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Tin Series (Golden Spruce) – AstroBoy

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1 Tin for $165

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Product Description

Introducing our organic small batch B.C. Bud… in a tin.

Bringing back an old school tradition to a new wave of connoisseurs.

When our farmers finish a harvest, the next and most important step is the cure. In order to preserve the structure and bouquet of the flower, we decided to introduce the tin series. Cured initially for a minimum of 14 days in glass. No light or air can penetrate these tins and with a small humidity pack, the proof is in the burn. We hope you enjoy a true small batch of B.C Bud.

Contains: 14 grams


Astroboy is an energetic, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that combines Apollo 13 genetics with a cross of Ortega and Cinderella 99 bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. A mix of sweet and sour fruit flavors, like citrus and cherry, lead the way towards a heady buzz that is fast-acting and uplifting. The cerebral energy sparked by Astroboy is a great choice to keep you happy and active throughout a busy day. The watermelon phenotype of Astroboy is known to be an exceptional expression of the strain and is often desired as an influence for other breeding projects.

Flavours: Citrus, sweet, grapefruit
Effects: Happy, focused, creative, energetic, tingly
Medical: Headaches, depression, muscle spasms, pain, fatigue

Q and A: The True Quality of Craft Cannabis

13 reviews for Tin Series (Golden Spruce) – AstroBoy

  1. Gorgeous nugs,,, lovely mildly odiferous flowers,, nice sweet scent,, clean powerful smoke that lasts for a good duration , the mind enhancing alteration just got better ,, I feel a nice body effect to boot ,,, a pleasure to enjoy,, this treat is . Great medicine for my ailments,,,

  2. Very nice buds smell is contained well.

  3. The price point is definitely up there, but I decided to treat myself and was not disappointed. From the unique packaging, to the outstanding buds, this was an amazing product.

  4. I’ve never written a review on HD before either. For this one, I wanted to re-iterate what the general thoughts are on this. The product is great; from the consistency of the bud, to the ease of rolling, all the way down to the final burn. It’s worth the price for me for sure. The effects are awesome, leaving you not too overcome but still being able to feel a nice buzz. Keeps me pretty alert when I smoke in the mornings. I enjoy the packaging a lot as well. I put some saran wrap over the top, put the cap over that, and keep it in the fridge as nowadays I don’t smoke as often.

  5. I’ve tried the glass jar Romulo by GSC and that was amazing, which led me to trying GSC’s tinned Astroboy. Would definitely purchase again

  6. I seldomly write a a review. I’m typically happy with my orders from HD, but I wanted to weigh in on this one; the small batch Astroboy tin series. Yes, its pricy, but it’s the best, and I would gladly buy more. Smoked great, smelled amazing, and made me feel as light as a feather. I hope HD continues to introduce small batch tins. I would otherwise have a tough time going back.

  7. Top notch for sure! Wish there was more products like this!

  8. One nug on the tray stinks up the whole house so nice. LOVE ASTROBOY!!

  9. Amazing product !! I love golden spruce weed.
    Thank you ?

  10. Top notch quality

  11. Fantastic!!! I always rely on GSC for artisanal product. I am a fan of the standard astroboy strain grown by GSC….this tips the scale. Smell, apperance, taste, cure, burn and care to detail…what it should always be. All around a wonderful Sativa smoke.

  12. Presentation is 10/10, but for 165/half oz I expected a more potent and cleaner burning bud than what I got. Not worth the price, atleast for the AstroBoy strain.

  13. Amazing stuff…golden spruce has it figured out. I usually buy indica but I thought I would try the canned Astroboy because the jarred Romula was amazing. I would like more of that FYI. Wish it wasn’t so expensive but I will buy again!! Worth a try even if you only buy it once.

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