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Space Queen

(42 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

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Product Description

Space Queen, also known as Space Jill, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that originated in Europe and is known for producing strong Sativa effects with a light body high.

This strain is sure to put a smile on users’ faces as it causes everyone to feel very happy and euphoric. Accompanying the elevated mood is an increase in the users creative juices and energy. Many experienced users also feel clear-headed and focused. The woodsy pineapple taste will definitely bring on cotton mouth and dry eyes. Some may also experience paranoia, dizziness and anxiety.

Great for medicating in the morning, this strain is most often chosen to alleviate the gnawing effects of stress and anxiety disorders. Space Queen is not recommended for severe aches and pains but may help make lesser aches and pains manageable. The soaring cerebral effects may chronic depression, adult ADD and ADHD and PSTD. It has also been used to help patients find relief from arthritis, migraines and nausea.

Space Queen was first created by the minds of the British Colombia Grower’s Association – who bred Cinderalla 99 with Romulan to create the original Space Queen. This strain can be grown indoor or out but is not recommended for the novice grower as bringing out her true potency requires some time and effort. Harvest comes after about eight weeks of flowering and can bring an above average yield, though most choose Space Queen for quality rather than quantity.

Parents: Cinderella 99, Romulan

Flavors: Sweet, earthy, pungent
Effects: Happy, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, creative
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, headaches

42 reviews for Space Queen

  1. Nice Sativa strain, nice and clean and no trace of couch lock. Great for daytime and getting stuff done.

  2. My own home grown is better than this wasted my $ buying it

  3. Excellent strain, not my favourite batch of this strain but no overall complaints

  4. Glad i tried this. Sparkling buds with a nice sativa high

  5. The best taste so far for me! I’ve never had such a great taste while smoking a bong. Smooth, and classy. I love this batch!

  6. Pretty good all around except it burns slow

  7. Great buzz, no complaints.

  8. got my order today and I was not disappointed at all.
    the flower looks even more amazing then it did in the pictures.
    taste: 8/10
    look: 10/10
    smell: 9/10 smelled a lot like chocolate
    high: 8/10 nice solid high for a sativa

    for the price and quality of the flower this is a win for sure!

  9. Found this little gem in a sample pack as well. Oh wow…this stuff is great! Highly recommended!

  10. Very pleasantly surprised ! Very pleased with the results, thank you !

  11. Nice smell and taste, a great day time smoke. Thanks HD

  12. Just buy this bud it is exemplary!!! Tnx Cindy and Rom!!!

  13. Anonymous

    A meek and mild strain – mood altering, but not much.

  14. Anonymous

    My favorite so far from indica and sativa sampler…love tga gens

  15. Amazing smell look and taste was a great high very focused and creative

  16. Very easy to smoke and it arrived packaged discretely. Perfevtly cured. It looked just like it did in the photo. Full of crystals with a mild, chocolate or cherry flavour. It gave me the dry mouth, but it wasn’t hard on the eyes. Would definitely order again.

  17. great fucking weed, tried it from the sativa sample pack and it was my favotite of the bunch, amazing strain to smoke right before you go skydiving for the first time, you truly end up flying

  18. Anonymous

    New hands-down favorite – very creative head high, doesn’t leave you introverted or with major munchies!

  19. This stuff was great! Usually I prefer Indica, but after reading reviews about how crystally the bud was, I had to try it. It didnt disappoint! And the crystal sitting in my grinder is by far the most I’ve ever seen come from any bud!

  20. This stuff is amazing, best value out of all of the Sativa’s they are offering right, smells great and smokes even better, I will definitely be buying more!

  21. Buds look great and the high was even better!

  22. Space Queen almost has this milky, de-saturated look to it. Pleasant smell and a medium density. Through a bong, this premium budski builds a nice thick smoke like 2% milk, and just as smooth too. I find myself reserving this for that end of day chill-out sesh. Just sit down and unwind with this puppy. Would buy again.

    The affects are more or less the same through the vaping method, however the burn out period is less significant.

  23. nice frosty buds, breaks up very well. Great affects, great bud quality, trim, and cure.
    Was definitely happy I got a good amount, too bad it’s almost all gone a week later!

  24. Very happy with this batch has a great taste and high! Buds look very frosty to.

  25. Anonymous

    Just finished off my Space Queen. She was great while she lasted. No burn out. Smooth in the Bong!! Hot Fire

  26. Great bud ????

  27. Very good smoke i will recommed ?

  28. Whooou that herb with this song makes me wanna dance non-stop! Long buzz and tasty munchies for sure!

  29. Nice smooth, not alot of flavour but is a great day time for me. Very nice looking, Tricombs covered in icey winter snow.

  30. This bud is pretty amazeballs! Buds are not so stinky tho. It’s got a clean taste and a smooth finish ? and it kicks my ass every time! Great for the day time!

  31. This one is a steal, great price for a great smoke

  32. Anonymous

    Great bud with a nice smoke. Definitely order again

  33. I’ve now got a new favourite on the list along with blue dream and green crack. I liked the long lasting effects this had on me and just overal felt great.

  34. Anonymous

    Pretty frosty and burns clean. Found the high a little underwhelming so I’m not the biggest fan of it. The smell is more distinct than the flavour, but not a bad buy for $9/g.

  35. nice crystal buds, 5 stars 🙂

  36. Great for the value, incredible asthetically with massive white trichome heads popping out of every part of the nug. Smell is underwhelming but the taste is strangely enjoyable and hard to describe. 4.5 stars, worth a try

  37. sample pack, can you say creeper… high long lasting…

  38. Great stuff. I had some in a pre-roll from “The Quarry”. Shortly after smoking the 1g joint with my gf, I asked her if she was “feeling it”….woke up an hour later, wow, definitely a creeper, and not one to be underestimated lol.

  39. nice looking crystal covered buds. buzz is nice too but it has kind of a spicy taste.

  40. Very smooth smoke. And oh so frosty looking. Will buy again.

  41. Looks very nice and has a nice potent high. Nice body high to boot

  42. Felt right away, Good looking bud. Not harsh at all andtastes good as well. High lasted about three hours would buy again.

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