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Tincture (Mota) – THC

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1 x THC Tincture for $55

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Medication doesn’t get much simpler than Mota’s highest quality derivatives with consistent, pure and precisely specified THC. Mota tinctures are infused with organic grape seed oil containing 900 mg of THC. This tincture has a deeply relaxing body effect and is great for insomnia, stress and pain, appetite loss and arthritis.

Available in Sativa or Indica.

Ingredients: Organic grape seed oil, THC oil.

Contains: 30 mg of THC per ml. Each bottle contains 30 ml.

16 reviews for Tincture (Mota) – THC

  1. Love the product, but only got to use it four or five times. While shaking product, as directed, the eye dropper turned out to NOT be attached to the bottle cap – oil everywhere except where it was supposed to go! I did not shake violently. Two fingers were on the cap on either side of the dropper, thumb on the bottom of the bottle. There seemed to be a ring of yellow glue that only held for those initial doses. As I said, I love the product. It helped slow the racing thoughts and ease me into sleep (ptsd, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and a new puppy). I want to order it again, but am concerned about losing/wasting so much money and sleep and medication that works. Suggestions?

  2. The sativa strain was perfect for me to calm my anxiety. Allowed me to function normally and keep my ptsd at bay.

  3. First time trying mota tincture pleasantly surprised easy to dose just do the math , will order again

  4. First go at tinctures, so was confused about dosing as there was nothing on the packaging (reviews were helpful!) Awesome product. Slow, easy buzz, slowed my thoughts down and I slept better than I have in years! I’ll definitely buy it again!

  5. Good quality. Lasted a good amount of time.

  6. I tried the Sativa as I couldn’t get my hands on the indica. But I take tinctures and cannabis oil all the time and find no difference really in ingesting indica or Sativa in regards to feeling more tired or anything.

    Love Mota tho. Little to no taste on this and love the packaging and the dropper is perfect for dosing. Would highly recommend THC oil and tinctures as I’ve been ingesting it for over a year now and for the first time in 11 yrs I’m in remission with my rheumatoid arthritis. Pretty sure it’s cannabis as this is the only thing I am doing differently and I was able to come off toxic meds due to cannabis. I also take it for my anxiety and it helps keep my nausea at bay.

    Thanks so much herbal and MOTA for providing us with this medication. Honestly don’t know what I would do without it!

  7. I’ve tried both the indica and sativa tintures. When compared to ingesting the same mg dosages of thc in thick oil, the effects of the tinctures are relatively weaker. Also, the doses don’t stack in the same way they do with ingesting thick oil. The effects of the tinctures seem to max out kind of like how they do when you’re smoking up. At a point, more smoking doesn’t get you any more high. In this case, after a point more tincture doesn’t get you more high. With honey oil, the more you eat, the more high you get, to basically no upper limit.

    The Sativa is more cerebral, energizing and noticeable. The Indica is far less noticeable, more of a subtle body high and relaxation.

    I found that my tolerance, especially for the indica shot up incredibly quickly. The cost/benefit ratio didn’t end up working out for me in the end. I am a heavy consumer and so that should be taken into consideration when evaluating my experience with the product. I think a light to moderate user would find this product convenient and super discreet. And it does pack a punch, but it’s not a KO, so you can live your life still.

  8. Ordered both the indica and the sativa. tinctures. Have tried prescription tinctures before and these are much better. And better pricing.! Tried 1ml of the indica last night and was a pleasant evening, typical indica buzz, lots of couchlock and while I thought it was shortlived, I was very sleepy. Typical Indica. Tried 1.25 ml of sativa late this aft, very nice sativa buzz, productive, energetic. This ones going to be fun at festivals. Both are great for pain. Dropper is graduated in 25ml increments so very easy to adjust dosing. Definitely a repeat buy!

  9. Another excellent product from Mota. The graduated dropper makes dosing simple and repeatable.

  10. Strongest THC tincture I have tried. 1 – 1 1/2 dropper full has a good kick to it. Remember to hold under your tongue for 20 seconds to help with absorption.

  11. For the expectation , your taking 1-2 ml of oils , with the bottle being 900mg of thc … Def does not feel like it . Not bad tho

  12. This stuff is ok!! I’ll order again! ?I liked the taste and the high came on in about 15 mins!!lasteda good two hours!!

  13. This stuff is amazing! Can literally add it to almost anything (my fav is adding it to my homemade nutella for a topping on my homemade ice cream MMMMMMM), still working to find my proper dosage tho
    Definitely buying more when I run out!!!

  14. Not a bad taste, and works great will be buying this again!

  15. I wish I would have tried this sooner. I’ve been using high dose cbd and combined with this i was pain free. One of better tinctures I’ve tried. Gonna be a regular order item for me

  16. Feels a little weak but it still hits hard enough to notice. Taste compared to the other tinctures is worse but not by anything incredible. All in all it works and you get a lot of it.

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