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Super Silver Haze

(80 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $9
3.5 grams for $30
7 grams for $60
14 grams for $115
28 grams for $220

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

Known for being the king of all Sativas in the 1990’s, Super Silver Haze has taken home many awards from various Cannabis Cups throughout the years. Carefully bred by Shantibaba and Neville (two well known breeders), the development of this stain began while Shantibaba was at Greenhouse seeds in the very early 90’s. They have continued to cultivate Super Silver Haze at the Mr. Nice Seedbank ever since. It’s become a favorite for medical and recreational consumers alike, regularly being offered in dispensaries throughout the west coast. It is composed of about half Original Haze, a quarter Northern Lights #5 and a quarter Skunk #1. Tasting of spice, skunk and citrus, Super Silver Haze can deliver powerful psychoactive and physical effects.

A strain that can make users want to get on their feet, it lacks focus but can be very profound and thought provoking. Motivating as it can be, Super Silver Haze shifts gears during the second half of its long lasting high and begins to soothe the body. Users may experience a brightening of colors and sharpening of sounds. For most users the strain can be effective daytime medication for fatigue, mood disorders, nausea and migraines. Some users may find the bodily effects heavier than others but it may alleviate chronic aches and pains.

Parents: Northern Lights, Haze, Skunk #1

Flavours: Citrus, sweet, pungent
Medical: Happy, uplifted, euphoric, entergetic, creative
Used to help with: Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, lack of appetite

80 reviews for Super Silver Haze

  1. This is probably the most potent sativa I’ve ever smoked. Now mind you, I don’t have all that much experience with sativas when compared to indicas. I’ve easily tried 10 times as many of the latter strains as the former.

    It has a very light, airy flavour; very refreshing. Not at all lung-filling heavy like many indicas are.


  2. Great price for SSH, can’t go wrong.

  3. It’s this and UK Cheese for me. This smells and tastes amazing. Sort of citrusy. Roll a j and enjoy yourself. A fantastic strain.

  4. Great sativa! taste good

  5. Nice and smooth. Citrus notes in flavour. Had a lot of scrappy buds in the bag though. The nicer buds were very nice. Nice long lasting effect, but not as strong as I would have expected from a Haze. 3.5 out of 5.

  6. Good day time smoke! My choice would be green crack over super silver surfer! Both great strains but crack is alittle better.

  7. Nice buzz, a kind of energetic high dont hit ya too hard. Bit of an off taste I found but good overall.

  8. like it alot more than the regular silver haze, awesome taste.

  9. Nice taste good buzz for a sativa realy liked it. Tought it would be mors shinny whit this name but it was all right πŸ™‚ thanks HD

  10. Love this stuff. Nice heavy hitting buzz for a sativa. Great price for great buds.

  11. if you like sativa you can’t go wrong with any haze! super silver haze is one my top haze’s

  12. One of the best…dont know wich between this and uk cheese

  13. very fresh smell to it.
    smokes very smooth for me.

  14. Anonymous

    Real nice buds perfectly trimmed. fine buzz that lasted for hours will order again

  15. This is like lemony goodness soaked in crystals very good sativa

  16. This is the smell I remember from the 90’s… old school potent sweet floral peppery sativa. Zing.

  17. Pretty good. Really well manicured bud and smells great. Could be a lite stronger. But this is right up there with the Blue Dream as my favourite sativas from this site. Would have loved to try the Lemon as well but it was added to the menu the right after I placed my order. Ah well.

  18. Anonymous

    Wow, this may be “AAA” but it’s the best of the best I’ve tried on HD

    The next best being Cheese #1 , and then White Haze. though I’ve tried UK cheese, Kandy Kush, Green Crack, Haze, Blue Dream,

    This is some stellar bud, more potent than the White Haze by a fair bit, very nice green colour to the buds and Wow is it ever a dense sativa, maybe not as dense as the green crack, but almost, and since SSH (super silver haze) is more sativa dominant than green crack, that’s surprising.

    Very sticky bud, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had something of this haute-qualite

    This is the creme de la creme for sativas.

  19. Lives up to the name for sure. Grown, trimmed and cured very well. High quality well rounded Sativa high.

  20. Excellent uplifting high. Taste is very effervescent. Highly recommended.

  21. a classic sativa that has been grown with skill

  22. Good quality and taste great

  23. Had an amazing smell and taste enjoyed very much while gaming

  24. 9/10 great looking bud. Real strong smell to it

  25. very nice but a little pricey.

  26. Very nice smoke , although my quarter was mostly bottom scrub buds which was a let down. The few nice buds that I got were definitely impressive in all areas.

  27. I normally don’t get the $11 strains but I had to try this one to see what the fuss is all about. You definitely get what you pay for here.

  28. SUPER SILVER HAZE grown from Nelson, BC – This is a all time favorite sativa, This stuff hits ya with that sativa aroma right to the face! Amazing high with that great sativa taste! πŸ™‚ Thanks HD

  29. My favourite sativa so far, this stuff smacks you in the face. Relieved my anxiety and allowed me to be productive, and tasted amazing all the while. Happy I made the decision.

  30. AAAA hands down. The smell is so potent it makes my knees weak! Smooth and the best uplifting Sativa type high! Would love to see larger quantities!

  31. AAAAA-1!!! This is some dank right here. I’m not really a Sativa fan but man, this has changed my mind for the better. Completely clean burn, smooth smoke and the high is just something else… Very sharp and focused, leaves your mind in a daze for quite a while which I didn’t expect. Will order this again, thank you HD!!!

  32. This strand will rock you!!! The flavour is excellent and he buzz is even better. I’ll be getting this again πŸ™‚

  33. Smells like strong cat pissy haze before busting. After busting it gets little bit more skunky. Buds are very nice looking a little darker then the picture. This is almost a pure sativa judging by the high. No burnout and very heady, had me forgetful. Taste like it smells, smoked pretty smooth I thought. 5/5

  34. Went through the past cannabis cup winners and seen this strain won it 3 years in a row. I had to get it to see what the big hype was all about and wow was I ever impressed! A really energetic focused head high and taste is really smooth. What really made this strain unique for me was that after 4 hrs I didn’t feel any burnout effects that would cause me to fall asleep. The next morning I didn’t feel any hang over effects. This is my new go to strain for energy and getting things done. thanks HD Team!!!

  35. Great stuff, especially for the price. I’d still say it’s great if it was priced more like the others on this site. Nice deep earthy smell.

  36. Loved this super silver haze the price is amazing smokes great to! not dissapointed with this at all.

  37. some good stuff… only AAA but very comparable to UK cheese

  38. The best quality sativa I’ve received on the low price end on HD. I highly recommend this bud

  39. Anonymous

    Nice big buds…great smell. Nice day/work smoke. Perfectly priced. Thanks HD!

  40. First thought was “Super Silver Haze is that cheap? Whats wrong with it?” Well it turns out absolutely nothing. Great bag appeal, fantastic smell and and good overall buzz. Definitely on the reorder list. Well done, HD!

  41. Anonymous

    I ordered the sampler pack and I have to say so far, I’m liking them all!!! With that being said this and White haze are great for day time smoking. With very little crash. I got a very smooth buzz with this, I found it a little more punchy then others. Love the smell, taste wasn’t bad either. Another great sativa!!!

  42. Very nice.

  43. Wanted this a couple weeks ago but they ran out so I got something else but now that I got this its my number one day smoke , great long lasting high with an energetic buzz that still has your head in the clouds while you can stil think clearly , love it 5. Star

  44. GOOD strain but not more

  45. So nice to be able to order the sampler. This is certainly a great idea, something my LP didn’t have. SSH is haze ALL the way.! I grew NL5 by Haze from Dutch growers at the Seedbank 30 years ago and this is as close to that great unmistakable taste and high. Welcome to the 80’s folks. Top notch sativa..kudos to the grower and HD.. The Seedbank used to have a warning and for good reason “Not for the inexperienced smoker”

  46. Anonymous

    I received this last week but just getting around to it now. I was expecting this to be less potent than the Pink Kush due to price point differences, but I was wrong. This is a very strong batch of Super Silver Haze. Incredibly pungent too. This ranks up there with Jack herer for potent sativas. Great strain for hiking, but newbies beware of it’s potent effects.

  47. Spot on strain. Loved the feeling in my nose when smoking It. Not a strong buzz but awesome taste.

  48. Excellent taste and very strong

  49. really enjoyed this~ tasted great!

  50. I vape exclusively, no smoking. This strain is like a sativa daytime head buzz with a warm indica body hug. Great for playing videogames. Not overpowering effects but easy to chill with. Not a strong smell. Minor piney / earthy smell. Stronger effects than Lemon Haze in my opinion. Fantastic product for the price.

  51. I got this and the super lemon haze. This bud is great but I definitely preferred the lemon taste over this stuff!

  52. Gives a nice uplifting feel, great for a day time smoke. Has a nice citrus smell

  53. I got some of this in a sativa sample pack recently, nice frosty buds. kinda dry but smell and taste are nice. kinda hard for me to give an honest review because im so stoned already. id buy it again

  54. Great daytime smoke, nice dense popcorn sized nugs with a nice coating of crystal. This stuff keeps me in an energetic and uplifted for work. Nice clean white ash, no hearse taste. If you enjoy any Haze strain (Amnesia Haze, White Haze) then this strain will be perfect for you ?

  55. Very good smelling bud.. Very good bang for your buck when you price compare it to other strains. For a “AAA” compared to other “AAAA” I’ve had it stacks up.

  56. Light Green. Strong sweet citrus odour.
    Uplifting, energetic. Will get me tired in the afternoon on the third session.
    I would consider this a light strong sativa. I don’t remember it being unpleasant in terms of paranoia or anxiety.
    Meaning, you get a nice strong effect but it’s not annihilating. I wouldn’t say it’s weak either. Definitely has a place in my shelves.
    Taste is nice/clean (nothing wow/crazy but good), smoking is nice (smokes well in spliffs), ash is white-ish/grey. Fun weed, grinning weed. Got me starting my day, but like I said, I did crash at some time.

    With time, if you buy an oz and like me you open your jar a lot, your herb will seem like it’s lost a bit of smell or taste. That’s the impression I get.

    Seems like there is a lot of lemony sativas atm, it makes me want to try something in a different palate/profile.
    This one is on the citrus side. Didn’t feel any body effects much, more of a head stimulation. I enjoyed it.

    Glad to have tried it.

  57. Anonymous

    Nice smell, not too stinky
    Not much for flavour
    Nice uplifting effects

  58. mmmm yum. love this one. I am a big haze fan and this one hit the spot. will be ordering again for sure.

  59. nice looking nugs, light green, indicative of an sativa, good high, great price

  60. Has a very distinct citrus smell and flavour to it. Tastes good, and the high is nice and relaxing for the price.

  61. this gives you such an amazing high! and destine take a lot of weed to smoke. a small amount the size of the pinky fingernail will get you long lasting high. my top 5

  62. Small buds (6 in 1g), has a strong earthy aroma, good burn, nice taste, and relaxing buzz. I don’t see any difference from the regular silver haze…still a great smoke!

  63. Super lemony taste, good cerebral buzz and gives you a nice uplifting high.

  64. For the price tag another very nice smoke by Herbal Dispatch. Well manicured, dry, dense buds that burn decent and give a nice get to work type buzz

  65. It’s 4.5 star good, but I am looking forward to some more Blue Dreamin if that’s possible.

  66. Very happy with the price the buds looked very nice good taste high was great !

  67. 4 star overall but for the price, I gave it 5 star. Not very punchy, but still ok. Looks, smells and taste good.

  68. Beautiful smell, uplifting high, thanks HD

  69. Price is awesome for this one enjoyed it lots!

  70. Anonymous

    very earthy taste. nice mellow high, not too couch locked. would definetly recommend for the price

  71. Great morning pick-me-up. Clear as day!

  72. Strong cerebral high on this one, right to the head on exhale. Lemon citrus spicy goodness! Buds on the smaller side but buzz and taste makes up for aesthetics. A close runner up to White Haze for me but still a 5!

  73. Love it, stoked. First time with this 1, although i llove its child lol Super lemon haze .. Its a go to for me everrrry time! This actually stands upp too it. Greenhouse seeds did a excellent job originally ctreating this plant, and great bang fer da bucks., love my sativas. Lemon haze and SLH have a real citrus everything too it, but im liking this, its a little less dramatic .. I like! Same ol long pure sativa buds like SLH, Amnesia haze, Jack Herer ect. Enjoy!

  74. Nice and tastey. Thanks HD

  75. Super Silver Haze is so good, full of redhair, really like this haze (=

  76. Smells similar to the super lemon haze but a bit less pungent and a bit less citrusy. Long,narrow,light green buds.Smokes smooth.The high is pretty much on point with other haze for me haze tends to energize me and refresh my mind when i’m feeling groggy which makes it really good for getting work done during the day or even during the night to pick me up if I’m feeling burnt out and don’t want to go to bed yet.

  77. Different taste in a good way, enjoyed this one and will order more

  78. Nice smooth smoke. Citrusy taste and smell with a hint of spice.

  79. look, smell taste., buzz!!.
    Everything about this bud is perfect!!

  80. Smoking this one today. Really gets me going in the morning. Although, I have prepared myself for the heavy burnout that is to come later this afternoon… I’ve got a joint of it rolled for then! I really like the smell and taste of this one. The buzz is great, too! Less hazy than most haze strains. I find that I can function, mentally, a bit better. Pain is almost non existent after 2 bong hits.

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