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Tea (Mary’s Brew) – Box of 12

(18 customer reviews)


1 Box of 12 for $40

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Sold By: Mary's Brew
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Product Description


The Healthier (Tastier) Alternative to Smoking

With proven cancer-fighting antioxidants, tea is a smartly delicious choice.

For those who prefer either green or black tea over coffee, safely medicate with this cannabis infused tea. Provides the perfect blend of specially chosen top quality tea leaves for the perfect brew. Boil water, steep your favourite tea flavour and enjoy!

These teas have been lab tested and contain no heavy metals – just the goodness of good tea allowing you to medicate with a marijuana edible which is safer and healthier than smoking.

Several flavours available. Each box contains 12 sachets. Each serving comes with approximately 60 mg THC and 6 mg of CBD.

Ingredients: A blend of teas, cannabis extracts.

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

Q and A: Have Your Pot and Drink it Too – an Interview with Virginia Vidal of Mary’s Brew

18 reviews for Tea (Mary’s Brew) – Box of 12

  1. Very relaxing and mellow. Worth the purchase !

  2. Bought the peppermint tea recently and i absolutely love it. Great for when youre on the go, or in a place where you’re unable to smoke. Tastes great and leaves you feeling relaxed.

  3. I was so excited to try this and thought it was going to be wonderful…I bought 2 boxes and I’ve drunk several cups and nothing absolutely nothing. Gave some to friends to try as I thought it may just be me, nope nothing for them either.

  4. avg of 2g per packet. Great for a travel mug or just kicking back to game/binge your favourite shows. even keeled wake and bake. Just got Earl grey and I didn’t think I could love that flavor of tea anymore than I did but infused it and holy cow.

  5. This is my 2nd order of the peppermint tea. I bought a 12 pack and every single tea bag was broken. Completely useless. I wish I could get a refund. Stay away from this product. Don’t waste your money like I did.

  6. Was super excited about infused teas due to an article I had read recently, so I picked up two boxes right off the bat; one chai, one green tea with ginseng. Tried both teas black, at first and nothing. Tried both teas simmered in soy with a little coconut oil and STILL nothing ):

  7. Bought a Box of 12 Chamomile – Enjoyed my first cup tonight. Light and deep glow with some pain relief attached. I am glad to have these around for long days and a nice hot tea with pain relief before bed. After I finish a few more I’ll make the decision for certain to re-purchase. Right now I would say I will be reordering.

  8. Great product very efficient but the teabag could be better Seal As I buy a lot earl grey But the tea often end up in the cup and end up swallowing But overall great product will buy more of that soon more come available

  9. Bought the variety pack a few months ago and really liked it. Felt no effect from this product this time though. Great tea but would not recommend it..

  10. Great taste, at least when it comes to the echinacea version, but not enough of a hit to the head for me to buy again unfortunately.

  11. The tea is a great product, but they recently changed their packaging and a couple packages had the teabag sealed into the packaging. I had to rip open the teabag and remove the loose tea. Go back to the old packaging.

  12. Ordered the peppermint teas. really good for cold days.

  13. Tasty but ineffective. Glad I tried it I guess but I don’t believe I’ll be purchasing a second time.

  14. Tastes excellent, and this is the best value. Bags can be reused as well, perfect for a relaxed high. My favorite is the chamomile, but they’re all tasty

  15. The chamomile tea is quite nice. Just two ingredients, chamomile flowers and cannabis extract. The tea bags are a good idea because I am able to reuse it for a second tea. It’s not as potent but I wouldn’t use it 3 times. Nice tea! Goes great with Halley’s Comet honey.

  16. The quality of the tea and packaging itself is high. As for the medication, I used two packets (120 mg together) per cup. The effects were there but I have had edibles with half the amount of strength get me much more medicated. I prepared the tea as said on the package and squeezed the bags after to get everything out. This product is excellent, just not my cup of tea ^,.^

  17. Ordered a box of Green tea and very satisfied with it. Gives a nice mellow buzz all
    Around. Definitely will be buying more. Great chaser after you have smoked one. Best part nobody knows.

  18. Damn this tea is fantastic. I’ve had better but tea is a great method to get up.

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