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Skywalker OG

(53 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

1 gram for $10
3.5 grams for $35
7 grams for $65
14 grams for $125
28 grams for $240

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

Skywalker OG is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain that may just take you to a galaxy far, far away. No Sith genetics here—this plant is a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush and has the strong aroma characteristic to kush strains that includes a spicy herbal scent tinged with jet fuel. This strain makes relaxation your only mission, and some users report strong body effects that include mild tingling and numbness. If pain and physical limitations are the issue, Skywalker OG is here to rescue you. The galaxy also holds a sativa dominant variety of Skywalker that is also often referred to as Skywalker OG or Sativa OG.

Parents: Skywalker, OG Kush

Flavors: Earthy, sweet, pungent
Effects: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted, sleepy
Medical: Stress, pain, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite

53 reviews for Skywalker OG

  1. Good tasting bud with a nice buzz

  2. Found this enjoyable. Nice relaxing high. Decent smell and taste

  3. Anonymous

    Great smoke. Great high.

  4. Sativa side of this strain is showing through majorly. Fluffy buds, not dense and sticky and a lacking high

  5. This latest batch was dried and cured perfectly, its covered in crystals and explodes into smoke. Not the most potent indica, 6.5/10 stone at best, but again the nug quality is ridiculous. Perfect for the price.

  6. Anonymous

    This batch of Skywalker is to say the least PRIMO great work HD

  7. Great bud, burn out not bad. Would order again

  8. Very happy with this purchase. Smells great, good bag appeal and the buds were trimmed nice. Tastes good, and the high is spot on. Functional high, but nicely stoned. Will be looking for this again in the future.

  9. Anonymous

    Got this one and Pink Star. This one was way lighter than the Pink Star was. Tastes fruity in the vaporizer and feels like a sativa dominant hybrid. Probably won’t try it again.

  10. I loved this bud alot. Only reason its 4 of 5 for me is because it was out of stock really quick. Like qiucker then i could place another order. Deff seems popular. Will be buying again. Other then that its the best bud i have had all month so far. Great price for the high. Thx hd!!!

  11. I loved this bud alot. Only reason its 4 of t for me is because it was out of stock really quick. Like qiucker then i could place another order. Deff seems popular. Will be buying again. Other then that its the best bud i have had all month so far. Great price for the high. Thx hd

  12. Not bad at all, especially for the price. I like hybrids when you can set them apart from indica, this one you can, but indica lovers will still enjoy this. As a mainly sativa, I was still enjoying both the taste and the effects. Somewhat like a supersativa…

  13. Very good and potent strain . too bad i came in late for a bigger order , will look for it when it’s get back !

  14. I really enjoyed this personally, smooth taste, enjoyable high, not couch locked

  15. One of my favorite of all time strains and great qaulity dense crystally potent buds

  16. Very nice OG with tight buds , fairly potent.

  17. good strain to relax. dense nuggets.

  18. Anonymous

    I’d order it again. Great relaxing high, good taste. Well worth the price

  19. I didn’t order this but I tried some of it and must say not impressive plenty of other statins worth the money I would prefer OG kush

  20. True OG traits and a perfect smoke for relaxing or using it as a sleep aid. Another strain with great value from HD. Preferred the Marionberry but this was nothing short of fantastic.

  21. Classic OG. If you like Indica’s this ones for you!

  22. This stuff relaxes my body and mind like nothing else. Almost instantly I had pain and nerve damage relief. Also puts me in a rather jolly mood. This bag doesn’t look quite as nice as the last batch IMO but the effects are on point and the buds seem to have a nice layer of stickiness. Loved it.

  23. Love this strain, the nugs look like a classic og which is a little leafy for my liking, high is amazing and hard. 4.75/5

  24. Had this a couple times. From the sample packs. Love this strain. Price is good to. See alot of mixed reviews. But from me personally trying it i liked it.

  25. Anonymous

    No bag appeal but never jugde book by its cover.. I like the dense nugs.. Sweet taste.. Not a strong hitter.. No couch lock.. Solid 4.5.
    I dont like ppl who leave comments that are so stupid and not helpful at all.. I dont understand the one person who said to hold on tight or some shit like that…. This strain isnt that good…

  26. Anonymous

    3.5 – 4 stars for sure. I found if I smoked more than 2 bowls I would get an uplifting numbness to my body which felt really relaxing. It’s certainly up there with some of my favourite strains

  27. What a great strain! Nice deep buzz, no couch lock but holy cow hold on to your seat

  28. Very nice buds and it tastes delicious. The effect is really good too.I will buy again!

  29. Just had this for my first evening indica. Its what I would expect from an OG strain. Good buzz….def relaxed but not couch locked. Would recommend for sure !!!

  30. Very floral, great og. Good evening bud.

  31. good smelling, tasty, dense buds. first time trying the strain. definitely will get it again!

  32. Anonymous

    They have the wrong video in description lol. Really Great strain though. Very strong.

  33. Well had a 14g… full of little nugs and not look good.. could have more love from the grower. Smell is great tho but I would like to have a buds that look like on the picture but not at all! The taste is not that good too 🙁
    Had big expectation from this Skywalker but I won’t call that again hooo noooo!

    At lest I got the God’s gift…. that is a true gift from the god. Best weed ever from HD and GG#4

  34. This was one tasty, fun. Clean burning, relaxing. Sort of a sour-sweet taste.
    I only ordered a gram and I shared it. Would order again.

  35. Really like this one nice and potent for the price and had a little bit of a sweet taste on the exhale. Popcorn nugs with lots of hairs and crystals. Would recommend.

  36. Took a while to get here but was worth the wait. Kudos to the people here at HD. Very professional every time and provide great products with great customer service to back it up. Not my favourite OG of all time but definitelt nice as does the job.

  37. This strain definitely lives up to its name!! Very spacey head high leaving you staring into space with a big smile. Nice OG taste along with great size buds. Exactly like the picture. Burns well too! Good for depression 🙂

  38. This is a tasty Indica. I never used to like Indicas because I wanted to stay active (Yes, even on my days off). But after trying’s Indica Sample Pack, I think there is room for both Sativas and Indicas in my roster. Skywalker OG tastes good, has a great high and with a name like Skywalker OG, you’ll be walking on the sky in no time OG!

  39. Anonymous

    1 really stand out bud in my quarter, i can see where george is coming from. Buds arent eye candy by any means cept the 1 stand out bud. Compared to the badass organic they had awhile back for 240 an oz this is a step down. But hey its weeed right hard to complain when it gets u hi

  40. Lul I’ve been a STAR WARS fan my whole life jumped at the chance to try some meds named after some Jedi’s and was not disappointed

  41. Some people are saying this is on the sativa side some saying it’s on the indica side. I’m leaninindica but I am guessing it’s not by much. Great smoke top 10 buds over the last year. Ordered twice in a row for me and i don’t do that a lot. This should be 4.7 ballpark

  42. Anonymous

    I’m not sure where George is coming from? I looked at this strain under magnification and I can assure you this is definitely not pre mature!! Great tasting, nice buzz, and excellent bag appeal!!!

  43. Anonymous

    For the indica dominant hybrid clearly isnt indica dominant in my opinion this medicine feels like pure sativa and gave me great uplifting energetic feel. Was hoping for a og punch at end for zzz but nope skywalker is clearly winning the battle over indica in this one. Thought it needed another day to dry and 4 days of jar it turned out great after that

  44. One of my favourites from Herbal Dispatch so far.
    Popcorn sized buds, though dense.
    Had it in a jar with a few boveda packs (thank you to HD for the extra one) and it really seemed to improve the smoke of this one. Haven’t tried vaporizing it yet.
    4.5 stars rounded down to 4 only for price point.

  45. One of my favorites over a year of ordering!

  46. Anonymous

    Very nice indica. Stoney head high with low eyes.

  47. Really let down on this one. Looks premature 100%. Had a grassy kind of smell too. I was excited both as a starwars fan and as someone whos had the strain quite a bit. This grower needs to get their act together. Save the cash and grab shishkaberry or GODS GIFT. Gods gift is one of the best from here so far to be honest. Kind of wish i double my order on that strain alone lol oh well.

  48. Love this stuff!! It’s mostly piney but a bit earthy tasting , like the OG kush you can buy here. It’s very sedating but also it’s a clear high. I would describe this as the piney cousin of Nuken

  49. Nice bag appeal 3 bud for 7 g aahah and they look better than the picture on the website

  50. Love it, will definitely buy again.

  51. Anonymous

    Solid buy. Mine’s still pretty fresh so currently airing it out a bit. I can never remember the specific flavour when a strain has “jet fuel” included in its description, but I always remember that I love it. And Skywalker OG has it. Love the aftertaste. Doesn’t burn all the way white, and it burns slow in a bowl, but it’s still pretty smooth. Mole_cool’s right with “spacy high”. Not too heavy of a high, its more in the head, so the $10/g price seems right to me. I’m sure a big bowl of this will still help with sleep though. Just a great $10/g buy.

  52. Very nice bag appeal overall awesome night time bud very relaxed and spacy high will forsure get again

  53. Great taste of kush!!Hit hard, great buzzz. Another great strain in the OG family 🙂

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