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Tin Series (Golden Spruce) – Sage N Sour

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Product Description

Introducing our organic small batch B.C. Bud… in a tin.

Bringing back an old school tradition to a new wave of connoisseurs.

When our farmers finish a harvest, the next and most important step is the cure. In order to preserve the structure and bouquet of the flower, we decided to introduce the tin series. Cured initially for a minimum of 14 days in glass. No light or air can penetrate these tins and with a small humidity pack, the proof is in the burn. We hope you enjoy a true small batch of B.C Bud.

Contains: 14 grams

Sage N Sour

Sage N Sour by T.H. Seeds is a 75% sativa strain that unites the sharply pungent Sour Diesel with their SAGE hybrid. With an aroma that closely matches the subtle herbal notes of sage, Sage N Sour delivers a perfect balance of euphoria, energy, and happiness to its consumer. Growers will appreciate the generous yields this sativa has to offer following its 60 to 65 day flowering cycle.

Flavours: Earthy, sage, spicy/herbal
Effects: Energetic, giggly, happy, uplifted, focused
Medical: Stress, depression, lack of appetite, pain, fatigue

Q and A: The True Quality of Craft Cannabis

7 reviews for Tin Series (Golden Spruce) – Sage N Sour

  1. The buzz hits me harder on this this one than the Astroboy, however, the Astroboy is better for taste. All in all, happy that I ordered it. There’s more love in this product and my friends get jelly when I show off my tin can.

  2. Reminds me of these old ‘black tuna’ cans that used to come through at big parties for a while. Sage and Sour is exactly what it sounds like, very sweet and floral. The sticky dense buds are what you expect from the picture and it’s exactly what you get.

  3. Amazing herb! Smells sour with that Sage/herbal smell. Burns to a white ash and tastes great! There may have been a seed just one time after it was crunched up, although I vaped that and never was sure really. Amazing euphoric buzz, energy and fast flowing happy thoughts, while having a nice subtle full body relaxation. Highly recommended! Would definitely buy again.

  4. Great quality again. Stronger than the Astroboy but less of a fruity smell and taste. However you can really pick up on the cbd. I would recommend this one.

  5. The astroboy tin series was killer. This one is on the same level. Added bonus you know the product is great cause no one has opened it.

  6. I’ll pass on buying Sage and sour again. Taste is alright, high is decent but I get tired of smoking it. It’s like smoking overpriced cheap outdoor. With the seeds too, I don’t like picking seeds out of my bud. I would grow it myself in that case!! First L I’ve experienced with golden spruce.

  7. Wonderful product. GSC is definitely Canada’s the top grower right now. This stuff isn’t quite up to par with their Romula glass series, but that stuff was 6 star, however this is still a 5 star product. This strain is wild. Ive never smelt or had anything like it before. The Buds are very dense., they have a unique spicy smell. The flavour is unique as well, very spicey/diesely its not typical but its good. Ive never had a strain taste like this before. Plus this seems to be a great example of it because, well, its awesome weed. I find the high to be a hybrid, maybe slightly sativa dominant first 20-30 min but then I get the indica effect shortly thereafter. Overall I am very satisfied. Again I shared some with friends and they got jealous and bougt their own. GSC and HD thanks. If you are concerned about the price its worth it – with GSC you get what you pay for.

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