens. They are a great product when the battery lasts and there are no issues with drawing the vapour. However, considering the return policy it’s nearly impossible to get your money back if you get a defective one. Which is frustrating. Never buy the disposables. Buy the toko gold plus. It is an amazing product. Even though the disposables are amazing when they work I can only give 1 star due to the amount of duds there seem to be.

  16. Great taste only downfall you don’t get much

  17. Hands down the best disposable pen I’ve tried. Fast effect, smooth taste. Blueberry and Honeydew are the best flavours in my opinion. Out of many Toko pens purchased, only a few didn’t work as well as the others.

  18. Everyone complaining about this thing clogging is sucking way too hard on it trust me. This smells really good and taste good but be sure to be hydrated at vaping can dry you out. My only problem with this is the price for the amount in there. I wouldn’t treat this as something you smoke one time and throw away. Get where you need to be and use this when you start coming down, just a few tokes.

  19. Ordered 3, 2 didn’t work.

  20. Great thing to have on the nightstand! Mine is still going strong after 3 weeks of daily use. Much better than other brands I have tried!

  21. its ok

  22. Anonymous

    Waste of money, light turns on but no vapour what so ever. Garbage !

  23. got the blueberry, it was tasty but i smoked the whole thing in like 5 hours!

  24. Nice taste, got the blueberry. didn’t last as long as i thought and not as strong as other brands i’ve had.

  25. Anonymous

    Got one. Hit it once with no effect. Hit it a couple more times and still nothing. Waited half and hour and hit it 5 more times, and still nothing. Draw resistance is pretty high too, making it difficult to get a good solid draw.

  26. Hard to take anything away from this amazing product. It is very affordable and provides extremely good value. Easily can get over 20 nice highs with one pen.. that is about 2$ a high… Super sleek, discrete, fast, portable.

    Very easy to draw, not harsh at all. I love the non flavored GSC the most.

    The only negatives, and they are not worth losing a star over, are that I find a bit of a harsh coming down sometimes. And I wish the pen was a bit heavier.. would just like it to have some more weight. But it is great how portable it is.

  27. Anonymous

    The product is very nice and I thoroughly enjoyed the medical benefits to be gained from using this product. Unfortunately I seemed to have ran into some problems with the actual pen itself. It came decently clogged, even during the first draw it was quite noticeable. After about 10-20 draws it became nearly impossible to draw on it without busting a blood vessel. Now it has been about 30-40 draws and it appears the battery has died? I’m not entirely sure if this is the issue or not but I cant seem to pull any vapor anymore. Again I love the product but the pen itself is what caused me to lower the score. Would not recommend this product for the additional stress among other things that it has caused me.

  28. Bought a honeydew pen a couple months ago. It was discrete and quite delicious, I wish other oils could taste this good!

  29. I bought a blueberry flavoured pen about a month ago and use it once in a while when I need a pickmeup, but need to be discreet (work).
    I’ve been smoking for decades, so this is perfect for taking the edge off while leaving me functional.
    Next order I think I’ll try the unflavoured.

  30. Anonymous

    Ordered two, one came DOA, but HD was good and credited it for me. One lasted a week and then the battery died, another took a week of about 3 puffs a day to finish, and then the replacement lasted about 2 weeks with one puff a day, got clogged a little and then the battery died.

    I think if they could get the reliability a bit better and truthfully tell you that you’re only going to get maybe an average of 50 drags people would find out how to appreciate these better. based on everything, they are good for light users that don’t want to deal with the pain of bongs, refilling, dabs, or anything.

  31. Very nice taste. Huge smooth hauls. I’ve used many different disposable e cigarettes so far one of my favorites. Average price. Feeling was relaxing joyfull.

  32. Anonymous

    The product works great, very tasty and potent. Only problem I really have is it doesn’t seem to last very long at all. Last one I ordered was only have full right out of the box. To me doesn’t seem like .5 ml

  33. Anonymous

    Amazing taste and very efficient. By far my favorite disposable

  34. This is the best thing HD has overall. If you only try one thing from them this is the best. Follow the instructions and it works fantastically. 10/10

  35. I have tried several almost identical pens, and Toko have been the absolute worst.
    It arrive basically clogged, I had to suck will all my force to get the light to turn on. I barely got any noticeable vapor at all.
    I bought 2 of these that will most likely end up in the trash save your money.

  36. These pens are fire I think there better then the phant pen I have also tryed. Very tasty and discrete no one knows what it is just think your vaping. Blueberry is really tasty FYI

  37. I buy these all the time. They’re incredible. Super discreet. I do find it hit or miss if you get a decent mouthpiece, but overall a terrific product.

  38. this was a bit tastier than the phant vape, it didnt last as long though, pretty good because it is very discreet and looks like a e-cig, found this to be potent enough to be effective and got me through some busy shifts in the kitchen, this really fucked non-smokers up as caught up to them quickly, but split his dome after he took a huge pull then slipped on ice. He was okay but got a few stitches lol

  39. Anonymous

    I am huge fan of these products. I am a veteran smoker and find these very convenient and potent. Large variety of flavors make this a must have in your goodie box

  40. This pen is very discreet and easy to use. You get huge clouds of vapor and it’s very smooth. After just a hit, you start to feel happy and relaxed at the same time. This is definitely a hybrid and I find best for morning and afternoon use

  41. The non-flavoured Girl Scout is what I have been waiting for. It’s perfect. Best disposable around.

  42. Blueberry is very weak, you practically pass out trying to get anything. No vaper. Only order non flavoured it is 100% better.

  43. brought this with me on vacation relaxing on the beach. Loved it. Nice and easy, taste was great. the battery did die out before oil was finished but i would buy it again. 🙂

  44. I really like this pen, i tried it after having purchased a few phant pens in the past which i was never overly pleased with. But the toko totally blew me away. First hit had a huge cloud and tasted so good, i noticed though the more you hit it the less it tastes and feels like you just arent getting any. I decided to shake it… just see what happens so i shook it for a few seconds before each sesh and that REALLY made the difference, I was getting big tasty clouds every time i inhaled on it. Great product, super discreet, i love it!! Definitely getting more, the toko ones are much better than the phant in my opinion 🙂
    5 out of 5.

  45. Anonymous

    Battery died before oil was finished

  46. I’ve had both phant pens and now trying toko after a week of using and still going the pen had a good flavour to it and does it job , great when you’re out and about and need to feel better this is good for 45 .. It’s a long as you’re finger and skinny like a pencil , no one could ever tell what it is or even know you have it , no smell when using

  47. On my third Toko and quality has gone downhill with each one. Each had about 70 good draws no where near 150. First one had a good draw and a heavy vape cloud. Second one had to draw twice or three time get a small amount. Last one is just not firing right, disappointing. Will try Phant next time but great way to puff on the go…..

  48. Go to disposable vape. Really tasty, strong, efficient. Not a bad deal for a disposable.

  49. I was super impressed with this little thing. It’s tiny but packs quite a punch. I did not count my puffs at all so who knows? But it felt like it lasted a while and it was great value for when you need to be discrete. Great flavour and a clean taste.

  50. Bought this for discretion. I got the Honeydew Melon flavour. The flavoured pen is awesome. It has the viewing window so you can see the oil reserve, small light on the end that is green (fitting?), 4 barrel tip for a good draw. Taste was, kinda meh at first, a little musty, but had a nice flavour in the nose a little while after. I really dig the GGC so this is perfect for me. Ease of use, discrete, and works. Also the exhale smells like honeydew, which is great.

  51. It was pretty great, Smooth and clean pull, compact size though you can really tell when it starts to get low the taste changes to almost a plastic burn. Overall great product!

  52. discrete, good taste love this pen great product

  53. taste like wax/shatter/Co2, fresh and clean taste, small and discrete !!!

  54. Anonymous

    Best vape pen

  55. Nice and discrete can use anywhere. Feel nice and relaxed after. I would say that this did not have 150 hits though mine only lasted me 4 days.

  56. Really enjoy the smooth draw on this and definitely feel a buzz on the exhale. So discreet you can use it practically anywhere which is what I appreciate about the product. Everyone stock up for those boozy Christmas parties. I do not drink so mine just got a whole lot more interesting. 4* since I did not get even 100 draws. Everyone is different with their draw, 150 sounds a bit generous.

  57. First time with a vape pen. very good product even for a seasoned smoker. i have been smoking everyday for years and 3-5 hits off this and your stoned!

  58. First time using a vape pen. I went with blueberry. Very impressed. Will buy more. HD is great. Canada post mehhh.

  59. delivery time was insane ! and honestly the best disposable vape pen i ever had , hits are tasty and five big hits !

  60. Anonymous

    this is my favourite love ordered 5 so far thank u keep it up

  61. I loved the delivery time. Been hitting my vape all day. Baked all day and I think theres still more than half to smoke. Good taste would buy again.

  62. Anonymous

    Unbelievable HD this is awesome I love it really nice I rate this 10 out of 10 keep it coming how can I order that liquid I would buy a bucket full

  63. First time using a disposible oil pen. Was not disappointed! Easy to use unit. Great tasting product. Very convienent product for on the go!

  64. works better than the Diamond. Nice flavourful terps evident. Good effect first thing in the morning. Very stealthy for travelling. The prices keep rising is my only complaint.

  65. Great flavor and effect but it falls short on the number of hits I expected and that were noted on the box.

  66. awesome lil disposable vape pens, you can actually get decent rips from it unlike some of the others i tried.

  67. The bad: Unfortunately the build quality isn’t uniform so the units are prone to leaking and malfunctioning. The vaporizer is silo-loaded into the housing stacked with an LED on the bottom, a battery, the control/heater, payload, screen/vape chamber and the exhaust port on top. Common failures include: poor solder connection between heater and battery, shorts and opens in leads between control/heater and battery. Leaks in the storage container can waste “wax” spreading it throughout the internal chamber causing malfunctions.

    The good: When these units work correctly they are fantastic. The draw is consistent and the dosing seems to be around 4-5 drags for a recreational dose and 1-2 for what I would call a “maintenance” dose for combating anxiety for things like going into a store or having to interact socially with people. I tend to dose to the former and not the latter.

    The product itself: When you have a functional unit not subject to defects the Toko pen provides a safe and quick, clandestine way to medicate while in public. I’ve vaped in the middle of downtown with no one even batting an eye. It’s a reliable and strong source of medication that can travel with you.

    Recommendations: Keep it in the box like you would store a pack of smokes to maybe provide some better protection. Keep it AWAY from a pocket with things like mobile phones and keys. You DO NOT want to try to clean the sticky goo off your hands and items especially if you are being furtive as a user… The leaked product smells recognizably like a weed-based item and is difficult to remove.

    Finally: I will probably buy another one of these pens based on my experiences but I will be far more careful with the way I treat them once I’ve unboxed the unit. I don’t think I’ve ever hit 150 draws but I think that might just be a production benchmark for metered dosage.

    Last point: vape smell is very light but does leave a taste on your tongue that is kind of unpleasant. Not as gross as the taste of smoke, though. So all in all a good compromise.

  68. Great little disposable vape pen. Much smaller than any other disposable I’ve seen and stronger than most of the no-name ones I’ve tried. You won’t regret this purchase.

  69. BEST PEN EVER. So discreet but still a hard hitter. You can take a big rip from this thing and feel it in seconds. Can bring it virtually anywhere. Would recommend to anyone

  70. It tastes just like wax or shatter and gives a surprising amount of vapor per draw. No metallic taste, and it’s about the size of a cigarette.

  71. This taste DELICIOUS and hits you right in the face however, it doesn’t last long enough for the price.

  72. First time using a disposable Vape Pen and I am totally impressed. What an amazing product. We never would have guessed even 25 years ago how this industry has boomed forward. These Live Terpenes get the job done handily and I now understand why they cost so much on their own. These pens definitely hit on the exhale and build you up so smoothly. No rough flavour as with a glass tube vape. I have an Arizer Solo which is great, but things just got a whole lot more portable and user friendly. Even if I only got 60 hits off this I wouldnt be upset. Probably depends on everyones inhale capacity. 3 seconds was a heavy vape cloud, but didnt even feel it going in, so smooth and stealthy. Plan to have one on call for wherever I might have to go that isnt joint friendly…….woohoo best new product for sure…….tx HD ps Got big bag Moby Dick and it has disappeared off site very quickly, couldnt leave my review. Great Hybrid Bud.

  73. Much better than the phant ones IMO. Smaller, packs a much stronger punch ( i can feel this one right after exhaling ) and produces a lot more vapor and doesn’t require you to suck your lungs out to get a puff. So far 2nd day with it and im happy but i’m not sure how long it will last still.

  74. This is the second one of these I have bought. As a veteran user, these take a good 10 hauls to medicate me fully. After 5-6 though, you get a nice dizzy buzz. Smooth draw, nice flavor and very small and discreet. I will never use this instead of the real stuff but if you’re in a situation where you don’t have time or can’t have any smell, this is a great product for various discreet situations.

  75. First vape pen and toko did not disappoint! It’s small and discrete. The taste is good and has an effect that lasts.

  76. Got this with my first order and I was very disappointed, everything seemed good,opened box and pen was undisturbed tried it and it didn’t work ,the light didn’t turn on the first couple of puffs then the blue light turned on as it should during inhaling. But still did not produce any vapor. Tried multiple times over the course of 2 days and eventually the battery died . So I took the end apart and pulled the tank that the oil was in out , and the wicking setup in these are very poorly constructed. Mine was all dried out and hard ,unable to wick the oil from the tank to the coil. Just seemed to be all dried and maby old stock or something. . No idea, just know I won’t be purchasing these again or recommending . 🙁

  77. this little vap pen is perfect. a must have very discreet and nice tasting hits you hard

  78. I love this! I hate the price but i cant wait to see if hd gets more for a wider varity of flavour and/or price, otherwise this is a amazing buy! Everyone should try this!

  79. This is my first time using a vape pen and I’m so amazing by not only the flavor but the high was so amazing it’s like eating a tbsp of pure thc I’m in heaven highly recommended

  80. Anonymous

    Sleek and efficient product got the job somewhat done but didn’t last the 150 tokes 🙁

  81. Awesome vape pen.
    Small enough to take anywhere , unnoticed.
    Taste is good , and effects are very nice. (kind of creeper)
    I’ve bought several of these and love them

  82. I enjoy these pens more than the phant pens. They taste much better (co2 extraction), have a much longer draw time limit, and are more compact. The effects themselves are more potent. The sticker with the logo peels off easily to reveal a plain but slick silver pen if you are worried about being super discrete. The construction is good and the pen itself can take a beating. Don’t expect 150 draws because you wont get it, nor do they advertise that they do, that is the phant pens claim. Overall is think these pens are worth the money, just not as a daily use product. Perfect for discrete use in public.

  83. I like the Phant pens but this Toko pen hits way harder than the Phant ones. Phant limits your draw to a few seconds and I find that I have to hit it many, many times to get an effect.

    With the Toko pen I could actually start to feel the effects before I exhaled, like any good concentrate should.
    It’s also tiny, about 2/3’s of the length of the Phant pen,m aking it even more discrete. Only problem is it has a big, obvious logo on the side so anyone could pull out their phone and google if it’s THC or nicotine.

  84. The taste is really good and it hits hard.

  85. I like these pens great flavour also discreet. Will definitely buy again.

  86. First time picking up toko pen. Very discrete and can give off a good haul. Good flavour

  87. I purchased one of the toko pens as well as the phant and found that to toko definitely had an easier draw as well as flavor was way stronger. Out of the two brands go for tho toko.

  88. Nice quick discrete high, with a nice flavour.

  89. I really liked this pen. Definitely hits harder than the Phant pens. That being said, you won’t get 150 huge tokes off of it. But you’ll get a lot of 2-second puffs! Very tasty and super discreet. It smells more weedy than the Phant pens. I had zero issues with this one!

  90. Way stronger then the Phant pens not as harsh as well good buzz

  91. Did not get the 150 hits i was hoping for. Good high. bad taste. very discreet.

  92. very discreet and works nicely took one on vacation

  93. First time buyer here, and all I can say is WOW. Great customer service and fantastic products. I’ve been lurking at these vape pens for a while and finally I ordered two of them. Right off the bat you can see that this is a quality product. Great flavor and stunning buzz. Will definitely buy again.

  94. I really enjoyed the flavour and the size of this pen. Like others though, I didn’t manage to get 150 hauls off it either. I would buy it again if the price dropped a little. Not complaining though. As I said I enjoyed it. I got me where I wanted to be. It was also very good for my back pain.
    Can’t compare it to the Phant pen yet. But that one will be purchased soon to try as well.

  95. Anonymous

    The phant pen is much a much better pen. Better design all around. These toko pens are pretty terrible design. Toko is way more potent though. No where near 150 pulls off it. 1 out of the three I’ve used so far leaked and was hard to pull on.

  96. The future is here and these pens are the way to go if you are looking to be a discreet smoker.
    Every pen I have received so far has held up and gave me as many hits as advertised
    The buzz is strong with this one, typical of an oil buzz not quite the same as a good joint in my option

  97. I absolutely love the flavor of this pen. I find it tastes like green apples!!! This is my second time with no regrets. Not quite sure about how many hits you actually get but it lasted me over a week mind you it’s not the only thing I smoke. I love how discreet it is. It”s so small. It cuts out my nausea with 3 hits. I find it pretty good for pain surprisingly and a nice day time high. Will definitely buy again.

  98. Pen was great while it lasted.. Nowhere near 150 hoots though, perhaps there could be but the battery died out on it well before the concentrate. Will not buy this one again.

  99. Excellent! Definitely recommend.

  100. Anonymous

    fast acting full flavor I have tryd other disposable pens and toko rox interested in how many puffs it actually has

  101. Not a fan.. doesn’t have a very good flavor compared to the Phant Pens

  102. Anonymous

    A real good flavour, nice buzz but it didn’t seem like there was a 150 puffs. Still good overall

  103. This pen does the trick, feel the effect within a minute, each hit lasts about 1/2 hour. Don’t love the taste, it’s ok, but effect is as desired, with some creeper feels. It’s the size of a regular cig, so very discreet. Can’t see how I’ll get 150 hits out of it either, more like 75-100.

  104. Anonymous

    Feels like I get a better hit with this then the phant product’s. I do love how tiny and discreet it looks. No smell either when I smoke it beside friends. Overall great to have variety with this and the Phant products

  105. I maybe gave it too high a rating early on because it hit lovely and tasted delicious, but the quality of the pen itself is terrible. It don’t hold up well, it leaks and has a poorly constructed wick system inside (I disected it), the Phant pen is much higher quality and seems to keep it’s structural integrity throughout.

  106. I only took a couple dozens draws so I cannot vouch for durability. It is however tastier, and more potent than the Phant IMO. I love Phant products but I don’t really like the taste of their pens. It’s a bit more discreet than Phant as well. They should make it white with a red/orange tip so it looks like a cigarette 😉

  107. Very smooth but didn’t last very long. Great product though!

  108. Loving this so much right now. I used to have a Kandypen before I found out they use unsafe materials, it’s nice that I wont have to invest in another reusable pen if I want some concentrates 😛

  109. Its an awesome pen! Its also pretty smooth, as a beginner i’d recommend it to other beginners. (I took 6 hits right away). Effects lasted for about 2 hours, not bad! :p

  110. Anonymous

    Says up to 150 draws which it didnt come close to and thats me being conservative with it…. i do enjoy the high but again didnt come close to 150 draws following the instructions with pen

  111. I bought 4 Toko’s and 5 Phant’s…
    Love the Toko . great draw, flavor, effects , only a .4 BUT I found 2 out of the 4 pens only lasted a half day ( with reg use) the other 2 a full day,,,, The Phant lasted longer being a .5 , but still lasted for 2 days (reg use) , I found it was stronger oil…
    For the $ the Phant wins ..But if cost is no issue,, The Toko wins,,,

  112. This pen is a million times better then the phant. It’s way stronger and the effects last way longer. I don’t love the taste, but I do love the feeling 🙂

  113. Amazing product , so discreet , easy to use , extremely potent and tastes amazing. Well worth the money , about to order a couple more . I have vaporizers for everything but with this u can vape anywhere just looks like a regular disposable e-cig. More strains in the future would b nice ,to see .

  114. This is a super high quality disposable vape pen, the phant pens are ok, but this is amazing.

  115. The Toko pen is a game changer. As someone with a fairly high tolerance, this product is keeping me happy and medicated. I follow the instructions included and am super impressed.

    Not only is it potent, and quite easy to draw, the taste is unbelievable. Highly recommend.

  116. VAPE PEN (DISPOSABLE) – GIRL SCOUT COOKIES – This product is amazing its so discreet its the size of a cigarette! And it give one hell of a hit! Highly recommend for anyone looking to medicate in public! Thanks for this great product HD 🙂

  117. Love this thing smooth potent draws and super discreet. Highly recommend it will be buying again

  118. yes very nice. nice taste, discreet and fast acting. will buy again

  119. this is amazing , great taste , smooth draws , nice clean hits , will buy again. Keep the strains coming.

  120. Anonymous

    Easy to use! Great flavour and strong asf ! Super discreet

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