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Terpenes (Blue River) – Cannabis-Derived

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0.25 ml for $149

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Sold By: Blue River Extracts
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Product Description


Blue River terpenes are full-spectrum terpenes naturally derived from whole plant cultivars.

Blue River offers the widest selection of award winning full spectrum essential oils naturally derived from whole plant cultivars. Their pure essential oil products are designed to be used as a diluent for aromatherapy and vaporization.

Each package contains one vial and a dropper with a collective 0.25 ml (10 drops) of terpenes.

* This product does not contain any cannabinoids.

Q and A: The Art of Extraction at Blue River

1 review for Terpenes (Blue River) – Cannabis-Derived

  1. Been excited to try these for a long time, been watching those guys on hash church terp dip, bong rip for ever. So I only smoke solventless for the most part (mostly rosin). So to take my dabs to something comparable to live resin is pretty much impossible unless I’m blessed with some really spectacular buds. These terps though have taken my rosin to a six star. I got the Purple Hindu and it might be the best thing I’ve ever smelt. I opened it while pretty goosed from eating RSO and it completely modulated my high just from smelling it. I’ve been mixing it with a 50/50 mix of Death Bubba and Rockstar rosin, about one drop with a gram and whip it over low heat from a coffee cup warmer just to get it mixed. I did one terp dip which was crazy good (Coates your mouth in flavour) but it’s a waste. If I can use this for ten grams the price becomes not that crazy. Got the Clementine showing up tomorrow, can’t wait to have them all. Hopefully this means that Bubblemans solventless concentrates are soon to follow on HD, really want to try some of his sun grown in Jamaica cultivars, I,m guessing that’s where the Jamaican Sour D terps are form on here, I think they are next on my list. Thanks Tony and HD for an amazing product ?

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