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Sour Belts (Mota)

(25 customer reviews)


1 packet of Sour Belts for $17

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

The perfect balance of sweet and tangy make sour belts candy a favourite treat for those with a discerning sweet tooth. These mouthwatering Sour Belts are the newest edition to our candy lineup. At 150mg of THC per package, they deliver a kick that is sure to make you pucker!

Contains: 3 Belts per pack, 50 mg THC per Belt

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, THC distillate, gelatin, citric acid, natural and artificial flavours, pectin, artificial colours, coconut oil, carnuba wax

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

25 reviews for Sour Belts (Mota)

  1. The only complaint I have is that they stick together and it’s hard to know your dosage. I wish I read the reviews before buying and saw that others had the same problem with them sticking, but it could be the summer heat (although the same complaint occurs in January as well). They taste really good and the high I got from the piece I peeled off was nice, but the fact that they came all mushed together will be a deterrent for me next time.

  2. The wild watermelon is so delious but I didn’t get high off of it.

  3. By far my favourite edible on this site! I order a package of these every time i’m on this website. They are perfect for finding the most comfortable high for anyone. Bite off a little or a lot and have a enjoyable experience. They taste just like 5 cent candies from back in the day when you were a kid. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

  4. Super tastey sour candy, went with the watermelon and loved it. Definitely will buy again.

  5. I ordered three different flavours, in each packet there was 3 strips, 2 strips were 16cm and 1 was around 12-14 cm. the taste was good, no over powered weed taste. I had a mild high form each packet.

  6. Enjoyed the high very much, just having a little satisfied me for a good body high and later had an AMAZING sleep. May tolerance for this may be totally different compared to someone else who regularly has edibles. Lasted me a long time as I didn’t use it daily(more once in a while or with a friend). Definitely buying again! Cannot wait, especially I got them when there was only blue raspberry I think. It did show up in a balled mess, but I didn’t mind too much as I was just ripping pieces off as I went. (Ordered them back at the beginning of December) Cannot wait for more!

  7. The sour belts came in 2 strips I took both of them and got really high from it and woke up the next day still high so i suggest eating half of 1 first and then wait 30 minutes and eat more if you want to. The taste was perfect they tastes like the sour belt candies at the store.

  8. Taste was amazing, no cannabis flavour at all. Hard to measure out dosage because strips were different sizes and stuck together. Had one strip, didn’t feel much; had a second piece, and was still stoned the next morning.

  9. These are some of my favourite candies, I always get either watermelon or blue raspberry, very tasty, hardly any weed taste and very good stone, I usually eat one full belt im feeling pretty good. The do come all stuck together but easy enough to pull apart!

  10. blueberry tasted good, good thing i shared a belt, potent and good buzz

  11. I ordered the watermelon ones and they were super tasty. They did come in a giant ball but I took a few minutes to separate the belts when I first got them and it was easy enough. I also found they were nicely potent, would eat a quarter to a half a belt at a time for a nice buzz.

  12. As others have mentioned amazing taste, but horrible ball of mess that needs untangled to get to the three ‘strips’. I find the results to be hit or miss depending on dosing size [which if you can’t untangle the mess; just shove a bunch in your mouth]. If they can find a way to ‘fruit rollup’ these things without unnecessary packaging it would be better [Wax paper, etc].

  13. These things are the tasty They are a pile of mush when i have got them but still tasty.

  14. Blue raspberry tastes great but came all melted together. Enjoyed the high.

  15. i give this negative rating but i do love the taste. the packaging is very poor excuse.

  16. arrived melted which makes accurately medicating a challenge. tried blue raspberry. my sweet tooth loved it. didn’t taste weedy at all. potent. made sharing a great option

  17. Good flavor and high! But same as many others reported they need different packaging for this product, it showed up in an inseparable mess.

  18. Same as others have reported, comes in a balled up mess. High was ok but you are much better off with the Mota gummies or chocolate products. Star rating seems to default to “5” but i would give these a 2 at most. Would not buy again.

  19. It came in a ball all stuck together, but that’s okay. It tastes SO good, I bought another 3 this time. My favorite edible on HD so far. I ate half and had a great buzz.

  20. When I received this product it was one ball stuck together and really got no high from it at all.

  21. Congealed mess that hits like a slight breeze.

  22. Received a product that was all stuck together and unseparable

  23. Horrible. Maybe mine was a bad batch. They came mushed up, looked nothing like the picture and had a weird aftertaste. While it worked, it was a mild sedative effect, minor painkiller. Not for tripping.

  24. Very tasty. Gave me a nice mild high that lasted a while.

  25. Unreal, my favorite edible on HD. Potent but not too potent.

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