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Gummies (Baked Edibles) – Sunshower

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1 bottle of Sunshine Gummies for $15
1 bottle of Double Strength Gummies for $26

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Sold By: Baked Edibles
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Product Description

Cannabis Infused Gummy Drops

Sunshower Gummies are a premium product, centered around high-end ingredients. With five different flavours to enjoy, these are the best cannabis edible in Canada. Each little drop is soft, chewy, and bursting with flavour. Raspberry, blackberry, green apple, mango-tangerine, and pineapple to be exact.

Each bottle contains 15 Sunshower Gummies. Each gummy contains 5mg of THC per chew, 75mg THC total per bottle. Double Strength gummies contain 10mg of THC per chew, 150mg THC total per bottle.

Ingredients: Glucose, sugar, gelatin, sorbitol, citric acid, natural flavour, artificial flavour, food colouring, cannabis extract, grapeseed oil, vegetable oil, vegetable wax.

Produced in a facility that also handles nuts.

* In the warm summer months, Sunshower Gummies may lose form or melt a bit while in transit.

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55 reviews for Gummies (Baked Edibles) – Sunshower

  1. Wow wow wow. I’ve been sampling edibles for the past 10 years and this is what l have landed on. The dosing is perect. You find what you need to get high and there are no surprises. You lay think 5 mg is not a lot, but lve had “30mg” edibles that have done nothing for me. These also make a great stocking stuffer!!

  2. Very nice product just as described. Love baked edibles very consistant quality!

  3. guy these are the best tasting eddies ever, easy 5 stars

  4. I really love these gummies. I have ordered a few times and I’ll keep ordering these. They work great and taste really good.

  5. I love these gummies.

  6. they look like candy they taste like candy-just take two and your zoo’d

  7. Product was great. it did what i was hoping it would. Took one a few hours before bed and another one at bedtime, had the best sleep ever and stayed asleep the whole night

  8. Bought these a couple times and they are perfect foe my wife to have a nice buzz. The lower dosage allows you to easilg select a dose thag works for you. Great beginner product.

  9. Received these today and they were literally a puddle in the bottom of the container with no discernable shape. Going to attempt to cool it in the fridge and then cut it back into in individual pieces. I will be trying a different product next time

  10. These taste great and provide an awesome full body buzz. Best edible I’ve had!

  11. First time trying gummies. I’ll be ordering more great stuff.

  12. These are very tasty and the dosage is very consistent. I like the 5 mg package because I can control things a bit better. I include these in every order.

  13. Love the taste, long lasting buzz but feel woozy for a bit the day after if i eat 4-5 of the double strength ones.

  14. SB

    These are my go to edibles when I can’t smoke. Two to three of the double dose and I’m feeling good, anything more and I’m headed for some couch lock. Flavours and texture are great, super colourful and no issues clumping together in warmer weather.

  15. Very good quality.

  16. Great product and very tasty. 2 DOUBLE STRENGTH and I was good for several hours.

  17. My favorite product!

  18. Tastes great and has a nice feel as well. Doesn’t take much for beginners.

  19. I picked up the regular strength the first time. I found them a little mild for my tolerance. I’ve ordered the double strength a few times and they are great.

  20. Not bad, mild high.

  21. I got the regular one. I really like the taste of this candy. To me half of one or 1 full one is good enough I still felt the effects when I woke up. To my friend and man they need at least 2 to feel the effects. It doesn’t have a bad after taste. and the bottle is easy to open you just squeeze the sides. I reordered. Next time I will try double strength.

  22. taste really good, nice buzz

  23. Smell a bit strong but whatever. bought double strength, 2 make you feel real good.

  24. I love Baked Edibles and their Sunshower gummies. I’ve had them multiple times. This time they felt a little weak, but it could just be my tolerance going up. Great tasting and easy to divide.

  25. I smoke daily and am familiar with edibles, these did not produce deep high for me. However they were great for my back pain, I took 2 every 2 hrs throughout the day and it was very effective for that

  26. First batch was lovely of the 5mg. 10 mg came melted in a huge blob, in fact, my entire order, all chocolate, gummies…all melted in April in Canada eh- go figure.

  27. Great taste. Took two of the double strength and gave me a nice buzz for the night. Started kicking in about 40 minutes after consuming. Will buy again for sure.

  28. They are pretty good!! I got the extra strength!! I had too eat the whole jar at once too feel good!! Too much money for the amount too me!!

  29. 5/5. Very nice for beginners

  30. These are really good for flavour and the effect is nice if u eat 2 i can eat a total of 6 a day wile im at work and have nice buzz all day and function fine and feel great.

  31. Tastey treats. Could be stronger

  32. Very good for edible beginners or If you’re just seeking a light body high !

  33. I’ve tried a number of different kinds these are by far more consistent tasty and potent than others. The 5mg dose is easily controlled and is great for microdosinf

  34. One of my favourite edibles on this site. My boyfriend has quite a small tolerance but finds these gummies are the perfect way to reach a comfortable high for him. 10/10 would recommend for newer consumers as well as veterans.

  35. I got these for my girlfriend, who has really low tolerance, and they were great. Not to much off of one the first night, but the second time she took two, and she was really high. A nice head buzz with a heavy body stone, she said her body felt like rocks in the bed. If you have a high tolerance like I do, you will need a more potent product, but great for lightweights especially for the price.

  36. These are the best gummies money can by. They taste great, they’re very consistent, and very effective. I usually split one with my partner before bed for a subtle and relaxing effect.

    I’ve bought this product several times now.

  37. These are fun ,my husband and I enjoyed them

  38. I like the 5mg dose it’s easy to take as little or as much as you want accurately.

  39. Pretty good. They seem to kick in faster than other gummies.

  40. These didn’t do much for me. They taste ok but not worth it for me. These would be great starter product for anyone trying THC/edibles for the first time or more lightweight users.

  41. Great gummies. Good flavour, can notice the different kinds with very very little cannabis taste. Easy to take any dose but I would usually eat around 100 mg or more if want to make sure to feel it and these are 75mg total. Overall Baked edibles seems to be a great company.

  42. They taste good but you need to eat at least half of the jar in order to get a buzz, however, if you’re someone who prefers to micro dose, these gummy’s are probably perfect.

  43. Best gummies ever!!! Super easy to dose and light at 5 mg per gummy. Tasted very good… definitely will continue to order.

  44. Put one under your tongue and enjoy the taste and nice euphoric/energetic buzz, put two in and enjoy the ride! Great serving size so you can customize your dose without having to cut chunks off. Good variety of flavors and great value in a handy little container that you don’t have to fight to get the product out of. My new go to!

  45. Great gummy taste is great nice and soft and juicy just the way I like it. Took 2 and had a very nice buzz for a couple hours.

  46. Most consistent dose delivery system I have tried for gummies. Most of the higher dose gummies on the market seem to have large differences in their thc concentrations … 5 mg THC dose is consistent … if it’s not enough you take another … I am a heavy user (>3 g smoke a day). I only need one to enjoy … I take more if I want a greater effect … 5 gummies and I am out for the night.

  47. They taste fine, but they’re pretty weak. If you eat the whole thing in one go you’ll definitely notice the effects but one st s time they just sren’t Strong enough. It’s better to buy a cookie and only eat half of it.

  48. Awesome one and done

  49. These are terrific. If I could, I would eat many of them. One should not do that though. The impact was within 15 minutes and the duration was nearly three hours for eating two. The taste is not as nice as the cinnamon gummi bears, which have not impact to flavour from the content, wherein these have a residual taste that these are not a child’s gummi’s. I really like these and will purchase these again when they are back in stock. I intend to keep these stocked at all times!

  50. These were delicious! I ate the whole jar and three hours later was ready for a nice deep sleep.

  51. 5 mg THC/gummy. I’m a heavy smoker and dose around 10mg. I tried 3 because there were 3 pineapple in the bottle, taste isn’t the best but it doesn’t linger and it’s not too heavy of “pot dank” my entire body felt amazing for at least 2 hours. Might’ve burned out a bit though.

  52. These are fantastic! I’m a lightweight when it comes to thc and I work with public all day. One of these with my morning coffee and I’m guaranteed a good day. Not “high” just elevated.

  53. Wow, one gummie candy and I was definitely feeling it! Love these!

  54. The best gummies on the market .

  55. Top notch for gummy products. I recommend.

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