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Super Lemon Haze (Organic)

(82 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

Winning first prize two consecutive years, 2008 and 2009, in the High Times Cannabis Cup and taking first prize the following year at the IC420 Growers Cup, Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid created by Arjan of Green House Seeds. The breeder began with a female of his Super Silver Haze, which won three consecutive Cannabis Cups in 1997, 1998 and 1999. She is a carefully constructed cross of Haze, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5. Arjan bred the Super Silver Haze with Lemon Skunk, a strain that made its way from Las Vegas to Amsterdam by way of a breeder named The Lemon Man. It is a cross between Skunk and Citral. As a result of these genetics Super Lemon Haze is a sweet and tart lemony treat that begins in the body but quickly spreads to the mind. The THC count of this strain can reach as high as 25 percent.

Energetic and social, this hybrid can be great daytime medication for eliminating fatigue, anxiety and stress. The mood elevating properties of Super Lemon Haze may also help regulate mood disorders, such as chronic depression. This strain may help patients dealing with minor pains, nausea and appetite loss. It may also help patients over come ADD/ADHD and migraines.

Not the best choice for an amateur’s first grow, Super Lemon Haze is a strain that does not require a lot of attention, though it may need support during flowering. That period of growth can last between 56 and 65 days, which makes plants ready for harvest in October or November outside. Super Lemon Haze is well suited for the Screen of Green technique. Inside growers may get as much as 600 grams per square meter come harvest, outdoors this may be as much as 800 grams per plant. Super Lemon Haze is resistant to the fungus Botrytis, gray mold.

Parents: Lemon Skunk, Super Silver Haze
Similar to: Diamond OG, Afgooey, Sour Grape, Jean Guy, God Bud

Flavours: Lemon, citrus, sweet
Effects: Happy, euphoric, uplifted, energetic, creative
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, nausea

Q and A: The True Quality of Craft Cannabis

82 reviews for Super Lemon Haze (Organic)

  1. 5 stars, nice lemon flavor.

  2. I love the fresh lemon smell in my jar. It has a great uplifting effect.

  3. LOVE IT! Nice effect and taste really good….i am gone!

  4. This stuff is fantastic. Great smell great smoke. Wish i bought more.

  5. Huge fan of this strain, always wanted it to come back around On HD.
    Feel like I used to get a stronger high from the non organic Grown SLH. But I’d rather know that’s its organic and not pumped full of Chems
    Nonetheless the buds are beautiful with smell and taste to match, this batch was very dry so I’d like to see what the next batch is like. So I’ll re-order 100%.

  6. One of the best sativas! 5*

  7. Great smell , nice buds , smooth and great kick ?

  8. Great smell and taste. Really nice sativa high. Top shelf product.

  9. 5 Stars for sure! Amazing sativa strain. Organic, lemony and supper smooth smoke. Love it. A must try!

  10. I have to say I am disappointed with this strain. I didn’t get much is any effects from this one. Very mild in every way for me. I have had this before and was very happy. Not this time unfortunately.

  11. Nice stuff, has that Spicy nutmeg haze flavour, I was expecting lemon, but still really nice with typical sativa effects.

  12. Smells like tequila, brings back horible memories so I don’t care for that. The flavor doesn’t reflect the scret. Decently high after one one bowl. It’s a great uplifting sativa for sure. Love it, hence the 5 star

  13. Very good cerebral high. Smells really good too.

  14. The lemon smell is so grand you can taste it while your rolling it…. beautiful job. 2 thumbs up…

  15. Top notch product. Quality like this is what keeps me coming back to HD. Keep up the good work HD and Golden Spruce love you all.

  16. Smells great. Good high.

  17. Beautiful lemony smell and taste first time trying a golden spruce grown product and will definitely explore more of their strains. only downside is price but thats only slight

  18. Strong and amazing taste! 5/5 a must try!

  19. As most have mentioned below, it is incredibly tasty plus smells fantastic. Also ought to mention the high is smooth sailing, you will be able to do chores on this whilst enjoying the pleasant Fuzzy feeling this strain will give you. You cannot go wrong with a strain from Golden Spruce, their organic growth methodology enhances flavors of bud and their trimming is the best I have seen. Toke up & live life!

  20. Truly amazing quality right here. Cant beat a good head buzz like this stuff gives.

  21. So good I ordered 7 more grams

  22. Very smooth smoke, a definite for people suffering ADHD. Keeps dopamine levels in check for a long period with a nice clean feel. (Maybe that’s the organic)

  23. I had this a while back. It was awesome. Perfect for day use. Go for a walk and chill at the same time.

  24. Great smell. Fun to smoke or vaporize. Uplifting and long lasting. Sociable and energetic outcome with minimal burnout.

  25. Anonymous

    sweet dude

  26. Love this strain. Very smooth and great buzz..

  27. I got this about 12 days ago & I really like it!!! It’s become one of my favorites very quickly!! I’ll def be gettin this again!! 🙂

  28. Anonymous

    loving this product, high grade, very euphoric…i think its hard to get a bad strain from these guys (golden spruce) … would definitely buy again

  29. One of the best sativas ever on HD, up there with Red Congolese and Astroboy, especially if Goldenspruce is tending to the buds!

    It’s very lemony and hazy. It also gives me some banana-candy flavours when vaporized.

  30. Great for daytime buzz. Smells extra delicious!

  31. Love the smell and taste. I could taste the lemon and I really like the aftertaste. Nice cerebral effect as well.

  32. Smell’s awesome. Great for daytime

  33. I’ve tried SLH last year, it was super! I was curious to try with Golden Spruce, no regrets! Solid AAAA sativa

  34. Anonymous

    Great daytime smoke, makes you feel great but still able to keep busy and concentrated

  35. Received my package the other day, one word…. FIRE!!!

  36. Enjoyed this a lot, nice flavour, smooth to smoke

  37. What a strain! Super tasty with a hint of lemon and super potent! Came with a great deal but will be picking this up again for sure!

  38. I love SLH and this batch is no exception. For a sativa I still got 20%+ return pressing rosin. Mixed this as rosin with some Sour Tangie rosin then added the Clementine terps, all I can say is WOW! That combo is the third eye opener.


  40. Lovely haze! Smells and tastes great

  41. This Bud is From the Gods……..LoL No Really!This is My Second Oz Just Order This It is Top Shelf Bud Keep Up The Great Work Golden Spruce Cannabis!

  42. Definitely don’t recommend this bud. Not worth $250. Doesn’t have that kush kush taste to be honest

  43. Always a favorite of mine and this is no exception, nicely done Golden Spruce. top drawer

  44. This is hands down the best strain I have gotten on HD. Buds are small but very dense. Smells kind of earthy in the bag which threw me off at first but after you break up a bud you will start to get that lemon smell. Its an extremely smooth smoke with a strong lemon accent on you exhale. It’s a very potent strain too. Please keep this for as long as possible

  45. Great lemony smell and taste with a nice high. Golden Spruce does a really good job with their strains

  46. This Strain has a nice level of terps with a clean ash. Also the thc level seems to be at a decent level. Thanks HD

  47. 5/5 very good stuff

  48. Anonymous

    Absolutely gorgeous buds caked in resin.Typical haze smell with citral afterkick,burnt orange peel taste and snow white ash.Winner winner chicken dinner!

  49. Melted all my stress away and made me happy for atleast a couple hours. Smells and taste great

  50. Nice buds, nice lemony taste! A creeper in terms of the head high, which is always a sweet surprise 🙂

  51. DANK! I love this strain, this is the second time I have order it both from different growers off this site and both times I have been really pleased. Covered in trichomes this bud looks amazing, smokes just right and has a great sativa effect that last long into the day, Although this particular batch smells and feels more on the super silver haze side, and not as lemony as expected. Still loving the day buzz.

  52. Pretty good stuff, great smell , burns well in pipe. $11 a bit pricey you’ve had better strains worth that but overall is good.

  53. Tried a sativa , I usually get Indica and I really liked this stuff , it hit as hard as a Indica but less couch lock si good no excellent weed to smoke on the go! No regrets getting a oz of this good stuff!!! Really liked the smell and taste, joints not harsh at all

  54. Love this. It’s in my top 2

  55. Anonymous

    I was expecting to smell lemons, but it was faint. Gives you energy to do your to do list lol…

  56. Anonymous

    Buds where right and sticky, very little stock! Didn’t find it as lemony as I was expecting but over all nice high, could be 10$ cheaper I u ask me!

  57. Amazing!!!

  58. Really 4.5 for me because the lack of lemon. Seems like a dank SSH. Really good bud though, and it is super sticky and caked.. Quite potent too and the high lasts for quite some time. Lasted a few hours for me, but I did take a short tolerance break.

  59. Holy Cannabis! This strain is amazing, super pungent, great taste and awesome medicinal benefits. Golden Spruce and HD havd done it again! Every strain I buy from Golden Spruce is top top notch, grown to perfection, dried and cured to perfection, great taste and smooth hit. But the HIGH from this one in particular is stellar. IMO it is the most potent I have tried on HD yet. Will always look for this strain, it will be hard to ever find this strain from another grower that can match this quality. Simply put, AMAZING!

  60. Anonymous

    First i have to say hd always gives you very fresh produce. This strain has a very floral flavour and leaves you with a nice taste when you smoke it. Very nice high and made me feel very active.

  61. So far this seem to help my nausea, as I have been feeling off/sick/nauseous today. Smells awesome and you can taste it for the first bit in a vaporizer. I am pretty sure I had this strain before in the past and always loved it. Relaxing for a sativa but in the good way,not couch locked,,and no racy heart. it is nice. Get things done all while relaxed, glad I have more for other days. Seem to help pain a bit too not just nausea, which is awesome. ,and hopefully going to eat as I haven’t at all today. It’s been a more rough day than usual so the fact that it is helping is a good sign. Will see how it goes on the following days too.

  62. What a wonderful high. One of my top two.

  63. Just got some of this since it was a get extra points, I usually get indica as I have pain problems and use mostly at night. Lovely dense buds, smells amazing.. going to give it a try. I have not been sleeping well and have really bad neck/back pain, headache,female cramps and no appetite last few days.. so hopefully this will help. 🙂 I have fibromyalgia,scoliosis, degenerative spine disease and arthritis in my back, so lots of pain issues! Will come back once I have tried some.

  64. Great sativa strain. Nice taste and buzz. One of my new favourites.

  65. Bravo…bravo….5 stars for sure. Not as citrusy as i was hoping, given that the Grapefruit strain from these guys was unbelievably grapefruit’ish and amazing. The haze taste is there through and through. Having said this its still top botch bud. Absolutely blocked with trichomes and an amazing buzz. 5 stars with no hesitation.

  66. A buddy of mine let me try this and it was fire, putting in an order for myself asap

  67. Love it!

  68. A FANTASTIC sativa. Does little to the body but explodes your mind. Great for enjoying tv or music when you want to relax

  69. Anonymous

    Amazing! So full of energy. My favourite so far out of the Sativa sample pack!

  70. Anonymous

    This is the saliva I have been looking for .Top of heap gives you a real sense of well being

  71. pretty damn good!

  72. Smell and taste are out of this world. Overwheing citrusy diesel stink to it that comes through on flavour and leaves you in a giggly state of mind. Cheers Golden Spruce

  73. Good example slh. Unfortunately this batch has a noon existent Lemon smell. I have found it extremely hard to find a true example of both lemon skunk x super silver haze combined ( super lemon haze) in Canada. Most of the examples only have one, the other, or neither. This example has only the ssh flavor profile, but is caked with tricomes.
    If your ever in Amsterdam try the slh, you’ll never forget how good it is. I just wish we could get the same here in Canada.

  74. Anonymous

    Great pick me up! I feel social and active. I have a positive outlook and feel great! Thank you!

  75. Anonymous

    this is great for pain,,,nice looking nugs

  76. Amazing I’d give this ten stars huge fan of the haze family very energetic and euphoric smoked a bowl and went a walk and everything was so much more vivid and sharper looking around me and im a daily smoker great for day time although it was so strong id say this could even be used as a night time med all around amazing as well as the Romulan xAfghan thanks again golden spruce best cannabis I’ve had in awhile

  77. Smells and tastes great! Potent with some nice looking buds.

  78. Anonymous

    Great looking buds. Great classic SLH taste. High is on mild side so I’d say 4.5/5

  79. One of my favorite strains on here! Love it! Great high for the morning!

  80. This Bud Is Amazing……..The Smell,Taste,Off the Charts!Must Order Now Before You Miss Out!

  81. Anonymous

    I received 2 big bud for 7G. PERFECTLY Trimmed, really a delight

  82. Iv had it smells good and taste great good high

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