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Tincture (Miss Envy) – THC (Multiple Strengths)

(23 customer reviews)


1 x 500 mg bottle for $45
1 x 1,000 mg bottle for $80

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Sold By: Miss Envy
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Product Description

Potent relief without the puff

Miss Envy’s line of solvent-free infused oil tinctures offers a clean infusion, in an easy to absorb fashion. Using an MCT base, for natural bioavailability, our tinctures provide positive effects to the metabolism, while carrying the relief of clean Cannabis extractions into the system.

Easy to take as an additive, or sublingually: the child-resistant dropper also offers clean and clear dispensing, with less chance of spill and clearly marked points along the pipette.

Available in 500 mg or 1,000 mg of THC per 20 ml bottle.

Q and A: A Calling to Cannabis, an interview with Miss Envy

23 reviews for Tincture (Miss Envy) – THC (Multiple Strengths)

  1. I found this product to make me very sleepy. There aren’t a whole lot of THC products that make me sleepy they tend to work on me the opposite. But for those nights that is difficult for sleeping this is a great product.

  2. I took a full 1ml dose prior going to bed. I woke up at night sweating like a fountain, confused, panicked and fearing that i was doing an heart attack.
    This stuff is really powerful. Don’t make the same mistake: start with very small dose. (One drop a day, then 2, then 3…)

    Herbal Dispatch is very customer oriented. 100% quality and very friendly.

  3. on my third order-cant say it enough-Miss Envy products are the best-relaxinf somber body highz-love it

  4. I have a high tolerance and 1 ml of the 1000mg got me so baked I didnt even want to vape. At first I thought it was pretty mild but then it hit me. Normally edibles dont affect me much but this tincture worked great. I will definitely reorder.

  5. The bottle is hella hard to open. I can’t imagine this working out for someone who is really old or sick and tires. The container needs to change. Otherwise the product is very strong! I have 2 bottles of 1000 ml and i am thinking that will last me 1 year or 2! One ml is too much for me. Nearly psychedelic at times and hits in waves. I took at 10am, by 12 was buzzing. At 2 it came back and again at 4 with the help of a small vape sesh. I take between .25 and .5 ml and its ok if i have a vape 5-6 hours later. Its more pleasant in smaller doses.

  6. Very pleased to buy this product, hope it will not backorder like Alair pens …

  7. Well this stuff is great!! This just might be my new go too stufffrom now on!! I give it four stars cuz of the price I think it’s too high for 20ml of 1000mg of THC!! Iam just trying other stuff that’s out there but this is on the top cony list!! Will order again if I don’t find anything better!! It helps with sleep just what I need!! Works fast and when you wake up no hungover feeling!!??

  8. My favorite tincture, and the one that’s been most effective for my husband’s pain relief. Tried the CBD and the CBD/THC combo, but this one seems to be the best for us of all the products we’ve tried so far.

  9. I have started to use this in the last couple days, using the 500mg I used 1ml and it gave me a mellow high not enough to make me out of it but just enough to help with pain and sleep. I think I may try the 1000mg next time just to see the difference.

  10. The 1000mg will give you the effect you need love it !

  11. Love this stuff! Had the 1000 mg and it was great, has almost a smoky after taste. Will be ordering again!

  12. 1000mg Très bon produit avec les effets demandé très rapides bon goût j’ai acheté un autre 1000mg et toujours aussi magique

  13. Love this product. Very buttery tasting and desired effects within 15mins. I will be ordering this again

  14. Tastes great , very clean high

  15. Good clean product will definitely buy again
    Works great

  16. Great product. Packaging leaked.

  17. Very pleased with the product I’ve received, 1.5 ml is a perfect dosis for me. I’d like the bottle to be bigger but who am I ? 🙂

  18. I am on my 4th or 5th bottle of the 1000mg. I use it daily and have found that 2ml is the perfect dose for my needs. The first few times using the tincture I tested different amounts (starting low) to find out how much I needed to feel the desired effects, but not be so stoned I can’t function. A few times I felt like it hit me twice, like in two different waves throughout the day, but in general I begin to feel energized within an hour of taking it and I can feel it’s most prominently late afternoon (if I’m not smoking joints). I’ve been taking it with my coffee and I barely know it’s there.
    I would recommend starting with lower doses as once I did take too much (approx. 3ml) and I got extremely paranoid– I will say, however, that I have not had any other paranoia using this tincture and feel that it provides me with the needed boost of physical energy and mental clarity.

  19. Suitable for if you need to relax and take pain away without psychedelic effects.

  20. Super quick effects and awesome smooth high. Cant cet enough of that stuff

  21. 3 drops (75mg) at 7pm:

    Tastes like a lightly smoked buttery-coconut blend. Tasted pretty good.

    One thing of importance to note that is not in the product description:
    This tincture is made with THC DISTILLATE. This could replace my 90mg Purely capsules

    I DIDNT REALIZE 1000mg was also in 20ml!

  22. This stuff is great. Pricey but doesn’t tastes bad (kinda like butter imo) and hits hard and within 30 min for me.

  23. Got the 1000. This has to be my favourite tincture or the like. Taste has a smokey kind of aftertaste but doesn’t have that period of waiting where you try not to swallow, it just rapidly absorbs and hits like a 18 wheeler. Definitely recommend.

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