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Texada Timewarp Outdoor

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Product Description

Originating out of Vancouver Island, Canada, Timewarp or Texada Timewarp has been grown on both the Texada and Vancouver Islands for decades. The strain was originally clone-only and is descended from a Canadian landrace hybrid that is mostly sativa. Unfortunately, the first iteration of this strain is nearly non-existent but a few breeders have inbred and back-crossed it to create the strain in seed form. Breeders that have created their own version of Timewarp include Jordan of the Islands, BC Bud Depot and the Next Generation Seed Company. Often tasting of lemons with a slight hint of pine, Timewarp instills a lighter calming body buzz and a bright cerebral uplifting high.

Suitable for daytime use as most users do not end up feeling lethargic and weighed down, Timewarp may help make some lesser pains more manageable. Its uplifting effects may help stave off the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

Flavors: Earthy, skunk, pungent
Effects: Euphoric, energetic, creative, focused, cotton mouth
Medical: Pain, depression, anxiety, lack of appetite, nausea

by Matthew Price

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain Takes The World By Storm

Nearly every California medical cannabis patient has heard about the Girl Scout Cookies strain.It has been a huge hit with cannabis connoisseurs since it hit the scene a few years ago.

What Is The Story Behind The Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

A great deal of the Girl Scout Cookies strain’s popularity is due to a mix of solid genetics, controversy, and pop culture promotion. It was frequently rapped about in songs by Berner, a Bay Area collective owner and rapper that you may have seen recently in YouTube videos with popular rap icon, Wiz Khalifa.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is relatively new to the market and it has not yet truly been stabilized. As a result, there a number of phenotypes floating around, including Platinum Cookies, the Forum Cut, and Thin Mints to name a few. The popularity of the Girl Scout Cookies strain and its various phenotypes has resulted in a great deal of confusion about two things:

  • Which phenotype is considered the “real” or “original” Girl Scout Cookies?
  • What is the Girl Scout Cookie strain’s true genetic make-up (or parents)?

Berner credits a breeder named Pie Guy with developing the strain and calls on him to cover a few of these topics in the video below.

The Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Leaves a Lasting Impression

The byproduct of OG Kush mixed with F1 Durban [Durban Poison x F1], I knew I was in for a great Sativa-like head-buzz and good flavor from the Durban Poison, as well as a heavy body-melt from the OG Kush.

“The smoke from Girl Scout Cookies is smooth and the taste is reminiscent of OG with a hint of cotton candy and thin-mint.”

The appearance of Girl Scout Cookies is simply wonderful. Tons of different shades of light green mixed with a bit of purple and orange hairs makes this a spectacle for all to see. This strain’s distinct look makes it one that I can pick out of a lineup without fail.

The fresh smell is pretty unique as well, but the Girl Scout Cookies strain’s smoke-ability and potency are the standout attributes on this all-star’s trading card. The smooth smoke and intricate taste keeps me excited for each and every session.

How Will The Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Affect Me?

This Indica-dominant hybrid is known to be quite spacey; it can cause a cerebral mind-warp, making it difficult for some to focus longer than a few minutes. I found myself on the front porch after a short vaporizing session, just watching cars go by for hours while thinking about life.

“The Girl Scout Cookies strain allows to me to relax and fully enjoy the day.”

I noted the following effects: giggly, uplifted, euphoric, all combined with an appropriately mellow body high.

Accordingly, I prefer to medicate with the Girl Scout Cookies strain on those days when there is not too much on my plate. It allows to me to relax and fully enjoy the day.

It is because of this sentiment that the Girl Scout Cookies strain has become popular among patients suffering from anxiety, chronic stress, depression, migraines, and more. It has the capability of becoming a knockout strain in large concentrations as well. In turn, it may be a useful option for those suffering from insomnia.

Source: MedicalJane

27 reviews for Texada Timewarp Outdoor

  1. Wow, very impressed! Exceeded my expectations for a budget priced outdoor strain for sure. As good as some indoor I’ve had.
    The buds look very nice. The trim job on mine was very nice and was cured very well.
    Smells and tastes very nice as well. A little grassy but not in a bad chlorophyl-like way, like a strong, old school Cheech and Chong grass if that makes any sense to some of the veteran smokers on here? Burns nice in the bong and tastes very good in a joint.
    Impressed with the effects as well. For the price no one would be unhappy with it once they tried it. Exceeded my expectations in all areas. Considering what it is and the value of it in regards to “bang-for-the-buck” I’d honestly rate this stuff a hard 4.5+

    Thanks HD!

  2. The price bumps this outdoor strain to a 5. decent smoke.

  3. The only bad aspect of this is the trim job really, amazing price, great high, decent taste and smell. 4 stars would be normal for this but I give it 5 for the extremely low price for quality herb.

  4. would usualy rate this a 3 but for outdoor it’s not bad at all

  5. For the price alone, it’s worth it. Looks great for outdoor and smells nice. Plus it’s a Canadian strain. I’ll continue to grab this if HD continues to stock it.

  6. Very nicely grown outdoor strain! Definitely bang for your buck! 5 Stars

  7. 5 stars because the deal on this is 100% worth the smoke. at 7$/g or 170$/oz you can go wrong with this. Its pretty strong and great to smoke for the price you pay. Not much crystal content, and smells like earth.

  8. Very impressed

  9. 4 stars pungent premium outdoor bud Thanks hd

  10. Nice, better than expected. Very grassy bud, really good when vaped.

  11. Great stuff, especially at this price. Uplifting, energetic high

  12. Hope they continue to stock, classic bud for the cheaper price, Can’t go wrong with adding this to try to an order. Not five star quality, but the value is for sure five star bud would probably be a four!

  13. Fantastic

  14. Really good outdoor strain . Amazing price don’t scratch it off your list . Could have been trimmed a little better but overall for price 2 thumbs up. Thanks hd

  15. Premium outdoor bud. Thanks hd. 4 stars pungent

  16. better than the seawarp will get more for sure thanks HD

  17. I was surprised at how good it was considering it is outdoor, if you still have it in the future I might just get more.

  18. I just recieved my first order from HD ….and out of my sativa sample pack I decided to start with the TEXADA TIMEWARP …right off the bat I could tell it was outdoor looked and smelled good a bit grassy but expected with some outdoors ..but the taste and buzz I found great for a $7 a gram bud and I’m a 25+year smoker …good clean taste ..somewhat sweet grassy tones …nice mellow buzz 3.5 -4 great for the price

  19. decent for the price. cant complain 😛

  20. very good buzz less pleasant taste VERY GOOD for the price !!!!

  21. This was a great strain one I’ve my favourite sativas. Had a great uplifting high I felt stress free and talkative I recommend trying this for sure!

  22. AMAZING. for the price of this stuff the quality is unbeatable. Great grassy type sativa odour and really uplifting high.

  23. Effects exactly listed. Good steady high when vape’d. Spent the night with a big smile on my face, stuff just makes you feel good. Feels like a good morning buzz coffee (if you only take a very light hit).

  24. i loved the seawarp. but this is better 🙂 wish they have more 7$ weed

  25. Waaaay better than the seawarp outdoor that HD had in the past. This stuff burns clean, and doesn’t scratch your throat. Not the hardest hitter on by any stretch but I enjoyed the flavor and high. I’d order it again

  26. Very enjoyable and not too strong of a head buzz. Clean smoking. I would recommend highly.

  27. Exactly like this picture. Very fluffy buds. I’d love to know if this was grown on Texada island though. I love how they have BC strains every now and again makes me feel at home living in the interior :). Thanks HD great strain!

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