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Sunkiss (CBD)

(58 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: KLR GLD
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Product Description

A beautifully balanced cross of Cagg OG and (Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk), Sunkiss CBD contains roughly equal amounts of THC and CBD. Cerebrally stimulating without causing anxiety, this strain is ideal for relief from pain and inflammation, stress/PTSD, and can provide mood enhancement, alleviating depression in the right dosages. The inhale is smooth, with a unique flavour that tastes of sour citrus and pine. An uplifting experience that has some creep to it, but also maintains a long-lasting physical presence.

Flavours: Citrus, pine, sour
Effects: Happy, relaxed, uplifted
Medical: Anxiety, inflammation, pain

Q and A: The Gold Standard of Weed

58 reviews for Sunkiss (CBD)

  1. I really enjoy this strain as a CBD option. After a 3 month tolerance break other strains have been too potent. This one does not make my mind race too much or cause me to eat everything in sight. Got some pennywise too however that strain makes my mind go into overdrive and also induces the munchies. I wish I could order just an eighth of this but the only options are 1 gram or 1 ounce.

  2. Really enjoyed this bud. It’s a nice high functioning buzz.. For me it helps with pain and anxiety.

  3. Great for my aches and pains. I smoke a bowl of this after the gym and before bed and sleep better. I also smoked a bowl when I had menstrual cramps and was pain free for hours. This is a great social anytime smoke or when you want to have the body relax without being too high. The nugs were outstanding from my first order and I am awaiting my second shipment. Mild smoke with a piney sweet smell and nice taste in a vape. I often mix this with my strawberry cough if I want more of a kick. If you are looking for an entry level smoke, give this one a try. If you are a veteran and want something yo just chill you out I suggest this for the thc:cbd balance. I imagine this would have been good for my Mom’s arthritis as it’s a great medicinal herb.

  4. Great day time high. No anxiety and felt uplifted. Looked just like the picture. I will definitly buy again.

  5. I didn’t care for the flavour or taste of this bud

  6. Simply the best weed for having a nice buzz while staying 100% functional

  7. LOVE the taste, great day time high. Will be buying again.

  8. Good taste Nice Bud great high but the feeling was not long

  9. Helps me with my chronic neck pain.
    Resly relaxing high. The smell out of the bag reninds me of strawberry and banana smoothie ! Taste like most CBD( pepper )
    Awesome quality nugs ! Thanks HD

  10. I have to say im a heavy indica thc user and i honestly found this one to have some indica like qualities very clear headed mix this one with a thc strain in a bong rip for awhole other experience and imo much better for pain releif and anxiety releif ill have this one stocked for along as i can such nice dense tight nugs that small and taste out of this world just wow!

  11. This is my new favourite sativa. Uplifting, energetic buzz….a perfect daytime smoke.

  12. Wow awesome strain can almost taste banana and citrus some times . Love it ! Perfect for daytime or take stress and sone little hakes away

  13. Good for when socializing

  14. Love to use it during da day while i got stuff to do sweet smellss once u grind it

  15. Great day time use & sweet smells

  16. I enjoyed the taste and smell, and the effects were exactly what I expected!

  17. Love this one! Very relaxing and absolutely no anxiety. Enjoying it as my evening wind down before bed.

  18. One of my favourites! No anxiety here and A nice smoke. That Fresh pine smell get a me every time, smells amazing!

  19. I enjoyed this strain. 1g of mango Haze cbd I ordered like a month ago, I just tried a few days ago and was amazed at how nice and uplifting the buzz was. So calming in a positive mood enhancing way…. Sunkiss I found just as calming and relaxing. Perhaps a lil less upliftment, but equally impressive.

  20. Great buzz.

  21. Has a really calm cbd nice sativa high. Strong flavour, I didn’t like the smell of the buds but the flavour when smoked is nice.

  22. My favourite to mix with astroboy for an all day, every day smoke!

  23. I have to say I am very tough on my bud reviews for I have been spoiled with the best. I have a few favorite CBDs and let me tell you this is now one of them. Excellent for mixing but especially good by itself (which is rare IMHO with most CBD strains). Cant go wrong with this one!

  24. Just a good product, i often get anxiety when smoking , but this one doesn’t seem to do it as much. Just a good guzz not too strong.

  25. Mild high, excellent for beginners in the day time, taste and smell decent!

  26. First time trying and it’s great. Description is on. This stuff is great for the cost. I ask/leave comments on my order and they always follow through

  27. Got my stuff today, must say good strain smokes well and it really does relax you. I use it for anxiety and it works very well. AAA+ on packaging and 5 stars on this strain.

  28. Great day time high!!!! The down isn’t crazy hard. Left my mind in a great place and more chilled out.

  29. Great flavor and scent. Doesn’t knock you out, rather gives nice Buzz and pain relief while still clear headed .

  30. Packaging was AAA+. Use a vape with different temps and you get a host of flavours and benefits. If you are looking for a strong THC buzz then keep moving on. If you are looking for something to relax you then this is the stuff for you. I found it cleared my head so I could think straight and improved my focus immensely. my inflammation was reduced significantly as well. Definitely a daytime medicine. It has an amazing sweet citrus aroma and flavour at lower temps. Great stuff!

  31. What an exotic taste this has. Very dense and pungent smelling buds.

  32. 5 stars for the price and the fact that it did help with inflammation and really helped me manage my pain while being stuck immobile and sick…not a huge ‘high”from it but the body stone was long lasting so I will be ordering again in future i’m sure

  33. Citrus Terp and very smooth. Great day time high. Micro dosed. Worked away around the house. Also relieved the pain from my Planter Fasciitis. Slept great!

  34. Love it. Puts me to sleep

  35. I love this bud. This CBD to THC ratio is perfect. This is the bud I have been looking for – for a very long time.

    As other user reviews mention- this is a great and mellow body buzzer, and relaxer. No anxiety and this has helped with tension reduction before sleep.

    I will be reordering this item again and again for my pre-bed snoozle fix.

    Not for someone looking to get destroyed off it, for a pratical medicinal purpose for sure. Tension with pain relief, very mellow.

  36. Sunkiss is a nice gentle sativa that works as advertised. The taste could be a bit more bold, as the citrus flavour is nice, but it could be thought of as a steathier smell, I suppose. No acrid taste as well. Nowhere near the level of paranoia I’m more prone to.

  37. Very good. Pretty calming effect. Nice to have 2 cbd strains to bounce back and forth with. Cbd death bubba when looking for something different

  38. New users would enjoy this one as would infrequent smokers. If you are someone that partakes on a somewhat regular basis, I would have to say pass on this one.

  39. I have never smoked a strain like this before – it’s unreal that I instantly stocked up after trying it. The buzz is amazing. More of an overall body high, relaxing, sometimes giggly… Not paranoid when smoking, it relieves anxiety and headaches. Not a high that will burn you out and it seems to last a couple hours for me.

  40. I like it . The smell is perfect.I recommended this cbd strain for everybody who have anxiety,tdah . Little buzz just perfect 10/10

  41. Prefect strain for relaxing. Good for relieving anxiety. Smells nice and burns well.

  42. KLR GLD did it again with this SUNKISS (CBD) this worked great I had pneumonia so I rolled a joint and wow I could breath again great anti-inflammatory will buy again thanks again.

  43. Lovely strain with a wonderful, relaxing buzz. I love the high CBD content. Really great for pain and anxiety. Amazing flavour and smell.

  44. Lovely scent. Really nice for the end of a long day.

  45. I love this strain of cbd. I find it to be wonderful during the day. Certainly helps me with with anxiety and depression. It uplifts me!

  46. …one hit of this first thing in the morning… very unique effect. Clear minded and creative yet mellow: good for relaxing with some music or a movie.

  47. This has become my favourite daytime smoke due to its very light burnout, minimal munchies and physical “body buzz” energy that helps me to get tons done. I find it super functional and practical for social situations and daily tasks. I’m already on my second order.

  48. Nice relaxing buzz. Good for lazy days

  49. Wow! Very nice medicinal strain. I typically stick to indicas or hybrids as I “thought” sativas made me paranoid. CBD sunkiss truly surprised me. I bought a gram of flower just to see. Smoked a bowl in my little glass piece. Very smooth smoke. Not much of a cough at all.
    The effects were what surprised me the most. I waited ten minutes and noticed I felt quite uplifted and not even a whisper of anxiety or paranoia. I consider myself a light user and went for a second bowl. My head was quite clear and even invigorated and relaxed.
    Nice 1 gram nug that had a citrusy, earthly smell. I will be ordering this one again just for the uplifting sensation. Chronic smokers would like the mood of this one but pass by if you are looking for a heady stone. New users would enjoy this one as would infrequent smokers.,

  50. I really enjoyed it. It was my first ever medical AND CBD strain and I have to say it is magical. I had stopped smoming because the THC high mixed with my daily anxiety would cause either huge paranoia or a pannick attack. I just smoked a bowl of Sunkiss CBD and I feel like the first time I’ve ever smoked many years ago. Amazing. Will definetely buy again.

  51. Enjoyed it, reccomend for a good day time high

  52. This one is great. Its a very nice mellow and relaxed buzz but you can focus very well on it. It helped with my neck pain as well. It almost tastes like the Grapefruit that was kicking around here 3 or 4 months ago…almost, Bit citrusy for sure.

  53. This is medicinal. One of the best CBD strains you can buy. Immediate relief from joint pain, minimal high. Very functional strain, you can use this and continue to work. Strength is low to average but relief is strong. Will buy again, a new favourite for CBD. Super high quality bud, fire red pistils covering a gentle sugar coat. 5/5.

  54. Top notch cbd strain. I would recommend.

  55. In my opinion,, this is an excellent ,, mind relaxing,,, nerve chilling,, tranquilizing medicine ,,,, chills my mind out completely ,,, makes me slow down a bit,, and keeps my mind at a steady pace,,, as well as an up ,mood raising effect,,, I d say this is a superb , mood enhanceing , mellowing bud ,,, i greatly appreciate the merchandise.

  56. Would not recommend this one. Waste of money. Not buzz whatsoever

  57. Very nice CBD, the smell is exactly the same as a fresh grapefruit, nice dense buds for a Sativa , looks like the picture. Would order again.

  58. I like it. Good day time high, although the odor is quite pungent and reminded me of a quiet night at your house. See you son

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